Did It on a Dare

A true innovator whose original ideas have become mainstream in comedy clubs all across America, a father to three daughters (one of whom is transgender), Al is infamous for being an equal opportunity cheapskate, and he reveals "all" in ...

Did It on a Dare

Author: Ginger Reiter



Page: 172

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A bullied, fat kid from Brooklyn with no connections or money, grows up to become the king of a comedy club empire. Al Martin's intimate, controversial, heartfelt, memoir penned during the Covid 19 crisis which took his beloved sister's life, vividly recounts his story from bombing as a comic, to the constant struggles he overcame to acquire some of the most successful comedy clubs in Manhattan. A true innovator whose original ideas have become mainstream in comedy clubs all across America, a father to three daughters (one of whom is transgender), Al is infamous for being an equal opportunity cheapskate, and he reveals "all" in this hilarious and touching version of the American dream come true.

Do I Dare

Tommy went back to reading his Bible, as it had the answer for all questions. He
did not give Madge any thought, as he became interested in reading his Bible
and he did not hear a knock on his door. Madge had called to give him a
telephone ...

Do I Dare

Author: Maudine Brubaker

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1457506793

Page: 168

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In Do I Dare, Tommy Elder is a youngster that loves a loafing life style. Drugs are his downfall. He spends time in prison, escapes and becomes entangled with a girl. The poor Priest Father Siemon, finds himself in an embarrassing situation with the same girl. Father Siemon, helps save a dying Tommy Elder.Tommy survives to find the love of his life, along with the gift of his life, a little black book," The Bible." Will he have life in prison, or the pleasure of attending the seminary? I am getting older each and every day, yet somehow God gives me the courage to keep writing. I love reading, writing and gardening. I wrote quite a bit when I was younger, but stopped when my children got involved in sporting events at school. My husband and I would always follow the ball teams and watch them play. After losing my husband of sixty-three years I began writing again. I was inspired by a very wonderful angel sent from God to help me see that there is life after losing the love of your life. I am truly blessed.

Youth Do You Dare

I had not met the young man she planned to marry. So, without making a
commitment, I told her that I was honored by the request and I would like to meet
her fiancé. The young woman assured me that her fiancé was coming in two
weeks, ...

Youth  Do You Dare

Author: Colin D. Standish

Publisher: Hartland Publications

ISBN: 9780923309121

Page: 102

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Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

There, oak trees seemed to grow taller, greener, their branches arching high
overhead like praying hands. At 7:30 a.m., Mrs. Moore had promptly deposited
me at the bus stop at Lee and South Woodland roads. It was the intersection
where ...

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

Author: Charlise Lyles

Publisher: Gray & Company, Publishers

ISBN: 159851041X

Page: 260

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Describes the author's childhood education in the Cleveland projects in the 1960s and 1970s, where she learned to appreciate literature at a young age despite growing up amid race riots and murder.

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

The second chapter is a blow-byblow account of the sexual act, and I remarked
that when something so private is described so publicly it loses any possibility of
being about love. To my delight—and rather to my surprise—I heard my younger

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

Author: Madeleine L'Engle

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

ISBN: 1466802707

Page: 32

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"Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?" is Madeleine L'Engle's spirited defense of the responsibility of children's literature to confront difficult questions, as she did in all her work, particularly her masterpiece A Wrinkle in Time. This e-book contains the text of her famous speech as well as her introduction to the twenty-fifth anniversary of A Wrinkle in Time and a facsimile of a chapter from the original manuscript with Madeleine's notations.

Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare

“Just a few dares and she'll be done? Look at her – she's been doing daring
things like Daring Do all day!” Applejack shrugged. “Maybe wecan trya different
approach toget her to giveit up.” She trotted up to Pinkie and whispered
something in ...

Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare

Author: G M Berrow

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408336049

Page: 144

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Meet Rainbow Dash and her pony pals in the sparkling My Little Pony fiction series. Rainbow Dash is a huge fan of the Daring Do book series, but after the newest book comes out, she's not alone. Suddenly, every pony in Ponyville is reading the books! To prove she's the ultimate fan, Rainbow Dash decides to show her friends that she can be just as brave and daring as her hero. But Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow's other friends worry about how far she's willing to go. Just how daring should one pony be?


Where did they go? One hundred and eight men, women, and children do not
disappear from Earth without a trace. The 'lost' colony of Roanoke, Virginia, did.
Virginia Dare, first white baby born in North America, was among those never
seen ...


Author: Philip Jose Farmer

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575119829

Page: 154

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Though Earthmen first landed on the planet Dare 300 years earlier, they were still bound by the same standards of snobbery and fear... until Jack Cage, eldest son of a wealthy human, found himself strangely drawn to a spectacularly beautiful native. To consort with her meant death. But why? And what were humans doing on the planet anyway?

Do and Dare

Well, I was trampin' once in Montany, when, one afternoon, I and my pard - he
was prospectin' - came to a clearin', and there we saw a sight that made us all
feel sick. It was the smokin' ruins of a log cabin, which them devils had set on fire.

Do and Dare

Author: Alger Jr. Horatio

Publisher: 1st World Publishing

ISBN: 1421818574

Page: 272

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If we could only keep the post office, mother, we should be all right, said Herbert Carr, as he and his mother sat together in the little sitting room of the plain cottage which the two had occupied ever since he was a boy of five. "Yes, Herbert, but I am afraid there won't be much chance of it."

Does She Dare

“One day you should share just exactly what the issue is between the two of you.”
Dante considered. The lookin his eyes, sad and a little hopeless, made her heart
ache. “Anderson's always wanted to be the golden boy, and he tended to twist ...

Does She Dare

Author: Tawny Weber

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1426810938

Page: 224

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Her reputation as the Do It girl is taking on a whole new meaning… Petite powerhouse Isabel Santos is utterly unafraid to take what she wants…at least in her career. In her love life, not so much. So Isabel creates the Man Plan, a wicked wish list of sexual fantasies. What a time for Isabel's teenage super-crush to roll back into town—bad boy Dante Luciano still figures in her hottest daydreams and is very willing to help cross items off her naughty list. But in the wild tangle of their bodies, can their hearts escape unscathed?

I Dare You

I DARE YOU TO DO THINGS In France, during those dark days of 1918, 1
marveled at the way my old army comrade, Colonel E. L. Daley of the Sixth
Engineers, got things done. I began to understand better when I heard what he
had said to ...

I Dare You

Author: William H. Danforth

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1605200190

Page: 148

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American entrepreneur and philanthropist WILLIAM H. DANFORTH (1870-1956) is most famous for founding the Ralston Purina Company, but he also helped launch the American Youth Foundation in 1925 as a resource for spurring kids to becoming the best they can be. The spirit of his can-do philosophy is encapsulated here, in this cheerful and inspiring guide to being a creative, adventurous, magnetic, successful, daring person at any age. For decades, I Dare You!-with its honest, heartfelt advice and entertaining and enlightening anecdotes-has encouraged and motivated children and adults alike to take control of their lives and become the happy, fulfilled people they've always dreamed of being. As relevant and necessary today as it was when it was first published more than 70 years ago, this is a book to treasure and to share.

Do I Dare to Eat a Peach

He had long ago discovered that he had lost his soul somewhere in the past and
now he was eternally searching for it. He had no idea when or where he had lost
it and as there is no road map for such a contingency, he just was seeking it ...

Do I Dare to Eat a Peach

Author: George Motz

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595417779

Page: 208

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Ruth, an Amish woman, was 'set-aside', informally divorced, as she was barren. Reuben was a long divorced and reclusive farmer, now seeking something, which had been long missing from his life-his soul. By accident, by chance, or by fate, he discovers Ruth and sets her free from her state of nothingness, from her prison, but at a terrible cost. And with her freedom, old mysteries and injustices are uncovered, both within the Amish community and the nearby society. Greed, pride, envy, revenge, love and innocence all come into conflict, as two souls seek to find each other.

The Respect Dare

went into the backyard. she dug a hole with her husband, and together, they had
a funeral for all those unfulfilled ... What Nina has done in writing The Respect
Dare is show women how to get their eyes off themselves, off their own desires ...

The Respect Dare

Author: Nina Roesner

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1400204488

Page: 240

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“A long and happy marriage.” It sounds like the end of a fairy tale—an illusion that modern times have exposed. And it is, if marriage depends on a constant stream of romantic emotion, or even on copious amounts of time or money. Thank the Lord, none of those are necessary. Two thousand years ago, Paul gave women the key to a successful marriage, and it can be summed up in two words: unconditional respect. It’s not popular. It doesn’t sound fair. It can be hard to imagine. But it works. Nina Roesner has led countless women through this practical and life-changing journey, and in The Respect Dare she offers you the hope that so many others have found. Day by day, true stories and thought-provoking questions will help you apply biblical wisdom to the most important relationship in your life. The book is filled with stories of struggle and success, and many practical applications of respect that have dramatically impacted marriages. Give it forty days. Experience the intimacy God intended and discover what he can do in your heart and in your marriage when you choose to show respect his way.

Would You Dare

Would I Dare ? Why do some people seem to have what it takes to make a mark
on the world ? did these people just " get all the breaks ? " Are they the ones who
are specially gifted or intelligent ? do heroes possess an extra measure of ...

Would You Dare

Author: Joan H. Young

Publisher: Shark Enterprises

ISBN: 9780976543206

Page: 87

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A collection of short biographies of twelve Christians, spanning 900 years. Their lives challenge us to make a difference in the world, no matter who we are.

Dare to Be True

Sure enough, after one of our illicit road trips, Mike's mom asked him bluntly, “
Mike, did you drive on the freeway today?" Without hesitation and with a ... Think
about it. THE WAGEs of SPIN If everybody spins, then maybe we Do You DARE:

Dare to Be True

Author: Mark D. Roberts

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 0307552810

Page: 224

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Our souls long for an elusive freedom–the freedom of truth. And our world desperately needs it, now more than ever. Dare to Be True doesn’t downplay the difficulty of living honestly in today’s world, but it doesn’t throw in the towel, either. In this challenging but encouraging book, Mark Roberts introduces a bold plan to practice complete honesty in every area of our lives–in what we say, in how we live, and in who we are. Combining biblical truth with real-life stories and plenty of practical applications, Roberts helps us experience the rewards of truthfulness–personal wholeness, healthy relationships, and deeper intimacy with God. Set out today on the adventure of truthful living, if you dare!

Wild Truth Bible Lessons Dares from Jesus

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice
is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the
streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, ...

Wild Truth Bible Lessons Dares from Jesus

Author: Jeannie Oestreicher

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310864745

Page: 96

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Weekly studies to reinforce what junior highers are learning from their Wild Truth JournalThese Bible lessons send students straight to the words of Jesus to discover the truth, then dare them to live that truth today. Includes games, activities, sketches, handouts, and reproducible worksheets.

When You Dare

“I had no idea that being on a lake was so...” “Relaxing?” She nodded ... Dare
had left her alone in strange surroundings when she was still battered and
uncertain of her safety. ... And even if she did, would that make it any easier?
Chris stored ...

When You Dare

Author: Lori Foster

Publisher: HQN Books

ISBN: 1460380673

Page: 384

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The tougher they are, the harder they fall… Professional mercenary Dare Macintosh lives by one hard-and-fast rule: business should never be personal. If a cause appeals to him and the price is right, he'll take the mission he's offered. But then the lovely Molly Alexander asks him to help her track down the men who'd had her kidnapped—and for the first time, Dare's tempted to combine work with pleasure. Fiercely independent, Molly vows to trust no one until she's uncovered the truth. Could the enemy be her powerful estranged father? The ex-fiancé who still holds a grudge? Or the not-so-shy fan of her bestselling novels? As the danger heats up around them, the only anchor Molly has is Dare himself. But what she feels for him just might be the most frightening thing of all…

Dare Mighty Things

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though
checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy
much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory
nor ...

Dare Mighty Things

Author: Halee Gray Scott

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310514452

Page: 256

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The main challenges and strategies of success for CHRISTIAN WOMEN LEADERS Are you showing up for your own life? Or are you watching it slowly drain away, each moment emptied of its potential? At age twenty, Halee Gray Scott was doing things her way when God challenged her with these two questions. Confronted with the brevity of human life, she determined to start living with purpose and passion and help others do the same. For the last seven years, Halee has been studying the lives of female Christian leaders to determine what keeps them from fully flourishing as people of influence. It’s not that Christian women cannot or do not want to lead; it’s that their way is fraught with roadblocks. In Dare Mighty Things, Halee unpacks the results of her research, tackling the top challenges for Christian women, including: What prevents us from seeing ourselves as leaders How to discern what we are really, truly meant to do How to navigate between our roles as women and leaders How the myth that only “exceptional” Christian women can lead hurts all Christian women Dare Mighty Things is a guidebook for women navigating the difficult waters of leadership. Packed with helpful advice and strategies for success, it will challenge you to claim your God-given potential and lead with confidence, poise, and grace.

Triple Dare

“How did you—” He shook his head as the taxi pulled away from the staccato of
flashing lights. ... As the seconds ticked out, growing into a minute, then two, Abby
started to wonderif Dare had sunk into a trance of some sort, right there in the ...

Triple Dare

Author: Candace Irvin

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 1426873522

Page: 256

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With his rock-hard body and bottomless bank account, Darian Sabura fearlessly traveled the globe in search of his next adrenaline rush—and found it rescuing a damsel in distress. Abigail Pembroke's sheltered life had been violently shattered when she'd witnessed a brutal murder. Now someone was trying to ensure she didn't live to talk about it. But Abby wasn't the only one in danger. From the moment he saw her, Darian couldn't stop the flood of emotion that destroyed the long-held barriers around his soul. For the first time, he felt cold-blooded fear—and desire. And as their stalker drew near, he risked sheltering Abby in his arms…and his heart.

Double Dare O Toole

But a couple of times when kids dared me, I've done some dumb things, and that
really makes him mad.” He hadn't meant to say that about someone daring him.
But it was out. He couldn't call it back. “Did someone dare you to put that picture ...

Double Dare O Toole

Author: Constance C. Greene

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504000951

Page: 158

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Fex can’t resist a double dare—even if it means double trouble Eleven-year-old Fex O’Toole can’t say no to a double dare—even when it means trouble with his friends and the principal. But when the same kids who like to test Fex dare a four-year-old to jump into a river, Fex realizes the cost of not being able to say no.

Love dare What you can do for love

Comment 17 Reply anyone who doubts that did he see pictures of this project?
He saw 200 photos (from hundreds of photos). Hewasjust thankful and kept them.
He does not go over it. Inthe relationship, I can't oblige people hearttoloveme.

Love dare  What you can do for love

Author: oatsumoto

Publisher: oatsumoto



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This book translated from topic about woman that fall in love with her friend and she tried to surprise him by carry a poster “MISS YOU” and took a photo with her on every country she went to. At the end the guy who she loves has girlfriend before she show all of her effort photo to him. I think everyone has this moment that love drive you to do something which you never dare to do. Although, you are not fulfill with your love but the moment that you try to do something for your lover is a good memory. Even the time is past you will never forget it. Every comment in this topic will share each experience that pretty, funny, romantic and sweet with you. Somebody can break up with her boyfriend because he forces her to quit reading a comic. In spite of she consent everything. Somebody try to go to gym and lose weight for his or her lover. Somebody never take a bath in the morning but because of love that change them to take a bath in the morning. This topic is from Thailand. Thai culture will be different from your country but you will see how Thai people are or how Thai people crazy in love. Lastly, hope you enjoy with this book and thank for your support