Creating Their Own Image

Explores how African American women artists have created an alternative vision of how women of color can be, are, and might be presented in American culture by weaving together artists, styles, and periods.

Creating Their Own Image

Author: Lisa E. Farrington

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 019516721X

Page: 354

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Explores how African American women artists have created an alternative vision of how women of color can be, are, and might be presented in American culture by weaving together artists, styles, and periods.

In Their Own Image

Second - generation Jews were still in the process of creating their own
distinctively Jewish forms of popular culture . Irving Howe has argued that the "
distinctiveness " of these entertainers " seldom appeared in their opinions , and
not even in ...

In Their Own Image

Author: Ted Merwin

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813538099

Page: 215

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The Jazz Age of the 1920s is an era remembered for illegal liquor, innovative music and dance styles, and burgeoning ideas of social equality. It was also the period during which second-generation Jews began to emerge as a significant demographic in New York City. In TheirOwn Image examines thegrowing cultural visibility of Jewish life amid this vibrant scene. From the vaudeville routines of Fanny Brice, Eddie Cantor, George Jessel, and Sophie Tucker, to the slew of Broadway comedies about Jewish life and the silent films that showed immigrant families struggling to leave the ghetto, images and representations of Jews became staples of interwar popular culture. Through the performing arts, Jews expressed highly ambivalent feelings about their identification with Jewish and American cultures. Ted Merwin shows how they became American by producing and consuming not images of another group, but images of themselves. As a result, they humanized Jewish stereotypes, softened anti-Semitic attitudes, and laid the groundwork for today's Jewish comedians. An entertaining look at the role popular culture plays in promoting the acculturation of an ethnic group, In Their Own Image enhances our understanding of American Jewish history and provides a model for the study of other groups and their integration into mainstream society.

Understanding and Creating Digital Texts

IMAGE CREATION TOOLS Students can also create their own images using their
smartphones or tablets along with the many photo tools for editing their images.
In using the iPhone or iPad, students can use the bundled Camera app to take ...

Understanding and Creating Digital Texts

Author: Richard Beach, Professor Emeritus of English Education, University of Minnesota

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442228741

Page: 320

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This book provides activities and examples that use technological tools to help students learn how to create digital texts. This book also provides a basis for creating novel classroom activities that encourage students to define purpose and audience, make textual links, collaborate, gain new perspectives, and construct identities through writing. ies.

Let Us Create God in Our Own Image

Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. (Romans 14th Chapter) In
conclusion, let's revisit the question asked in the first paragraph of this book: "
How is it that a couple of thousand individuals can manipulate 7 billion other

Let Us Create God in Our Own Image

Author: Forrest Davis

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452066051

Page: 216

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The author addresses sensitive issues emerging from changing Christianity's messages to the world and the resulting influence, not only to Christianity itself, but to western world governments. He maintains that Governments and Christianity have both fallen prey to political manipulation of man's sensitive ego; and the only reason that has happened is because official Institutional Christianity now "coddles" ego to enlarge its membership. He concludes that gaining control of personal "ego" is the primary biblical message to living out Christian standards and traces the decline in western culture and the dismantling of free societies to the abandonment of traditional Christianity.

Love Doctor of Nashville

The butterfly has passion and desire, to find an attractive mate, hookup, have
intercourse and create a family! There ... So God created man/woman in his own
image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Love Doctor of Nashville

Author: Anna Prince

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 1478707054

Page: 333

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GOD CREATED SEX! God created male and female and said ‘it was very good!’ Genesis chapter one! If you enjoy real excitement like the Harry Potter books or pray for a love that never ends, you will enjoy reading this amazing true story! Anna Prince, born in Tennessee of European royalty, is said to glow at birth! Anna’s gifts of music, miracles and healing emerge: cripple legs walk, sight is restored and girl rises from the dead! “Dad had dragged me off Prince Mountain as a child to sing and perform in his snake handling ministry! I had to endure his misguided religious beliefs, as I discover my own gifts and spiritual calling! And oh, I found love with Eddie Joe!”

The Mind Map Book

Group 1 read the word and its definition , wrote them down and then created their
own images of both the word and its definition . The children in Group 2 did the
same as those in Group 1 , except that instead of creating their own images they

The Mind Map Book

Author: Tony Buzan

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9781406612790

Page: 328

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Learn how you can unleash the remaining 99% of your brain with the power of mind maps in this definitive, full-colour illustrated edition of The Mind Map Book.

Working with Images

3 Creating images This unit gives students the opportunity to interpret images
and create their own . An important concern here is to reassure those students
who may be reluctant to draw in class because they feel that they lack technical
skill .

Working with Images

Author: Ben Goldstein

Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN: 9783125343290

Page: 242

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A CD-ROM which has over 500 images that can be used for the activities in the book is also included. In the introduction, the author articulates several strong reasons for using images in the language classroom. He also provides a brief history of the image in language teaching, along with some tips for finding images to use. The rest of the book is divided into two parts: one organised around activity types, the other arranged by image type. Chapter 2, Interpreting images, invites students not only to describe pictures, but also to use their own thought processes. This chapter has some unique activities, including 'Out of focus', where students look at distorted pictures and attempt to determine what the original image was. In Chapter 3, Creating images, students are put in touch with their creative sides through drawing, photography and collages. Chapter 4, Imaging, is the final chapter in the first section of the book. It involves students' imaginations, engaging their mental imagery. In 'Questions to a portrait', students look at a and generate a series of questions to ask, along with possible answers. The second section of the book begins with Chapter 5, Signs, symbols and icons. Here, students explore masks, stamps, hand gestures, flags.

The Concept of God the Origin of the World and the Image of the Human in the World Religions

Blessed you God, our Lord the king of the world that created man in his image, in
the image and likeness of his form, and fixed for him (lo) from him (mimenu) a
building forever and ever (binyan adei ad).” The opening blessing declares that ...

The Concept of God  the Origin of the World  and the Image of the Human in the World Religions

Author: P. Koslowski

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401009996

Page: 161

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All religions make statements about God or the Absolute and about "the beginning": about the beginning of the world and the beginning and nature of the human person. Propositions about God, the human person, and the world, statements about God's eternity or process of becoming, about the status and nature of the human person as the "image of God", and about the beginning of the world are woven into "religious speculations about the beginning". The theology, anthropology, and cosmology of the world religions determine the image of the human person and the image of the world in the world cultures shaped by the different religions. They stand in a tense relationship with the anthropologies and cosmologies of modern science, which in turn challenge the religions to deepen their image of the human person. With this volume leading thinkers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam provide the reader with a first-hand source for understanding the five world religions and their teaching about God, the human person, and the origin of the world.

Creating Powerful Brands

They provide a statement about who they are, where they are in life and what sort
of people they are. Since brands can act as self-expressive devices, the user
prefers brands which come closest to meeting their own self-image. The concept
of ...

Creating Powerful Brands

Author: Leslie de Chernatony

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136445188

Page: 482

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This has long been the one book that students can rely on to get them thinking critically and strategically about branding. This new fourth edition is no exception. THE definitive introductory textbook for this crucial topic, it is highly illustrated and comes packed with over 50 brand-new, real examples of influential marketing campaigns. Bullets: • Summarises the latest thinking and best practice in the domain of branding • All new real marketing campaigns show how branding theories are implemented in practice • Brought right up to date with a clear European and UK focus Undergraduate business and marketing students studying brand management will find this an invaluable resource in their quest to understand how branding really works.

The American Dream

Man has made up all kinds of images of God. He looks many different ways to
different people: He's like man, but bigger and stronger; He's harsh and stern,
and sends judgment; He is found in rocks and trees and other parts of His
creation; ...

The American Dream

Author: Stephen McDowell

Publisher: Providence Foundation

ISBN: 1887456201

Page: 140

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America is a unique nation in history. No nation has been as free, prosperous, charitable, and virtuous. This has nothing to do with any inherent value of the American people, but has to do with the valuable ideas upon which she was founded. Seven foundational ideas are examined that produced the American Dream, all of which are Biblical in their origin and were planted by the early settlers. The first seed principles were planted in Jamestown 400 years ago. Though often ignored, Christianity was vital for the beginning of Virginia; God's hand was evident in preserving the colony and in the lives of many of its founders. The American Dream looks at Rev. Richard Hakluyt, the man most influential in English colonization in the new world, and his motive "to inlarge the glory of the gospell." It documents the important role of the Christian faith in the founding of Virginia, and shows how the colonists' desire to propagate the Christian religion, as recorded in the First Charter of Virginia (1606), was fulfilled in Pocahontas and other native Americans. The ideas that made America exceptional were planted and grew in all the colonies, producing much fruit in the early American republic. Today, however, these ideas are under attack and are being displaced by secular ideas. For the American Dream to continue, we must remember from where we came and return the nation to its original Godly covenant.

Literary Theories in Praxis

This frees the reader by enabling him “ to recall what his memory did not know . ”
THE IDEA THAT EVERY MESSAGE is oriented ... The text selected its own
audience , creating it in its own image . What is of much greater interest is to
examine ...

Literary Theories in Praxis

Author: Shirley F. Staton

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812212341

Page: 471

View: 153

Literary Theories in Praxis analyzes the ways in which critical theories are transformed into literary criticism and methodology. To demonstrate the application of this analysis, critical writings of Roland Barthes, Harold Bloom, Cleanth Brooks, Jacques Derrida, Northrop Frye, Norman Holland, Barbara Johnson, Jacques Lacan, Adrienne Rich, and Robert Scholes are examined in terms of the primary critical stance each author employs—New Critical, phenomenological, archetypal, structuralist/semiotic, sociological, psychoanalytic, reader-response, deconstructionist, or humanist. The book is divided into nine sections, each with a prefatory essay explaining the critical stance taken in the selections that follow and describing how theory becomes literary criticism. In a headnote to each selection, Staton analyzes how the critic applies his or her critical methodology to the subject literary work. Shirley F. Staton's introduction sketches the overall philosophical positions and relationships among the various critical modes.

Wagadu Volume 4

My intention was to show, through global and local media discourses and
imagery of amputees, how amputees have struggled to create, for themselves,
their own images, identities and places in their communities. At first, amputees
were ...

Wagadu Volume 4

Author: Pushpa Parekh

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465331603

Page: 252

View: 767

This volume of Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Womens and Gender Studies launches its second printed edition. Wagaduthe Soninke name of the Ghana Empirecontrolled the present-day Mali, Mauritania and Senegal and was famous for its prosperity and power from approximately 300-1076 CE. It constituted the bridge between North Africa, the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern worlds and Sub-Saharan Africa. Ghana gave birth to the two most powerful West African Empires: Mali and Songhay. The modern country of Ghana (former British Gold Coast) derives its name from the Ghana Empire. Why Wagadu? Wagadu has come to be the symbol of the sacrifice women continue to make for a better world. Wagadu has become the metaphor for the role of women in the family, community, country, and planet. Duna taka siro no yagare npale The world does not go without women. This volume investigates the intersecting perspectives, grounded in or emanating from theoretical, discursive as well as experiential frameworks and positions specific to gender, disability and postcoloniality.

Understanding Children s Drawings

Some children may try to copy the drawings, but usually they soon begin to put
their own images into their drawings or ... to stimulate children who feel they
cannot think of anything to draw or feel too insecure about creating their own

Understanding Children s Drawings

Author: Cathy A. Malchiodi

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781572303720

Page: 252

View: 407

Illustrated with over 100 children's drawings, this practical resource demonstrates how all clinicians can broaden and enhance their work with young people by integrating drawing into therapy. Topics covered include how to assist children in making art, what questions to ask and when, and how to motivate children who are initially resistant to drawing.

Trust God Even In The Fiery Furnace

But if we are resistant to God's will and God's way, it is more difficult for God to
create His masterpiece. Many people try to take over God's role as the potter and
create their own image. They choose the wrong clay, that is, they make wrong ...

Trust God Even In The Fiery Furnace

Author: Rondie Ervin Harris, MD

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 149182476X

Page: 156

View: 530

So many people are defeated by life’s trials and tribulations because they put their trust in man and not in God. Trials will always occur in some form or fashion in our lives. We are either entering a trial, in the midst of a trial or getting over a trial. When we go through trials we all react differently especially when we face fiery trials and tribulations. Your fiery trial may be different than mine. Fiery trials may involve your health, finances, family problems, addictions, legal problems, homelessness and poverty. Some people react to trials through worldly solutions such as, alcohol, drugs, and searching for answers in all the wrong places from all the wrong people. Some people check out completely by committing suicide because they feel that there is no other way out of their circumstances. Some people go to God for answers and they find peace because they trust God to solve their problems. This book teaches us to trust God in all circumstances no matter what our fiery trials may be. Proverbs 3:5 and 6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding: In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.” We should trust God even in the fiery furnace just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did when they had their fiery furnace trial. This book reveals how you can have hope in hopeless situations, comfort and joy in the midst of suffering and peace in the midst of chaos when you trust God even in the fiery furnace.

In the Fellowship of His Suffering

And God created [bara] man in His own image, in the image of God He created
him; male and female He created them. (Gen 1:26–27) By “divine fiat,” God
created adam—“generic humanity.” The verb used here for act of creating is bara.

In the Fellowship of His Suffering

Author: Elahe Hessamfar

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630874671

Page: 390

View: 398

"Schizophrenia" is by many accounts the most devastating illness of our time. In this book, Elahe Hessamfar uses her personal encounter with her daughter's illness to bring the reader to experience the pain and anguish of those who suffer so intensely. She candidly discusses the gripping and dark realities her family has faced in the midst of this journey and exposes that the ride isn't easy, but it can be fruitful and purposeful, and it can be a journey of joy and peace if understood from the intended perspective. This is a fascinating and deeply theological portrayal of madness under the mighty hand of God. It challenges and awakens the reader to a heightened awareness about self, community, pain, brokenness, sin, grace, and redemption. This is the first truly biblically based, theological interpretation of madness in conversation with psychiatry and social sciences. Hessamfar passionately discusses the shortcomings of our current medical model of mental illness and directs the reader's attention to the mistreatment of those the medical community labels with "schizophrenia." She argues that not only is "schizophrenia" not pathological but it touches on the most fundamental fragilities of the human soul, and hence, it is a critical pastoral issue. Hessamfar offers tangible, inspiring, and life-changing solutions for those dealing with this most elusive and mysterious phenomenon--solutions that would bring hope and healing to the hopeless people chained in the abyss of madness.

The Holy Bible

The creation of man in GENESIS . the image of God . image , after our likeness :
and ' let || the earth , and subdue it : and ... 29 And God said , Behold , I have
given you 27 So God created man in his own image , in every herb ? bearing
seed ...

The Holy Bible

Author: Adam Clarke



Page: 886

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Creating Corporate Reputations Identity Image and Performance

Identity, Image and Performance Grahame Dowling. CHAPTER Organizational
Culture: The Invisible Web Most people have a sense of their own culture and of
differences in national cultures. These cultural differences are rooted in very
basic ...

Creating Corporate Reputations   Identity  Image and Performance

Author: Grahame Dowling

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191588921

Page: 320

View: 264

Recent research in business strategy suggests that corporate reputations are a valuable strategic asset for every company. Good reputations have been shown to help firms attain and sustain superior financial performance in their industry. This book outlines how high-status companies become corporate super brands, and it present managers with a framework to proactively enhance their corporation's desired reputation. While many books concentrate on advertising or corporate identity as the primary tools for reputation enhancement, this book provides a more expansive and realistic picture of what it takes to build a corporate super brand. One of its key contributions is that it emphasizes the roles of customer value and organizational culture in the reputation-building process and exposes the limitations of corporate advertising, sponsorships, and minor corporate identity change. Drawing on more than fifteen years of academic research, executive seminars, and consulting experience, Grahame Dowling suggests ways to improve the corporate reputations that different groups of stakeholders hold of your company. He also describes how to avoid many of the traps that catch unwary managers who try to improve their company's desired reputation.


And because most Britons do not understand Tata or its values, Tata subsidiaries
in Britain, especially those with consumer-facing ... But if it is not visible enough,
and people 'create their own Tata' with an image unfavourable to the group, then.


Author: Morgen Witzel

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 8184753918

Page: 256

View: 898

A series of high-profile acquisitions, including Jaguar Land Rover and Corus Steel, together with the launch of the Nano (the world's first Rs. 1 Lakh/ below US$ 2500 car), is set to change our perception of India': on the threshold of becoming a truly global brand.*s oldest and most respected corporate brand. With a major international presence, in a variety of areas including steel, tea, chemicals, communications and software, Tata now stands 65th in the world brand valuation league. But what is the Tata brand all about? What are its values? How do people perceive it, in India and around the world? In this absorbing and informed book Morgen Witzel digs into the heart of the Tata enterprise, describes its origins, how Tata's reputation and image evolved, and how the group has worked to transform that image into a powerful and valuable brand. Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand goes to the core of the Tata ethos to explore the unique relationship between the Tata group and the Indian people, a relationship that goes beyond the achievements of a successful business to its social contributions for its employees and the society at large. Finally it asks how that reputation will be perceived and understood as Tata moves into global markets. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a manager, a marketer, or an interested Tata loyalist this book will help you understand the durability of the brand and inspire you with the values it holds onto in the global economy.

Be Basic Genesis 1 11

Dimension 1: Creation. Humans are unique in all of God's creation, including
angelic beings, in that God created only humans in His image: “Let us make man
in our image, in our likeness.... So God created man in his own image, in the
image ...

Be Basic  Genesis 1 11

Author: Warren W. Wiersbe

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9781434700902

Page: 192

View: 390

The world has become a confusing place. Every day we are confronted with cloudy moral issues that once seemed clear. When did the simple things get so complicated? But instead of wondering how we got here, maybe we should revisit how we got started. And there's no better place to start than the beginning of God's Word, the book of Genesis. Part of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe's best-selling "BE" commentary series, Be Basic has now been updated with study questions and a new introduction by Ken Baugh. A respected pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Wiersbe takes an insightful look at the fundamentals for a life well lived. Return to the beginning and discover life-changing truths about relationships, faith, sin, and spiritual fulfillment. Because in life, the key to a happy ending is found at the beginning.

With God in Mind

Genesis of the Old Testament we read : God created Adam , the first human
being , in his own image . Therefore we see in us and the people we see the
image of God ...

With God in Mind


Publisher: Onlineshop Bert Hellinger

ISBN: 9783000235344


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