The Lowdown on China s Higher Education

“China EFL: The Unqualified, Teaching (sic) the Unmotivated, in a Hostile
Environment. ... “China EFL: Why Chinese Universities do not Provide an English
Speaking Environment. ... CHINA EFL: Curriculum Reform, edited by M. Wolff.

The Lowdown on China   s Higher Education

Author: Niu Qiang

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 144383243X

Page: 380

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“Obviously, you are not chanting the exultations of China which many of my country people are used to listening to.” A Chinese scholar recognizes that this book is not a further attempt to curry favor with China by tickling its leaders’ ears. This book examines what is right and the truth about what is wrong with English language education in Chinese colleges and universities. As our Chinese colleague further states, “Most Chinese are learning English like one learning swimming ashore.” We have been writing about these shortcomings for ten years. It arises because administrators posted to their positions due to party affiliation and good standing, are basically ignorant of administration and educational matters. “The VIPs of EEC believe that they know, while they don’t, what are under their supervision; the professionals of EEC believe that what they are doing academically is helpful while it’s not. The two types are making the common non-professional people believe that they are knowingly reliable while they are not. . . . The educated, as well as the illiterate, do not know what to do and what not to do, what is correct and what is wrong, what is worthy and what is not, etc. The weakness, from the historical perspective, is also a consequence of modern Chinese history whose knowledge most Chinese people are poor at but reluctant to admit.” This book could not be published within China due to its truthfulness.

Spotlight on China

Curriculum reform on such a scale generates a tension that is constantly to be
negotiated, not just for China, but for any country where English ... With such
literacy rates, China had the basis for effective EFl teaching and learning in its

Spotlight on China

Author: Shibao Guo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9462098816

Page: 410

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Fuelled by forces of globalization, China has gradually shifted from a centrally planned economy to a socialist market economy. Under the market economy China has experienced a massive and protracted economic boom. It is not clear however whether recent economic changes have brought the same miracle to education in China. Spotlight on China brings together established and emerging scholars from China and internationally in a dialogue about the profound social and economic transformation that has resulted from the market economy and its concomitant impact on education in China. The book covers a wide range of topics, including: • Market economy and curriculum reform• Teaching under China’s market economy• Changes in higher education• Transitions from education to work • Market economy and social inequality With its broad scope and fresh critical perspectives, this collection offers a most contemporary and comprehensive analysis of possibly the largest education system in the world. Lessons learned from the China experiment will inform researchers and educators about social and educational reforms in other countries which are undergoing similar fundamental changes. Spotlight on China provides a state of the art picture: dynamic, partial, full of contradictions and tensions, and, as we speak, in movement and local reconfiguration.” – Allan Luke, Queensland University of Technology. “The book moves social science research on China’s education another step forward by refining the balance between the viability of mainstream western concepts and the analytical possibilities of creating a new scholarship based on a deeper understanding of the historically grounded realities of contemporary Chinese education.” – Gerard A. Postiglione, The University of Hong Kong"

Curriculum Development Materials Design and Methodologies Trends and Issues Penerbit USM

Subsequently, a nationwide EFL curriculum reform in secondary schools in
China was carried out in 2001, accompanied by a new EFL curriculum including
English Curriculum Standards (ECS). ECS aims to enhance students'
comprehensive ...

Curriculum Development  Materials Design and Methodologies  Trends and Issues  Penerbit USM

Author: Ambigapathy Pandian

Publisher: Penerbit USM

ISBN: 9674610898


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This book reflects an exceptional collection of articles, literature reviews and research finding primarily linked to curriculum and material development activities. The book covers various aspects from the theoretical frameworks and research findings that govern curriculum and material development processes to actual classroom practices that incorporated learners’ needs and contexts. Articles and research findings selected and presented in this book are primarily based on practicing school teachers’ interest. In addition to its wide coverage in terms of topics and contents, the book authors and contributors are from both local and abroad. This is intended for university students, curriculum planners, teachers, school administrators and teacher trainers that serve as guide for courses in language material design and curriculum and instruction.

Teacher Beliefs as a Complex System English Language Teachers in China

The nationwide English curriculum reform in the 9-year compulsory education (
namely, 6 years of primary education and ... After the implementation of the
reform over a decade, Chinese EFL teachers are supposed to be familiar with the
new ...

Teacher Beliefs as a Complex System  English Language Teachers in China

Author: Hongying Zheng

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319230093

Page: 170

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The volume is a practical introduction to the ways in which the teachers deal with classroom events in the context of change for researchers, teachers, administrators who wish to implement curriculum reform to EFL in schools. The author provides insights into the beliefs of Chinese teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL), and their pedagogical choices in the context of the National English Curriculum Reform. The complex nature of EFL teachers’ beliefs about EFL teaching and learning are exposed, how their beliefs interact with mental and actionable processes triggered by classroom practice, and how their beliefs co-adapt with contexts to maintain the stability of the teachers’ belief systems. This is the first study to present complexity theory in a narrative context of education, exploring the non-linear and unpredictable features of the relationship between the teachers’ beliefs and practices. Integrating complexity theory with interpretivist, ecological and sociocultural perspectives, this book contributes to the research agenda by providing a systematic framework for examining teacher beliefs as a whole, and examining the extent to which western theory may be applied to Chinese educational contexts.

Understanding the Impact of INSET on Teacher Change in China

A study of language learning strategy use in the context of EFL curriculum and
pedagogy reform in China. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 29(4), 457–468.
Yuan, R., & Lee, I. (2014). Pre-service teachers' changing beliefs in the teaching

Understanding the Impact of INSET on Teacher Change in China

Author: Ming Li

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811333114

Page: 159

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This pivot considers the impact of INSET courses on EFL teachers practicing under the national curriculum reform in China. Providing context-specific findings on the policy and implementation of INSET as well as its impact on teacher education initiatives in both China and similar contexts, it explores the limitations of one off training events such as INSET and the inconsistency between teacher learning results and their classroom practices. The book argues that teachers, when returning to pre-INSET teaching, are influenced by their prior deeply-rooted beliefs largely considered more powerful than newly-learnt theories. Addressing the rarely discussed fact that the complex and dynamic characteristics of teacher learning change over time and support the construct of teacher learning as a social event rather than a one-off event, the book also offers practical solutions on how to improve teacher education and enhance the long-term INSET impact on teacher development, with the ambition of promoting education reform for both teachers and students alike.

Bilingual Education in China

From the beginning of this century , China has started a thorough curriculum
reform in primary and high schools ( Ministry of Education of the People ' s
Republic of China , 2001 ) . The reform is launched against the EFL education
tradition ...

Bilingual Education in China

Author: Anwei Feng

Publisher: Multilingual Matters Limited


Page: 288

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This volume brings together research on bilingual or trilingual education for the majority and minority nationality groups in China and explores the relationship between them. Papers range from reports of bilingual or trilingual education projects in remote minority regions to discussions about Chinese-English bilingual education in major cities.

Teacher Mediated Agency in Educational Reform in China

This book examines teacher agency in implementing English as a Foreign Language (EFL) curriculum reform in the Chinese university context.

Teacher Mediated Agency in Educational Reform in China

Author: Hongzhi Yang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319159259

Page: 213

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This book examines teacher agency in implementing English as a Foreign Language (EFL) curriculum reform in the Chinese university context. It theorizes the concept of teacher agency from a sociocultural theory perspective and draws on a study conducted in a conservative and less developed area in China. The book uses Engeström's activity theory and Vygotsky's concept of the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) to understand the nature and extent of teacher agency in adapting one’s teaching with respect to beliefs, knowledge and instructional practices. The study concludes that curriculum reform in China needs to shift from reliance on 'top-down' policies to 'bottom-up' implementation that mobilizes local understandings and practices. One of the implications of this study is that transformative teacher education programs aimed at developing teacher pedagogical agency require that teachers have ongoing opportunities to design, develop and evaluate curriculum-based mediational means.

Language Planning in Primary Schools in Asia

Four policy documents relevant to the curriculum reform are analyzed, including
Chinese curriculum and English ... and English as a foreign language (EFL)
education, in particular, has been unsystematic but has been inspired mainly by ...

Language Planning in Primary Schools in Asia

Author: Richard B. Baldauf

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135708800

Page: 230

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In foreign language education, decisions must be taken on what languages to teach, who will teach them, in which schools (i.e. all, only urban, only rural), in which grades, the number of hours a week, and the cost involved. This book explores the answers to these questions across a number of Asian polities. It illustrates why some of the efforts undertaken are successful and why some are not, why – despite significant investments of time and resources – some students do not seem to acquire the languages being taught, and why some teachers responsible for instruction in the designated foreign languages have problems achieving fluency in the designated language or have other language teaching difficulties. It suggests some strategies various polities might attempt to achieve their stated language learning objectives. This book was originally published as a special issue of Current Issues in Language Planning.

Understanding Silence and Reticence

Yang, K. S. (1981), 'Social orientation and individual modernity among Chinese
students in Taiwan', Journal of Social ... use in the context of EFL curriculum and
pedagogy reform in China', Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 29 (4), 457–68.

Understanding Silence and Reticence

Author: Dat Bao

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441128530

Page: 256

View: 406

What is the state of that which is not spoken? This book presents empirical research related to the phenomenon of reticence in the second language classroom, connecting current knowledge and theoretical debates in language learning and acquisition. Why do language learners remain silent or exhibit reticence? In what ways can silence in the language learning classroom be justified? To what extent should learners employ or modify silence? Do quiet learners work more effectively with quiet or verbal learners? Looking at evidence from Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, the book presents research data on many internal and external forces that influence the silent mode of learning in contemporary education. This work gives the reader a chance to reflect more profoundly on cultural ways of learning languages.

Perspectives on Teaching and Learning English Literacy in China

This is one of two volumes by the same editors that explore historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives on literacy in China. This volume focuses on English literacy in China, while the other volume is on Chinese literacy.

Perspectives on Teaching and Learning English Literacy in China

Author: Jiening Ruan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400749945

Page: 168

View: 131

This is one of two volumes by the same editors that explore historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives on literacy in China. This volume focuses on English literacy in China, while the other volume is on Chinese literacy. In modern day China, English has enjoyed an increasingly important status in education, but not without challenges. The essays in this volume provide a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary look at changes in English literacy practices and literacy instruction in China from the first English school in the 19th century to recent curriculum reform efforts to modernize English instruction from basic education through higher education. Together, the essays address a wide array of topics, including early childhood English education, uses of information technology to teach English, and teaching English to Chinese minority students. This work is essential reading for those who want to expand their understanding of English literacy education in China.

Contemporary Task Based Language Teaching in Asia

How can Chinese English teachers meet the challenge of creating a
learnercentered, communicative, intercultural classroom to achieve optimal
student learning outcomes? ... Balancing grammar and communication in EFL
teaching: A study of teachers' beliefs about grammar instruction and error
correction. ... Giving TESOL change a chance: Supporting key players in the
curriculum change process.

Contemporary Task Based Language Teaching in Asia

Author: Michael Thomas

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472572238

Page: 368

View: 198

Over the last decade task-based approaches to language learning and teaching (TBLT) have become a global focus of increased levels of research. Governments around the world have turned to TBLT as a potential solution for curricula that lack authentic and meaningful engagement with language learning and are failing to motivate students as a result. This book focuses on Asia, where this shift has been particularly in evidence. TBLT has often been implemented in top-down approaches to curriculum development, which presents a huge range of challenges at the cultural as well as the pedagogic level. Contemporary Task Based Language Teaching in Asia looks at the drivers, stakeholders and obstacles across the region. Some countries have adapted TBLT to deal with the local constraints, others have found it hard to apply and many are still in the process of investigating its implementation in their specific contexts. This collection is important to all involved in language development, from curriculum reform to materials development. It assists from programme evaluation to the setting of assessment standards. The chapters cover all aspects of language education across Asia, from primary to tertiary, private and public education, as well as innovations at local, regional and national levels.

Experiences of Second Language Teacher Education

English. Teachers. for. Curriculum. Change. in. China. Qiang Wang In this
chapter, I will examine how public lessons, ... investigating secondary school
English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers' attitudestowards change,their
perceived ...

Experiences of Second Language Teacher Education

Author: T. Wright

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113731625X

Page: 309

View: 935

This book brings together the voices of teacher educators working in different national and educational settings. It Covers themes such as change in teacher education practices, the influences of context on practice, and of interculturality, to provide rich insights into the processes and effects of second language teacher education.

Dissertation Abstracts International

China ' s china : Jingdezhen porcelain and the production of art in the nineteenth
century . Huang , Ellen , p ... 3276A The effect of email keypal project on the
enhancement of reading and writing performance of elementary school - aged
EFL students in Taiwan . ... 3253A Teachers ' professional learning community
and teacher development in the context of curriculum reform : Case studies in
Shanghai .

Dissertation Abstracts International





View: 440

Language and Education in Japan

EFL. In addition to offering Chinese - Japanese bilingual education , Zhonghua
also provides pull - out JSL instruction to ... of the curriculum reform the school is
forging , JSL instruction and EFL classes appear stuck somewhere between the ...

Language and Education in Japan

Author: Yasuko Kanno

Publisher: Palgrave Studies in Minority L


Page: 206

View: 595

This is the first critical ethnography of bilingual education in Japan.

The Twain Shall Meet

Attitudes and Attained Proficiency in EFL : Adult Japanese Speakers , "
Language Leaming 28 : 1 , 1978 . - , J . Hudson , and P ... Curriculum Stability
and Change : English Foreign Language Programs in Modern China . Ph . D .
Dissertation .

The Twain Shall Meet

Author: Donald J. Ford

Publisher: McFarland & Company Incorporated Pub


Page: 200

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East Meets West in Teacher Preparation

Language, Culture and Curriculum, 19(1), 74–89. Heikinheimo, P. S. ... Ethnic
Chinese students' communication with cultural others in a New Zealand
University. Communication ... The centre-periphery model and cross-national
educational transfer: The influence of the US on teaching reform in China's
universities. ... English in education in China: Policy changes and learners'
experiences. ... Chinese students' perceptions of native English-speaking
teachers in EFL teaching. Journal ...

East Meets West in Teacher Preparation

Author: Wen Ma

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 080777278X

Page: 196

View: 162

Doctoral Dissertations on China and on Inner Asia 1976 1990

turing of academic programs , and reforms in administration and management . ...
Michigan State , 1984 ( Ph . D . in Educational Administration and Curriculum ) . 3
, viii , 313p . DAI 45 , no . ... Compares Chinese EFL ( English as a Foreign
Language ) teachers , foreign EFL teachers and Chinese EFL students .
Concludes ...

Doctoral Dissertations on China and on Inner Asia  1976 1990

Author: Patricia Polansky

Publisher: Greenwood


Page: 1055

View: 806

The development of Chinese, Mongolian, and Tibetan Studies in the West since World War II has been accompanied by a dramatic growth in the number of doctoral degrees awarded for research concerned with the countries and civilizations of East Asia. While some of these dissertations have been cited in various sources, until now no definitive reference guide has brought together in a classified, annotated, indexed, and up-to-date manner the entire body of thesis literature on China and Inner Asia written between 1976 and 1990. Included are more than 10,000 entries for dissertations in the humanities and the social sciences, law, medicine, theology, engineering, and other disciplines, with more than half of these works not cited in Dissertation Abstracts International. The entries are classified and grouped together in topical chapters, and the volume includes a detailed table of contents, thousands of cross-references, and three extensive indexes to facilitate use. Each entry includes considerable bibliographic information and a descriptive annotation. The volume also includes information on the availability of the dissertations from UMI, the British Library Document Supply Centre, and other sources worldwide.