Clothes and other things that matter

'Clothes is the perfect isolation read - clever, emotionally intelligent, revelling in style without making us yearn to shop' - Hannah Betts, The Times 'Self-deprecating and stylish, this is sure to become a classic.

Clothes    and other things that matter

Author: Alexandra Shulman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1788402103

Page: 352

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'Clothes is the perfect isolation read - clever, emotionally intelligent, revelling in style without making us yearn to shop' - Hannah Betts, The Times 'Self-deprecating and stylish, this is sure to become a classic.' - Vanity Fair 'A life beyond Moss, mwahs and Manolo Blahniks - by the fashionista that really knows [...] a wry and candid part-memoir, part-fashion history, part-social commentary.' - Mail on Sunday Chosen as 'book of the week' by the Observer: 'It might just be the perfect lockdown pick-me-up' 'Shulman can craft a good story and has an eye for great pictures [...] it will make perfect lockdown reading, an opportunity to shut out the real world and meander through the Arcadian years of fashion.' - The Sunday Times 'She has written about her clothes, and given us some scintillating reading. [...] hugely engaging memoir.' - Emily Bearn, The Spectator 'I really loved this book - it's warm, thought-provoking and honest. In the end, I had to ration myself because I didn't want to finish. In these frankly strange times it was wonderful and comforting.' - Victoria Hislop 'I loved this book. It's great company and a Corona comfort. [She] has made me feel so much better about owning too many clothes. Instead of doing a ruthless edit I find myself curating my own private exhibition - inside my wardrobe hang not just clothes, not just stories but my own autobiography.' - Helena Bonham Carter 'From the hat that went to a Royal wedding to a life-changing bathrobe, Alexandra Shulman tells her life story in clothes ... in her hotly anticipated memoir' -You magazine 'Such a great read - so open and honest and funny. I devoured it in one sitting.' - Kirsty Wark Chosen by Evening Standard as one of the books to look forward to in 2020 Chosen by Stylist as one of 2020's best non-fiction books In Clothes... and other things that matter, Alexandra Shulman delves into her own life to look at the emotions, ambitions, expectations and meanings behind the way we dress. From the bra to the bikini, the trench coat to trainers, she explores their meaning in women's lives and how our wardrobes intersect with the larger world - the career ladder, motherhood, romance, sexual identity, ambition, failure, body image and celebrity. By turns funny, refreshingly self-deprecating and often very moving, this startlingly honest memoir from the ex-Editor of British Vogue will encourage women of all ages to consider what their own clothes mean to them, the life they live in them and the stories they tell.

Alive Alive Oh And Other Things That Matter

He had accepted the fact that if a woman was going to a party she took off the
dress she had been wearing and put on another, but he hadn't a clue why she
did it, so saw no reason why he should be interested, and since we were getting
on ...

Alive  Alive Oh   And Other Things That Matter

Author: Diana Athill

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393253724

Page: 192

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“An invitation to sit a spell with an intractable and witty friend.” —New York Times Book Review What will you remember if you live to be 100? Diana Athill charmed readers with her prize-winning memoir Somewhere Towards the End, which transformed her into an unexpected literary star. Now, on the eve of her ninety-eighth birthday, Athill has written a sequel every bit as unsentimental, candid, and beguiling as her most beloved work. Writing from her cozy room in Highgate, London, Diana begins to reflect on the things that matter after a lifetime of remarkable experiences, and the memories that have risen to the surface and sustain her in her very old age. “My two valuable lessons are: avoid romanticism and abhor possessiveness,” she writes. In warm, engaging prose she describes the bucolic pleasures of her grandmother’s garden and the wonders of traveling as a young woman in Europe after the end of the Second World War. As her vivid, textured memories range across the decades, she relates with unflinching candor her harrowing experience as an expectant mother in her forties and crafts unforgettable portraits of friends, writers, and lovers. A pure joy to read, Alive, Alive Oh! sparkles with wise and often very funny reflections on the condition of being old. Athill reminds us of the joy and richness of every stage of life—and what it means to live life fully, without regrets.

Creating Things That Matter

Like the other creators in this book, she is passionately curious, empathetic,
intuitive, frequently innocent, humble, and ... clothes that monitor our vital signs;
cars that drive themselves; and other created things that both look and behave
like ...

Creating Things That Matter

Author: David Edwards

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1250147190

Page: 304

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Most things we create will not matter. This book is about creating things that do, from a master innovator who brings science and art together in his cutting edge labs. Art and science are famous opposites. Contemporary innovation mostly keeps them far apart. But in this book, David Edwards—world-renowned inventor; Harvard professor of the practice of idea translation; creator of breathable insulin, edible food packaging, and digital scents—reveals that the secret to creating very new things of lasting benefit, including innovations we will need to sustain human life on the planet, lies in perceiving art and science as one. Here Edwards shares how he discovered a way of creating that transcends disciplines and incorporates the principles of aesthetics. He introduces us to cutting-edge artists, musicians, architects, physicists, mathematicians, engineers, chefs, choreographers, and novelists (among others) and uncovers a three-step cycle they all share in creating things that durably matter. This creator cycle looks unlike what we associate with game-changing innovation today, and aligns the most expressive art and the most revolutionary science in a radical reimagining of how we live. David Edwards and the innovators he profiles belong to an emerging grassroots renaissance flourishing in special environments that we all can make in our schools, companies and homes. Creating Things That Matter is a book for anyone wondering what tomorrow might be, and at last half believing that what they do can make a difference.

The Things That Matter

After all, not a lot of black women would be secure enough in who they are to
cover the walls of an entire bathroom in brightred Harlem Toile de Jouy, ... the
hands that have touched it—that spent years of their lives scrubbing clothes
clean on it? ... A Queen Anne mirror hangs above a primitive table that serves as
Dolores's bar, while another table, this one with gold legs, plays host to abucket

The Things That Matter

Author: Nate Berkus

Publisher: Spiegel & Grau

ISBN: 0679644326

Page: 336

View: 285

Does your home tell the story of who you are? In The Things That Matter, Nate Berkus shares intimate stories from his life, introduces us to people who influenced him and helped him forge his sense of style, and opens up about the remarkable experiences that have left him forever changed, all of which find expression in how he lives today. From his most cherished flea market finds, to his beloved books and photos, to the many extraordinary mementos he’s collected in his travels, every piece defines who he’s become and what endures in his world. Berkus invites readers into his own home as well as into twelve others, including a sleek steel-and-glass high-rise that soars above Chicago, a rustic cottage in the Hudson Valley, an ultra-chic atelier that maximizes every inch of space, a Greenwich Village townhouse that holds multiple art collections, and a study in meaningful minimalism in Marfa, Texas. The distinctive interiors beautifully displayed in this book offer revealing portraits of their owners’ lives and the inspiring choices that have made them who they are today. The Things That Matter convincingly lays out Nate Berkus’s philosophy that things do matter. Our homes tell our stories, they reflect the places we’ve been and the people we’ve loved along the way—and there can be no more beautiful design for living than that. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE SEATTLE TIMES

Things That Matter

A lot ofthe subjects that will be touched on in this book is nothing new to some
and to others it may be just what was needed ... We get distracted by so many
things on a day to day basis, such as television, clothes, cars, celebrity gossip
and of ...

Things That Matter

Author: Orlando Noel

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1468598465

Page: 108

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Author Orlando Noel wants to shed some light on issues that seem to be brushed aside or not taken seriously enough by mankind. In Things That Matter he hopes to open the eyes of those that sleep in order that they can see things in a new light. In the words of Henry Wheeler Shaw's character; uncle Josh Billings, “Mans ignorance ain't cause he ain't ever learned nutten; its cause he learned to many things that je's ain't so.” “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr. “An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate what you do know and what you don't.” Anatole France “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Mark Twain

The Four Things That Matter Most 10th Anniversary Edition

“We knew what was on each other's hearts and we could read each other's minds
,” said Lisa. “She knew I was sorry for coercing her into having chemotherapy that
time. And I knew she forgave me. The only thing I regret is that I wish I had said ...

The Four Things That Matter Most   10th Anniversary Edition

Author: Ira Byock

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476748535

Page: 272

View: 252

Updated with stories from people who have been inspired by the original text, a guide to connecting with what matters most identifies four phrases for honoring relationships, letting go of unhealthy emotions, and living life fully.

Ready To Wear

Today, we have entire categories of clothes for members of our families and
ourselves. ... For those of you who live in older homes, trying to squeeze all this
stuff into closets that were designed for other generations often leads to
frustration. ... are also common articles of clothing that allow women to relax the
dress code without giving up their visual power on the job—or any other place,
for that matter.

Ready To Wear

Author: Mary Lou Andre

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440678006

Page: 304

View: 454

Most women feel like they can barely find their shoes in the morning-let alone pull together a stylish, snappy ensemble for the day. Mary Lou Andre is here to help. An expert in wardrobe management and fashion consulting, she shows her clients how to find their own style-and make the most of what's already in their closets. And in this illustrated guide, she explains her effective wardrobe organization system and simple style strategies to help every woman get out the door faster-looking better than ever.

Ever Yours

It's better I have the career I have now, I believe, but when I left Goupil there were
mo- tives other than clothes, on my side at any rate. ... I could have said a great
deal to refute that, though, if I had wanted, and indeed things that I believe would
have ensured that I could stay. I say this because I don't understand how you
couldn't know that it was a question not of dress but of very different matters. Well
—to ...

Ever Yours

Author: Vincent van Gogh

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300211481

Page: 784

View: 837

In addition to his many remarkable paintings and drawings, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) left behind a fascinating and voluminous body of correspondence. This highly accessible book includes a broad selection of 265 letters, from a total of 820 in existence, that focus on Van Gogh’s relentless quest to find his destiny, a search that led him to become an artist; the close bond with his brother Theo; his fraught relationship with his father; his innate yearning for recognition; and his great love of art and literature. The correspondence not only offers detailed insights into Van Gogh’s complex inner life, but also re-creates the world in which he lived and the artistic avant-garde that was taking hold in Paris. The letters are accompanied by a general introduction, historic family photographs, and reproductions of 87 actual pages of letters that contain sketches by Van Gogh. Selected from the critically acclaimed 6-volume set of letters published by the Van Gogh Museum in 2009, Ever Yours is the essential book on Van Gogh’s letters, which every art and literature lover needs to own.

Viable Values

The Needs-Wants Distinction The other distinction that can distort one's
understanding of the relationship between life and ... For that matter, higher
quality in things that we do need, such as a more spacious home, more stylish
clothes, or more ...

Viable Values

Author: Tara Smith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780847697618

Page: 205

View: 702

Viable Values examines the most basic foundations of value and morality, demonstrating the shortcomings of major traditional views and proposing that morality is grounded in the objective requirements of human life. Smith argues that morality depends on a proper understanding of the concept of values, and that values depend on the alternative of life or death. She proposes that human beings need to be moral in order to live, explaining how life is the standard of morality, how flourishing is the proper end and reward of living morally, and how an intelligent egoism is the path to flourishing.

Daycare Diaries

They were also sad because they couldn't continue playing along with the others.
One of the teachers ... that the wet children had some extra dry clothes in their
cubbies to change into. This story paints a very ... 15. Bonds and Bridges
Friendships and connections that build over It's the Little Things That Matter Most.
.. | 117.

Daycare Diaries

Author: Rebecca McLaughlin

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1630473146

Page: 159

View: 243

We all know that what goes on behind closed doors can often be very different from the image we see on the outside. The same can be true for your child’s daycare. How much do you know about what truly goes on during the day before your child greets you with a clean face and a smile? How do you find the right daycare or know that the one you have chosen is indeed the best choice? Every parent wants peace of mind knowing their children are in good hands with people they can trust, but how can they ever really be sure? Imagine that you were given a magic crystal ball that allowed you to see what your kids were experiencing at daycare. . . Daycare Diaries provides you with a realistic “behind the scenes” peek into the daycare world that parents hardly ever get to see. Written by two daycare providers with over 30 years’ combined experience, Daycare Diaries is a unique collection of true stories, each providing a lesson that will leave you worrying, wondering, laughing, and crying, but ultimately more empowered to find the “perfect” daycare for your child. Daycare Diaries takes you into the minds of daycare providers as well as sheds light on a highly misunderstood profession. Just as a quality daycare provider can offer your child a wealth of positive experiences, the wrong provider can cause harm. By opening unknowing eyes and shedding light on the realities that exist in most daycares, we will help parents to form the crucial questions that really matter when choosing quality childcare. Let our experience be your guide on this exciting journey of finding your child’s ideal “home away from home”. Daycare Diaries is the crystal ball to your child’s little world of daycare. Open it up and see what it’s waiting to reveal to you. . .you just might be surprised


And then the only others in whom she had found comprehension (children), they
too, like the whole adult world, began to frighten her. ... where innumerable
shapeless things are floating; things that may have been clothes, sacks, crockery,
or other normal objects, but all now ... But the only sound in this space is a siren's
whistle, which for that matter is also an echo, repeated from who HISTORY / 1946
* 535.


Author: Elsa Morante

Publisher: Steerforth

ISBN: 1586422375

Page: 768

View: 251

History was written nearly thirty years after Elsa Morante and Alberto Moravia spent a year in hiding among remote farming villages in the mountains south of Rome. There she witnessed the full impact of the war and first formed the ambition to write an account of what history - the great political events driven by men of power, wealth, and ambition - does when it reaches the realm of ordinary people struggling for life and bread. The central character in this powerful and unforgiving novel is Ida Mancuso, a schoolteacher whose husband has died and whose feckless teenage son treats the war as his playground. A German soldier on his way to North Africa rapes her, falls in love with her, and leaves her pregnant with a boy whose survival becomes Ida's passion. Around these two other characters come and go, each caught up by the war which is like a river in flood. We catch glimpses of bombing raids, street crimes, a cattle car from which human cries emerge, an Italian soldier succumbing to frostbite on the Russian front, the dumb endurance of peasants who have lived their whole lives with nothing and now must get by with less than nothing.

Things that Matter

The years passed , and Carmen consoled herself that as soon as the children
finished their education they would move back to Puerto Rico where ... go to
parties unchaperoned ; they sometimes talked back ; the girls wanted to wear
make - up at age fifteen and dress in nonladylike clothes . ... Another important
and traumatic issue that the family was faced with for the first time involved the
issue of color .

Things that Matter

Author: Hiasaura Rubenstein

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company


Page: 446

View: 424

Autumn Killing

I might have to come out to the house and pick up a few clothes and things. ... she
thinks about her conversation with Tove, how people can avoid talking about the
things that matter to each other, even though the world they share is collapsing.

Autumn Killing

Author: Mons Kallentoft

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451642709

Page: 464

View: 766

“The latest hot Swedish import.”—Entertainment Weekly “One of those books that will keep you up throughout the night...Make room on your shelf—and calendar—for this one.”— Police superintendent Malin Fors returns in this chilling third novel from the critically acclaimed author of Midwinter Blood, the first in the series and “a splendid representative of the Swedish crime novel, in all its elegance and eeriness” (Booklist, starred review). Autumn rains are pouring down on the Swedish countryside, but it’s the discovery of a brutally stabbed body floating facedown in the moat of Skogså Castle that chills one town to the bone. Jerry Petersson, the castle’s new owner and a notoriously ruthless lawyer and entrepreneur, is now, shall we say, permanently out of business. Meanwhile, Malin Fors, the brilliant but flawed star of the local police force, is already struggling to keep her life together following the recent murder attempt on her teenage daughter, Tove. Now, as the Petersson case forces Malin to delve deep into her town’s history and her own family’s past, the secrets she uncovers threaten to drown her, too.

In the Valley of Lost Souls

those actionadventure flicks, the idiotic things that guys were supposed to buy
into. ... Sex was good enough for him, but she wanted all that other stuff—a
relationship, some kind of emotional connection. ... CLOTHES. SWAP. Silverdale.
was experiencing heavy rains. It had been coming down for days, and there was
a major landslide on the main road to the valley. ... Relative to the rest of the
country—and the rest of the world for that matter—their little town had been lucky
so far. Other ...

In the Valley of Lost Souls

Author: Diana van Eyk

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504327500

Page: 282

View: 184

Follow the stories of Dagmar and Ross: middle aged, newly homeless, and with no apparent options. Invited into a house that appears from the outside to be abandoned, they learn the survival skills needed to live in a society that treats people as disposable. They discover how some have adapted to living in the margins. As they tune in to the voice of Anima Mundi, the soul of our planet, they weave a path through the fabric of their community, exploring themes of pipelines, despair, loss, and recovery. Join them as they discover the healing power of caring, restoring our planet, forming healthy relationships, listening deeply, and building community.

Leading Lives That Matter

The Japanese divide into different schools of thought. At one extreme, the "Great
Illusion" school argues that almost no civilians were killed, and that most of the
deaths were legal killings of soldiers in plain clothes. At the other, the "Great ...

Leading Lives That Matter

Author: Mark R. Schwen

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802829313

Page: 545

View: 683

Compiles a wide range of texts-from fiction, social science, philosophy, and ancient poetry-related to questions that arise for those who are trying to decide what to do with their lives

The Monster

But, uncertain still, she went over the matter again, putting to it little tests,
passably naïf yet serviceable to her. She had ardently ... In the one case the
result had been catastrophic; in the other, calamitous. Doubtless she had ...
There were other things that she had desired. She had wanted to be ... She liked
wealth, ease, pretty clothes, becoming hats, the society of agreeable people. She
liked the world ...

The Monster

Author: Edgar Saltus



Page: 80

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Example in this ebook Chapter I When the clergyman had gone, the bride turned. Before her was an open window before which was the open sea. In the air was a tropical languor, a savour of brine, the scent of lilies, the sound of mandolins that are far away. Below, in the garden, were masses of scarlet, high heaps of geranium blooms. A bit beyond was the Caprian blue of the San Diego Bay. There, a yacht rode, white and spacious. The yacht belonged to her husband who was beside her. She turned again and as passionately he embraced her; she coloured. For the moment, as they stood there, they seemed so sheerly dissimilar that they might have come of alien races, from different zones. He, with his fair hair, his fair skin, his resolute and aggressive face, was typically Anglo-Saxon. She, with her delicate features, her dense black hair, and disquieting eyes, looked like a Madrilene Madonna—one of those fascinating and slightly shocking creations of seventeenth-century art that more nearly resemble infantas serenaded by caballeros than queens of the sky. There was a deeper contrast. He appeared frankly material; she, all soul. Leisurely she freed herself. “One might know,” she began, then paused. A smile completed the sentence. He smiled too. “Yes, Leilah, one might know that however I hold you to me, I never can hold you enough.” “And I! I could be held by you forever.” On the door came a tap, rapid and assured. A page entered, the preoccupation of the tip in his face, in his hand a platter of letters. The man, taking the letters, dismissed him. “Miss Ogston,” he continued. “From your father, confound him. It is the last time he will address you in that fashion. Miss Ogston,” he repeated. “From the Silverstairs, I fancy. Gulian Verplank. There is but one for me.” He looked at his watch. “The launch from the yacht will be here shortly.” “When do we start?” “Whenever you like. The Marquesas will keep. Bora-Bora will be the same whenever we get there. Only——” “Only what?” “I am in love with you, not with hotels.” “Let us go then. There will be a moon to-night?” “A new one, a honeymoon, a honeymoon begun.” “Gulian! As if it could end!” In pronouncing the “u” in his name her mouth made the sketch of a kiss. “You would not wish it to?” he asked. “When I die, perhaps, and even then only to be continued hereafter. Heaven would not be heaven without you.” She spoke slowly, with little pauses, in a manner that differed from his own mode of speech, which was quick and forceful. Verplank turned to the letter that had been addressed to him, and which he still held. Without opening it, he tore it into long, thin strips. It was, he knew from the imprint, a communication of no importance; but, at the moment, the action seemed a reply to her remark. It served to indicate his complete indifference to everything and everyone save her only. Afterward, with a regret that was to be eternal, she wished he had done the same with hers. Yet, pleased at the time, she smiled. “Gulian, you do love me, but I wonder do you love me as absolutely as I love you?” Verplank, with a gesture that was familiar to him, closed and opened a hand. “I do not know. But while I think you cannot love me more wholly than I love you, I do know that to me you are the unique.” Leilah moved to where he stood. “Gulian, and you to me. You are the only one.” She moved closer. Raising her hands, she put them on his shoulders. “Tell me, shall you be long away?” “An hour or two. Apropos, would you care to leave before dinner?” “Yes.” “We will dine on board, then. Is there anything in particular you would like?” “Yes, lilies, plenty of lilies; and pineapples; and the sound of your voice.” Lifting her hands from his shoulders to his face, she drew it to her own. Their lips met longly. With the savour of her about him, Verplank passed out. To be continue in this ebook

Words of Wisdom My Gift from God

It is such a sad story of humankind and lot— that all our earthly struggles are for
things that matter not. We work to have riches that do not satisfy. We want to be
popular, but were soon forgotten when we die. We strive for finer clothes, which ...

Words of Wisdom  My Gift from God

Author: Frances Holloway

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449758436

Page: 292

View: 983

With God you can be an overcomer! Are you unhappy and weary of the life you are living? Are you in need of a change? Do you need a savior? I have good news for you! God is still in control! Jesus is still our savior! Miracles are still accomplished by him every day! He has a plan for you! According to the ways of this world ... I thought I was popular and in control. I wasn't popular, nor was I in control of anything. I was very lost. I asked Jesus into my heart and life ... He did many miracles in my life. I'm a different person now, and Jesus is my best friend. He can do the same for you! Jesus has put many lessons in my heart, in poetry form. They are a precious and valuable gift.

Glimpses of Glory

What action am I going to take in regard to those things that matter the most?
These are good ... Several will be solo endeavors while others will require
assistance from friends or professionals who possess skills that I do not have. I
recall the ...

Glimpses of Glory

Author: Peggy A. Keady

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449764428

Page: 132

View: 448

Glimpses of Glory looks around the corners and peeks into the hidden places in life, places where deep spiritual truths reside but remain unseen. By sharing poems and prose that speak winsomely and insightfully of life’s realities, Peggy A. Keady offers a collection of Christmas Letters and Faith Notes that foster in its readers a desire to explore the themes of a rich life: beginnings, changes, companionship, new life, time, and trust. Perhaps because of her varied experiences working as an educator and counselor in public schools, churches, hospitals, and nursing-care facilities, the author found she was attuned to how the glimpses of glory she spotted in one place could be made visible to people in other places. As a result, she turned a series of annual Christmas letters and a run of monthly newsletter articles into Glimpses of Glory. If you yearn to learn more about how spiritual power can pervade and enrich your life, then you will find in Glimpses of Glory a guide for uncovering often overlooked spiritual truths. “An uplifting compilation of inspirational vignettes sure to calm the troubled spirit and renew faith in the eternity of the soul.” —Charlsie Russell, author and owner of Loblolly Writer’s House

Treasure Hunt

They are looking up, down, and out, in search of ways to provide their families
with the things that matter most to them: better education, homes, cars, clothes,
trips, and food. They attach a great deal of emotional significance and selfworth
to ...

Treasure Hunt

Author: Michael J. Silverstein

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101218372

Page: 272

View: 423

The essential follow-up to the BusinessWeek bestseller Trading Up A BMW in a Costco parking lot? A working class family with a 50-inch plasma TV? What's going on in the mind of the new consumer? Today's consumers can seem impossible to understand, and even harder to please. For instance, the average mall shopper will spend about $100, then leave when she hits that limit. She'll probably buy shoes rather than clothing, because she doesn't want to think about her dress size. And the store most likely to get her money isn't the one with the nicest display or the deepest discounts-it's the one closest to her parking spot. In his consulting with dozens of leading companies, Michael J. Silverstein has interviewed thousands of customers, extracting fascinating patterns about what really drives their purchase decisions. His first book, the acclaimed bestseller Trading Up, has taught a generation of marketers about the "new luxury" phenomenon, and why consumers will happily pay a steep premium for goods and services that are emotionally satisfying, from golf clubs to bathroom fixtures to beauty products. But Trading Up revealed only part of the story of the new consumer. The same middle-class people who are happily trading up at Victoria's Secret and Panera are going on treasure hunts at Costco and Home Depot. And they are often getting as much emotional satisfaction in the discount stores as in the luxury stores. TREASURE HUNT shows how even the most mundane shopping-for things like paper towels and pet food-has become an adventure rather than a tedious chore. In just about every category, both the high end and the low end are growing and innovation- rich. Many middle-class consumers gladly spend $5 a day for a Starbucks venti latte; others spend forty cents a day on home-brewed coffee, feel good about their frugality, and save up the difference to buy Apple's newest Nano. TREASURE HUNT explains the success of companies as diverse as Dollar General, H. E. Butt, eBay, Commerce Bank, and Tchibo. But beware: in our bifurcated global market, businesses need a clear strategy for aiming high or low, while avoiding the treacherous middle, where so many have recently stumbled. If your offering isn't exciting enough to inspire trading up, but not enough of a bargain to satisfy the treasure hunters, you'll have no emotional connection with your target audience. And then, as many fallen companies have discovered, your tried-and-true marketing strategies will go into a severe stall. TREASURE HUNT takes us into the homes of real people making real decisions, and into the CEO's offices of innovative companies finding new ways to accommodate them. Written with the same flair, empathy, and intelligence that made Trading Up an instant classic, this is an essential guide to the moods and habits of the constantly changing consumer.