Defence and Decolonisation in Southeast Asia

defence . The Australians had since October 1953 been committed to forward
defence in Malaya . With the 1954 Australian general elections out of the way ,
and a September 1954 agreement with the United States to scale down the ...

Defence and Decolonisation in Southeast Asia

Author: Karl Hack

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780700713035

Page: 341

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This book looks at British defence and decolonisation in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaya and Singapore, from Singapore's fall in 1942 to 'East of Suez' withdrawal after 1968. It shows how local social and ethnic forces interacted with British attempts to reduce garrisons, and to fashion a 'Dominion of Southeast Asia'.

Defence Report

Tsonnel Reserves Regional Engagement Alliances Supporting Global Security
Defend Pgramming Defence and Australia ' s Security Australia ' s Changing
Strategic Outlook Aus efence Personnel Reserves Regional Engagement
Alliances ...

Defence Report

Author: Australia. Department of Defence




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Australian Defences and New Guinea

Sir Peter Scratchley ' s duties with regard to the defences of South Australia were
restricted to the preparation of designs for the batteries for the protection of
Adelaide . One of these batteries was completed some years ago , and the
second is ...

Australian Defences and New Guinea

Author: Sir Peter Scratchley



Page: 413

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Australian National Bibliography 1992

2 . Military history , Modern - 20th century . 3 . Europe - Strategic aspects . 4 .
Europe - Defenses . 5 . Europe - History , Military . 6 . Europe — National security
. I . Australian National University . Strategic and Defence Studies Centre . II . Title

Australian National Bibliography  1992

Author: National Library of Australia

Publisher: National Library Australia



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La biblioteca tiene como muestra didactica 1989 (Ene, feb, sept, oct, nov, dic.).

More Than an Ally

Australia had given in - principle support for the US Missile Defence programme
and approved US equipment and supply basing in northern Australia . The US
encouraged Australia ' s acceptance of an active regional security role and cited

More Than an Ally

Author: Maryanne Kelton

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754673675

Page: 226

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Introducing specific cases to demonstrate both the intensity and complexity of dealing with the US, Maryanne Kelton provides an explanatory framework for understanding the Australian government's choices in its relations with the US across the broader spectrum of security issues.

Ministers Mandarins and Diplomats

world , the viability of the United Nations , sources of threat to Australia and
defence planning . External Affairs , particularly under Burton , placed more
emphasis on the idea of world governance and therefore the United Nations as a
source of ...

Ministers  Mandarins and Diplomats


Publisher: Melbourne Univ. Publishing

ISBN: 9780522850475

Page: 223

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In the three decades from the beginning of World War II Australia emerged on the world stage as an independent actor in foreign affairs. The key institution overseeing the development of Australia's international status and foreign policy during that period was the Department of External Affairs. This stimulating collection of essays explores the history of this government department as it grew from being a small amateur bureaucratic player to become a professional global network. This book sheds new light on the major figures in Australian international history, H. V. 'Doc' Evatt, Percy Spender, Richard Casey, Garfield Barwick and Paul Hasluckandmdash;and their relationships with their senior bureaucratic advisers. The experiences of Australian diplomats, as they joined the Department of External Affairs as junior recruits and worked overseas, are also examined. Ministers, Mandarins and Diplomats tells the story of the people, the events and the ideas that shaped Australian foreign policy and gave Australia its identity in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Australia in Southeast Asia

In the eyes of Australia ' s influential foreign affairs and defence establishment , '
Southeast Asia assumes the highest priority in Australia ' s defence planning ' (
DFAT 1992 : xl ) . In recent years there has been a drive to build up a new set of ...

Australia in Southeast Asia

Author: Erik Charles Paul

Publisher: NIAS Press

ISBN: 9788787062664

Page: 126

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Australia's place in the global economy is linked to South East Asia. Recent conflicts highlight a clash between countries that do not share common values about individuals' political and civil rights as the legitimate basis for their sovereignty.

Asian Security Handbook 2000

In the National Interest: Australia 's Foreign and Trade Policy (Canberra, ACT:
DFAT, 1997. p. 61.) 59. Allen Dupont, "The ... These are the words used by U.S.
Secretary of Defense Perry to describe Australia. Jaqueline Rees and Nigel ...

Asian Security Handbook 2000


Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765638502

Page: 301

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Rethinking Australia s Defence

a. fundamental. re. -. examination. is. required. if. Australia. ' s. national. security.
strategy. is. to. be. viable. in. the. years. ahead . Notes. and. References. 1 . For
those readers who are unfamiliar with the character of the Australian Defence ...

Rethinking Australia s Defence

Author: Ross Babbage



Page: 312

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Forudsætninger for planlægning og udvikling af Australiens forsvar .

Criminal Laws in Australia

So for instance, the Northern Territory legislation narrows the necessity defence
in relation to pregnancies after 23 weeks. Moreover, the South Australian
provision says that anything done with intent to procure a miscarriage is
unlawfully done ...

Criminal Laws in Australia

Author: David Lanham

Publisher: Federation Press

ISBN: 9781862875586

Page: 526

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Aims to present a unified picture of the core aspects of Australian criminal law.

Dien Bien Phu and the Defence of Australia

National Library of Australia Cataloguing - in - Publication entry Stephens , Alan ,
1944Dien Bien Phu , and the Defence of Australia ISBN 9780 7315 5480 5 ( pbk .
) 1 . Dien Bien Phu , Battle of Vietnam , 1954 2 . Australia - Strategic aspects .

Dien Bien Phu  and the Defence of Australia

Author: Alan Stephens

Publisher: Strategic and Defence Studies Centre


Page: 22

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In May 1954 Vietnamese nationalists won one of the great military victories of the modern era when they defeated a French expeditionary force at the remote outpost of Dien Bien Phu. Vietnam's stunning triumph ended French colonialism in Indochina and set the scene for the United States disastrous intervention eight years later. Although the fall of Dien Bien Phu occurred more than half a century ago, the battle continues to present a compelling metaphor for contemporary Australian military strategy. Numerous factors contributed to the Viet Minh's triumph, but the most crucial was the local armys ability to conduct war amongst the people something that was entirely beyond both the comprehension and the competence of the French invaders. Since federation, Australian defence strategy has oscillated between two main forms, expeditionary campaigns and the defence of Australia. Expeditionary campaigns have been the dominant model even though, with the notable exception of the Second World War, their unintended consequences have diminished rather than enhanced national security.

Assisting the Defence of Australia

Australian Defence Contacts with Burma, 1945-1987 Andrew Selth ... The Army '
s Role by J . O . Langtry The Case for a Joint Force Regional Command
Headquarters in Darwin by J . O . Langtry The Use of the Soviet Embassy in
Canberra for ...

Assisting the Defence of Australia

Author: Andrew Selth



Page: 16

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Menzies and the great World Struggle

6 THE OLD AND THE NEW uring 1952 – 53 the Middle Eastern focus of
Australian defence planning faded . ... As the prospect of global war receded in
the assessments of Western observers , Australia ' s allies turned more attention
to South ...

Menzies and the  great World Struggle

Author: David Lowe

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 9780868405537

Page: 243

View: 880

Lowe (history, Deakin U.) finds prime minister Robert Menzies to be the towering figure of the age as he explores the Cold War from Australia's perspective. He pivots on the three themes of the threat of a third world war and the imperatives of Australia's rapid economic development.

Forces for Good

Australia ' s involvement in these wars was justified by a ' discourse of danger '
that exploited domestic fears of Asia and the consequent need for great power
protection . From the 1970s Australia ' s defence and security planners were
forced ...

Forces for Good

Author: Lorraine M. Elliott

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719069369

Page: 333

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This book explores how governments, militaries and institutions respond to cosmopolitan debates about solidarity and the use of force to defend distant strangers against tyranny and the abuse of human rights. In a series of case studies, the book explores the normative, political and operational consequences for military forces of the proposition that they can and perhaps should be used in pursuit of cosmopolitan values and objectives.