Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools

This interdisciplinary text can be used across pre-practica, practica, and other school-based field experiences.

Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools

Author: Robyn S. Hess

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412990874

Page: 440

View: 436

Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools is a text and practice and application guide designed to help aspiring school psychologists and counselors gain the necessary theoretical background and skill set to work effectively with youth in schools. The dual focus on school counselors and school psychologists provides students a broader view of the different mental health professionals in the schools, with an emphasis on collaboration. This interdisciplinary text can be used across pre-practica, practica, and other school-based field experiences.

Cognitive Therapy for Adolescents in School Settings

This first concise guide to conducting cognitive therapy (CT) with adolescents? in school settings features in-depth case examples and hands-on clinical tools.

Cognitive Therapy for Adolescents in School Settings

Author: Torrey A. Creed

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1609181336

Page: 173

View: 150

?This first concise guide to conducting cognitive therapy (CT) with adolescents? in school settings features in-depth case examples and hands-on clinical tools. The authors?who include renowned CT originator Aaron T. Beck?provide an accessible introduction to the cognitive model and demonstrate specific therapeutic techniques. Strategies are illustrated for engaging adolescents in therapy, rapidly creating an effective case conceptualization, and addressing a range of clinical issues and stressors frequently experienced in grades 6?12. The challenges and rewards of school-based CT are discussed in detail. In a convenient large-size format with lay-flat binding for easy photocopying, the book contains?16 reproducible handouts, worksheets, and forms. Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials. This book is in The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series.

Families Schools and the Adolescent

This book will help educators and policymakers identify and implement the most effective strategies to help parents remain involved in their teens’ education.

Families  Schools  and the Adolescent

Author: Nancy E. Hill


ISBN: 9780807749968

Page: 228

View: 570

Explains what the United States needs to do to build a system of high-achieving and equitable schools that ensures every child the right to learn.

Counseling Children and Adolescents

Part VI Creativity, Expressive Arts, and Play Therapy: Evidence-Based Strategies, Approaches and Practices with Youth, and Future Directions and Trends in Counseling Youth -- 14 Creativity, Expressive Arts, and Play Therapy -- 15 Strategies ...

Counseling Children and Adolescents

Author: Dr Jolie Ziomek-Daigle

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1315466724


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Counseling Children and Adolescents gives students the information they need to prepare for work in both school and clinical mental health settings (two CACREP--Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs--specialty areas). This text includes not only content related to developmental and counseling theories but also information on evidence-based practices across the continuum of care, diagnosis and treatment of youth, and current trends such as integrated care, mindfulness, and neuroscience. Unique to this book are sections on both the instructional and behavioral Response to Intervention (RtI) model and PBIS, examples of evidence-based practices used across settings such as Student Success Skills, Check & Connect, and trauma-focused CBT, and a review of common mental health-related disorders most often seen in youth and treatment recommendations. Ethical and legal implications are infused throughout the book, as are CACREP learning outcomes. Instructors using this textbook can also turn to its companion website to access test questions for each chapter. Expansive and practical, Counseling Children and Adolescents fills a gap in counselor preparation programs and provides an important resource that can be used across specialty areas and coursework.

The Education drug Use Connection

How Successes and Failures in School Relate to Adolescent Smoking, Drinking,
Drug Use, and Delinquency Jerald G. Bachman, John E. Schulenberg, Peter
Freedman-Doan, Emily E. Messersmith, Patrick M. O'Malley, Lloyd D. Johnston.

The Education drug Use Connection

Author: Jerald G. Bachman

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 080586170X

Page: 435

View: 606

Does success in school protect teenagers from drug use? Does drug use impair scholastic success? This book tackles a key issue in adolescent development and health - the education-drug use connection. The authors examine the links and likely causal connections between educational experiences, delinquent behavior, and adolescent use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. The book uses data from the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future project. It focuses on a large and nationally representative sample of 8th grade students in the United States who were initially surveyed in 1991-1993 and then followed over the vitally important developmental period between ages 14 and 22. The volume uses a variety of statistical analysis techniques, and the findings can be understood by individuals with limited, as well as with extensive, backgrounds in research design. The findings convincingly demonstrate that if young people can be successful in school, it can improve a broad range of outcomes in their lives, not the least of which is their ability to resist pressures to use drugs. The book provides: a summary of the findings and conclusions; a review of relevant literature; a detailed discussion of the survey and analysis methods; the academic attainment of those in the longitudinal panel; the delinquent behaviors of panel members as they relate to measures of educational success; and the patterns of initiation, continuation, and cessation for each substance: cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol. This book is intended for anyone who deals with education and/or substance use, including educational, developmental, and social psychologists; sociologists; epidemiologists; educators; and policy makers. The analysis of panel survey data, using a variety of techniques, will also appeal to survey methodologists and students.

Making Connections

The Relational Worlds of Adolescent Girls at Emma Willard School Carol Gilligan,
Nona Lyons, Trudy J. Hanmer. Conceptions of Separation and Connection in
Female Adolescents LORI STERN Adolescent girls represent the embodiment of
a ...

Making Connections

Author: Carol Gilligan

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674540415

Page: 334

View: 224

These essays are "a series of exercises en route to a new psychology of adolescence and of women...[and] part of a process that they also describe: of changing a tradition by including girls' voices, of listening to girls and asking again about the meaning of self, relationship, and morality--concepts central to any psychology of human development."

Education and Sociology

What do adolescents learn in the planned curriculum and in the whole of their
school experiences? Any attempt to determine what is ... What Are the Relations?
The direct linking of schools and adolescents in sociological studies began with ...

Education and Sociology

Author: David Levinson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113557085X

Page: 754

View: 936

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Connected Father

Understanding Your Unique Role and Responsibilities during Your Child's
Adolescence Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D. 'You promise,' I ask. 'I promise,' she says. '
Good night.' And now it's next morning and she's about to leave for the bus to
school ...

The Connected Father

Author: Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9780230604414

Page: 240

View: 308

Parenting Expert Carl Pickhardt Shows How the Bonds Between Fathers and Teens Can Be Strengthened Many fathers feel unprepared for their child's adolescence, in their denial, often times preferring to believe that it will only happen to other people's children. In this sensitive and forthright book, Carl Pickhardt stresses that fathers need to become informed about changes and challenges that normally unfold. Helping caring fathers navigate the four crucial and often perplexing stages of adolescence, The Connected Father describes: * how fathers can learn to be better listeners * why they have trouble communicating and what to do about it * different emotional changes between mid- and late-adolescence * how to encourage independence while setting limits * how fathers can talk to teens about drugs, sex, the internet, relationships, and more

Support and Instruction for Youth Purpose

New Directions for Youth Development, Number 132 Jenni Menon Mariano.
literature. Yet clearly ... Attention should be given to cultural practices and
features that support purpose because these connect to adolescents' lives
beyond school.

Support and Instruction for Youth Purpose

Author: Jenni Menon Mariano

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118253817

Page: 128

View: 957

Learn about the kinds of learning tools and experiences that aremost likely to foster a positive and engaged sense of purpose fordiverse groups of youth. This groundbreaking research is among thefirst in recent years to explicitly address the supports of youthpurpose and construct youth purpose interventions. Presenting thecurrent state of the field on instructing for youth purpose,it’s a valuable resource for researchers, teachers, andpolicymakers who are interested in promoting positive youthdevelopment. This is the 132nd volume of New Directions forYouth Development, the Jossey-Bass quarterly report seriesdedicated to bringing together everyone concerned with helpingyoung people, including scholars, practitioners, and people fromdifferent disciplines and professions.

Adolescent Literacies

She notes that in these out-of-school communities, students, such as the Black
adolescent males in her study, can be inspired to ... and curricular approaches,
and for connecting adolescent literacies across community and school contexts.

Adolescent Literacies

Author: Kathleen A. Hinchman

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 146253452X

Page: 501

View: 949

Showcasing cutting-edge findings on adolescent literacy teaching and learning, this unique handbook is grounded in the realities of students' daily lives. It highlights research methods and instructional approaches that capitalize on adolescents' interests, knowledge, and new literacies. Attention is given to how race, gender, language, and other dimensions of identity--along with curriculum and teaching methods--shape youths' literacy development and engagement. The volume explores innovative ways that educators are using a variety of multimodal texts, from textbooks to graphic novels and digital productions. It reviews a range of pedagogical approaches; key topics include collaborative inquiry, argumentation, close reading, and composition.

What Current Research Says to the Middle Level Practitioner

Discipline and Young Adolescents : Making the Connection oncern about
classroom management and school discipline is not new . Since the first public
opinion ...

What Current Research Says to the Middle Level Practitioner

Author: Judith L. Irvin

Publisher: National Middle School Association

ISBN: 9781560901204

Page: 370

View: 851

This volume provides recent research findings on important topics related to the still-expanding middle school movement. They are divided into seven parts, addressing teaching/learning, curriculum, teacher education, social context, organization, leaderships, and issues and future directions. Following an introduction to middle level education research, by Irvin and Hough, the chapters are: (1) "Young Adolescent Development" (Eccles and Wigfield); (2) "Enhancing Self-Concept/Self-Esteem in Young Adolescents" (Lipka); (3) "Motivation and Middle School Students" (Anderman and Midgley); (4) "The Effects of Interdisciplinary Teaming on Teachers and Students" (Arhar); (5) "Teaching with Time on Your Side: Developing Long-Term Relationships in Schools" (McLaughlin and Doda); (6)"Middle Level Discipline and Young Adolescents: Making the Connection" (Bennett); (7) "Ability Grouping: Issues of Equity and Effectiveness" (Mills); (8) "Differing Perspectives, Common Ground: The Middle School and Gifted Education Relationship" (Rosselli); (9) "Inclusion" (Hines and Johnston); (10) "A Multifaceted Approach to Teaching Limited Proficiency Students" (VanNess and Platt); (11) "Assessment" (Stowell and McDaniel); (12) "Middle Level Competitive Sports Programs" (Swaim and McEwin); (13) "Middle Level Curriculum's Serendipitous History" (Toepfer); (14) "Effects of Integrative Curriculum and Instruction" (Vars); (15) "Curriculum for Whom?" (Brazee); (16) "Curriculum for What? The Search for Curriculum Purposes for Middle Level Students" (Beane); (17) "Current Issues and Research in Middle Level Curriculum: On Conversations, Semantics, and Roots" (Powell and Faircloth); (18) "Middle Level Teacher Preparation and Licensure" (McEwin and Dickinson); (19) "Multicultural Issues in Middle Level Teacher Education" (Hart); (20) "Improving Urban Schools: Developing the Talents of Students Placed at Risk" (Mac Iver and Plank); (21) "Service Learning and Young Adolescent Development: A Good Fit" (Schine); (22) "Home-School Partnerships: A Critical Link" (Brough); (23) "Organizational Trends and Practices in Middle Level Schools" (Valentine and Whitaker); (24) "A Bona Fide Middle School: Programs, Policy, Practice, and Grade Span Configurations" (Hough); (25) "Components of Effective Teams" (Trimble); (26) "Transition into and out of Middle School" (Mizelle and Mullins); (27) "Collaboration and Teacher Empowerment: Implications for School Leaders" (Clark and Clark); (28) "Women in Leadership Roles" (Clark and Clark); (29) "The Middle Level Principalship" (Valentine, Trimble, and Whitaker); and (30) "Setting a Research Agenda" (Hough and Irvin). Each chapter contains references. (HTH)

Education for Adolescents

This approach works within the context of the child's gradual entry into earthly life, aided by spiritual forces, and children's need for an education that cooperates with those forces.

Education for Adolescents

Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 9780880104050

Page: 155

View: 134

8 lectures, Stuttgart, June 12-19, 1921 (CW 302) In these eight talks on education for adolescent-aged young people, Steiner addressed the teachers of the first Waldorf school two years after it was first opened. A high school was needed, and Steiner wanted to provide a foundation for study and a guide for teachers already familiar with his approach to the human being, child development, and education based on spiritual science. Steiner's education affirms the being of every child within the world of spirit. This approach works within the context of the child's gradual entry into earthly life, aided by spiritual forces, and children's need for an education that cooperates with those forces. Some of Steiner's remarks may be controversial, but unbiased study will lead to an appreciation of the profound thought and wisdom behind what is presented here. German source: Menschenerkenntnis und Unterrichtsgestaltung (GA 302).

Literacy Instruction for Adolescents

Linking adolescents' out-of-school literacies to the classroom makes sense from
a motivational perspective. Because students are interested in and motivated to
engage in literacy practices that center on digital technology and multimedia, ...

Literacy Instruction for Adolescents

Author: Karen D. Wood

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1606233815

Page: 526

View: 781

Thorough and accessible, this professional resource and text shows how the latest research in adolescent literacy can be translated into effective practice in middle and high school classrooms. Leading authorities discuss findings on the adolescent learner, addressing such essential topics as comprehension, content-area literacy, differentiated instruction, gender differences in literacy learning, and English language learners. With a focus on evidence-based methods, coverage ranges from techniques for building digital literacy and comprehension skills to strategies for flexible grouping and writing instruction. Ideal for courses in adolescent literacy, each chapter includes guiding questions, discussion questions, and classroom examples.

Engaging Tweens and Teens

Gain a solid understanding of the basic neurobiology behind adolescent behaviors and invigorate your teaching practices using music, movement, and brain-based activities.

Engaging  Tweens and Teens

Author: Raleigh Philp

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781412944830

Page: 217

View: 123

Gain a solid understanding of the basic neurobiology behind adolescent behaviors and invigorate your teaching practices using music, movement, and brain-based activities.

Community Health and Wellness

4 Design an adolescent suicide prevention program for a local school based on
the principles of primary health care. ... from a social ecological perspective,
home, school and the social environment are closely connected in adolescents'

Community Health and Wellness

Author: Anne McMurray

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729579549

Page: 432

View: 381

A new edition of the esteemed nursing text exploring social, cultural and political issues affecting individual and community health What makes a healthy community? And how can nurses and midwives support community health and wellbeing? In Community Health and Wellness, 4th Edition: Primary health care in practice, authors Anne McMurray and Jill Clendon advance the discussion of health as a product of the interaction between people and their environment. Engagingly written and based on extensive research, this valuable nursing textbook is ideal for nursing students as well as those working in the field. Issues such a gender and cultural inclusiveness provide essential backdrops to evidence-based policy, research and the provision of equitable health care for all. The Miller Family case study This new edition of Community Health and Wellness features a common family case study running throughout the text. The Miller family crosses Australia and New Zealand; providing examples of primary health care issues in both countries. These include child health services, accessing care, adolescent health, contemporary family issues, ageing, cultural support and inclusive health care. • global insights with a focus on primary health care practice in Australia and New Zealand • promotion of community health care across the lifespan • a unique socio-ecological approach to community health • the Ottawa Charter, the Jakarta Declaration and the Bangkok Charter are included as contemporary health promotion guidelines for practice • extensive references providing current, specific source information • an emphasis on health literacy, intervention and health promotion • an evolving case study in each chapter, with links to reflective activities • a focus on learning outcomes to facilitate the integration of policy, research and practice • exploration of Australian and New Zealand nursing and midwifery roles in primary health care practice • strong pedagogy to increase engagement and emphasise key community health issues • reflective exercises and action points encouraging readers to consider key issues, their implications and next steps • research studies exemplifying each chapter’s central theme and promoting evidence-based practice

Strengthening School Counselor Advocacy and Practice for Important Populations and Difficult Topics

School climate, deployment, and mental health among students in military-
connected schools. Youth & Society, 50(1), 93–115. doi:10.1177/
0044118X15592296 Department of Defense Education Activity. (2020). School
liaison officers.

Strengthening School Counselor Advocacy and Practice for Important Populations and Difficult Topics

Author: Rausch, Meredith A.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1799873218

Page: 468

View: 784

School counselors often struggle to feel confident in delivering effective assistance to students due to a variety of reasons that currently do not have enough research or information developed. This leads to a struggle for counselors to adequately address tough and relevant issues. With these issues remaining unaddressed, or addressed less effectively, there is a concern that school counselors cannot mitigate these issues due to not being adequately informed. This can lead to a lifetime of consequences for students. Strengthening School Counselor Advocacy and Practice for Important Populations and Difficult Topics presents emerging research that seek to answer the tough and often unaddressed questions, target present-day issues of student populations, and prepare school counselors to feel confident and competent in their counseling and advocacy practice. These chapters, using the newest information available, will address these concerns and provide the best counseling work possible for underserved populations. While covering research on counseling for students with chronic illnesses, mixed-statuses, family issues, minority students, LGBTQ+ youth, and more, this book is ideal for school counselors, counseling educators, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in school counseling and meeting the needs of diverse and important populations of students.

Adolescent Development and School Achievement in Urban Communities

Service Survey by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES; Skinner
& Chapman, 1999), 64% of all public ... Some purport that linking service with
formal education strengthens the relationships between adolescents, schools,
and ...

Adolescent Development and School Achievement in Urban Communities

Author: Gary Creasey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113670308X

Page: 280

View: 101

This timely volume explores essential themes, issues, and challenges related to adolescents’ lives and learning in underserviced urban areas. Distinguished scholars provide theoretically grounded, multidisciplinary perspectives on contexts and forces that influence adolescent development and achievement. The emphasis is on what is positive and effective, what can make a real difference in the lives and life chances for urban youths, rather than deficits and negative dysfunction. Going beyond solely traditional psychological theories, a strong conceptual framework addressing four domains for understanding adolescent development undergirds the volume: developmental continuities from childhood primary changes (biological, cognitive, social) contexts of development adolescent outcomes. A major federal government initiative is the development of programs to support underserviced urban areas. Directly relevant to this initiative, this volume contributes significantly to gaining a realistic understanding of the contexts and institutions within which urban youths live and learn.

Principled Practices for Adolescent Literacy

Principle 7: Adolescents Need Opportunities to Connect Reading With Their Life
and Their Learning Inside and Outside of School High-achieving youth connect
their daily classroom reading and learning with what they have accomplished ...

Principled Practices for Adolescent Literacy

Author: Elizabeth G. Sturtevant

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0805851127

Page: 193

View: 505

This book presents an evidence-based framework for understanding the literacy needs of adolescents. The premise is that educators and other critical stakeholders need to understand evidence-based principles in order to develop effective curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners. Recommendations are provided for middle and secondary education, professional development, teacher education research and policy. At the center of the book are Eight Guiding Principles developed by the authors through a process that included an extensive review of research and policy literature in literacy and related fields, a comparison of National Standards documents, and visits to the classrooms of 28 middle and high school teachers across the United States. The Principles are broad enough to encompass a variety of contexts and student needs, yet specific enough to offer real support to those involved in program development or policy decisions. They provide an overarching structure that districts and teachers can use to develop site-specific curriculum that is both research-based and designed to meet the needs of the learners for whom they are responsible. Important Text Features: Organized to help readers understand empirically supported principles of practice that can be used to address literacy concerns in today's schools, each chapter that addresses one of the eight Principles follows a similar format: * The Principle is presented along with a brief explanation of the research base and a sample of national standards that support it. * One or more case examples - spanning a wide variety of disciplines, grade levels, and local conditions - provide an in-depth look at the Principle in action. * A well-known adolescent literacy expert offers a response to each case exampls, giving readers an informed view of the importance of the Principle, how it is enacted in the cases, and examples of other work related to the Principle. Discussion questions are provided that can be used for individual reflection or group discussion. Principled Practices for Adolescent Literacy: A Framework for Instruction and Policy is intended as a text for pre-service and in-service upper-elementary, middle and high school literacy methods courses and graduate courses related to adolescent literacy, and as a resource for school district personnel, policymakers and parents.

Engaging Adolescents in Reading

We seek texts that connect to knowledge and beliefs that students carry with them
daily. Thus, our attempt to provide relevance is an attempt to build bridges
between the motivational qualities of out-of-school literacy with the content of ...

Engaging Adolescents in Reading

Author: John T. Guthrie

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452297983

Page: 208

View: 132

With contributions from content teachers, this insightful book discusses instructional approaches, student activities, and textbooks that can motivate reluctant learners to become active readers.