A Dance Called America

The product both of painstaking research and extensive travels in North America, this is the definitive story of the Highland impact on the New World, the story of how soldiers, explorers, guerrilla fighters, fur traders, lumberjacks and ...

A Dance Called America

Author: James Hunter

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780573618

Page: 304

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A new dance is devised on the Isle of Skye in the eighteenth century. An exhilarating dance. A dance, one visitor reports, that 'the emigration from Skye has occasioned'. The visitor asks for the dance's name. 'They call it America,' he is told. Now James Hunter, one of Scotland's leading historians, provides the first comprehensive account of what happened to the thousands of people who, over the last 300 years, left Skye and other parts of the Scottish Highlands to make new lives in the United States and Canada. The product both of painstaking research and extensive travels in North America, this is the definitive story of the Highland impact on the New World, the story of how soldiers, explorers, guerrilla fighters, fur traders, lumberjacks and pioneer settlers from the north of Scotland found, on the other side of the Atlantic, freedoms and opportunities denied to them at home.

The People s Clearance

1 The Dance called America 1763-75 We had again a good dinner , and in the
evening a great dance . We made out five country squares without sitting down ;
and then we performed with much activity a dance which I suppose the
emigration ...

The People s Clearance

Author: J.M. Bumsted

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 0887553826

Page: 305

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This is a revisionist account of Highland Scottish emigration to what is now Canada, in the formative half century before Waterloo.

Dance and Its Music in America 1528 1789

The core of the book is a state-by-state narrative of dance and dance music in each colony or territory from Maine to California.

Dance and Its Music in America  1528 1789

Author: Kate Van Winkle Keller

Publisher: Pendragon Press

ISBN: 9781576471272

Page: 697

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Beginning with Toya Indian dances in Florida and the Matachines dance-drama in the Southwest, and moving to ordination balls, pantomimes, Black election celebrations and country dances called Burgoyne's Surrender and Washington's Resignation, this study presents dance in the North American lands that would become the United States of America as a powerful yet ephemeral medium of communication and social dynamics. It integrates the history of dance and its music into cultural, commercial, and aesthetic aspects of life in the New World, both for established native societies and newcomers. Special topics include dance as a metaphor and preparation for battle, Yankee peddlers of dance and their publications, French connections, Spanish influences, dance on board ships, in religion and in the military, and Negro jigs, the Virginia Reel, and mumming traditions. Included is the colorful history of theatrical dancers who performed on the boards from Portsmouth to Charleston and competitive dancers in early versions of today's Scottish games. The core of the book is a state-by-state narrative of dance and dance music in each colony or territory from Maine to California. Thoroughly documented with extensive period quotations, illustrations, footnotes, bibliography and a detailed index, this study integrates much new information with a new way of looking at dance as a phenomenon that was both re-creative and manipulative, commercial and personal, and pleasurable and painful to those who participated.

The Making of the Crofting Community

This book remains necessary to challenge standard academic interpretations of the Highland past. It includes a preface and an extensive reworking of the existing text.

The Making of the Crofting Community

Author: James Hunter

Publisher: Birlinn Limited

ISBN: 9781841588537

Page: 326

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This book has been seminal in bringing to the fore the injustices that have been inflicted on the Highlands in the name of government and landlord—injustices often lost in the name of dry statistics and academic balance. Written by a man who has gone on to become both an award-winning historian of the Highlands and a leading figure in the public life of the region, The Making of the Crofting Community has attracted praise, inspired debate, and provoked outrage and controversy over the years. This book remains necessary to challenge standard academic interpretations of the Highland past. Having long been one of the classics of Birlinn's John Donald list, this revised and updated new edition includes a substantial new preface and an extensive reworking of the existing text.

British Emigration 1603 1914

See J.M. Bumsted, The People's Clearance (1982), Chapter One, "The Dance
called America, 1763–1775' and James Hunter, A Dance Called America (1994).
Bailyn with DeWolfe, Voyagers to the West (1986), pp. 545–572. MacLeod of ...

British Emigration  1603 1914

Author: A. Murdoch

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230512259

Page: 176

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The idea of Britain has been understood largely in terms of sectarian conflict and state formation, whereas emigration has most often been explored in terms of economic and social history. This book explores the relationship between two subjects normally studied in isolation, and includes emigration from Ireland as a social phenomenon which cannot be understood in isolation from modern British History, as well as the impact of British emigration on the ethos and identity of the British Empire at its zenith at the turn of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries.

Last of the Free

58 Hunter, Dance Called America, 120. 59 Hunter, Dance Called America, 121.
60 Hunter, Dance Called America, 121. Chapter 8: Is treasa tuath na tighearna 1
J. Thomas and D. Turnock, A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain: ...

Last of the Free

Author: James Hunter

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780570066

Page: 416

View: 696

Written by award-winning Scottish historian James Hunter, this groundbreaking and definitive account reveals how the Highlands and Islands of Scotland have evolved from a centre of European significance to a Scottish outpost. Never before has the history of the region been recounted so comprehensively and in so much fascinating, often moving, detail. But this book is not simply the story of humanity's millennia-long involvement with one of the world's most spectacular localities. It is also a major contribution to present-day debate about how Scotland, and Britain, should be organised.

Scots Studies in its Literature and Language

Cargoes of Despair and Hope: Scottish Emigration to North America, 1603–1803.
Edinburgh: John Donald. Aitken, A.J. 1992. ... A Dance Called America: The
Scottish Highlands, the United States and Canada. Edinburgh: Mainstream. Kelly

Scots  Studies in its Literature and Language

Author: John M. Kirk

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9401209901

Page: 309

View: 728

The skillful use of the Scots language has long been a distinguishing feature of the literatures of Scotland. The essays in this volume make a major contribution to our understanding of the Scots language, past and present, and its written dissemination in poetry, fiction and drama, and in non-literary texts, such as personal letters. They cover aspects of the development of a national literature in the Scots language, and they also give due weight to its international dimension by focusing on translations into Scots from languages as diverse as Greek, Latin and Chinese, and by considering the spread of written Scots to Northern Ireland, the United States of America and Australia. Many of the essays respond to and extend the scholarship of J. Derrick McClure, whose considerable impact on Scottish literary and linguistic studies is surveyed and assessed in this volume.

Scottish Exodus

'A Dance Called America: Migrating Music', The Voice, Winter 2003.
Ciechanowski, Jan M., The ... Coleman, Terry,Passageto America: A History
ofEmigrants from GreatBritain andIreland, London, 1972. Colley, Linda,Britons:
Forging the ...

Scottish Exodus

Author: James Hunter

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1845968476

Page: 416

View: 216

Millions of Scots have left their homeland during the last 400 years. Until now, they have been written about in general terms. Scottish Exodus breaks new ground by taking particular emigrants, drawn from the once-powerful Clan MacLeod, and discovering what happened to them and their families. These people became, among other things, French aristocrats, Polish resistance fighters, Texan ranchers, New Zealand shepherds, Australian goldminers, Aboriginal and African-American activists, Canadian mounted policemen and Confederate rebels. One nineteenth-century MacLeod even went so far as to swap his Gaelic for Arabic and his Christianity for Islam before settling down comfortably in Cairo. This gripping account of Scotland's worldwide diaspora is based on unpublished documents, letters and family histories. It is also based on the author's travels in the company of today's MacLeods - some of them still in Scotland, others further afield. Scottish Exodus is a tale of disastrous voyages, famine and dispossession, the hazards of pioneering on faraway frontiers. But it is also the moving story of how people separated from Scotland by hundreds of years and thousands of miles continue to identify with the small country where their journeyings began.

A Dance Through Time

There was no place called america that he had ever heard of. And there was no
place in Scotland where parchments such as these were fashioned. Elizabeth
wasn't a witch. She was from the future. A scream tore through the stillness of the

A Dance Through Time

Author: Lynn Kurland

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101653566

Page: 368

View: 742

From Lynn Kurland, the New York Times bestselling author of the Nine Kingdom series. Scotland, 1311. James MacLeod was the most respected—and feared—laird in all of Scotland. He loved his men like brothers and his land with a passion. And he allowed no women to cross the threshold of his keep... New York City, 1996. With an indifferent fiance and a stalled writing career, Elizabeth Smith found passion and adventure only in the unpublished romance novels that she wrote. Until a Scottish hero began calling to her... Elizabeth longed for the man of her dreams. But she knew she was overworked when she began hearing his voice—when she was awake. To clear her mind, she took a walk in Gramercy Park. She dozed off on a bench—and woke up in a lush forest in forteenth-century Scotland. A forest surrounding the castle of James MacLeod, an arrogant and handsome lord with a very familiar voice. Elizabeth would turn his ordered world upside down and go where no woman had ever gone before: straight into his heart...

Scots in Canada

... Edinburgh, 1825 Hunter, James: A Dance Called America, Edinburgh, 1994 —
Glencoe and the Indians, Edinburgh, 1996 Kerrigan, Catherine (ed): The
Immigrant Experience, Guelph, 1992 Laurence, Margaret: ABird in theHouse,
Toronto, ...

Scots in Canada

Author: Jenni Calder

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd

ISBN: 1909912670

Page: 208

View: 210

In Canada there are nearly as many descendants of Scots as there are people living in Scotland; almost 5 million Canadians ticked the "Scottish origin" box in the most recent Canadian Census. Many Scottish families have friends or relatives in Canada. Who left Scotland? Why did they leave? What did they do when they got there? What was their impact on the developing nation?Thousands of Scots were forced from their homeland, while others chose to leave, seeking a better life. As individuals, families and communities, they braved the wild Atlantic Ocean, many crossing in cramped under-rationed ships, unprepared for the fierce Canadian winter. And yet Scots went on to lay railroads, found banks and exploit the fur trade, and helped form the political infrastructure of modern day Canada.This book follows the pioneers west from Nova Scotia to the prairie frontier and on to the Pacific coast. It examines the reasons why so many Scots left their land and families. The legacy of centuries of trade and communication still binds the two countries, and Scottish Canadians keep alive the traditions that crossed the Atlantic with their ancestors.REVIEW: ...meticulously researched and fluently written... it neatly charts the rise of a country without succumbing to sentimental myths. SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY

Stories About Storytellers

But the family home was and remains in Cape Breton, on the west coast, at
Dunvegan near Inverness. In the context of James Hunter's account in A Dance
Called America of callous captains of emigrant ships simply setting shivering
families ...

Stories About Storytellers

Author: Douglas Gibson

Publisher: ECW/ORIM

ISBN: 1770900497

Page: 392

View: 461

The legendary Canadian book editor presents this “remarkable, four-decade romp through the back rooms of publishing.” —Toronto Sun Scottish-born Douglas Gibson was drawn to Canada by the writing of Stephen Leacock—and eventually made his way across the Atlantic to find a job in book publishing, where he edited a biography of none other than Leacock. But over the decades, his stellar career would lead him to work with many more of the country’s leading literary lights. This memoir shares stories of working—and playing—alongside writers including Robertson Davies, Mavis Gallant, Brian Mulroney, Val Ross, W. O. Mitchell, and many more. He reveals the projects he brainstormed for Barry Broadfoot; how he convinced future Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro to keep writing short stories; his early-morning phone call from a former prime minister; and his recollection of yanking a manuscript right out of Alistair MacLeod’s reluctant hands—which ultimately garnered MacLeod one of the world’s most prestigious prizes for fiction. Insightful and entertaining, this collection of tales goes behind the scenes and between the covers to divulge a treasure trove of literary adventures. “He makes his life in publishing sound like great fun.” —The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Stone Voices

But James Hunter, in his path-clearing book A Dance Called America, has shown
how misleading this is. In Ontario, Manitoba and especially Cape Breton, the
Gaelic-speaking settlers continued to treasure the culture they had brought with ...

Stone Voices

Author: Neal Ascherson

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 1783780061


View: 117

Neal Ascherson is one of Britain's finest writers in an undefinable genre that fuses history, memoir, politics and meditations on places. His books on Poland and his collected essays on the strange Britain to which he returned from Europe in the mid-1980s were deeply influential. In 1995, Black Sea won critical praise in many languages and several literary prizes. Stone Voices is Ascherson's return to his native Scotland. It is an exploration of Scottish identity, but this is no journalistic rumination on the future of that small nation. Ascherson instead weaves together a story of the deep past - the time of geology and archaeology, of myth and legend - with the story of modern Scotland and its rebirth. Few writers in these islands have his ability to write so well about the natural context of history.

Irish and Scottish Encounters with Indigenous Peoples

Hunter, James. A Dance Called America. Edinburgh: Mainstream, 1994. Mac Gill-
eain, Somhairle. Ris a' Bhruthaich: The Criticism and Prose Writings of Sorley
MacLean. Ed. William Gillies. Stornoway: Acair, 19 8 5. MacDonell, Margaret, ed.

Irish and Scottish Encounters with Indigenous Peoples

Author: Graeme Morton

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773588817

Page: 392

View: 661

The expansion of the British Empire during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries created the greatest mass migration in human history, in which the Irish and Scots played a central, complex, and controversial role. The essays in this volume explore the diverse encounters Irish and Scottish migrants had with Indigenous peoples in North America and Australasia. The Irish and Scots were among the most active and enthusiastic participants in what one contributor describes as "the greatest single period of land theft, cultural pillage, and casual genocide in world history." At the same time, some settlers attempted to understand Indigenous society rather than destroy it, while others incorporated a romanticized view of Natives into a radical critique of European society, and others still empathized with Natives as fellow victims of imperialism. These essays investigate the extent to which the condition of being Irish and Scottish affected settlers' attitudes to Indigenous peoples, and examine the political, social, religious, cultural, and economic dimensions of their interactions. Presenting a variety of viewpoints, the editors reach the provocative conclusion that the Scottish and Irish origins of settlers were less important in determining attitudes and behaviour than were the specific circumstances in which those settlers found themselves at different times and places in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Contributors include Donald Harman Akenson (Queen's), John Eastlake (College Cork), Marjory Harper (Aberdeen), Andrew Hinson (Toronto), Michele Holmgren (Mount Royal), Kevin Hutchings (Northern British Columbia), Anne Lederman (Royal Conservatory of Music), Patricia A. McCormack (Alberta), Mark G. McGowan (Toronto), Ann McGrath (Australian National), Cian T. McMahon (Nevada), Graeme Morton (Guelph), Michael Newton (Xavier), Pádraig Ó Siadhail (Saint Mary's), Brad Patterson (Victoria University of Wellington), Beverly Soloway (Lakehead), and David A. Wilson (Toronto).

The Sporting Scots of Nineteenth century Canada

This book examines the role of the Scots in the development of Canadian sport. The evidence from the wide range of primary and secondary sources cited by the author proves that the Scottish contribution was significant.

The Sporting Scots of Nineteenth century Canada

Author: Gerald Redmond

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838630693

Page: 347

View: 316

This book examines the role of the Scots in the development of Canadian sport. The evidence from the wide range of primary and secondary sources cited by the author proves that the Scottish contribution was significant.

I See America Dancing

Collects articles and essays from dancers and enthusiasts about dancing as an art form, and includes commentary on styles such as Native American pow-wow, Congo Square, and ballet.

I See America Dancing

Author: Maureen Needham

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252069994

Page: 248

View: 937

Collects articles and essays from dancers and enthusiasts about dancing as an art form, and includes commentary on styles such as Native American pow-wow, Congo Square, and ballet.

The Native Races of the Pacific States of North America Civilized nations 1875

The solemnities on this occasion were varied at times by performing a dance
called okot uil . On the following day the doctors and sorcerers with their wives
came together in the house of one of their number . The priests , having driven
away ...

The Native Races of the Pacific States of North America  Civilized nations  1875

Author: Hubert Howe Bancroft



Page: 796

View: 210

Extensive anthropological, ethnographic, linguistic, archaeological, and historical work on the Indians of the North, Central, and South Americas and, in North America, as far east as the Mississippi Valley.

International Sport A Bibliography 2000

242 Jarvie, G., 'Sport, the Emigre', and the Dance Called America', Sports History
Review, 31,1 (May 2000), 28-42. Association Football 243 Andrews, D. L., '
Contextualising Suburban Soccer: Consumer Culture, Lifestyle Differentiation
and ...

International Sport  A Bibliography  2000

Author: Richard William Cox

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135293090

Page: 200

View: 819

There has been an explosion in the quantity of sports history literature published in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of developments. The annual number of publications has increased from around 250 to 1,000 a year over the last decade. This is due in part to the fact that during the late 1980s and 90s, many clubs, leagues and governing bodies of sport have celebrated their centenaries and produced histories to mark this occasion and commemorate their achievements. It is also the result of the growing popularity and realisation of the importance of sport history research within academe. This international bibliography of books, articles, conference proceedings and essays in the English language is a one-stop for the sports historian to know what is new.