Citation Classics from Social Indicators Research

The absence of a 'gold standard' for subjective well-being has severely
hampered the interpretation of data from empirical studies. This paper
demonstrates a remarkable consistency among the results of 16 studies that
have investigated 'life ...

Citation Classics from Social Indicators Research

Author: Alex C. Michalos

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402037422

Page: 622

View: 923

Social Indicators Research: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal for Quality-of-Life Measurement was founded by Alex C. Michalos and published its first issue in March 1974. It has been the leading journal for scholarly research in its field for over thirty years. This volume is published in celebration of that record of accomplishment. The 19 articles assembled here are a selection drawn from the 34 (2.4%) most frequently cited articles in the journal’s history. An introductory essay written by Michalos explains the historical and scientific importance of each article in the development of social indicators or quality-of-life research. It provides a rare overview of the perceived scientific problems that researchers around the world addressed in the first three decades of exploration, as well as a view of some of the problems to be addressed in the future. A short essay describing the origins of the journal by its founder is also included. Anyone interested in having a single volume that contains some of the best research produced in this field will find this volume irresistible.

Knowledge into Action Research and Evaluation in Library and Information Science

Research and Evaluation in Library and Information Science Danny P. Wallace,
Connie J. Van Fleet. Additionally, ISI publishes an adjunct publication, Journal
Citation Reports, which provides bachelor's degree, and are usually not ...

Knowledge into Action  Research and Evaluation in Library and Information Science

Author: Danny P. Wallace

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1610692667

Page: 388

View: 893

The only book currently available that comprehensively integrates research and evaluation for evidence-based library and information science practice.

Handbook of Political Communication Research

Citation Analysis in Communication Studies During the past three decades, many
citation studies have been conducted in the field of communication (e.g., Beniger,
1990; Funkhouser, 1996; Lau, 1995; Parker, Paisley, & Garrett, 1967; Paisley, ...

Handbook of Political Communication Research

Author: Lynda Lee Kaid

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135650942

Page: 560

View: 906

The Handbook of Political Communication Research is a benchmark volume, defining the most important and significant thrusts of contemporary research and theory in political communication. Editor Lynda Lee Kaid brings together exemplary scholars to explore the current state of political communication research in each of its various facets. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of political communication scholarship, contributions represent research coming from communication, political science, journalism, and marketing disciplines, among others. The Handbook demonstrates the broad scope of the political communication discipline and emphasizes theoretical overviews and research synthesis, with each chapter providing discussion of the major lines of research, theory, and findings for the area of concern. Chapters are organized into sections covering: *The theoretical background, history, structure, and diversity of political communication; *Messages predominant in the study of political communication, ranging from classical rhetorical modes to political advertising and debates; *News media coverage of politics, political issues, and political institutions; *Public opinion and the audiences of political communication; *European and Asian perspectives on political communication; and *Trends in political communication study, including the Internet, and its role in changing the face of political communication. As a comprehensive and thorough examination of the political communication discipline--the first in over two decades--this Handbook is a "must-have" resource for scholars and researchers in political communication, mass communication, and political science. It will also serve readers in public opinion, political psychology, and related areas.

Applied Informetrics for Information Retrieval Research

A reference is made within a citing document and represents an
acknowledgment to another work. ... Units of analysis in citation studies consist of
the documents themselves, the author(s) of the documents, or less frequently, the
higher level ...

Applied Informetrics for Information Retrieval Research

Author: Dietmar Wolfram

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313319709

Page: 216

View: 858

The author demonstrates how informetric analysis of information retrieval system content and use provides valuable insights that have applications for the modeling, design, and evaluation of information retrieval systems.

The Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies

Early computer science and information science research using hyperlinks was
motivated by academic citations (Brin and Page 1998; Ingwersen ... Hence it is
even possible to map science as a network using citation data alone (Small 1999

The Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies

Author: William H. Dutton

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191641189

Page: 632

View: 916

Internet Studies has been one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding interdisciplinary fields to emerge over the last decade. The Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies has been designed to provide a valuable resource for academics and students in this area, bringing together leading scholarly perspectives on how the Internet has been studied and how the research agenda should be pursued in the future. The Handbook aims to focus on Internet Studies as an emerging field, each chapter seeking to provide a synthesis and critical assessment of the research in a particular area. Topics covered include social perspectives on the technology of the Internet, its role in everyday life and work, implications for communication, power, and influence, and the governance and regulation of the Internet. The Handbook is a landmark in this new interdisciplinary field, not only helping to strengthen research on the key questions, but also shape research, policy, and practice across many disciplines that are finding the Internet and its political, economic, cultural, and other societal implications increasingly central to their own key areas of inquiry.

Measuring Academic Research

Citation analysis is a tool to identify relationships between authors or journals, as
in the previous analysis of research networks. When an author publishes a study,
this will include references to previous studies by other authors which are ...

Measuring Academic Research

Author: Ana Andres

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1780630182

Page: 186

View: 585

Measuring Academic Research outlines how to undertake a bibliometric study, a topic of vital importance in academic research today. Scientometrics studies assess scientific productivity and can be applied to all disciplines. Many analyses have been applied in relation to bibliometric studies, but few have shown how to actually carry out the analysis. This book provides a guide on how to develop a bibliometric study, from the first step in which the topic study has to be set, to the analysis and interpretation. A practical and easy to read guide on how to carry out a bibliometric study Gives a wide and up-to-date view about the most common scientometric indexes Analyses are illustrated with multiple and practical examples about their application

Linguistic Studies in Academic and Professional English

Quoting has been the object of research for linguists such as Myers ( 1999 ) or
Hyland ( 1999 ) . Other researchers have analysed quotations and reported
speech in their books . Swales ( 1990 ) makes a taxonomy of citations according
to their ...

Linguistic Studies in Academic and Professional English

Author: Inmaculada Fortanet

Publisher: Universitat Jaume I

ISBN: 9788480214513

Page: 313

View: 418

A collection of articles that tries to reflect the relevance of the research on specific English. The book will be an interesting resource for students and teachers of English, as well as for professionals who wish to learn more about specific English.

Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation

7.1 Introduction This chapter evaluates the coverage of the ISI Citation Indexes
by analysing reference patterns in ISI source journals, i.e., journals processed for
the ISI Indexes. It builds upon earlier studies, presented in Section 7.2, carried ...

Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation

Author: Henk F. Moed

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402037147

Page: 348

View: 209

This book is written for members of the scholarly research community, and for persons involved in research evaluation and research policy. More specifically, it is directed towards the following four main groups of readers: – All scientists and scholars who have been or will be subjected to a quantitative assessment of research performance using citation analysis. – Research policy makers and managers who wish to become conversant with the basic features of citation analysis, and about its potentialities and limitations. – Members of peer review committees and other evaluators, who consider the use of citation analysis as a tool in their assessments. – Practitioners and students in the field of quantitative science and technology studies, informetrics, and library and information science. Citation analysis involves the construction and application of a series of indicators of the ‘impact’, ‘influence’ or ‘quality’ of scholarly work, derived from citation data, i.e. data on references cited in footnotes or bibliographies of scholarly research publications. Such indicators are applied both in the study of scholarly communication and in the assessment of research performance. The term ‘scholarly’ comprises all domains of science and scholarship, including not only those fields that are normally denoted as science – the natural and life sciences, mathematical and technical sciences – but also social sciences and humanities.

Analysis and Visualization of Citation Networks

CORE OBJECTS When a citation analysis study is concerned with more than one
research field, field normalization is also an important issue. Field normalization ...

Analysis and Visualization of Citation Networks

Author: Dangzhi Zhao

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers

ISBN: 160845939X

Page: 207

View: 221

Citation analysis—the exploration of reference patterns in the scholarly and scientific literature—has long been applied in a number of social sciences to study research impact, knowledge flows, and knowledge networks. It has important information science applications as well, particularly in knowledge representation and in information retrieval. Recent years have seen a burgeoning interest in citation analysis to help address research, management, or information service issues such as university rankings, research evaluation, or knowledge domain visualization. This renewed and growing interest stems from significant improvements in the availability and accessibility of digital bibliographic data (both citation and full text) and of relevant computer technologies. The former provides large amounts of data and the latter the necessary tools for researchers to conduct new types of large-scale citation analysis, even without special access to special data collections. Exciting new developments are emerging this way in many aspects of citation analysis. This book critically examines both theory and practical techniques of citation network analysis and visualization, one of the two main types of citation analysis (the other being evaluative citation analysis). To set the context for its main theme, the book begins with a discussion of the foundations of citation analysis in general, including an overview of what can and what cannot be done with citation analysis (Chapter 1). An in-depth examination of the generally accepted steps and procedures for citation network analysis follows, including the concepts and techniques that are associated with each step (Chapter 2). Individual issues that are particularly important in citation network analysis are then scrutinized, namely: field delineation and data sources for citation analysis (Chapter 3); disambiguation of names and references (Chapter 4); and visualization of citation networks (Chapter 5). Sufficient technical detail is provided in each chapter so the book can serve as a practical how-to guide to conducting citation network analysis and visualization studies. While the discussion of most of the topics in this book applies to all types of citation analysis, the structure of the text and the details of procedures, examples, and tools covered here are geared to citation network analysis rather than evaluative citation analysis. This conscious choice was based on the authors’ observation that, compared to evaluative citation analysis, citation network analysis has not been covered nearly as well by dedicated books, despite the fact that it has not been subject to nearly as much severe criticism and has been substantially enriched in recent years with new theory and techniques from research areas such as network science, social network analysis, or information visualization.

Introduction to Paralegal Studies

At the top of a sheet of paper write the case citation. If this is a case that you are
reading for class, you may also want to indicate its page number in your textbook.
As we discussed earlier, the citation contains enough information to let the ...

Introduction to Paralegal Studies

Author: Katherine A. Currier

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 0735578648

Page: 634

View: 812

Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Approach introduces paralegal students to the law and legal concepts while providing them with practical information about what paralegals actually do in the legal system. Now in its fourth edition, this text continues to deliver a comprehensive, intelligent overview of all the key concepts typically covered in introduction to paralegal studies or introduction to law courses. Qualities that make this text an excellent teaching tool include: Critical thinking approach used to introduce students to the study of law, encouraging them to interact with the materials through hypotheticals, examples, and well-designed questions. Teaches students the basic skills necessary to understand statutes and court cases. Strong pedagogy includes ethics alerts, marginal definitions, Internet references, and legal reasoning exercises throughout the book. Well-organized, accessible format Excellent ancillary package, with a comprehensive Instructor's Manual, in-depth test bank, and PowerPoint slides. Blackboard package also available. The Fourth Edition is enriched by: New developments are incorporated throughout this edition. Updated ethics materials. New and updated assignments For in-depth coverage of the legal system, the law and the analysis of it, and the role of the paralegal within the system, choose Introduction to Paralegal Studies: A Critical Thinking Approach.

An Introduction to Science Studies

What is more questionable is whether the number of citations earned by a
particular paper is a valid measure of its scientific importance . Although there is
obviously a significant correlation between the rate at which a piece of research
is cited ...

An Introduction to Science Studies

Author: John M. Ziman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521346801

Page: 203

View: 297

The purpose of this book is to give a coherent account of the different perspectives on science and technology that are normally studied under various disciplinary heads such as philosophy of science, sociology of science and science policy. It is intended for students embarking on courses in these subjects and assumes no special knowledge of any science. It is written in a direct and simple style, and technical language is introduced very sparingly. As various perspectives are sketched out in this book, the reader moves towards a consistent conception of contemporary science as a rapidly changing social institution that has already grown out of its traditional forms and plays a central role in society at large. It will appeal to students in a wide range of scientific disciplines and complement well Professor Ziman's earlier books.

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies

Box 4.1 Do citations tell us about influence? A number of sociologists have
attempted to use citation analysis as a tool to evaluate the importance of
particular publications, among other things. But is citation analysis a useful tool
for studying ...

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies

Author: Sergio Sismondo

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 144435888X

Page: 256

View: 581

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, Second Edition reflects the latest advances in the field while continuing to provide students with a road map to the complex interdisciplinary terrain of science and technology studies. Distinctive in its attention to both the underlying philosophical and sociological aspects of science and technology Explores core topics such as realism and social construction, discourse and rhetoric, objectivity, and the public understanding of science Includes numerous empirical studies and illustrative examples to elucidate the topics discussed Now includes new material on political economies of scientific and technological knowledge, and democratizing technical decisions Other features of the new edition include improved readability, updated references, chapter reorganization, and more material on medicine and technology

Sociophysics An Introduction

Another interesting issue is voter turnout, which has been studied for many
elections in different countries. It is found that the ... The distribution of the relative
number of citations received by a paper is an important issue in citation studies.

Sociophysics  An Introduction

Author: Parongama Sen

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191639451

Page: 320

View: 111

This book discusses the study and analysis of the physical aspects of social systems and models, inspired by the analogy with familiar models of physical systems and possible applications of statistical physics tools. Unlike the traditional analysis of the physics of macroscopic many-body or condensed matter systems, which is now an established and mature subject, the upsurge in the physical analysis and modelling of social systems, which are clearly many-body dynamical systems, is a recent phenomenon. Though the major developments in sociophysics have taken place only recently, the earliest attempts of proposing "Social Physics" as a discipline are more than one and a half centuries old. Various developments in the mainstream physics of condensed matter systems have inspired and induced the recent growth of sociophysical analysis and models. In spite of the tremendous efforts of many scientists in recent years, the subject is still in its infancy and major challenges are yet to be taken up. An introduction to these challenges is the main motivation for this book.

Information Visualization

They suggested that the evolution of citation networks is a good candidate for
predicting research trends and for studying the life span of scientific communities.
However, no attempts were made in studies in this category to visualize the ...

Information Visualization

Author: Chaomei Chen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 184628340X

Page: 316

View: 368

Information visualization is not only about creating graphical displays of complex and latent information structures. It also contributes to a broader range of cognitive, social, and collaborative activities. This is the first book to examine information visualization from this perspective. This 2nd edition continues the unique and ambitious quest for setting information visualization and virtual environments in a unifying framework. It pays special attention to the advances made over the last 5 years and potentially fruitful directions to pursue. It is particularly updated to meet the need for practitioners. The book is a valuable source for researchers and graduate students.

Issues in Information Science Research 2013 Edition

(2012 Oct 23) Uppsala University: Harvesting footnotes in a rural field: citation
patterns in Swedish literary studies By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at
Information Technology Newsweekly -- Data detailed on Information Sciences
have ...

Issues in Information Science Research  2013 Edition


Publisher: ScholarlyEditions

ISBN: 1490112502

Page: 979

View: 159

Issues in Information Science Research / 2013 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ book that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Web and Grid Services. The editors have built Issues in Information Science Research: 2013 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Web and Grid Services in this book to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Issues in Information Science Research: 2013 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility. More information is available at

Multidisciplinary Studies in Knowledge and Systems Science

Enterprise. Citation Network Jiangning Wu Dalian University of Technology,
China Shu Wang Dalian University ofTechnology, China Donghua Pan Dalian
University ofTechnology, China ABSTRACT As an importantsourcefor
discovering new ...

Multidisciplinary Studies in Knowledge and Systems Science

Author: Guangfei Yang

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466639997

Page: 334

View: 691

"This book brings together valuable research on the adoption of a systems approach to the theory and practice of managing information and people in knowledge intensive activities and processes"--Provided by publisher.

Introduction to Research E Book

Citations You need to be aware of several other important points as you develop
reports of your research. The first is the issue of plagiarism. Most researchers
who plagiarize probably do not do so purposely. To avoid this potential and ...

Introduction to Research   E Book

Author: Elizabeth DePoy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323261728

Page: 416

View: 304

Bridge the gap between research and practice with Introduction to Research: Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies, 5th Edition. This easy-to-read edition covers all the major research design strategies: qualitative, quantitative, naturalistic, experimental-type, and mixed method. And with the text’s up-to-date research information and references, you will have a solid foundation from which to critique and understand research designs and their applications to healthcare and human service settings. Case examples provide real-life snapshots of what it is like to participate in different types of research processes, identify research dilemmas relevant to chapter subjects, and alert you to problems you might encounter. Authors make the topics more accessible, so research becomes more relevant - and topics come to life. Covers experimental-type, naturalistic, and mixed method design strategies to improve your ability to compare, contrast, and integrate different methods. Presents complex information clearly in a highly readable, and easy-to-understand, manner. Includes detailed discussions of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, a unique and balanced focus that makes this text more comprehensive than others in its field. NEW! Up-to-date research methods, strategies, and references, like digital sources, visual methods, and geographical analysis, give you the latest information on research in diverse areas of health and human services.

A History of Econometrics

Citation analysis has grown rapidly in recent years, thanks to fast-growing
computing technology and the internet. Most existing citation studies are on the
impact and research trends of science subjects (e.g. van Raan, 2004). Citation
analyses ...

A History of Econometrics

Author: Duo Qin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199679347

Page: 238

View: 614

Written from the Haavelmo-Cowles Commission econometric perspective, this book provides an account of the advances in the field of econometrics since the 1970s.

Social Information Retrieval Systems Emerging Technologies and Applications for Searching the Web Effectively

Vaughan and Shaw (2005) discovered that, at least in the four domains studied
by them, there exists a significant correlation between Web citation counts and
classical citation counts. These four domains (biology, genetics, medicine, and ...

Social Information Retrieval Systems  Emerging Technologies and Applications for Searching the Web Effectively

Author: Goh, Dion

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1599045451

Page: 396

View: 177

The wealth of information accessible on the Internet has grown exponentially since its advent. This mass of content must be systemically sifted to glean pertinent data, and the utilization of the collective intelligence of other users, or social information retrieval, is an innovative, emerging technique. Social Information Retrieval Systems: Emerging Technologies & Applications for Searching the Web Effectively provides relevant content in the areas of information retrieval systems, services, and research; covering topics such as social tagging, collaborative querying, social network analysis, subjective relevance judgments, and collaborative filtering. Answering the increasing demand for authoritative resources on Internet technologies, this Premier Reference Source will make an indispensable addition to any library collection.