Relational Research and Organisation Studies

Relational. Direction. As the inquiry builds on flexibility, there is no reason why
the interpretations of managerial activities derived ... The research activities are
case studies not only because the input for each seminar is referred to as a case

Relational Research and Organisation Studies

Author: Charlotte Øland Madsen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429017669

Page: 194

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This volume lays out a variety of ways of engaging in research projects focused on exploring the everyday relational practices of organizing and leading is presented. The main focus is through elaborate examples from the author’s own research to further the understanding of how it is possible to carry out relational constructionist research inquiries. The book presents a series of examples ranging from conversations with top-managers, relational action learning processes in management groups, polyphonic inquiries for project management teams, transformative roleplaying in organizations, analyzing organizational dialoguing, and polyphonic future-forming ways of writing up research. Relational Research and Organisation Studies does not only present and discuss guidelines for practice at a onto-epistemological level but also presents and discusses concrete cases of research projects building on relational constructionist ideas. Furthermore, excerpts of data are presented and analyzed in order to explain the co-constructed processes of the inquiries more in detail. Relational Research and Organisation Studies invites the reader into the process of planning and carrying out relational constructionist research inquiries. Based on the authors own experiences, it inspires readers to develop their own relational inquiries within the field of organizing.

Case Studies and Causal Inference

The example seems to indicate that the diverse case study in set-relational
research differs from its correlational counterpart. The latter is linked to a specific
generalization strategy, while the former invokes diverse cases for checking the ...

Case Studies and Causal Inference

Author: Ingo Rohlfing

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 0230240704

Page: 257

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A discussion of the case study method which develops an integrative framework for causal inference in small-n research. This framework is applied to research design tasks such as case selection and process tracing. The book presents the basics, state-of-the-art and arguments for improving the case study method and empirical small-n research.

Child and Adolescent Counseling Case Studies

Includes highly effective creative and expressive interventions This state-of-the-art collection of 30 real-life cases on counseling children and adolescents emphasizes the developmental, relational, and cultural contexts of working with ...

Child and Adolescent Counseling Case Studies

Author: Dr. Brenda Jones, PhD

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826150020

Page: 312

View: 102

Includes highly effective creative and expressive interventions This state-of-the-art collection of 30 real-life cases on counseling children and adolescents emphasizes the developmental, relational, and cultural contexts of working with this population, and incorporates innovative techniques across a wide range of approaches. Intended as a companion to child and adolescent counseling texts, it offers counselors-in-training examples of hands-on, concrete, and workable applications that provide opportunities for skill and theory development. These case studies are distinguished by their emphasis on the critical impact of such systematic contexts as family, peers, and school, along with developmental and cultural contexts. The inclusion of creative and expressive interventions—often the most effective strategies in working with this population—make this an outstanding educational resource. The case studies—representing an esteemed variety of contributing authors-- address such ubiquitous themes as abuse, anxiety, giftedness, disability, body image, substance abuse, social media, grief, bullying, changing families, military families, incarcerated family members, race and ethnicity, and sexual identity and orientation. Each case follows a consistent format, comprised of a description of the young person’s presenting issues, a conceptualization of these issues, a description of the counseling process, an outline of desired outcomes, and a detailed discussion that includes systemic contexts, developmental and relational considerations, multicultural perspectives, and options for use of creative interventions. Key Features: Delivers a wide variety of cases covering contemporary issues prevalent among children and adolescents Emphasizes developmental, systematic, and contextual impacts including family, school, peer, and cultural influences Includes such treatment approaches as brief, solution-focused, CBT, reality/choice, narrative, and relational/cultural Includes options for creative interventions with each case and time efficient methods when applicable.

Relational Sociology and Research on Schools Colleges and Universities

Through interviews, case studies, or ethnography, qualitative researchers can
apply tenets of relational sociology to research in schools. Relational research
methods seek to highlight connections between school actors beyond the
meanings ...

Relational Sociology and Research on Schools  Colleges  and Universities

Author: William G. Tierney

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438478259

Page: 212

View: 717

Brings relational sociology to bear on educational research. Relational sociology was conceived by theorists frustrated by what they viewed as an incomplete accounting of social reality. Torn between notions of structural rigidity, on the one hand, and rational choice individualism, on the other, relational sociologists have sought new units of analysis. Social reality, they have argued, is manufactured through relationships. People are who they are, and society is what it is, not because of some individual or collective “essence” but because of the networks that social beings build among one another. Relational Sociology and Research on Schools, Colleges, and Universities demonstrates the value of introducing new relational methods and epistemologies in educational research. The contributors examine the roles and significance of ongoing transactions among connected social actors—students, peers, families, teachers—in a variety of institutional contexts. The book explores various uses and applications of relational sociology in education, while highlighting its promise to provide fresh insight into intractable problems of inequity in US schools. William G. Tierney is University Professor Emeritus and Founding Director of the Pullias Center for Higher Education at the University of Southern California. His many books include Diversifying Digital Learning: Online Literacy and Educational Opportunity (coedited with Zoë B. Corwin and Amanda Ochsner); The Problem of College Readiness (coedited with Julia C. Duncheon), also published by SUNY Press; and Rethinking Education and Poverty. Suneal Kolluri is a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Riverside. He received his PhD in Urban Education and Sociology from the University of Southern California.

Methods of Social Movement Research

We have three primary objectives in this chapter: to identify the central
characteristics of the case study so as to provide ... utility of the case study as a
research strategy in relation to the study of social movements.1 Since most
studies of social ...

Methods of Social Movement Research

Author: Bert Klandermans

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816635955

Page: 382

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Citing the critical importance of empirical work to social movement research, the editors of this volume have put together the first systematic overview of the major methods used by social movement theorists. Original chapters cover the range of techniques: surveys, formal models, discourse analysis, in-depth interviews, participant observation, case studies, network analysis, historical methods, protest event analysis, macro-organizational analysis, and comparative politics. Each chapter includes a methodological discussion, examples of studies employing the method, an examination of its strengths and weaknesses, and practical guidelines for its application.

The Greek Turkish Relationship and NATO

In other words , the case study as a research strategy comprises an all -
encompassing method – with the logic of design incorporating specific
approaches to data collection and data analysis . Therefore according to
Stoecker , the case study ...

The Greek Turkish Relationship and NATO

Author: Fotios Moustakis

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780714654362

Page: 210

View: 858

This publication shows that the Eastern Mediterranean, having been transformed from a region of secondary importance during the Cold War to one of greater importance for the western interests in the post-Cold War era, is in a state of flux. Despite sporadic periods of rapprochement, tensions between Greece and Turkey still exist. Therefore, one must question the grounds behind the lack of normal relations that exist between these two NATO members and its effects on the NATO organisation as a whole. Hence, this volume has two purposes first, to examine Greek and Turkish foreign, security and defence policies during and after the post-Cold War period and second, to investigate why these policies have been formulated.


The book addresses issues related to database performance (Query Processing) and Transaction Management for multi-user environments. This book also introduces non-relational XML format to students.



Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8120351452

Page: 220

View: 164

Database Systems with Case Studies, covers exactly what students needs to know in an introductory database system course. This book focuses on database design and exposes students to a variety of approaches for getting the Data Model right. The book addresses issues related to database performance (Query Processing) and Transaction Management for multi-user environments. This book also introduces non-relational XML format to students. The approach taken to teach the topics is through introduction of many real-world enterprise database case studies and practice problems. The case studies are selected based on modern application areas, keeping the student’s interest in mind. The book provides hands-on experience of database design issues with several ready-made lab exercises. For grading students’ understanding of the topics, several challenging assignments are also provided at the end of chapters. Multiple-choice self-tests are provided for formative assessment throughout the book. The book is suitable for the undergraduate students of Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, and students of Computer Applications (BCA/MCA). Key features • All the topics are illustrated with practical examples. • Topics like Entity-Relationship diagram (ERD), are discussed with Diagrams and Visual Aids. • Students are exposed to the various approaches for determining data requirements. • Structured Query Language (SQL) examples are worked with scripts, results and solutions. • Exclusive lab exercises on SQL, can be used as assignments.

Case Study Research in Educational Settings

6 Educational Case Study as a prime strategy for developing educational theory
which illuminates educational policy and enhances educational practice A
conceptual reconstruction of educational case study My justification for
suggesting a ...

Case Study Research in Educational Settings

Author: Michael Bassey

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335230628

Page: 178

View: 462

This book offers new insights into the case study as a tool of educational research and suggests how it can be a prime research strategy for developing educational theory which illuminates policy and enhances practice. Several different kinds of educational case studies are identified, namely: theory-seeking, theory-testing, story-telling, picture-drawing, and evaluative case study and there are substantial examples of each of these. The book develops the author's recent advocacy of fuzzy generalization.

Case Study Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

The development of theory is one of the main ways in which it is possible to move
, in case study research, from a focus on specific instances or cases, and more
general statements that may have applicability across groups of cases or a wider

Case Study Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Author: John McLeod

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446241622

Page: 272

View: 549

To read the foreword by Daniel B. Fishman, PhD, Rutgers University, click here. Case-based knowledge forms an essential element of the evidence base for counselling and psychotherapy practice. This book provides the reader with a unique introduction to the conceptual and practical tools required to conduct high quality case study research that is grounded in their own therapy practice or training. Drawing on real-life cases at the heart of counselling and psychotherapy practice, John McLeod makes complex debates and concepts engaging and accessible for the trainees and practitioners at all levels, and from all theoretical orientations. Key topics covered in the book include: - the role of case studies in the development of theory, practice and policy in counselling and psychotherapy - strategies for responding to moral and ethical issues in therapy case study research - practical tools for collecting case data - 'how-to-do-it' guides for carrying out different types of case study - team-based case study research for practitioners and students - questions, issues and challenges that may have been raised for readers through their study. Concrete examples, points for reflection and discussion, and recommendations for further reading will enable readers to use the book as a basis for carrying out their own case investigation. All trainees in counselling, psychotherapy and clinical psychology are required to complete case reports, and this is the only textbook to cover the topic in real depth. The book will also be valuable to people who intend to use existing case studies to inform their practice, and it will help experienced practitioners to generate publishable case reports.

Change Processes in Relationships

research: the. multiple. case. study. approach,. frame. analysis,. qualitative. and.
quantitative. analysis. In this chapter we suggest how the relational-historical
perspective, outlined in Chapter 3, can be translated into a research program on

Change Processes in Relationships

Author: Alan Fogel

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521858801

Page: 286

View: 867

How a relationship transforms itself from one pattern of communication to another.

Essential Guide to Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research

Case studies are widely used in organizational studies and across the social
sciences, for example, in sociology, organizational psychology, anthropology,
employment relations, political science. There is some suggestion that the case
study ...

Essential Guide to Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research

Author: Catherine Cassell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412931606

Page: 408

View: 416

Essential Guide to Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research is an excellent resource for students and researchers in the areas of organization studies, management research and organizational psychology, bringing together in one volume the range of methods available for undertaking qualitative data collection and analysis. The volume includes 30 chapters, each focusing on a specific technique. The chapters cover traditional research methods, analysis techniques, and interventions as well as the latest developments in the field. Each chapter reviews how the method has been used in organizational research, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using the method, and presents a case study example of the method in use. A list of further reading is supplied for those requiring additional information about a given method. The comprehensive and accessible nature of this collection will make it an essential and lasting handbook for researchers and students studying organizations.

The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research

Merriam-Webster's dictionary (2009) defines a case study straightforwardly as
follows: Case Study. An intensive analysis of an individual unit (as a person or
community) stressing developmental factors in relation to environment. According
to ...

The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research

Author: Norman K. Denzin

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412974178

Page: 766

View: 380

Now in its fourth edition, this handbook is an essential resource for those interested in all aspects of qualitative research, and has been extensively revised and updated to cover new topics including applied ethnography, queer theory and auto-ethnography.

A Case Study of Non Functional Requirements and Continuous Improvement at a National Communications System Contractor

The concepts of NFR and continuous improvement are extensive fields of study
and therefore have many areas of intersection. ... Relational research question
areas of continuous improvement theory were, reduction of waste, innovation, ...

A Case Study of Non Functional Requirements and Continuous Improvement at a National Communications System Contractor

Author: Volney L R Douglas

Publisher: Volney Douglas

ISBN: 1243834099

Page: 368

View: 753

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Electronic Customer Relationship Management

CHANGE. A. Case. Study. Carl-Erik. Wikstrom. Abstract: A major change agent in
companies recently has been the shift from a product-oriented to a customer-
focused ...

Electronic Customer Relationship Management

Author: Jerry Fjermestad

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765613271

Page: 210

View: 794

Annotation. Continuing the tradition of Journal of Management Information Systems, this strictly refereed series of research volumes offers an unparalleled lasting record of the field of Information Systems. Featuring brand new material specifically written for this series, each volume presents both knowledge aboutorganizational systems, and methods for creating new knowledge in the discipline. To further the field¿s continuing development, the series is designed to serve researchers as well as practitioners. AMIS publishes several topical volumes each year, edited by leading authorities in the various subfields of IS.

Planning and the Case Study Method in Africa

This book has argued for the use of a particular research method as a foundation
for developing new approaches to ... In this conclusion, wereflect upon the
characteristics of case study research in relation to how we as planners learn, ...

Planning and the Case Study Method in Africa

Author: James Duminy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137307951

Page: 267

View: 918

This book addresses the relevance of the case study research methodology for enhancing urban planning research and education in Africa and the global South. It provides an introduction to the case study methodology and features examples of its application to planning research and education on the continent.

Funding a Revolution

Part II, Chapters 6 through 10, presents five case studies in computing research.
... The case studies of relational databases and the Internet, for example, are
relatively narrow in the sense that they trace the development of a particular ...

Funding a Revolution

Author: National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309062780

Page: 302

View: 708

The past 50 years have witnessed a revolution in computing and related communications technologies. The contributions of industry and university researchers to this revolution are manifest; less widely recognized is the major role the federal government played in launching the computing revolution and sustaining its momentum. Funding a Revolution examines the history of computing since World War II to elucidate the federal government's role in funding computing research, supporting the education of computer scientists and engineers, and equipping university research labs. It reviews the economic rationale for government support of research, characterizes federal support for computing research, and summarizes key historical advances in which government-sponsored research played an important role. Funding a Revolution contains a series of case studies in relational databases, the Internet, theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality that demonstrate the complex interactions among government, universities, and industry that have driven the field. It offers a series of lessons that identify factors contributing to the success of the nation's computing enterprise and the government's role within it.

A Case for the Case Study

The Characteristic Features and Virtues of the Case Study This chapter sketches
the contours of a case study of unattached homeless men and women living in
and passing through Austin, Texas, in the mid-1980s. Its objective is twofold: to ...

A Case for the Case Study

Author: Joe R. Feagin

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807843215

Page: 290

View: 777

Since the end of World War II, social science research has become increasingly quantitative in nature. A Case for the Case Study provides a rationale for an alternative to quantitative reserach: the close investigation of single instances of social

Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

studies. case. There is a complex relationship between qualitative research and
the use of case studies. A case study is the analysis of a single example of an
entity that exists within the social world. For example, within the field of
counselling ...

Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Author: John McLeod

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446244593

Page: 352

View: 374

The need to show how and why counselling works has led to an explosion of research activity, and a growing focus on research in counselling and psychotherapy teaching and practice. Yet this book, even now in its second edition, stands alone in addressing qualitative research in therapy. Leading expert John McLeod helps readers through each stage of the research process, explaining techniques for gathering data, writing up the study and evaluating the findings. Each qualitative method is clearly described and critically assessed in terms of its own strengths and weaknesses. Examples from actual research studies are given to show how the methods work in practice. This new edition incorporates developments in qualititative research over the last ten years and includes eight new chapters, covering: - interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) - autoethnographic methods - action research - case study methods For all those involved in research - whether as part of academic study or in practice -this book will be essential reading. As an introduction to qualitative methods, it is the perfect course text for all training programmes in counselling, counselling psychology and psychotherapy, and will also be of interest to those who work in areas such as psychiatry, clinical psychology and mental health nursing, or who provide counselling in other professional areas such as teaching, nursing and social work. McLeod is Professor of Counselling, University of Abertay Dundee.

Studies in Relational Grammar 3

In this case, the requirement of 2-3 retreat is specified in the lexical
representation of these verbs. ... I also thank the Syntax Research Center and
Board of Linguistics at UCSC for the logistic support and hospitality extended to
me during the ...

Studies in Relational Grammar 3

Author: David M. Perlmutter

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226675732

Page: 408

View: 512

Vol. 2 coed. by Carol G. Rosen ; Vol. 3 ed. by Paul M. Postal and Brian D. Joseph.

Relational Perspectives in Organizational Studies

A Research Companion Olivia Kyriakidou, Mustafa Èzbilgin ... Based on a
longitudinal research project, which explores the business venturing process in
the context of UK creative ... We go on to examine the case study through
interplay ...

Relational Perspectives in Organizational Studies

Author: Olivia Kyriakidou

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1781950547

Page: 321

View: 391

The contributors to this highly innovative and authoritative research companion, leading experts in their field, apply relational analyses to different areas of organization studies and provide a comprehensive review of the relational perspectives. The book features empirical, theoretical, philosophical and methodological contributions from a wide spectrum of disciplinary perspectives on relationality in and around organizations.