Bricolage Care and Information

This book explains the intellectual contribution of Ciborra's work in a substantial introductory chapter, contains the most significant of his articles, and provides a sample of research that draws from his ideas.

Bricolage  Care and Information

Author: C. Avgerou

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230250610

Page: 430

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Claudio Ciborra was one of the most innovative thinkers in the field of information systems. This book explains the intellectual contribution of Ciborra's work in a substantial introductory chapter, contains the most significant of his articles, and provides a sample of research that draws from his ideas.

The Social Study of Information and Communication Technology

It is in this way that a key element is neglected: human existence, which is an
essential ingredient of what information is ... this chapter discusses some key
metaphors, such as bricolage, drift, hospitality and care, improvisation, and
moods as a ...

The Social Study of Information and Communication Technology

Author: Frank Land

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191554919

Page: 306

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This book is a useful text for advanced students of MIS and ICT courses, and for those studying ICT in related areas: Management and Organization Studies, Cultural Studies, and Technology and Innovation. As ICTs permeate every sphere of society - business, education, leisure, government, etc. - it is important to reflect the character and complexity of the interaction between people and computers, between society and technology. For example, the user may represent a much broader set of actors than 'the user' conventionally found in many texts: the operator, the customer, the citizen, the gendered individual, the entrepreneur, the 'poor', the student. Each actor uses ICT in different ways. This book examines these issues, deploying a number of methods such as Actor Network Theory, Socio-Technical Systems, and phenomenological approaches. Management concerns about strategy and productivity are covered together with issues of power, politics, and globalization. Topics range from long-standing themes in the study of IT in organizations such as implementation, strategy, and evaluation, to general analysis of IT as socio-economic change A distinguished group of contributors, including Bruno Latour, Saskia Sassen, Robert Galliers, Frank Land, Ian Angel, and Richard Boland, offer the reader a rich set of perspectives and ideas on the relationship between ICT and society, organizational knowledge and innovation.

Designing Socially Embedded Technologies in the Real World

The two brief (and necessarily partial) outlines of the current discourses on
performativity and bricolage, as well as our discourse, encompass ... In Bricolage,
care and information Claudio Ciborra's legacy in information systems research (

Designing Socially Embedded Technologies in the Real World

Author: Volker Wulf

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1447167201

Page: 432

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This book is concerned with the associated issues between the differing paradigms of academic and organizational computing infrastructures. Driven by the increasing impact Information Communication Technology (ICT) has on our working and social lives, researchers within the Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) field try and find ways to situate new hardware and software in rapidly changing socio-digital ecologies. Adopting a design-orientated research perspective, researchers from the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET) elaborate on the challenges and opportunities we face through the increasing permeation of society by ICT from commercial, academic, design and organizational perspectives. Designing Socially Embedded Technologies in the Real-World is directed at researchers, industry practitioners and will be of great interest to any other societal actors who are involved with the design of IT systems.

Thinking Infrastructures

Bricolage, care and information: Claudio Ciborra's legacy in information systems
research (pp. 70–89). london: Palgrave Macmillan uk. ciborra, c. u. (2009b). The
platform organization: recombining strategies, structures, and surprises. in c.

Thinking Infrastructures

Author: Martin Kornberger

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1787695573

Page: 400

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Thinking Infrastructures brings together interdisciplinary research on informational infrastructures to show how thinking, thought, and cognition as in ideas/rationalities and the practice/activity of thinking are inseparable from infrastructures.

Collaboration in Outsourcing

Bricolage, Care and Information Systems, edited by Chrisanthi Avgerou, Giovan
Francesco Lanzaraand Leslie P. Willcocks, celebrates Claudio Ciborra's
LegacyinInformation Systems Research. Claudio Ciborrawasoneof the most
innovative ...

Collaboration in Outsourcing

Author: S. Brinkkemper

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230362990

Page: 361

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Although IT outsourcing is nothing new, it remains surprisingly challenging for professionals. This book assists the IT professional in several areas of the outsourcing process: establishing outsourcing relationships, maintaining and managing the relationship, and finally governing outsourcing projects successfully.

China s Emerging Outsourcing Capabilities

Bricolage , Care and Information Systems , edited by Chrisanthi Avgerou , Giovan
Francesco Lanzara and Leslie P. Willcocks , celebrates Claudio Ciborra's Legacy
in Information Systems Research . Claudio Ciborra was one of the most ...

China s Emerging Outsourcing Capabilities

Author: Mary C. Lacity

Publisher: Technology, Work and Globaliza


Page: 279

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While China is known for its immense manufacturing base, in recent years the Chinese government has assigned a high priority to science and technology services as its future growth sectors. The Chinese government is supporting this vision with the establishment of research and technology parks, favorable tax incentives, policy reform, grants to help Chinese firms achieve certifications, investments in infrastructure, and promotion of IT outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Beyond the aspirations of its leaders, is China ready to compete in the global ITO and BPO markets? How can Western managers successfully engage Chinese ITO/BPO suppliers? In this book, top scholars and practitioners doing leading research on China’s ITO and BPO sector help answer these questions. All told, this book reports on findings from 519 interviews, 305 surveys, 11 detailed case studies, and 34 formal presentations. Authors analyze the strengths and weaknesses of China’s ITO and BPO markets, categorize and analyze Chinese suppliers, project future trends in China’s ITO and BPO capabilities, and prescribe lessons for Western managers seeking to engage Chinese suppliers. Several chapters contain studies of Chinese suppliers and clients engaged in particular ITO or BPO services, including, procurement, media relations, logistics, and research and development. Overall, the Chinese ITO and BPO markets are changing rapidly as they both respond to and help form the global outsourcing landscape. This book provides an in-depth, contemporary view on where China is heading, how it is going to get there, and how companies and countries can engage with China’s emerging outsourcing capabilities.

Library Information Science Abstracts

Compilation of information on research and continuing education groups
available to Japanese medical librarians . ... Bricolage as a way of life -
improvisation and irony in information systems , by Steven Verjans ; Taking care
of invisible ...

Library   Information Science Abstracts





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Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

The first section of the Bricolage story profile, “INFORMATION,” lists properties of
the story common to every story in the ... The reason for this simplification is that
editors don't really care whether something they're adding to the story is a ...

Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

Author: Dave Rolsky

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 0596002254

Page: 297

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Explains the features of Mason, a Perl-based template for building Web sites, and discusses how to use Mason's components to streamline web site design and simplify maintenance.

Social Information Technology Connecting Society and Cultural Issues

For “bricolage building,” the PBL intervention required and promoted meaningful
engagement via ICT from all students, while ... 10): “Information technology is key
to future health care 329 Investigating and Encouraging Student Nurses' ICT ...

Social Information Technology  Connecting Society and Cultural Issues

Author: Kidd, Terry T.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1599047764

Page: 496

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"This book provides a source for definitions, antecedents, and consequences of social informatics and the cultural aspect of technology. It addresses cultural/societal issues in social informatics technology and society, the Digital Divide, government and technology law, information security and privacy, cyber ethics, technology ethics, and the future of social informatics and technology"--Provided by publisher.

Flash Art

Bricolage We are in a period of transition , and we are headed toward something
indefinite . The electronic ... That is why bricolage is something very important for
me . And I ask myself if ... t care about what one had before . I take the matter ...

Flash Art





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( Guidance Centre occupational information ) 683 ' . 8 Wade , Barbara J ...
Bricolage . 1 . Woodwork - Amateurs ' manuals . 2 . Do - it - yourself work . I . Titre
: Rénovation bricolage . TT157 C84 - 2760 - 5 SDNM 684 ' . 082 Le Trusquin :
coup d ...






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Teaching Toward the 24th Century

Sherry Turkic would argue that bricolage is housed in the "graphical -user
interface (embodied by the Macintosh and ... signify a different form of technical
relation because the object has become something to nurture, love, and care for.

Teaching Toward the 24th Century

Author: Karen Anijar

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780815325246

Page: 265

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In this text, the author explores this phenomenon in light of the influences of television in children's lives, postmodern theories of teaching and learning, and the effects of utopian interpretations of "Star Trek" on teaching practice.

Rigour Complexity in Educational Research

As Derrida claims, the bricoleur is: Somebody who doesn't care about the purity
or the stability of the System S/he uses, but rather uses what's there to get a
particular job done ... Bricolage doesn't worry about the coherence of the words
or ...

Rigour   Complexity in Educational Research

Author: Joe Kincheloe

Publisher: Open University Press

ISBN: 9780335214006

Page: 208

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In an era in which talk abounds about scientific rigour and evidence-based research in education, this book presents a new and compelling examination of these concepts and carefully constructs a new understanding of rigour.

Meaningful Care

A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Meaning of Care for People with Mental
Retardation J. Stolk, Theo A. Boer, R. Seldenrijk ... In the postmodern view of
aesthetic creation we are shaping our lives in the manner of bricolage. We take
apart ...

Meaningful Care

Author: J. Stolk

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 940159516X

Page: 190

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It is crucial for the quality of care of people with mental retardation that care providers experience their work as meaningful. A complexity, however, is the fact that this care is divided amongst a range of professions. This book addresses issues of meaning (meaning of care and meaning of life) from all the different professional perspectives involved. Such a multidisciplinary approach is unique and has never before been followed. The book contains the results of a series of interviews in which parents of people with mental retardation were asked what they conceive to be meaningful care. The results are placed in relation to experiences and conceptions of professional caregivers. Moreover, the study analyzes the cultural, philosophical, and theological significance of the concept, `meaningful care'. Finally, the book explores the relevance of this concept for practical professions such as medical care, social work, educational psychology, pedagogic counseling, and pastoral care. Scholarly depth is combined with experiential knowledge of professional practice. Hence, this book is an outstanding source of reflection for all those who work professionally with people with mental retardation.


Others have to do with the human-computer dialogue and are initiated by the
participants, who often don't much care about the ... They provide participant
information that is truly based on experience expectations, and are nothing like
beta testing of soft- and hardware applications. In this sense, the artistic bricolage
method not only seems useful for early participant inclusion but can also
generate ideas ...

ARt   D

Author: NAi Publishers

Publisher: V2_ publishing

ISBN: 9056623893

Page: 264

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In the creation of electronic and digital art, a research and development phase is almost always necessary. Research sometimes concentrates on the use of existing technologies in the content of the work, and at other times on the development of new technologies (hard-, soft- and netware) needed to realize the intended project. This research is notably interdisciplinary, linking visual and sound artists with engineers, programmers and designers as well as with scientists from diverse fields. The projects are often carried out in "art labs" which have been set up in the past fifteen years around the world especially for this purpose. aRt&D: Artistic Research and Development lays open this new, investigative field of art by looking at a number of characteristic and thought-provoking projects. At the same time, it develops a theoretical framework for situating and evaluating this important new artistic practice.

Revisioning Women Health and Healing

Alexandria Women ' s Health Clinic , 254 , 257 - 258 , 260 , 262 , 263 Brazil
Norplant introduction into , 88 ( n33 ) studies on ... 91 ( n45 ) breast milk , genetic
engineering of , 46 ( 146 ) bricolage , shantytown marriages as , 82 - 83
Buchanan ...

Revisioning Women  Health and Healing

Author: Virginia Olesen

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415918466

Page: 374

View: 801

Contributors pursue new approaches to women's health through direct examination of theoretical interventions, strategies for destabilizing taken-for-granted research methods, and modes of (re)constructing experiences through searching the self and multiple selves--individually and collectively. Several authors confront the novel kinds of surveillance, commodification and stratification engendered by new world reproductive orders. Discursive constructions of "good" and "bad" mothers by race and class in the "American national family" are detailed. Other contributors disrupt traditional agendas for women's health in areas such as health reform, lesbian health and midlife. Throughout, enhanced recognition of differences and complexities of women's knowledges, bodies, experiences and desires undergirds the project of revisioning. The editors' theoretical introduction and conclusion provide historical and material contexts which locate revisioning and emphasize fluidities in recasting women's health in the millennium. Editor

European Journal of Political Research

Institution building processes and activities display a great deal of tinkering or
bricolage. ... Genshel's recent case Studies of the evolution of the
telecommunications international regime for Standard setting and of the German
health care ...

European Journal of Political Research





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