Beyond Fundamentalism

... by the emperor's new talk and signals that the conversation the world has been
waiting for may at last be about to begin.'' — -Jack Miles, Pulitzer Prize-winning
author of God: A Biography "Beyond Fundamentalism hovers confidently over a ...

Beyond Fundamentalism

Author: Reza Aslan

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780679604242

Page: 240

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“A very persuasive argument for the best way to counter jihadism” (The Washington Post) from the bestselling author of Zealot and host of CNN’s Believer The wars in the Middle East have become religious wars in which God is believed to be directly engaged on behalf of one side against the other. The hijackers who attacked America on September 11, 2001, thought they were fighting in the name of God. According to award-winning writer and scholar of religions Reza Aslan, the United States, by infusing the War on Terror with its own religiously polarizing rhetoric, is fighting a similar war—a war that can’t be won. Beyond Fundamentalism is both an in-depth study of the ideology fueling militants throughout the Muslim world and an exploration of religious violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. At a time when religion and politics increasingly share the same vocabulary and function in the same sphere, Aslan writes that we must strip the conflicts of our world of their religious connotations and address the earthly grievances that always lie at its root. How do you win a religious war? By refusing to fight in one. Featuring new content and updated analysis • Originally published as How to Win a Cosmic War “[A] thoughtful analysis of America’s War on Terror.” —The New Yorker “Offers a very persuasive argument for the best way to counter jihadism.”—The Washington Post “[Reza] Aslan dissects a complex subject (terrorism and globalization) and distills it with a mix of narrative writing, personal anecdotes, reportage and historical analysis.”—San Francisco Chronicle “Aslan is not only a perspicuous, thoughtful interpreter of the Muslim world but also a subtle psychologist of the call to jihad.”—Los Angeles Times “[A] meaty analysis of the rise of Jihadism . . . dispels common misconceptions of the War on Terror age.”—San Jose Mercury News “It is Aslan’s great gift to see things clearly, and to say them clearly, and in this important new work he offers us a way forward. He is prescriptive and passionate, and his book will make you think.”—Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of American Lion

Beyond Liberalism and Fundamentalism

... Authority and Divine Action,” in Thomas, God's Activity in the World, 181-94;
quotation, 181-82. 25. Thomas Kuhn, The Structure ofScientific Revolutions, 2d
ed. (Chicago: 78 Beyond Liberalism and Fundamentalism.

Beyond Liberalism and Fundamentalism

Author: Nancey Murphy

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 0567014495

Page: 180

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American Protestant Christianity is often described as a two-party system divided into liberals and conservatives. This book clarifies differences between the intellectual positions of these two groups by advancing the thesis that the philosophy of the modern period is largely responsible for the polarity of Protestant Christian thought. A second thesis is that the modern philosophical positions driving the division between liberals and conservatives have themselves been called into question. It therefore becomes opportune to ask how theology ought to be done in a postmodern era, and to envision a rapprochement between theologians of the left and right. A concluding chapter speculates specifically on the era now dawning and the likelihood that the compulsion to separate the spectrum into two distinct camps will be precluded by the coexistence of a wide range of theological positions from left to right. Nancey C. Murphy is Associate Professor of Christian Philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, and the author of Reasoning and Rhetoric in Religion, also published by Trinity Press. Her book Theology in the Age of Scientific Reasoning earned the American Academy of Religion's Award for Excellence.

Beyond Creed

Beyond Fundamentalism Where there is no vision peopleperish, it is true. But
sometimes vision comes hard and requires intense debate and a keen
awareness of the traps that have held vision hostage in the past. One of these is
that ...

Beyond Creed

Author: Stephen Rose

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595407781

Page: 192

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"Creedal messianism" is Stephen Rose's original term for the belief system that the church, including original witnesses, created to obscure Jesus' iconoclastic understanding of the gospel. Rose argues that messianism is a cruel virus which eats away at the very essence of selfhood. In Beyond Creed he shows how messianism has hampered the veryprogress Jesus sought to bring about on earth.

Leaving Christian Fundamentalism and the Reconstruction of Identity

My argument is that understanding identity change beyond Christian
fundamentalism is not found when the social context is merely considered as
background, but when it is understood as the colony of the social production of
the Christian ...

Leaving Christian Fundamentalism and the Reconstruction of Identity

Author: Josie McSkimming

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317106563

Page: 264

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There is an increasing interest in the influence of religious fundamentalism upon people’s motivation, identity and decision-making. Leaving Christian Fundamentalism and the Re-construction of Identity details the stories of those who have left Christian fundamentalist churches and how they change after they have left. It considers how the previous fundamentalist identity is shaped by aspects of church teaching and discipline that are less authoritarian and coercive, and more subtle and widely spread throughout the church body. That is, individuals are understood as not only subject to a form of judgment, but also exercise it, with everyone seemingly complicit in maintaining the stability of the church organisation. This book provocatively illustrates that the reasons for leaving an evangelical Christian church may be less about what happens outside the church in terms of the lures and attractions of the secular world, and more about the experience within the community itself.

Fundamentalism or Tradition

Those who consider the scholarly use of the term fundamentalism today may be
surprised by the careless use of the term in James Barr's two books,
Fundamentalism and Beyond Fundamentalism, although these have been used
as an ...

Fundamentalism or Tradition

Author: Aristotle Papanikolaou

Publisher: Fordham University Press

ISBN: 0823285812

Page: 272

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Traditional, secular, and fundamentalist—all three categories are contested, yet in their contestation they shape our sensibilities and are mutually implicated, the one with the others. This interplay brings to the foreground more than ever the question of what it means to think and live as Tradition. The Orthodox theologians of the twentieth century, in particular, have emphasized Tradition not as a dead letter but as a living presence of the Holy Spirit. But how can we discern Tradition as living discernment from fundamentalism? What does it mean to live in Tradition when surrounded by something like the “secular”? These essays interrogate these mutual implications, beginning from the understanding that whatever secular or fundamentalist may mean, they are not Tradition, which is historical, particularistic, in motion, ambiguous and pluralistic, but simultaneously not relativistic. Contributors: R. Scott Appleby, Nikolaos Asproulis, Brandon Gallaher, Paul J. Griffiths, Vigen Guroian, Dellas Oliver Herbel, Edith M. Humphrey, Slavica Jakelić, Nadieszda Kizenko, Wendy Mayer, Brenna Moore, Graham Ward, Darlene Fozard Weaver

Faith based Radicalism

Faith Development and a Way beyond Fundamentalism Heinz STREIB
Fundamentalism – A Working Definition It may be adequate to begin a
psychological paper on fundamentalism with a reminder that fundamentalism
cannot be reduced to ...

Faith based Radicalism

Author: Christiane Timmerman

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9789052010502

Page: 309

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Terror attacks against Western symbols of power, suicide terrorism in Chechnya, or bombing of abortion clinics in the United States: these are a few of the violent religious outbursts that the media never seem to stop broadcasting. While these outbursts are mostly linked to Islamic extremism, it should however be acknowledged that every religion has its own violent side. Despite all the events the media are too prompt to show us, it would be dishonest and insensible not to accept that every religion has also a potential for religious peace building and communal renewal. How, can it be explained then, that religions sometimes react violently against the society surrounding them by trying to overthrow it, while at some other times they willingly help and try to build a better world for everyone? The University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp organised an interdisciplinary summer seminar in September 2005 and gathered senior scholars - all experts in their own fields - and junior scholars - who will be the experts of tomorrow - from all over the world, to discuss these burning issues. The seminar focused on miscellaneous topics all pointing towards the question of religion and society; like literalism and the Holy texts, the ambivalence of faith-based radicalism, the psychology of religion and terrorism, nationalism and religion and religious social movements. - Publisher.

Beyond Islamic Fundamentalism

Muslims have to go beyond Islamic fundamentalism and embrace a new
paradigm of Iman which results in Amal . 8 This If the sociology of Islam which
has been explained in this study has been understood , then the paradigm of
Iman which ...

Beyond Islamic Fundamentalism

Author: Asaf Hussain



Page: 163

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Beyond the Veil

... Fundamentalism Introduction to the Revised Edition What are the salient , most
significant events as far as women are concerned that have taken place in the
Arab and Muslim world since 1973 , the year I finished writing Beyond the Veil ?

Beyond the Veil

Author: Fatima Mernissi

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253204233

Page: 200

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From the writing of her first book, Beyond the Veil: Male-Female Dynamics in Modern Muslim Society in 1975, Mernissi has sought to reclaim the ideological discourse on women and sexuality from the stranglehold of patriarchy. She critically examines the classical corpus of religious-juristic texts, including the Hadith, and reinterprets them from a feminist perspective. In her view, the Muslim ideal of the silent, passive, obedient woman has nothing to do with the authentic message of Islam. Rather, it is a construction of the 'ulama', the male jurists-theologians who manipulated and distorted the religious texts in order to preserve the patriarchal system. Mernissi's work explores the relationship between sexual ideology, gender identity, sociopolitical organization, and the status of women in Islam; her special focus, however, is Moroccan society and culture. As a feminist, her work represents an attempt to undermine the ideological and political systems that silence and oppress Muslim women.

Beyond Fundamentalism

Examines the fundamentalist Christians' interpretation of the Bible and analyzes the use of the Bible as an authority for fundamentalism

Beyond Fundamentalism

Author: James Barr

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664246204

Page: 195

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Examines the fundamentalist Christians' interpretation of the Bible and analyzes the use of the Bible as an authority for fundamentalism

Critical Realism and Spirituality

2 Beyond Fundamentalism Spiritual realism, spiritual literacy and education
Andrew Wright The currentresurgence ofreligious fundamentalism is but one
amongst many manifestations of a widespread and pervasive spiritual illiteracy
that has ...

Critical Realism and Spirituality

Author: Mervyn Hartwig

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134005288

Page: 384

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Critical Realism and Spirituality contextualizes, delineates, explores and critiques the turn to spirituality and religion in critical realism, which has been under way since the mid-1990s, as well as telling its story. It provides incisive discussion and anaysis of the following broad questions: How does critical realism allow and facilitate the resolution of problems in the area of comparative religion? Can it help you to justify your own faith or belief? What are the implications of the new philosophy of meta-Reality for traditional religious studies and how we organize and conduct our lives? A range of distinguished critical realists, theological critical realists and scholars working with related approaches (Roland Benedikter, Roy Bhaskar, Terry Eagleton, Mervyn Hartwig, Alister McGrath, Markus Molz, Jamie Morgan, Andrew Wright and others) bring their talents to bear on this task. While their personal beliefs span the whole spectrum from theism to atheism, they are united by the desire to open up a space for dialogue of one kind or another (intra-faith, inter-faith and/or extra-faith), promoting mutual understanding, respect and the unity and capability for collective emancipatory action on a global scale that humanity is so sorely in need of. This book is therefore, essential reading for students and academics alike in Religous Studies, Theology and Philosophy.

Pentecostalism and Christian Unity

Ecumenical Documents and Critical Assessments Wolfgang Vondey. Beyond
Fundamentalism: Caught between Calvinism and Dispensationalism one of the
most crucial problems with evangelical theology is that it has allowed itself to be ...

Pentecostalism and Christian Unity

Author: Wolfgang Vondey

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621897168

Page: 304

View: 573

This volume of ecumenical documents, key texts, and critical essays is the first collection of its kind exclusively dedicated to Pentecostalism and its contributions to Christian unity. In the first part, a cadre of internationally renowned scholars addresses the ecumenical heritage and perspectives of the Pentecostal movement since the early twentieth century. Part 2 offers a collection of final reports from international dialogues with Pentecostal participation. The final part contains programmatic essays in response to The Nature and Mission of the Church, a major study on the doctrine of the church published by the World Council of Churches. Most of these essays were first presented by the ecumenical-studies group of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, currently the only organized ecumenical think tank among Pentecostals in North America. Since its formation in 2001, the group has encouraged Pentecostal participation in ecumenical concerns, has hosted Roman Catholic-Pentecostal conversations at the annual meeting of the Society, has invited international scholarly debates on ecumenical matters, and has engaged in the study of ecumenical consensus statements. The essays and documents in this collection model the dedication and commitment among Pentecostals today that engage the challenges and opportunities of Christian unity from the perspective of a tradition that has often been falsely accused of being anti-ecumenical. This collection presents an invaluable resource for teachers, scholars, and pastors interested in engaging the global Christian arena from the worldwide and ecumenical image of Pentecostalism. Contributors Carmelo E. Alvarez Harold D. Hunter Douglas Jacobsen Veli-Matti Karkkainen Frank D. Macchia Raymond R. Pfister Cecil M. Robeck Jr. Paul van der Laan Wolfgang Vondey

Canadian Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century

2 William Aberhart : Beyond Fundamentalism There are to be found in all
communities erratic people who get hold of an idea and , without stopping to get
all the bearings of the case , jump at conclusions and then make everything bend
to ...

Canadian Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century

Author: John Gordon Stackhouse

Publisher: Regent College Publishing

ISBN: 9781573831314

Page: 348

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In the 1980s, evangelical Protestantism emerged as a prominent new force in Canada. While political campaigns and sexual scandals among American evangelicals attracted attention north of the border as well, Canadian evangelicals were quietly establishing a network of individuals and institutions that reflected their distinctive concerns. While the United, Anglican, and Presbyterian churches continued to enjoy "mainline Protestant" status in Canadian culture, more Canadians who actually practiced Christianity in measurable ways could be counted among the evangelicals than among these dominant Protestant denominations. And while most Canadians -- including experts in religious studies -- continued to think of Canadian Christianity in traditional denominational terms, "evangelicalism" was coming into focus as a category essential to understanding this new pattern of allegiance and activity. - Introduction.

Beyond Nationalist Frames

Postmodernism, Hindu Fundamentalism, History Sumit Sarkar. CHAPTER IX.
Hindutva. and. History. T PLAN TO read the title of my essay both ways . '
Hindurva and History ' : it is impossible today for this not to refer primarily to the
very ...

Beyond Nationalist Frames

Author: Sumit Sarkar

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253342034

Page: 265

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The political context in which historians of India find themselves today, says Sumit Sarkar, is dominated by the advance of the Hindu Right and globalized forms of capitalism, while the historian's intellectual context is dominated by the marginalization of all varieties of Marxism and an academic shift to cultural studies and postmodern critique. In Beyond Nationalist Frames, one of India's foremost contemporary historians offers his view of how the craft of history should be practiced in this complex conjuncture. In studies of colonial time-keeping, Rabindranath Tagore's fiction, and pre-Independence Bengal, Sarkar explores new approaches to the writing of history. Essays on contemporary politics consider the implications of the "Hindu Bomb," the rewriting of national history textbooks by Hindu fundamentalists, and the issue of conversion to Christianity. Scholars in all the fields touched by recent developments in South Asian historiography—anthropology, feminist theory, comparative literature, cultural studies—will find this a stimulating and provocative collection of essays, as will anyone interested in Indian politics.

Beyond Cairo

The termIslamic fundamentalism gained popularity during the late 1970s amid
extensive coverageoftheIranian revolution. Thedismayby Iranianreligiousclerics
andthepotential consequences of Western secularism penetrating Islamic society

Beyond Cairo

Author: Darrell Ezell

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137048492

Page: 232

View: 222

The US's once-enthusiastic commitment to restore trustworthy relations with the Muslim world has dwindled considerably since Obama's 2009 Cairo speech. This book tackles Washington's lagging engagement with the Muslim world and provides a roadmap for how the US can use public diplomacy to re-engage it.

Globalization and Beyond

GLOBAL REFORM Fred Block For almost thirty years, politics in the United States
and around the world have been kept hostage to market fundamentalism—a
vastly ...

Globalization and Beyond

Author: Jon Shefner

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271048867

Page: 296

View: 531

The enormous turnout in Washington, DC, for Barack Obama&’s presidential inauguration and the worldwide rejoicing at this signal of change offered a tangible demonstration of people&’s desire for a new world order. In the waning months of the Bush administration, crushing global recession dealt a critical blow to the neoliberal project. The hegemony of the United States and of the international institutions it has used to maintain its economic dominance has been in decline for some years now, suggesting the need to explore alternative ways to carry out globalization&’s imperatives. In Globalization and Beyond, leading scholars take up the challenge of examining the current state of economic crisis and the variety of ways in which different countries (as well as different groups) are responding to it.

Word and Spirit

Beyond. Fundamentalism. and. Spiritualism. 1.1. Interpreting. the. Religious.
Situation. of. Our. Time. Interpreting the religious situation of the time is a genuine
task of Christian theology. Paul Tillich has expressed this by emphasising the ...

Word and Spirit

Author: Anselm K. Min

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110307316

Page: 187

View: 457

Christology and Pneumatology face many challenges today. Eight contributors, four European and four Asian theologians, respond to some of these challenges. Christoph Schwöbel responds to the challenge of fundamentalism and spiritualism through the renewal of the Trinitarian theology of the Reformers, Markus Mühling through a return to the "concarnational" Pneumatology of Thomas Erskine. Hans-Joachim Sander meets the challenge of suffering and powerlessness through the postmodern hermeneutics of heterotopia (Foucault), Lieven Boeve responds to that of skepticism and pluralism through the hermeneutics of interruption. Lee Ki-Sang and Kim Heup Young address the globalization of materialism and anthropocentrism through the respective retrieval of the apophaticism and Christology of Ryu Young Mo, increasingly noted today for his original synthesis of Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism. Finally, Lai Pan-Chiu and Anselm Min engage in an East/West dialogue, Lai by comparing the Christian idea of deification and the Neo-Confucian idea of self-cultivation, Min the Trinity of Aquinas and the Triad of Zhu Xi. This is a substantial, timely, and insightful contribution to Christology and Pneumatology in the context of the many issues raised by globalization, especially the need for serious East/West dialogue.

Islam Fundamentalism and the Betrayal of Tradition

Chapter. 7. Beyond. the ... of these gender-based roles. Muslim women are
economic and social dependents of the dominant male figures in their lives—
fathers, husbands, and 243 7: Beyond the Veil: The Sulfi View of Women and

Islam  Fundamentalism  and the Betrayal of Tradition

Author: Joseph E. B. Lumbard

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 1933316667

Page: 338

View: 135

How has fundamentalism betrayed the true spirit of Islam?

Beyond Belief

Fundamentalism, a defensive piety that erupted in almost every major faith during
the twentieth century, interpreted scripture with a literalism that is unparalleled in
the history of religion. In the United States, Protestant fundamentalists evolved ...

Beyond Belief

Author: Robert P. Vande Kappelle

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1621898571

Page: 296

View: 548

The current age marks the transition from modernity to postmodernity, a period as impactful to the Western sensibility as any previous era. The role of religion and the future of Christianity are at stake. At this time of transition, many thoughtful individuals find themselves at a quandary, having reached a "critical stage" in their spiritual journey. Prompted by academia, science, reason, culture, and their own experience, they feel compelled to choose between the beliefs they inherited as children and the claims of science, reason, pluralism, and secularism. Beyond Belief suggests that one need not take an either/or approach on these issues; there is a better way, one that embraces adventure and ambiguity, science and religion, reason and faith, evolution and creation, and finds ways to live creatively with realities for which there are no easy explanations. Building on a paradigmatic journey of faith that involves three stages (precritical, critical, and postcritical understanding), Beyond Belief describes the quest for God and for authentic faith in the twenty-first century. The key point for this understanding is to replace belief with faith, acknowledging that belief in doctrines is not central, since they are themselves unprovable. This new theological perspective requires rethinking many of our cherished doctrines, including our understanding of God, Jesus, Scripture, prayer, miracles, and revelation.

Religious Fundamentalism in the Middle East

Each of these episodes had far-reaching impact on the cultures and religions in
Muslim-majority countries in the immediate subsequent period and beyond. The
first was the reformist fundamentalism of the eighteenth century, which trans- ...

Religious Fundamentalism in the Middle East

Author: Mansoor Moaddel

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004245065

Page: 336

View: 165

In Religious Fundamentalism in the Middle East, Moaddel and Karabenick explain variations in fundamentalist beliefs and attitudes on both macro and micro level.