I Believe Now Tell Me Why

Some of our best teachers and writers team up to explain why Christians believe what they do. Theology professors team up with journalist to present Christian beliefs accurately and clearly.

I Believe  Now Tell Me Why

Author: Everett Leadingham

Publisher: Beacon Hill Press

ISBN: 9780834115187

Page: 156

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Some of our best teachers and writers team up to explain why Christians believe what they do.

Tell Me Why

Can I Pickand Choose What I Believe? Give me, O Lord, a steadfast heart, which
no unworthy affection may drag downwards; Give me an unconquered heart,
which no tribulation can wear out; Give me an upright heart, which no unworthy ...

Tell Me Why

Author: Michael Novak

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671018868

Page: 336

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A world-renowned Catholic theologian and his skeptical young daughter record their attempts to reach a shared understanding of God, faith, the Catholic Church, and morality, in a warm, lively, and down-to-earth exchange for readers of all creeds. Reprint.

Believe Tell Me why

This book addresses questions and uncertainties expressed by those who have distanced themselves from the faith in which they were nurtured as children.

Believe  Tell Me why

Author: Jose Antonio Pagol

Publisher: Convivium PressInc

ISBN: 9781934996560

Page: 96

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This book addresses questions and uncertainties expressed by those who have distanced themselves from the faith in which they were nurtured as children. Their faith is still there, flickering in the depths, but it is surrounded by doubts and prejudices. Pagola understands their reluctance to search the past for those once-comforting certainties, and is aware of their unwillingness to return to the beliefs and practices of former times. Offering guidance in their need for understanding various things about the faith, Pagola proposes not a process of catechesis, or meetings for religious formation, or prayer meetings for believers. Rather, he suggests that the most helpful way through this stage would be to make the return journey with a group of fellow seekers who are taking the first steps toward a new faith by sharing their anxieties and experiences with others.

Don t Tell Me Not to Believe

As they were leaving, Eli said to me, quietly, “It looks as if Sammy isn't
traumatized at all. Can't we just ... They hate me!” “I really don't think that that's
true. Please tell me why Sammy's pants were down around his legs?” “The child
had an ...

Don t Tell Me Not to Believe

Author: Gary D. Chattman

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 1950860108

Page: 266

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Meet Gary Chattman, who didn’t want to be a teacher. But when it became a valid way to escape the draft during the Vietnam War, he made it his mission to teach. Once Gary was hired, he realized becoming a teacher was what he was meant to be, and for over fifty years dedicated his life to making a difference in the lives of his students. Despite his dedication, the school administration tried to bring him down one notch at a time. Student deaths, students skipping classes, and the callous attitudes of some of the administrators who could not see his vision became everyday battles, making Gary determined to conquer his windmills like Don Quixote. Finally, an illness brought on by his school’s new construction threatened to knock Gary off his Dulcinea for good. Follow the embellished life of this dedicated educator through the tumultuous 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s.

A Reason to Believe

Tell me why I should get close To anyone. When I know people always leave.
Tell me why I should let someone in, When I know at the end of the day I'd befull
of grief. Tell me whyI should show myemotions Andlet them run free, When I
believe ...

A Reason to Believe

Author: Rushini Jayawardena

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450021484

Page: 107

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“To this dark place we are no longer strangers, But now faithful tenants to its lonely rooms. And for these rooms the prices run high, When it’s happiness and dreams you have to sacrifice.”

The Cove

“Do you believe me? Why would you think I'd know anything about it? I wasn't
here myself. I was with Scott, your husband. He's so worried about you. All he can
talk about is you and how he prays you'll come home. Please tell me you believe

The Cove

Author: Catherine Coulter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101191473

Page: 384

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A picturesque town. A woman on the run. An undercover agent. The first riveting novel in Catherine Coulter's #1 New York Times bestselling FBI Thriller series. Sally Brainerd can't remember what happened the night her father was murdered. Maybe she did it. Or maybe it was her poor, traumatized mother. Either way, the safest place for her is far away from Washington, D.C.. But while her aunt's home in The Cove should be a quiet refuge, Sally can't shake the feeling that there's something not quite right about the postcard perfect little town. Despite his target's checkered past and convenient memory loss, FBI Special Agent James Quinlan isn't convinced she's the killer—but maybe she knows who is. As he uses his cover to get close to Sally and unearth the memories her mind has hidden away, James can't deny his connection to the troubled woman. But as their lies and passions intertwine, Sally and James soon learn they aren't the only ones keeping deadly secrets in The Cove...

Granny Tells Her Story and You Won t Believe It

my name is Hilda TosH, and this is my story. i know that some of what i am going
to share will be hard to believe and ... on me from the time i was born, i would not
be telling you my story. you may ask me why at my age i would want to tell it all.

Granny Tells Her Story  and You Won   t Believe It

Author: Hilda Tosh

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449798659

Page: 62

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This memoir begins with the story of a young girl who left an abusive home at the age of twelve, hopped a train box car, and began a life journey that led her down many paths. Hilda Tosh, now at 84, shares her story of many childhood experiences, adult disappointments, and joys she found as her life unfolded and blossomed into a life of peace. She shares about her three failed marriages, loss of her children and battle with cancer and suicide to come face to face with a loving God who would heal her broken heart. ,p>This story will make you laugh at times and cry at times. It will bring you to a place of understanding how in spite of who we are or what we think about our lives, we have a loving Father God who will see us through anything life brings our way.

The Shadow of a Dream

You wouldn't have told me all those things about my mother's family, and their
being great people, and disowning her, and all thatl If this is true you wouldn't
have let me believe that, you and Uncle Meredith?" "We let you believe it, but you

The Shadow of a Dream

Author: William Dean Howells

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742534025

Page: 235

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These two nouvelles mark Howells' plunge into psychological realism. Their themes-a triangle of tragic agonies with psychological insights intriguingly proto-Freudian, and a drama of miscegenation-are anything but the "smiling", lightweight topics to which Howells has been supposed to have been confined. The maturity both of their art and of their moral insight lends them an impact much deeper and more permanent than that of the shriller, more merely commercial shocking fiction of our day. Edwin H. Cady's introduction places the books in the context of the development of Howells' life, work, art, thought, and sensibility. He helps the reader make immediate contact with the artistic methods and intentions of the author.


I simply don't understand why the police think I'm the bad guy here, that I'm
making all of this up for some crazy reason. Perhaps you could believe me now?”
He was a shrink; he hedged well. “Tell me why you believe this man is stalking
you ...


Author: Catherine Coulter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101191262

Page: 368

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FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock must protect a young political speechwriter who has received threats against her life. But they could never guess that the danger is already close to his prey-and about to strike. From the Paperback edition.


If I am told that the gorilla is 97% human I have to sit back and believe this with all
my heart. ... Where science tells me the Orang-utan is 98% human I have to
abolish everything my eyes tell me and believe those conducting science just ...


Author: PSJ (Peet) Schutte

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1291492526


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Crazy Love

He tells me I mean too much to him for him to do something like that. ... about
what Zahara said and about those things Erika used to say about guys, she said
to me, “Now that I'm older, I don't think all guys cheat, but I still believe that most

Crazy Love

Author: Amir Abrams

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758280084

Page: 336

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If everyone wants to say I'm trippin', well, that's their problem. . . If you saw my boo Sincere, you'd totally understand why I've dropped everything--even my besties--to be with him 24/7. After all, what girl wouldn't do whatever it takes to show her first-ever boyfriend she's all he could ever want? I know I'm a prize, but relationships are tough enough when you're just a high school senior, so I've really had to up my game to keep a college freshman like Sincere interested. And if that means hacking his cell and following him everywhere, I'm down. Because I just know what we have is for always. And I'm going to prove it, no matter how far I have to go. . . "Hot and poppin' with drama and life lessons. The world of teen lit has never seen anything like this before!"--Ni-Ni Simone Amir Abrams is a regular dude with a dream. Born in Brooklyn, Amir has a thing for fresh kicks, fly whips, and all things Polo. For Amir, writing teen fiction was never something he imagined himself doing until he started working with Ni-Ni Simone on Hollywood High. Now, he's amped about the endless possibilities. Amir hopes to be an inspiration to others and is determined to make a difference in the lives of teens everywhere.

Super Spiritual Stories of a Great Grandmaster

I was taking the rope off its neck when the cops saw me. I was told that it would
be better if I pleaded guilty and took a plea bargain. I know it is wrong to say I did
something I did not do. I was told that no one would believe me if I told the truth.

Super Spiritual Stories of a Great Grandmaster

Author: Dr. Kauf

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465325557

Page: 183

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Then I looked him in the eyes and said. "Remember this Tommy. There is always something. If you can,t find it just know there is no such thing as bad luck or accident. All is Gods will. There is always something. Ask God. Know always, God helps." Yes, I know the answer to Tommys question. I accepted it initially without doubt. Gods heavenly spirit flows out into us all, with the truth. The Mystical experience will lead to the making of a new generation of Great Grandmasters. They will be Christ bearers, to the world in the future. Tommy must carry on. It was so ironic that Tommys father had been a top-notch policeman. Then Tommy had to watch his mother being killed by a policeman. What meaning, psychic or otherwise could I get from it? I guess the answer to that might lie in the fact that God is concerned about making our souls perfect. Tommy would need to gain the faith to make his limitations become possibilities and turn his fears into unconditional love. Years ago, I was training Tommys father, in martial arts and he asked me to ride with him from midnight till 8 AM. He was the only sheriffs deputy in the county, of 500 square miles, on the road. It was not like today when you dont pull up on a dangerous situation without backup. Bar fights, domestics, robberies, and what ever, you responded to alone. The tactics that Tommys father used, would get him fired today. We got a call that a boy had a gun and was shooting up a small town that had no police protection. Tommys father turned on his flashers and started to respond to the call. I could tell by the way he was driving that he was using his intuitive talents. All at once he hit the brakes, and pulled the car to the side of the road. He said. "You drive." I was not a sheriffs deputy and did not have any right to drive that vehicle. Tommys father wouldve been fired if the Sheriff found out. I drove, and he meditated. I knew Tommys father was heading for trouble not just by disobeying the rules, but also if anything went wrong, no one would believe his story. Tommys father would never be able to explain that he was using his sixth sense to link with the higher realms of perception, and God Almighty. He must have read my mind. He said to me. "I have to try to save that boys life! I am receiving an energy that is higher in vibration and totally spiritual. God Almighty has a reason for that boy to live." He picked up my coat that was laying in the back seat and put it on, covering his uniform. The boy was last seen on Main Street in the downtown area. Tommys dad directed me to turn and drive towards the school. As I did it came over the radio. Someone shot back at the kid, from an upstairs window. The kid ran towards the school. As we got close to the school Tommys father jumped out of the cruiser and ran towards the playground area. I followed on foot. I know that most people will not believe what Im about to say. Before the end of the story youll understand how this happened, because Tommy is so much like his dad, in reaching into the depths of the unknown. The boy pointed the gun at Tommys father. Tommys father said. "Im on your side. I come to fight the evil." The boy raised the gun pointing it. He fired over Tommys fathers left shoulder. Tommys father was walking towards the kid and did not stop. He said in a loving voice. "You got it! Put the gun down, your safe." Tommys father was staring into the eyes of the kid as he continued to walk towards him. The boy handed the gun to him. Tommys father placed his hand on the kids shoulder. I could see the healing energy of Ki or Spirit transfer to the young boy. We walked back to the cruiser, and the boy said, crying. "I dont know what happened. All I

Why Me Why Not Me Captain Bob s Journey to Heaven Through Surrender

I am still tongue—tied, frustrated with my words, and unconvincing because it is
too good a deal. People think me crazy as opposed to saved. Most of you know
me as I know most of you. I am telling the truth. You, too, may have Jesus in your

Why Me  Why Not Me Captain Bob s Journey to Heaven Through Surrender

Author: Robert R. Schulte

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449768229

Page: 250

View: 145

"Why me God? Why not me? I noticed a swelling on my lower left leg on the calf muscle in late December 2009. There was no pain at all, so I dismissed it as a swelling from a hard fall I had taken in my basement about a month earlier. I showed it to Cindy who wanted me to go to the doctor's, but if you haven't noticed I am thick headed and wanted to see if it would just go away..it didn't. The doctor's visit and subsequent MRI in February began the process of identifying just what this thing was. Treatment could only begin after a positive ID. At this point I was not overly concerned. I still believed it to be a hematoma from the fall. It turned out to be much, much more." This is the first entry into a 2-year CaringBridge journal for my husband Bob who was 63 at the time and a very virile and active man. The hematoma turned out to be a rare and aggressive cancer that would take his life just 2 years later. The journal documents the tremendous faith and strength that he received from Christ every step of the way. The journal will carry you through the innermost thoughts of a man who knows that there is a possibility that he will not live through this, but turns to God and sees the joy of life in adversity. I rode the journey with him for 2 years and realized that through Jesus, Bob was able to not only live well but also to die well. His journal will put you front and center on his beautiful journey, something he called "an e-ticket ride with Christ." We were all blessed to be a part of his journey and I hope, that after reading this, you will feel blessed too. "He took my fear and turned it into wonder" "The mysteries of the ages will be mine soon. Are you jealous" "Open our eyes to the reality of the moments we live in."

Troubles Come to Make You Stronger on the Way up to Success

I started telling myself, “Why in the world am I listening to these people” I stopped
listening and began holding my head up. I will not let people bring me down with
their small talk. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF For years I had a hard time believing in ...

Troubles Come to Make You Stronger on the Way up to Success

Author: Gigi A. Gates

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469122278

Page: 63

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Troubles come but You take control and Change your Circumstances There will be times in your life when troubles come but it is up to you to know for yoursself that trouble will not last always. You have to believe in Gods word and know that you are already the person God has ordained you to be. This transformation will take place in how you think, walk and talk. You will be more confident in you and the accomplishments you have made and the ones that are on the way. Gigi wants to help you develop yourself as the person God has designed you to be. By sharing with you her life experieces that have gotten her on the road to SUCCESS. She hopes this guide will convince readers to put God first; believe His word; believe in themselves and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilled life. In life there are lessons to learn. It is up to you to learn something out of your circumstances.


I always believed that you had to go to church in order to be saved and I always
found comfort in the church. God have not told me to tell anybody else to come
out ofthe church. God told me to come out from among them and be separated.



Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449767400

Page: 146

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As Zelma was lying in her bed about three o’clock in the morning, meditating on the Lord and on her ministry, the anointing of the Holy Spirit came over her and took control of her mouth. As she cried out to God, the words she said were so unusual and the answer that she got from God was totally out of the ordinary, she said in a loud voice, “God! what is my calling and show me how to use it.” The answer that she got was unacceptable, and she could not believe it because that was not what she had been taught in the church. Therefore Zelma rebuked it in the name of Jesus, and she said, “If that’s the way he’s going to talk, I’m not going to ask him nothing else.” God told her what her calling was, however he didn’t tell her how to use it, and she wasn’t about to ask him how to use it. She was offended at his answer. But five years later, God showed her how to use her calling, and it was awesome. It was revelation knowledge that only God would know how to tell you.

We Be Family You and I

So why did I get a second look at this great buck? This is too much for me to
handle all by myself, but, who can I tell my story to that wouldn't get me a trip to
the nut house. No one is going to believe this story. A novice, looking to add a
story ...

We Be Family You and I

Author: William J. Webbe Sr.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465394974

Page: 145

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This story is fictional. It is about a sixteen year old boy Nicholas and his long time fifteen year old girlfriend Jennifer. It is about their awakening to their sexual feelings. It is about a mythical deer, the Lord Prince of the Forest. This deer has appeared in the forest of Nicks Grandparents for more than fifty years. Hunters throughout the years have at close range shot at it but no one can hit it. Nick is living with his grandparents until his parents divorce is finalized and the battle for him is settled in court. On Nicks sixteenth birthday both his parents come in separate cars to the grandparents for his birthday celebration. He receives a 35 cal. Marlin for his first hunt. Alone in the woods on his first hunt, he dozes off. He meets face to face with the Lord Prince of the Forest. Nick does not take the shot as everyone use had done. The Lord Prince of the Forest looks at Nick motionless eye to eye and by telepathy says We be Family you and I. Nick not knowing how or why, answers the same way, And let it be that all creators that walk, run, swim, crawl or fly, be your family as you and I. This starts a series of encounters and with angry attacking animals, and because of the Lord Prince of the Forrest, Nick is able to bring these animals under his control

Cover of Night

A Behind the Scenes Novel Tammy Powell. Chapter 8 “Look, Tuck, I know this
sounds crazy to you, but the monster raping these girls is the same monster who
raped me,” Ella talked imploringly. “You have to believe me when I tell you this.

Cover of Night

Author: Tammy Powell

Publisher: Tammy Powell

ISBN: 1502532743

Page: 317

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Marella Demick was just eighteen when she was brutally attacked on her way home late one night. Fleeing her hometown for the safety and privacy of Bluff’s Edge, Ella focused on her recovery and putting the past behind her. Now, seven years later, Ella is convinced that the rapes of three women are being carried out by the same man who attached her all those years ago. Returning to Posey Cove was not in her plans, but knowing what she knows, she’ll do anything to stop a monster from striking again. When Ella walks into the office of Behind the Scenes, she’s shocked to see Tuck Mallory. Lawyer turned private investigator; Tuck’s family has deep ties with Ella’s. In fact, Ella was working for Tuck the summer she was attacked. Tuck’s never forgotten the night Ella was attacked, or the shock at discovering she had not only been beaten, but raped as well. Now, the two join forces to track down a rapist. With little to go on and not much memory of that fatal night, Ella will have to lean on Tuck to help her catch a madman. Fighting an intense attraction, the two will have to put everything on the line in order to prevent Ella from becoming a victim once again.


'It's important Tess, I can't tell you yet, but believe me, it's important' Tom tried to
calm her. ... I didn't think the damn thing worked,' Tess shrieked 'It works, it's
painted – and it's ready to roll' answered Tom quietly 'Why are you just taking



Publisher: jeremy hall



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