Twentieth Century China

C ( 1990 ) 8434 Malcolm Lamb , Directory of Chinese Officials and Organizations
1968-1978 ( Canberra : Australian ... For further annotation see 284-40 Barry
Lawson Burton , Directory of Professional Associations and Learned Societies in

Twentieth Century China

Author: James H. Cole

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765603951

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Emphasizing reference works published since 1964, these volumes cover books, periodicals, and inclusions (i.e., chapters in edited volumes) on the 1911 Revolution, the Republic of China (1949--), post-1911 Taiwan, post-1911 Hong Kong and Macao, and post-1911 overseas Chinese.

Directory of Chinese Agricultural and Related Organizations

Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering Nongzhanguan Nanlu , Beijing
100026 Telephone : 5003366-3904 Organization Level : National ; Organization
Type : Learned Society Subject coverage Agricultural engineering . Chinese
Society ...

Directory of Chinese Agricultural and Related Organizations

Author: C.A.B. International

Publisher: C A B International


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This is a directory of all Chinese agricultural related organisation including those concerned with production, postharvest and commerce.

China Taiwan Hong Kong

Sheehy China Directories : U.S. Library of Congress Science and Technology
GUIDE comp ...

China  Taiwan  Hong Kong

Author: Arlene D. C. Luster



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Buttress s World Guide to Abbreviations of Organizations

Macmillan, London, 1992. Deziron, M. and Bailey, L. Directory of European
Environmental Organizations. Blackwell, Oxford, 1991 (1992 reprint). Directory of
Chinese Learned Organizations 1990. World Publishing Corporation, Beijing,

Buttress   s World Guide to Abbreviations of Organizations

Author: Jean C. Swinbank

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 940112132X

Page: 1048

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This edition of over 60 000 entries, including significantly more than 20% new or revised material, not only updates its predecessor but also continues the policy of extending coverage to areas dealt with only sparsely in previous editions. Special attention has been paid to the Far East, Australasia and Latin America in general, and to the People's Republic of China in particular. The cross-referencing between a defunct organization and its successor (indicated by ex and now) introduced into the last edition, has been extended. Otherwise the policies adopted in previous editions have been retained. All kinds of organizations are included - international, national, governmental, individual, large or small - but strictly local organizations have been omitted. The subject scope includes activities of all kinds, in the fields of commerce and industry, education, law, politics, public administration, religion, recreation, medicine, science and technology. The country of origin of a national organization is given in brackets, unless it is the home country of the title language or can be deduced readily from the title itself. Acronyms of parent bodies of subsidiary organizations are also added in brackets. Equivalences are used to link acronyms in different languages for the same organization. A select bibliography guides the reader to specialist works providing more detailed information.

Generalia Language Literature the Arts

Directory of documentation , libraries and archive services in Africa 1101
Directory of domicilary library services 1189 Directory of ... learned societies
2038 Directory of European sports organizations 4867 Directory of exhibition
spaces 2871 Directory of federal libraries 1122 ... 1991 4529 Directory of British
official publications 2393 Directory of Chinese learned organizations 2045
Directory of Chinese ...

Generalia  Language   Literature  the Arts

Author: Anthony Chalcraft


ISBN: 9781856041379

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International Exchange Locator A Resource Directory for Educational and Cultural Exchange 2005 NOTE SEND TO REGIONAL LIBRARIES ONLY

American Council of Learned Societies ( ACLS ) American Council of Young
Political Leaders ( ACYPL ) American ... Geographic Focus : Asia ( China ,
Vietnam ) General Inquiries : Office of Fellowships & Grants ... Development
Additional Offices : Philadelphia , PA Statement : The American Council of
Learned Societies ( ACLS ) is a private nonprofit federation of 68 national
scholarly organizations .

International Exchange Locator  A Resource Directory for Educational and Cultural Exchange  2005  NOTE  SEND TO REGIONAL LIBRARIES ONLY





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The best handbook of cultural institutions in China during the 1930 ' s . Cf . entry
708 . 705 LIN MOUSHENG . A guide to Chinese learned societies and research
institutes . New York , China Institute in America , 1936 . 48p . Lists 286 learned ...


Author: Ts'un-hsün Ch'ien



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Bibliographic Guide to East Asian Studies 1994

Bibliographic Guide to East Asian Studies 1994

Author: New York Public Library

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: 9780783821764

Page: 491

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An aid for researching non-western cultures, this bibliography covers Japan, China, North and South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with approximately 3500 listings from LC MARC tapes and the Oriental Division of the New York Public Library. It includes publications about East Asia; materials published in any of the relevant countries; and publications in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. Listings are transcribed into Anglicized characters. Each entry provides complete bibliographic information, along with the NYPL and/or LC call numbers.