Behind the Fairy Door

A whimsical book about the tooth fairy and the magical fairy door. This book captures the wonder and merriment of ones childhood, and gives a reasonable explanation for the destination of ones tooth.

Behind the Fairy Door

Author: Kimberly V. Kilgore


ISBN: 9780692645208

Page: 40

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A whimsical book about the tooth fairy and the magical fairy door. This book captures the wonder and merriment of ones childhood, and gives a reasonable explanation for the destination of ones tooth. It also gives a healthy nudge to little ones to brush their teeth, clean their room, and complete their homework. A loose tooth must have!

Secrets Beyond the Door

Maria Tatar analyses the many forms the tale of Bluebeard's wife has taken over time, showing how artists have taken the Bluebeard theme and revived it with their own signature twists.

Secrets Beyond the Door

Author: Maria Tatar

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691117072

Page: 247

View: 589

Maria Tatar analyses the many forms the tale of Bluebeard's wife has taken over time, showing how artists have taken the Bluebeard theme and revived it with their own signature twists.

Beyond the Fairy Tale Simply Put

"if it feels good, do it." "...thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." Now let's
look at some of the Ark's features. Earlier I mentioned how God closed the door
behind Noah, his family and the animals once they were all on the Ark. There
was ...

Beyond the Fairy Tale  Simply Put

Author: Nancy Hamilton

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1591607035

Page: 108

View: 934

Beyond the Scarlet Door

“Wait,” said Kieran, inching her nose closer to the tiny door. “This fairy door looks
like it has been here for a while. See the tiny black hinges, we could open it.”
Maleeya grasped Mi around the neck. Pulling the panting dog to her side, she ...

Beyond the Scarlet Door

Author: Susie Ireland Read

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480844489

Page: 200

View: 986

If youre like most kids, you sometimes dont get along with your brothers and sisters. But if your siblings needed you, you would do everything you could to help them. In author Susie Ireland Reads Beyond the Scarlet Door, Maleeya and Kieran Wright have an older sister, Sierra who is very ill. Their whole world begins to fall apart when Nurse Pippy arrives on their doorstep insisting she is there to take care of the ill teen. Unfortunately, after the nurses arrival, Sierra gets worse instead of better. When Sierra asks to see a pink fairy, the girls assume she wants to see a fairy statue. Anxious to do anything that will make their sister feel better, Maleeya and Kieran, along with their dog, Mi, go on a quest to find the pink fairy. Little do the sisters know that such an innocent request would lead them to the beautiful, yet treacherous world that lies beyond the scarlet door. Follow Maleeya and Kieran, reduced to the size of white mice and carrying a backpack filled with seemingly useless items from home, as they overcome fears that lie deep within their souls. Can they outwit Raven, the evil fairy and bring back seven items needed to save their sister? What magical creatures will they meet in this new world, and will they be friends or foes? Lastly, what family secrets will the sisters discover that could change their lives forever?

Behind Closed Doors

Fairy. TaleEnding. There once was a prince who captured her heart. He placed a
trance over her and she became devoured in lust for him. She gave all that she
had of herself until there was nothing left but a longing for a love that bear not ...

Behind Closed Doors

Author: Ana Locke

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479793027

Page: 59

View: 845

There comes a time in your life when you step back and look at yourself. You admire your accomplishments, your triumphs, and your goals attained, and smile with the knowledge that you have reached a level of happiness you had set out for yourself. But then something happens and your world goes into chaos and life as you once knew it disappears into this black abyss and the only one who can see it is you. This book is a testament to a life I loved and without even knowing, changed before my very eyes. It is a compilation of a past life that collided with my present mind and heart and as a result, has brought me to where I am now. These narratives and poems speak a truth from the past to the present, in hopes that I may cleanse my pallet and start fresh, in a life where I am my own guide and master of my own dreams. This will be a life of new goals, accomplishments, and triumphs. I step into the next chapter of my life, a blank page ready to be written.

Modelling Exciting Writing

A leaf blown in through an open door becomes a hat that has fallen from a fairy's
head. Once a narrative has begun, the descriptions can follow: What might it look
like behind the door? How can we shrink ourselves to fit through the door?

Modelling Exciting Writing

Author: Adam Bushnell

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 1526457229

Page: 192

View: 949

This book focuses on writing in different aspects of the curriculum and provides guidance, case studies and theoretical perspectives to show readers how they can become writers with and for children. It demonstrates how to write and model writing for children and includes many examples of good classroom practice in this area.

Giuliana s Fairy Door

Sparkle does as her name implies and loves to leave behind a glittering dust for
all who believe in fairies for them to find. So if you catch a sparkling glint among
the dirt and dust, Sparkle has been flying by, in her magical way you can trust.

Giuliana s Fairy Door

Author: Caren Panizzo

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1645846520

Page: 26

View: 600

Giuliana loves the fairies in her garden. They delight her and everyone that sees them. But the real magic of the fairies happens in the night, when all is dark and quiet and children are fast asleep. This is when the fairies seek to find a fairy door hanging upon a child’s wall. Then the fun begins. Giuliana’s Fairy Door will delight you and make you believe in the magical wonder of fairies!

Fairy Toothbrush

“I want a fairy door now,” Amanda said from behind her. “Thank you.” Li Mei
turned around, confused what Amanda was saying that for. She was just in time
to see Amanda step into a doorway out of thin air, and the whole thing vanished.

Fairy Toothbrush

Author: Emily Martha Sorensen

Publisher: Emily Martha Sorensen


Page: 60

View: 740

Li Mei doesn't like attention. But she's about to get it, because her brand new toothbrush gives her the sense of fairy taste. A 12,000 word children's fantasy story.

Behind Closed Doors

CHAPTER. 5. Fairy. God. Mother. In Penang, Malaysia every single house has a
cane. It is mostly short and made from bamboo. This tiny cane is used to punish
naughty kids who don't listen to adults or those who misbehaves.

Behind Closed Doors

Author: S. M.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479786586

Page: 152

View: 100

Behind Closed Doors is a heartwarming story that talks about survival and a mother’s suffering. SM bravely opens her door and shares her experience on how she overcame her dark shadows while liberating herself from her inner fears and standing for what’s right. Abandoned at 2 days old and raised in a violent household while being sexually abused for 5 years, SM came to find her strength through her books believing that someday, she will be freed from life’s turmoil and be saved by her prince charming. At 17 she fell in love and at 20 wed the man of her dreams in the hope that he is the answer to her prayers, unfortunately life doesn’t turn out according to plan and ended up discovering that her prince charming was a wolf in a sheep’s clothing and the abuses continued. Endurance was the mode to survive not for herself but for her two sons. She found the courage to run away and took the role as father and mother while rebuilding her life once again.

The New Brothers Grimm and Their Left Behind Fairy Tales

At one point, the twelfth book in the Left Behind series was supposed to be the
last, but the door has been left open at the end of the "final book," which ends
with the devil being bound and thrown into the bottomless pit for 1,000 years, but

The New Brothers Grimm and Their Left Behind Fairy Tales

Author: David T. Morgan

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 9780881460360

Page: 222

View: 544

"This book is a critical review of the very popular Left Behind series, plus one of the books in the Left Behind: The Kids series, and the first book in a new series called Babylon Rising. The New Brothers Grimm examines the twelve volumes in the original series and one book each from the spin-off series, relating the story and the theological arguments of each book and then challenging those arguments. Ultimately, the author suggests that the theological premises set forth in the series are at best dubious and at worst theological snake oil."--BOOK JACKET.

Orkney Folk Tales

The prince got off the horse and was surrounded by beautiful fairy ladies who led
him away to dance while Kate hid behind the door and watched. They danced
with him all night long and if he swooned on a sofa they would fan him and then ...

Orkney Folk Tales

Author: Tom Muir

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0750955333

Page: 192

View: 860

The Orkney Islands are a place of mystery and magic, where the past and the present meet, ancient standing stones walk and burial mounds are the home of the trows. Orkney Folk Tales walks the reader across invisible islands that are home to fin folk and mermaids, and seals that are often far more than they appear to be. Here Orkney witches raise storms and predict the outcome of battles, ghosts seek revenge and the Devil sits in the rafters of St Magnus Cathedral, taking notes! Using ancient tales told by the firesides of the Picts and Vikings, storyteller Tom Muir takes the reader on a magical journey where he reveals how the islands were created from the teeth of a monster, how a giant built lochs and hills in his greed for fertile land, and how the waves are controlled by the hand of a goddess.

The Complete Fairy Tales

In the morning as she lay awake before getting up, she spied what seemed a
door behind the tall eightday clock that stood silent in the corner. “Ah!” she
thought, “that must be the way out!” and got up instantly. The first thing she did,
however, ...

The Complete Fairy Tales

Author: George MacDonald

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101651377

Page: 384

View: 802

George MacDonald occupied a major position in the intellectual life of his Victorian contemporaries. This volume brings together all eleven of his shorter fairy stories as well as his essay "The Fantastic Imagination". The subjects are those of traditional fantasy: good and wicked fairies, children embarking on elaborate quests, and journeys into unsettling dreamworlds. Within this familiar imaginative landscape, his children's stories were profoundly experimental, questioning the association of childhood with purity and innocence, and the need to separate fairy tale wonder from adult scepticism and disbelief.

A Fairy Yarn

To her surprise it turned easily, and the door didn't make a sound as it opened on
well oiled hinges. ML cautiously stepped inside and closed the door behind her.
Her senses had returned to her now, so she pulled her hood up even farther ...

A Fairy Yarn

Author: Jessica Borchardt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469102536

Page: 135

View: 846

MaryLynn ML Meyer is a present day 14-year-old who doesnt see herself as anything special. For her, the world revolves around books and her family. She may not admit it, even to herself, but she has a secret longing for adventure. Adventure finds her! One evening she is magically whisked off the country of Heinovla, which is in a world of fairies, a world ML didnt think existed. After she arrives she discovers that the entire royal family has gone bad, and they could care less if their conquering forces destroy half the population, just so they can have the entire country once and for all under their thumb. When ML learns this she agrees to help and becomes a spy. With her new fairy sidekicks she sets off to gather information to send back. Along the way she wards off dullahans, learns to swordfight, falls in love for the first time, and discovers an important family secret. What is it that her mother has kept from her for all of her fourteen years? After a bloody battle, will she be able to survive and enjoy the new knowledge she gains?

Behind Closed Doors

If the Iudds' unique good fortune seems like something out of Hans Christian
Andersen, it is in reality a fairy tale of 42-yearold Naomi Iudd's own design. Smart
, ambitious, and persistent, Naomi is usually regarded as the less talented of the
two ...

Behind Closed Doors

Author: Alanna Nash

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0815412584

Page: 576

View: 936

This book represents 27 compelling conversations with the creme de la creme of country music. 27 photos.

Behind Closed Doors

She could dream like this when she was by herself, letting herself believe that
this was a fairy tale. She was humming when she rounded the stable after she
had settled Sadie in her stall. She came to a sudden halt when she saw it.

Behind Closed Doors

Author: Celestino Jaime Oliveira

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477132147

Page: 118

View: 314

Miranda Fitzgerald, an ex-journalist, is home for good after tragedy struck during her last assignment. While trying to resume her life, on the farm she grew up on, someone is playing some nasty tricks and murders are on the rise in a town that never has any. Ryan Bristow, a detective, has recently decided to transfer to the quiet town in hopes to set some roots. But the quiet doesn t last long. While working on keeping Miranda safe, and solve the murders, they are forced together. They become close while chaos ensues around them and behind closed doors.

Relic of the Fairy Forest

This Corridor was narrow and lower, it had slightly more dimensions than the
door of the utility room. ... Behind the door She saw a room of a flat: it was interior
with the obscure wallpaper, low ceiling, the wooden floor with huge clefts and the

Relic of the Fairy Forest

Author: Les Perysty (Oleksandr Kovalenko)

Publisher: Олександр Коваленко


Page: 200

View: 637

Events of this book begins in the city - which seems ordinary. But there are many amazing creatures hides under the images of ordinary humans. For example, this is Mara - which looks like an elegant lady, but she can change her image and become the horrible sceleton. And the Cat, the black cat - who can become a handsome man. Or small dwarfs - which lives in mouse's holes. And many other strange creatures. Those creatures are evil and kind. And they search one magic relic. Relic of the fairy forest.

The Welsh Fairy Book

On his uttering a curious little word, a door opened in the face of the rock: he went
in, and the door closed behind him. Dai (every other man in South Wales has this
pretty name) thought he would see what would happen if he uttered the same ...

The Welsh Fairy Book

Author: W. Jenkyn Thomas

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486119912

Page: 224

View: 573

Treasury of 83 traditional Welsh tales includes such favorites as "Elidyr's Sojourn in Fairy-Land," "Pergrin and the Mermaiden," "The Cave of the Young Men of Snowdonia," and many more.