Beyond Mentoring

D. Lowe-Wincentsen Oregon Institute of Technology, Wilsonville, OR, United
States This book is called Beyond Mentoring. But what does that mean? When
we talk about mentoring, we usually talk about one-on-one relationships formed ...

Beyond Mentoring

Author: Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 0081012950

Page: 146

View: 508

Beyond Mentoring: A Guide for Librarians and Information Professionals looks at mentorship, mentorship programs, what works, what doesn’t, and different techniques, such as group and peer mentoring. The book considers many aspects of mentoring, various programs, and their successes and failures, going beyond the usual types of mentoring by looking at newer models. An example of the cohort model from the American Library Association Emerging Leader model is included as a case study. In addition, another case study on the Sunshine State leadership Institute provides a toolkit for building your own program. The final section of the book offers perspectives and tools that people can use in designing their own programs. Provides case studies and perspectives from librarians who have been involved in mentoring programs Describes program types that go beyond traditional mentoring, including peer-to-peer and cohort or group mentoring Gives practical advice to help readers apply best practices to their own situations Offers a hands-on perspective of the program design process

Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring

I can assure you that the mentoring process will increase your employability” (con
- versation with the author, Jan. 5, 1999). If there are few opportu- nities for
promotion, an organization cannot afford to make mistakes in filling vacancies.

Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring

Author: Margo Murray

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 078795991X

Page: 256

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Many managers believe that effective mentoring is most often the lucky result of personal chemistry between two people. But in this book, author Margo Murray lays that myth to rest. Her guide gives you all the expert advice, tools, and case studies you'll need to harness the power of mentoring. Building on the solid principles outlined in the first book, this revised edition adds examples of mentoring from recent publications and the author's client experience. It also includes international examples. It reveals how mentoring can maximize employee productivity and provides information on how to assess organizational needs and link them to the mentoring process. Includes all the information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of a mentoring program.

Mentoring from a Positive Psychology Perspective

The value of mentoring is not the same for each participant, either the mentor or
mentee. Within any relationship, people are animated by something beyond
themselves even if they are not aware of this. Joining with others in a
conversation is ...

Mentoring from a Positive Psychology Perspective

Author: Ann M. Brewer

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319409832

Page: 226

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This book examines the concept and practice of mentoring, as well as the wider scope and diversity of the mentoring that people can experience in their own life time. With each chapter dedicated to a specific level of mentoring, the book makes clear the impact and value of mentoring not only for the participants themselves but also on the situations in which mentoring occurs and the reverberations, positive and negative, on others outside this relationship. It shows the importance of relationships for people, individually and collectively and clarifies how relationships form the DNA for an inspiring, creative and professional life for the person and the community in which they engage. The book is about how support and skills can be transferred through mentoring to rebuild resilience through positive relationships and community; reconstructing them as we go.

Mentoring in Higher Education

This will focus on two areas: first, moving the discussion beyond the technical
aspects of mentoring, and second, thinking beyond mentoring as practices that
consist in the sharing of the mentor's expertise and experiences with a mentee.

Mentoring in Higher Education

Author: Marcia E. Canton

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030468909

Page: 76

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Transforming Science and Engineering

' S SUCCESS Vita C . Rabinowitz & Virginia Valian WOMEN LAG BEHIND men
in all the professions , including academia and science . In academia , women ...

Transforming Science and Engineering

Author: Abigail J. Stewart

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472116034

Page: 362

View: 949

In 2001, the National Science Foundation's ADVANCE Institutional Transformation program began awarding five-year grants to colleges and universities to address a common problem: how to improve the work environment for women faculty in science and engineering. Drawing on the expertise of scientists, engineers, social scientists, specialists in organizational behavior, and university administrators, this collection is the first to describe the variety of innovative efforts academic institutions around the country have undertaken. Focusing on a wide range of topics, from how to foster women's academic success in small teaching institutions, to how to use interactive theater to promote faculty reflection about departmental culture, to how a particular department created and maintained a healthy climate for women's scientific success, the contributors discuss both the theoretical and empirical aspects of the initiatives, with emphasis on the practical issues involved in creating these approaches. The resulting evidence shows that these initiatives have the desired effects. The cases represented in this collection depict the many issues women faculty in science and engineering face, and the solutions that are presented can be widely accepted at academic institutions around the United States. The essays in Transforming Science and Engineering illustrate that creating work environments that sustain and advance women scientists and engineers benefits women, men, and underrepresented minorities. Abigail J. Stewart is Sandra Schwartz Tangri Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at the University of Michigan and author or editor of several books, including Theorizing Feminism: Parallel Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences and Feminisms in the Academy. Janet E. Malley is a psychologist and Associate Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan. Danielle LaVaque-Manty is Research Associate at the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan. Cover photo: Joanne Leonard With a foreword by Mary Sue Coleman, President of the University of Michigan "If you have thrown up your hands in despair after trying to retain women science and engineering in the academy, read this book. It offers detailed descriptions of a wide array of tried-and-true programs that have been tested out by the NSF ADVANCE program." ---Joan C. Williams, 1066 Foundation Chair & Distinguished Professor of Law Director, Center for WorkLife Law University of California "Solid and practical, this volume details the first years of NSF funded institutional change to remake gender dynamics inside U.S. science. What works? What doesn't? And why?" ---Londa Schiebinger, John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science and Barbara D. Finberg Director, Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University, and author of Has Feminism Changed Science? "This book's time has come. Transforming Science and Engineering is important, and lots of people can learn from what has happened in the ADVANCE universities." ---Lotte Bailyn, Professor of Management, Behavioral and Policy Sciences Department, Sloan School of Management, MIT; author of Breaking the Mold: Redesigning Work for Productive and Satisfying Lives; and coauthor of Beyond Work-Family Balance: Advancing Gender Equity and Workplace Performance "This collection profiles 16 NSF ADVANCE grant successes, sandwiched between an interview with Dr. Alice Hogan and Dr. Lee Harle's summary of cost-effective practices from ADVANCE programs, giving so many 'biggest bang for the buck' examples in so few pages that it will easily justify both the cost of the book and the reading time. These accounts do not continue the too-common vague referrals to 'unhealthy environment' or 'chilly climate,' but rather expound the situations before and after the interventions, something necessary in order to transplant the programs, or even to use the programs for idea generation. Transforming Science and Engineering is a model of excellence, and will be extremely useful for those women, men, faculty, or administrators wanting to help their universities move into the 21st century and attract to their campuses qualified women and men who want opportunities to attain their full potentials." ---Donna J. Nelson, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Oklahoma

Mentoring for Learning

This means that improvisation seems to be core characteristics of mentoring, as
also discussed by Orland-Barak (2010). ... mentees develop their own
understanding, but it became clear that mentoring goes beyond mentoring how to
teach a ...

Mentoring for Learning

Author: Harm Tillema

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9463000585

Page: 346

View: 858

No doubt, students appreciate the talks they have with their mentors but do they learn from it as well? Conversations can be comforting or confronting, but

Mentoring Away the Glass Ceiling in Academia

Beyond Mentoring and Advising: Toward Understanding the Role of Faculty '
Developers' in Student Success.” About Campus: 1–8. Bova, B. 2000. “Mentoring
Revisited: The Black Woman's Experience.” Mentoring & Tutoring 8(1): 5–16.

Mentoring Away the Glass Ceiling in Academia

Author: Brenda Marina

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498515312

Page: 232

View: 779

Mentoring Away the Glass Ceiling in Academia: A Cultured Critique describes how women of diverse backgrounds perceive their mentoring experiences or the lack of mentoring experiences in the academy. This book provides a space for envisioning strategies and practices to improve mentoring practices and the collegiate environment.

The Handbook of Mentoring at Work

leadership and mentoring, dysfunctional mentoring, personality and mentoring,
and electronic mentoring. As experts in their ... Given this broad base, the
theoretical advances made in this section extend far beyond mentoring in the

The Handbook of Mentoring at Work

Author: Belle Rose Ragins

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412916690

Page: 745

View: 453

...a comprehensive overview of the current state of research, theory and practice drawn from the leading scholars and practitioners who have advanced our understanding of mentoring in the workplace... The Handbook of Mentoring at Work; Research, Theory, and Practice, provides a definitive guide that not only informs the field, but also extends it in three critical ways: Chronicles the current state of knowledge of mentoring and identifies important new areas of research: The Handbook begins with offering an extensive, cutting-edge and in-depth review of core topics in mentoring research, such as diversity in mentoring relationships, learning processes in mentoring relationships, formal mentoring, peer mentoring, socialization and mentoring, leadership and mentoring, dysfunctional mentoring, personality and mentoring, and electronic mentoring. Extends the theoretical horizon of mentoring: The theoretical section of the Handbook builds and extends mentoring theory by drawing on a diverse and rich literature of related theories, such as network theory, adult development theory, relational theory, communication theory, personal change theory, work-family theory and theories of emotional intelligence. Builds a bridge between the practice and study of mentoring: The Handbook includes chapters that address not only formal mentoring programs, but also mentoring practices that relate to leadership development programs, diversity programs and international perspectives. The Handbook is a "must-have" reference for understanding the key debates and issues facing mentoring scholars and practitioners, and provides a theory-driven road map to guide future research and practice in the field of mentoring.

Beyond Measure

Once successful sites schedule inclusive planning, select and train mentors, and
identify and match mentors with parent partners, one might imagine that parent
mentoring programs would become self-sustaining. Although the strongest ...

Beyond Measure

Author: Patricia Holland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131792228X

Page: 272

View: 994

This book shows that the current focus on high stakes tests has narrowed the definition of a successful school. It demonstrates that, in addition to focusing on standardized measures, educators also need to look at other matters, such as what actually goes on in their classrooms, teachers’ professional development, parental involvement, and school climate. These chapters were written by school leaders who are champions of accountability, but who also ask us to take a look at the “bigger picture”.

HBR Guide to Getting the Mentoring You Need HBR Guide Series

The best sponsors, we found, go beyond mentoring. They offer not just guidance
but also advocacy, not just vision but also the tactical means of realizing it. They
place bets on outstanding junior colleagues and call in favors for them. The most

HBR Guide to Getting the Mentoring You Need  HBR Guide Series

Author: Harvard Business Review

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422197492

Page: 176

View: 325

Find the right person to help supercharge your career. Whether you’re eyeing a specific leadership role, hoping to advance your skills, or simply looking to broaden your professional network, you need to find someone who can help. Wait for a senior manager to come looking for you—and you’ll probably be waiting forever. Instead, you need to find the mentoring that will help you achieve your goals. Managed correctly, mentoring is a powerful and efficient tool for moving up. The HBR Guide to Getting the Mentoring You Need will help you get it right. You’ll learn how to: Find new ways to stand out in your organization Set clear and realistic development goals Identify and build relationships with influential sponsors Give back and bring value to mentors and senior advisers Evaluate your progress in reaching your professional goals

Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales

... run in me.'' Question 7: Where Did You Receive Mentoring During Your
Graduate School Process? ... Beyond identifying them as part of a support system
, for some, the peers, friends, and family members were given the title of ''mentor.

Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales

Author: Henry T. Frierson

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1780521685

Page: 350

View: 758

Ask practically any academic department chair why they do not have more African Americans among faculty members and they generally respond with stock stories or folktales. This title provides historical, conceptual, and empirically-based analyses focused on the development of African Americans in STEM fields.

The TCS Story and Beyond

We actually tried to formalize mentoring and tried a number of simple things like
asking the top 100 managers to become mentors, but we quickly discovered that
this did not work. Not everyone can be a mentor, and that was proven beyond ...

The TCS Story    and Beyond

Author: S Ramadorai

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 8184755775

Page: 320

View: 638

In 2003, Tata Consultancy Services set itself a mission: ‘Top Ten by 2010’. In 2009, a year ahead of schedule, TCS made good on that promise: in fourteen years, the company had transformed itself from the $155 million operation that S. Ramadorai inherited as CEO in 1996. Today it is one of the world’s largest IT software and services companies with more than 240,000 people working in forty-two countries, and annual revenues of over $10 billion. The TCS story is one of modern India’s great success stories. In this fascinating book, S. Ramadorai, one of the country’s most respected business leaders, recounts the steps to that extraordinary success, and outlines a vision for the future where the quality initiatives he undertook can be applied to a larger national framework.

Handbook of Youth Mentoring

INTRODUCTION Recent research on mentoring has moved beyond the question
of whether mentoring works to more specific investigations of how it works, under
what conditions, and toward the attainment of what outcomes. At the center of ...

Handbook of Youth Mentoring

Author: David L. DuBois

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761929772

Page: 608

View: 978

The Handbook of Youth Mentoring provides the first scholarly and comprehensive synthesis of current theory, research, and practice in the field of youth mentoring. Editors David L. DuBois and Michael J. Karcher, along with leading experts in the field, offer critical and informative analyses of the full spectrum of topics that are essential to advancing our understanding of the principles for effective mentoring of young people. The Handbook explores not only mentoring that occurs within formal programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, but also examines natural mentoring relationships that youth establish with adults outside of such programs.

Beyond Books Butts and Buses

CHAPTER 9 Assistant principals need to find a principal mentor who embodies
the instructional leadership qualities that they want to emulate. Often, assistant
principals, either officially or unofficially, have the building principal become their

Beyond Books  Butts  and Buses

Author: Rebecca Good

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1607098814

Page: 174

View: 908

Beyond Books, Butts, and Buses: Ten Steps to Help Assistant Principals Become Effective Instructional Leaders is intended for ambitious future principals who recognize the importance of researching and preparing for that esteemed position. It contains ten steps that will lead those who are stuck in the duty world of books, butts, and buses to find ways to prepare for instructional leadership. This book lays out strategies, suggestions, and checklists that will help support the learning. There are scripts, organizational tools, and rationales for following through on the implementation of these steps. There are also samples of different types of walk-throughs, agendas, and planners to help one get and stay organized. A campus administrator position is a hectic, crisis-of-the-moment type of job, and these chapters address how to handle these moments (or how to head them off!). The need for balance in one’s life is spoken to as well, with a chapter devoted to how to avoid burnout. This is a must-read for assistant principals serious about wanting to prepare themselves for the top position in a school.

Advances in E Learning Experiences and Methodologies

... accurate expectations and benefits • Targeted outreach based on mentees'
needs and interests • Volunteer opportunities beyond mentoring MENTOR, 2001
• Basis in your program's statement of purpose and long-range plan • Recruit
early, ...

Advances in E Learning  Experiences and Methodologies

Author: Garc¡a-Pe¤alvo, Francisco Jos‚

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1599047586

Page: 420

View: 503

Web-based training, known as e-learning, has experienced a great evolution and growth in recent years, as the capacity for education is no longer limited by physical and time constraints. The emergence of such a prized learning tool mandates a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness and implications of e-learning. Advances in E-Learning: Experiences and Methodologies explores the technical, pedagogical, methodological, tutorial, legal, and emotional aspects of e-learning, considering and analyzing its different application contexts, and providing researchers and practitioners with an innovative view of e-learning as a lifelong learning tool for scholars in both academic and professional spheres.

Counseling Across and Beyond Cultures

As this profession changes, mentoring becomes increasingly important to its
evolution. This is why I am pleased that some of my colleagues discuss it. Their
comments highlight the significance of mentoring in cross-cultural counseling.

Counseling Across and Beyond Cultures

Author: Roy Moodley

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442660279

Page: 304

View: 495

Professional counseling is a dynamic field, necessarily changing to reflect shifting societal norms and client needs. In an increasingly multicultural and globalized society, there is a growing need for counselors to be sensitive to the diverse needs of clients expressing different cultural and ethnic beliefs and facets of racial, gender, sexual, age, ability, disability, or class identities. Using as a starting point the pioneering work of Clemmont E. Vontress, the contributors to Counseling Across and Beyond Cultures trace the evolution of multicultural counseling and discuss remaining challenges for practitioners. Essays include a personal reflection by Vontress himself, critical analyses of the growth of multicultural counseling, considerations of his influence in Canada and the UK, and African and Caribbean perspectives on his work. Throughout, the importance of Vontress's accomplishments are celebrated, while critical analysis points the way towards further work to be done in the field.

Teachers Mentoring Teachers

Beyond. Starting. Your. Mentoring. Program. Thereparticular. is a great topic,
tendency, whenever energy has been expended on a to relax soon after that
effort is completed. Planning for and implementing a mentoring program for the
teachers ...

Teachers Mentoring Teachers

Author: John C. Daresh

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1483362914

Page: 104

View: 744

This highly interactive guide offers a step-by-step method for planning, implementing, and evaluating mentor programs to maximize teacher satisfaction and productivity.

Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace The Handbook of Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions

Beyond Mentor's wisdom and trustworthiness, the King viewed Mentor as
someone with the depth of life experiences, knowledge, and passion for teaching
others that made for a perfect patriarchal force. Mentor was a teacher, adviser, ...

Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace  The Handbook of Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions

Author: Ryan Watkins

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470531693

Page: 944

View: 165

HANDBOOK of IMPROVING PERFORMANCE IN THE WORKPLACE Volume 2: Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions In this groundbreaking volume, leading practitioners and scholars from around the world provide an authoritative review of the most up-to-date information available on performance interventions, all presented within a holistic framework that helps ensure the accomplishment of significant results. Addressing more than 30 performance interventions, with such varied topics as Incentive Systems, e-Learning, Succession Planning and Executive Coaching, this volume guides readers through the development of comprehensive performance improvement systems. Each chapter illustrates in practical terms how to select, plan, implement, and manage performance interventions, as well as how to evaluate their results. Through best practices research, comparative analysis, illustrative case studies from around the world, and editorial guidance on how to link together diverse interventions, the handbook is an important guide for achieving desired results in the workplace and beyond. Sponsored by International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace, three-volume reference, covers three main areas of interest including Instructional Design and Training Delivery, Selecting and Implementing Performance Interventions, and Measurement and Evaluation.

Beyond the Final Score

This amendment has provided funding for hundreds of thousands of mentoring
matches over the last sevenyears. Itwas very difficult to gettheMentoring
forSuccess amendment addedto No Child Left Behind, asthe Republican
administration ...

Beyond the Final Score

Author: Tom Osborne

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441266704

Page: 256

View: 609

From the vast farmlands of Nebraska to the halls of Congress to the Green Zone in Iraq, Tom Osborne has become a legend by serving those around him and by always putting his God first. Perhaps no college football program in history has seen as much success as Osborne's did under his watch (255 wins in 25 seasons). But there is much more to Tom Osborne. Beyond the Final Score chronicles his years as a congressman, educator, family man, mentor, and now athletic director. It reveals the character, values, and faith that have grounded him throughout his incredible journey. Like a good memoir, Beyond the Final Score goes right to the heart of a true American legend. It takes the reader on a walk trough surprising moments (such as the day he began training Iraqi women on how to change their nation), profound insights (there is more prayer in Washington than one might think), and many less-than-serious moments (such as the day he thought he was going to teach his wife how to fish). A rare book in which an American legend brings wisdom, sensibility, dignity, and spirituality to culture, worldview, politics, leadership, and what really matters in everyday life.