Chawton House Library Series Women s Novels

Chawton House Library: Women's Novels presents reset editions of rare and important novels by women authors drawn from Chawton House's unparalleled collection of women's writing.

Chawton House Library Series  Women s Novels

Author: Stephen Bending


ISBN: 9781570852619


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Chawton House Library: Women's Novels presents reset editions of rare and important novels by women authors drawn from Chawton House's unparalleled collection of women's writing. All novels are republished in full and include a substantial general introdu.

Dancing with Mr Darcy

Judged and chosen by Sarah Waters, bestsellingauthor of Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith, Dancing with Mr. Darcy includes the winning selection and nineteen runners-up, as well as introductions from Waters and Rebecca Smith, the great ...

Dancing with Mr  Darcy

Author: Sarah Waters

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062030302

Page: 256

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“What a wonderful collection! Each story is like a little treasure just waiting to be unwrapped, bringing its own unique and engaging perspective to the Austen mythos. A real treat for Jane Austen fans.” —Syrie James, bestselling author of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen and Dracula, My Love Dancing with Mr. Darcy is a sterling collection of short stories inspired by beloved novelist Jane Austen and Chawton House, her longtime home. Edited by Sarah Waters, a bestselling author shortlisted for Great Britain’s Booker Prize, this exceptional anthology features the winning entries in the Jane Austen Short Story Award 2009, a literary competition which celebrates the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s arrival in the village of Chawton, where she spent the most productive years of her writing life. Any reader who’s been captivated by Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, or the other unforgettable excursions into Austen’s literary world will find Dancing with Mr. Darcy an unparalleled delight.

Chawton Manor and Its Owners

A history of Chawton manor in Hampshire, famous for its association with Jane Austen's family, published in 1911.

Chawton Manor and Its Owners

Author: William Austen Leigh

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108076211

Page: 272

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A history of Chawton manor in Hampshire, famous for its association with Jane Austen's family, published in 1911.

Jane Austen For Dummies

Chawton. House. Library. When you've finished with the Jane Austen House
Museum, visit the sites under this heading: ... The Chawton House Library (
formerly called the Chawton Great House) is where Edward Austen livedwhen in

Jane Austen For Dummies

Author: Joan Elizabeth Klingel Ray

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118050545

Page: 388

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Explains Austen's methods, motivations, and morals The fun and easy way(r) to understand and enjoy Jane Austen Want to know more about Jane Austen? This friendly guide gives the scoop on her life, works, and lasting impact on our culture. It chronicles the events of her brief life, examines each of her novels, and looks at why her stories - of women and marriage, class and money, scandal and hypocrisy, emotion and satire - still have meaning for us today. Discover * Why Austen is so popular * The impact on manners, courtships, and dating * Love and life in Austen's world * Her life and key influences * Her most memorable characters

Engaging the Age of Jane Austen

From its opening in 2003, Chawton House Library became respected in the
academic world as a flourishing venue for study, literary talks, and conferences,
as well as a hub for Austen scholars. A visiting fellowship program—run in
partnership ...

Engaging the Age of Jane Austen

Author: Bridget Draxler

Publisher: Humanities and Public Life

ISBN: 1609386140

Page: 298

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Humanities scholars, in general, often have a difficult time explaining to others why their work matters, and eighteenth-century literary scholars are certainly no exception. To help remedy this problem, literary scholars Bridget Draxler and Danielle Spratt offer this collection of essays to defend the field's relevance and demonstrate its ability to help us better understand current events, from the proliferation of media to ongoing social justice battles. The result is a book that offers a range of approaches to engaging with undergraduates, non-professionals, and broader publics into an appreciation of eighteenth-century literature. Essays draw on innovative projects ranging from a Jane Austen reading group held at the public library to students working with an archive to digitize an overlooked writer's novel. Reminding us that the eighteenth century was an exhilarating age of lively political culture--marked by the rise of libraries and museums, the explosion of the press, and other platforms for public intellectual debates--Draxler and Spratt provide a book that will not only be useful to eighteenth-century scholars, but can also serve as a model for other periods as well. This book will appeal to librarians, archivists, museum directors, scholars, and others interested in digital humanities in the public life. Contributors: Gabriela Almendarez, Jessica Bybee, Nora Chatchoomsai, Gillian Dow, Bridget Draxler, Joan Gillespie, Larisa Good, Elizabeth K. Goodhue, Susan Celia Greenfield, Liz Grumbach, Kellen Hinrichsen, Ellen Jarosz, Hannah Jorgenson, John C. Keller, Naz Keynejad, Stephen Kutay, Chuck Lewis, Nicole Linton, Devoney Looser, Whitney Mannies, Ai Miller, Tiffany Ouellette, Carol Parrish, Paul Schuytema, David Spadafora, Danielle Spratt, Anne McKee Stapleton, Jessica Stewart, Colleen Tripp, Susan Twomey, Nikki JD White, Amy Weldon

Uses of Austen

This is the first essay properly to consider the significance of Chawton House
Library in this context: while critics have considered the domestic and national
ideology of the Jane Austen's House Museum and its wartime foundation, the
debate ...

Uses of Austen

Author: Gillian Dow

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 0230319467

Page: 243

View: 470

This collection of essays focuses on the ways in which the life and work of Jane Austen is being re-framed and re-imagined in 20th and 21st-century literature and culture. Tracing the connections between the construction of a Modernist Jane Austen in the early 20th century and feminist and post-feminist appropriations of her texts in the later 20th century, the essays in this volume also examine the ways in which Austen has more recently emerged as a complex point of reference on the global stage, her novels being adapted in settings ranging from Amritsar to California, her name being invoked in political discourse on internet sites and in the printed press as shorthand for English or more broadly Western liberal cultural values. The volume is distinctive in its international scope, and in its focus on Austen as a dynamic cultural signifier. Together, the essays explore the richness and complexity of the cultural encounters generated through re-inscriptions of an imagined 'Jane Austen', and ask what they can tell us about contemporary desires for cultural authority and authenticity.

Directory of Rare Book and Special Collections in the UK and Republic of Ireland

wEB Chawton House, the Elizabethan manor house that once
belonged to Jane Austen's brother, Edward Austen, later Edward Knight, has
been restored as part of a major international project to establish a research
library ...

Directory of Rare Book and Special Collections in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Author: Karen Attar

Publisher: Facet Publishing

ISBN: 1783300167

Page: 752

View: 475

This directory is a handy on-volume discovery tool that will allow readers to locate rare book and special collections in the British Isles. Fully updated since the second edition was published in 1997. this comprehensive and up-to-date guide encompasses collections held in libraries, archives, museums and private hands. The Directory: Provides a national overview of rare book and special collections for those interested in seeing quickly and easily what a library holds Directs researchers to the libraries most relevant for their research Assists libraries considering acquiring new special collections to assess the value of such collections beyond the institution,showing how they fit into a ‘unique and distinctive’ model. Each entry in the Directory provides background information on the library and its purpose, full contact details, the quantity of early printed books, information about particular subject and language strengths, information about unique works and important acquisitions, descriptions of named special collections and deposited collections. Readership: Researchers, academic liaison librarians and library managers.

Wooing Mr Wickham Stories Inspired by Jane Austen and Chawton House

Following on from the success of the inaugural competition set up in 2009, Woowing Mr Wickham is the second anthology of the winning enties in Chawton House Library's Jane Austen Short Story Award 2010.

Wooing Mr Wickham   Stories Inspired by Jane Austen and Chawton House

Author: Michele Roberts

Publisher: Honno Press

ISBN: 9781906784324

Page: 232

View: 717

Taking their inspiration from the heroes and villains of Jane Austen's novels, the authors of these short stories have opened a new dialogue between readers and the enduringly beloved author that spans everything from imagining the secret impressions of Lady Catherine de Bourgh to blogging in modern-day Afghanistan. Whether the stories connect to Austen's canon in context of her original stories or not, each is an exciting literary contribution to her world. The stories are selected from the Chawton House Library's Jane Austen Short Story Award competition for 2010, which pays homage to the house where Austen spent her most prolific writing years.

Jane Austen and the Arts

This collection of essays began as a panel on “Jane Austen and the Sublime” first
envisioned by Gillian Dow, and then organized and chaired by Natasha Duquette
, for the 2009 Chawton House Library conference, New Directions in Austen ...

Jane Austen and the Arts

Author: Natasha Duquette

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1611461383

Page: 272

View: 124

The essays collected in Jane Austen and the Arts; Elegance, Propriety, and Harmony examine Austen’s understanding of the arts, her aesthetic philosophy, and her role as artist. Together, they explore Austen’s connections with Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Madame de Staël, Joanna Baillie, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck, and other writers engaged in debates on the sensuous experience and the intellectual judgment of art. Our contributors look at Austen’s engagement with diverse art forms, painting, ballet, drama, poetry, and music, investigating our topic within historically grounded and theoretically nuanced essays. They represent Austen as a writer-thinker reflecting on the nature and practice of artistic creation and considering the social, moral, psychological, and theological functions of art in her fiction. We suggest that Austen knew, modified, and transformed the dominant aesthetic discourses of her era, at times ironically, to her own artistic ends. As a result, a new, and compelling image of Austen emerges, a “portrait of a lady artist” confidently promoting her own distinctly post-enlightenment aesthetic system.

Second Impressions

"Set ten years after Pride and Prejudice, the novel explores the changes to the Darcy family's life, Europe post-Napoleon, and life in late Regency England with humor, a love of Austen's language, and a credible, creditable plot.

Second Impressions

Author: Ava Farmer

Publisher: Chawton House PressLlc

ISBN: 9781613647509

Page: 400

View: 781

"Set ten years after Pride and Prejudice, the novel explores the changes to the Darcy family's life, Europe post-Napoleon, and life in late Regency England with humor, a love of Austen's language, and a credible, creditable plot. Written in Austen's "stile," the central characters undergo the experiences, self-criticism and self-improvement essential to Austen's heroes and heroines" --Website.

A Chronology of Jane Austen and Her Family

October Chawton: Major Edward Knight dies; Great House inherited by son
Richard. Reports ... Tuesday Sothebys, London: Lot 108 is 'Volume the Third',
sold by BR Pension Fund; Gilson, Reports rv, 149 bought by British Library for £

A Chronology of Jane Austen and Her Family

Author: Deirdre Le Faye

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521810647

Page: 776

View: 993

This unique compendium lists all known facts about Austen's life and family: the ideal reference for scholar and fan.

Matters of Fact in Jane Austen

To all this, we can now add the more than a thousand titles in the Godmersham
Park Library Catalogue.72 The relatively recent availability of this inventory, on
loan to the Chawton House Library, has extended the list of specific books to
which ...

Matters of Fact in Jane Austen

Author: Janine Barchas

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421407310

Page: 336

View: 551

In Matters of Fact in Jane Austen: History, Location, and Celebrity, Janine Barchas makes the bold assertion that Jane Austen’s novels allude to actual high-profile politicians and contemporary celebrities as well as to famous historical figures and landed estates. Barchas is the first scholar to conduct extensive research into the names and locations in Austen’s fiction by taking full advantage of the explosion of archival materials now available online. According to Barchas, Austen plays confidently with the tension between truth and invention that characterizes the realist novel. Of course, the argument that Austen deployed famous names presupposes an active celebrity culture during the Regency, a phenomenon recently accepted by scholars. The names Austen plucks from history for her protagonists (Dashwood, Wentworth, Woodhouse, Tilney, Fitzwilliam, and many more) were immensely famous in her day. She seems to bank upon this familiarity for interpretive effect, often upending associations with comic intent. Barchas re-situates Austen’s work closer to the historical novels of her contemporary Sir Walter Scott and away from the domestic and biographical perspectives that until recently have dominated Austen studies. This forward-thinking and revealing investigation offers scholars and ardent fans of Jane Austen a wealth of historical facts, while shedding an interpretive light on a new aspect of the beloved writer's work.

A Dream House

These classics are memorable because their authors used their own homes and surroundings to create them. A Dream House takes you on a journey to the homes of sixteen English writers.

A Dream House

Author: Carol Chernega

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1457502461

Page: 142

View: 726

How often have you strolled through the villages of Sense and Sensibility, climbed the windswept moors of Wuthering Heights, or raced down dangerous alleys in Oliver Twist's London? These classics are memorable because their authors used their own homes and surroundings to create them. A Dream House takes you on a journey to the homes of sixteen English writers. Each chapter includes a brief biography of the author (or authors) that lived in that home, how the home or countryside was used in various books, what you'll find when you tour the house, and travel directions. Follow Carol Chernega as she admires the table where Jane Austen polished her masterpieces, explores the boathouse that was the inspiration for Agatha Christie's Dead Man's Folly, and meets Tricki Woo and Mrs. Pomfrey in James Herriot's surgery. Whether you're an armchair traveler or planning a trip, Carol's humorous adventures and thoughtful insights will entice you into entering the world of literary England. Carol Chernega worked in Jane Austen's garden in Chawton, England as part of her grant as the first recipient of the International Visitor Program for the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA). She also worked for the Chawton House Library and the Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom. Carol has visited England over twenty times since 1997, including two stints as a tour leader for trips to the Chelsea Flower Show. This gives her plenty of material for her lectures on Jane Austen, gardening, and England, including lecturing at JASNA's national conference. As the English garden editor of BellaOnline, she writes a column on creating an English garden, and has written a booklet on the subject. Carol owns One Garden at a Time, a garden maintenance business near Pittsburgh, PA. She specializes in English gardens and pruning. She's produced a DVD called Pruning Shrubs with Your Personal Gardener, which is available on her web site

Women of Letters Manuscript Circulation and Print Afterlives in the Eighteenth Century

A SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto provided the
welcome respite of a new and engrossing project, whilst Research Leave from
Cardiff University and a Visiting Fellowship at Chawton House Library finally
provided ...

Women of Letters  Manuscript Circulation  and Print Afterlives in the Eighteenth Century

Author: Melanie Bigold

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 1137033568

Page: 291

View: 799

Based on the author's dissertation (doctoral)--St. Anne's College, University of Oxford, 2007.

The Collected Poems and Journals of Mary Tighe

... Trinity College Library, Dublin, for permission to cite from MS 1461; the Deputy
Keeper of Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, for
permission to cite from MS D/2685; Chawton House Library, Hampshire, for
permission ...

The Collected Poems and Journals of Mary Tighe

Author: Mary Tighe

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813159024

Page: 384

View: 288

Mary Blachford Tighe was born in Dublin in 1772 and became a poet by the age of seventeen. Her enormously popular 1805 epic poem "Psyche; or, The Legend of Love" made her a fixture of English literary history for much of the nineteenth century. For much of the twentieth century, however, Tighe was better known for her influence on Keats's poetry than the considerable merits of her own work. The Collected Poems and Journals of Mary Tighe restores Tighe to the general canon of English literature of the period. With over eighty-five poems, including the complete Psyche, and extracts from several journals, both by and about Tighe, Harriet Kramer Linkin's annotated edition is the most complete collection of Mary Tighe's work to be published in one volume.

Written Maternal Authority and Eighteenth Century Education in Britain

This project greatly benefited from a visiting fellowship to Chawton House library,
where i was able to complete the research for Chapter 5 in an intellectually
stimulating environment. in particular i thank Jacqueline granger for her help in ...

Written Maternal Authority and Eighteenth Century Education in Britain

Author: Ms Rebecca Davies

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1472406729

Page: 182

View: 754

Examining writing for and about education in the period from 1740 to 1820, Rebecca Davies’s book plots the formation of a written paradigm of maternal education that associates maternity with educational authority. Examining novels, fiction for children, conduct literature and educative and political tracts by Samuel Richardson, Sarah Fielding, Mary Wollstonecraft, Maria Edgeworth, Ann Martin Taylor and Jane Austen, Davies identifies an authoritative feminine educational voice. She shows how the function of the discourse of maternal authority is modified in different genres, arguing that both the female writers and the fictional mothers adopt maternal authority and produce their own formulations of ideal educational methods. The location of idealised maternity for women, Davies proposes, is in the act of writing educational discourse rather than in the physical performance of the maternal role. Her book contextualizes the development of a written discourse of maternal education that emerged in the enlightenment period and explores the empowerment achieved by women writing within this discourse, albeit through a notion of authority that is circumscribed by the 'rules' of a discipline.

Charlotte Lennox

Libraries and institutions I visited or received information from include the
Beinecke Library, Yale University; the Bodleian ... the Royal Society of
Antiquaries, and the Victoria and Albert Museum (all London); the Chawton
House Library, Alton, ...

Charlotte Lennox

Author: Norbert Schürer

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 1611483913

Page: 480

View: 608

This book collects for the first time the complete correspondence of the eighteenth-century British author Charlotte Lennox.