Disruptive Power

In this book, Owen argues that in every aspect of international affairs, thedigitally enabled are changing the way the world works and disrupting the institutions that once held a monopoly on power.

Disruptive Power

Author: Taylor Owen

Publisher: Oxford Studies in Digital Politics

ISBN: 0199363862

Page: 248

View: 141

Anonymous. WikiLeaks. The Syrian Electronic Army. Edward Snowden. Bitcoin. The Arab Spring. Five years ago, these terms were meaningless to the vast majority of people in the world. Today, they and many like them dominate the news and keep policymakers, security experts, and military andintelligence officials up at night. These groups and individuals are enabled and empowered by digital technology to confound and provoke the state in a way not possible before the Internet revolution. They are representative of a wide range of 21st century global actors and a new form of 21stcentury power: disruptive power.In Disruptive Power, Taylor Owen provides a sweeping look at the way that digital technologies are shaking up the workings of the institutions that have traditionally controlled international affairs: humanitarianism, diplomacy, war, journalism, activism, and finance. The traditional nation statesystem and the subsequent multinational system were founded on and have long functioned through a concentration of power in the state - through the military, currency controls, foreign policy, the rule of law, and so on. In this book, Owen argues that in every aspect of international affairs, thedigitally enabled are changing the way the world works and disrupting the institutions that once held a monopoly on power. Each chapter of Owen's book looks at a different aspect of international affairs, profiling the disruptive innovators and demonstrating how they are challenging existing powerstructures for good and ill. Owen considers what constitutes successful online international action, what sorts of technologies are being used as well as what these technologies might look like a decade from now, and what new institutions will be needed to moderate the new power structures andensure accountability.With cutting edge analysis of the fast-changing relationship between the declining state and increasingly powerful non-state actors, Disruptive Power is the essential road map for navigating a networked world.

Disruptive Power

After the Nazi rise to power, Raml searched the Neumann home, clashed with
Neumann's father over international visitors, and wrote several reports depicting
the Konnersreuth Circle's alignment with the BVP as problematic for the state.

Disruptive Power

Author: Michael E. O’Sullivan

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1487503431

Page: 344

View: 702

Disruptive Power examines a surprising revival of faith in Catholic miracles in Germany from the 1920s to the 1960s. The book follows the dramatic stigmata of Therese Neumann of Konnersreuth and her powerful circle of followers that included theologians, Cardinals, politicians, journalists, monarchists, anti-fascists, and everyday pilgrims. Disruptive Power explores how this and other similar groups negotiated the precariousness of the Weimar Republic, the repression of the Third Reich, and the dynamic early years of the Federal Republic. Analyzing a network of rebellious traditionalists, O'Sullivan illustrates the divisions that characterized the German Catholic minority as they endured the tumultuous era of the world wars. Analyzing material from archives in Germany and the United States, Michael E. O'Sullivan investigates the unsanctioned but very popular visions in several rural towns after World War II, providing micro-histories that illuminate the impact of mystical faith on religiosity, politics, and gender norms.

The Disruptive Power of Online Education

The. Disruptive. Power. of. Online. Education: Challenges,. Opportunities,.
Responses. Andreas Altmann, Bernd Ebersberger, Claudia Mössenlechner and
Desiree Wieser By the end of this decade, more than half of the world's
population will ...

The Disruptive Power of Online Education

Author: Andreas Altmann

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1787543269

Page: 240

View: 938

This book explores how higher education institutions across the globe respond to the disruptive changes triggered by online technologies. Contributions address transformations regarding program design, business models and pedagogical interventions in a digital teaching environment.

Challenging Authority

CHAPTER TWO + V56” The Nature of Disruptive Power UT ASIDE for the
moment the dictates about power that are associated with electoral-
representative institutions. When we consider power abstractly, apart from
particular institutional ...

Challenging Authority

Author: Frances Fax Piven

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742563405

Page: 200

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Argues that ordinary people exercise extraordinary political courage and power in American politics when, frustrated by politics as usual, they rise up in anger and hope, and defy the authorities and the status quo rules that ordinarily govern their daily lives. By doing so, they disrupt the workings of important institutions and become a force in American politics. Drawing on critical episodes in U.S. history, Piven shows that it is in fact precisely at those seismic moments when people act outside of political norms that they become empowered to their full democratic potential.

Disrupt Yourself

If you want to be successful in unexpected ways, follow your own disruptive path. Dare to innovate. Do something astonishing. Disrupt yourself.

Disrupt Yourself

Author: Whitney Johnson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351861956

Page: 208

View: 338

Thinkers50 Management Thinker of 2015 Whitney Johnson wants you to consider this simple, yet powerful, idea: disruptive companies and ideas upend markets by doing something truly different--they see a need, an empty space waiting to be filled, and they dare to create something for which a market may not yet exist. As president and cofounder of Rose Park Advisors' Disruptive Innovation Fund with Clayton Christensen, Johnson used the theory of disruptive innovation to invest in publicly traded stocks and private early-stage companies. In Disrupt Yourself, she helps you understand how the frameworks of disruptive innovation can apply to your particular path, whether you are: a self-starter ready to make a disruptive pivot in your business a high-potential individual charting your career trajectory a manager looking to instill innovative thinking amongst your team a leader facing industry changes that make for an uncertain future We are living in an era of accelerating disruption; no one is immune. Johnson makes the compelling case that managing the S-curve waves of learning and mastery is a requisite skill for the future. If you want to be successful in unexpected ways, follow your own disruptive path. Dare to innovate. Do something astonishing. Disrupt yourself.

Who s Afraid of Frances Fox Piven

That power consists in their ability to disrupt a pattern of ongoing and
institutionalized cooperation that depends on their ... reform in American political
history have been responses to the threatened or actual exercise of this
disruptive power.

Who s Afraid of Frances Fox Piven

Author: Frances Fox Piven

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 1595587543

Page: 208

View: 832

The sociologist and political scientist Frances Fox Piven and her late husband Richard Cloward have been famously credited by Glenn Beck with devising the “Cloward/Piven Strategy,” a world view responsible, according to Beck, for everything from creating a “culture of poverty” and fomenting “violent revolution” to causing global warming and the recent financial crisis. Called an “enemy of the people,” over the past year Piven has been subjected to an unprecedented campaign of hatred and disinformation, spearheaded by Beck. How is it that a distinguished university professor, past president of the American Sociological Association, and recipient of numerous awards and accolades for her work on behalf of the poor and for American voting rights, has attracted so much negative attention? For anyone who is skeptical of the World According to Beck, here is a guide to the ideas that Glenn fears most. Who’s Afraid of Frances Fox Piven? is a concise, accessible introduction to Piven’s actual thinking (versus Beck’s outrageous claims), from her early work on welfare rights and “poor people’s movements,” written with her late husband Richard Cloward, through her influential examination of American voting habits, and her most recent work on the possibilities for a new movement for progressive reform. A major corrective to right-wing bombast, this essential book is also a rich source of ideas and inspiration for anyone interested in progressive change.

The Disruptive Power Grace

You most likely always associate grace with beauty, tenderness and harmony, but in this enthralling memoir grace takes on a whole new, disruptive dimension.Written with the unmistakable conviction of a firsthand witness and beneficiary, The ...

The Disruptive Power Grace

Author: Bola Crown


ISBN: 9781944652906

Page: 88

View: 218

GRACE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE! You most likely always associate grace with beauty, tenderness and harmony, but in this enthralling memoir grace takes on a whole new, disruptive dimension.Written with the unmistakable conviction of a firsthand witness and beneficiary, The Disruptive Power of Grace chronicles the profound ways in which grace interrupted, reconfigured, and rewrote the narrative of the author's life in her education, health, career and relationships.This book is gripping from the very start. It is an instant read-through that will not only keep you engrossed, but also enlightened, encouraged, empowered and, most importantly, expectant of the disruptive interventions of grace in every area of your life!

Labor Rising

The mass production industries were brought to the bargaining table by the
disruption of production. What they wanted and got from unions was ... Unions
owe their existence to the disruptive power of the strike. And they owe their
continuing ...

Labor Rising

Author: Richard Greenwald

Publisher: New Press, The

ISBN: 1595587985

Page: 336

View: 797

When Wisconsin governor Scott Walker threatened the collective bargaining rights of the state’s public sector employees in early 2011, the massive protests that erupted inresponse put the labor movement back on the nation’s front pages. It was a fleeting reminder of a not-so-distant past when the “labor question”—and the power of organized labor—was part and parcel of a century-long struggle for justice and equality in America. Now, on the heels of the expansive Occupy Wall Street movement and midterm election outcomes that are encouraging for the labor movement, the lessons of history are a vital handhold for the thousands of activists and citizens everywhere who sense that something has gone terribly wrong. This pithy and accessible volume provides readers with an understanding of the history that is directly relevant to the economic and political crises working people face today, and points the way to a revitalized twenty-first-century labor movement. With original contributions from leading labor historians, social critics, and activists, Labor Rising makes crucial connections between the past and present, and then looks forward, asking how we might imagine a different future for all Americans.


Problematic,. Disruptive. Power. and. Ethics. Cases of problematic and
destructive power can take us, stepbystep from the origin to the denouement of
very specific instances of the unraveling of power. In this chapter, attention will be
placed on ...


Author: E. Bolland

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137348216

Page: 234

View: 366

There is one major factor that explains business actions that has thus far escaped thorough exploration. That factor is clout, or as it is more broadly understood, power. Those with clout in the business organizations make the decisions and influence what the business does. Yet the origins and uses of clout are hidden. Everyone wants to know more about this inner world as clout is still largely unrecognized in studies of corporate culture. With Clout, the first researched-based book on the topic, Bolland fills this void. He systematically analyses the subject and answers the many questions about this aspect of business life, including exploring what organization clout is, how it has evolved, how it is manifested, how it is used and how it relates to other aspects of business organizations. Readers will be able to apply findings to their own career, and students will gain a tested framework for understanding the importance of this subject.

Dealing with Disruptive Students in the Classroom

Teachers who understand these needs and learn to use them can develop
particular sources of power in their classrooms. Much of the theory we use in the
power-caring balance in Figure 3.1 comes from studies in behavioural ecology, ...

Dealing with Disruptive Students in the Classroom

Author: Paul Cooper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135375135

Page: 256

View: 549

Designed for individual teachers and school teams alike, this text demonstrates how to approach and manage disruptive students and behaviour. At the book’s core is a series of detailed strategies for dealing with commonly occurring problems. Some of the chapters in the book focus on: * The Nature and Causes of Disruption * Responding to Disruption * Basic Principles * Understanding and Dealing with Gambits * Sharing Good Practice The ideas and theories are presented in the context of a research base and come complete with case studies. This text is published in association with the Times Educational Supplement.

Latin America and Global Capitalism

Counter-posing Brazil and Uruguay to Venezuela, Leftists who came to power in
Venezuela faced similar pressures from the global ... This means creating
imageries and projects that take the popular classes beyond their disruptive

Latin America and Global Capitalism

Author: William I. Robinson

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 0801896363

Page: 444

View: 671

This ambitious volume chronicles and analyzes from a critical globalization perspective the social, economic, and political changes sweeping across Latin America from the 1970s through the present day. Sociologist William I. Robinson summarizes his theory of globalization and discusses how Latin America’s political economy has changed as the states integrate into the new global production and financial system, focusing specifically on the rise of nontraditional agricultural exports, the explosion of maquiladoras, transnational tourism, and the export of labor and the import of remittances. He follows with an overview of the clash among global capitalist forces, neoliberalism, and the new left in Latin America, looking closely at the challenges and dilemmas resistance movements face and their prospects for success. Through three case studies—the struggles of the region's indigenous peoples, the immigrants rights movement in the United States, and the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela—Robinson documents and explains the causes of regional socio-political tensions, provides a theoretical framework for understanding the present turbulence, and suggests possible outcomes to the conflicts. Based on years of fieldwork and empirical research, this study elucidates the tensions that globalization has created and shows why Latin America is a battleground for those seeking to shape the twenty-first century’s world order.

Outthink the Competition

This gives you disruptive power today. 2. Create playbook asymmetry. Just as
great chess players study their opponents' strategic character, you can analyze
your competitors' playbooks and thereby predict how they are likely to behave in
the ...

Outthink the Competition

Author: Kaihan Krippendorff

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118163850

Page: 256

View: 311

A Fast Company blogger and former McKinsey consultant profiles the next generation business strategists: the "Outthinkers" "Outthinkers" are entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with a new playbook. They see opportunities others ignore, challenge dogma others accept as truth, rally resources others cannot influence, and unleash new strategies that disrupt their markets. Outthink the Competition proves that business competition is undergoing a fundamental paradigm shift and that during such revolutions, outthinkers beat traditionalists. Outthink the Competition presents stories of breakthrough companies like Apple, Google, Vistaprint, and Rosetta Stone whose stunning performances defy traditional explanation and will inspire readers to outthink the competition. Core concepts in the book include: Discover the Eight Dimensions of Disruption Learn to play by the Outthinker Playbook Develop the Five Habits of the Outthinker Implement the Outthinker Process It's time to buck tradition in order to stay ahead. Outthink the competition and uncover opportunities hiding in plain sight.

Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security

The table 6.1 the disruptive power of the Internet is shifting society from a
classical to an Internet age Classical Internet Age Example Buildings, dollars
Information google search Force, energy Messages, epidemics Sentiment
Planned ...

Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security

Author: Ted G. Lewis, PhD

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118817664

Page: 400

View: 178

"...excellent for use as a text in information assurance orcyber-security courses...I strongly advocate thatprofessors...examine this book with the intention of using it intheir programs." (Computing Reviews.com, March 22, 2007) "The book is written as a student textbook, but it should beequally valuable for current practitioners...this book is a veryworthwhile investment." (Homeland Security Watch, August 17,2006) While the emphasis is on the development of policies that lead tosuccessful prevention of terrorist attacks on the nation’sinfrastructure, this book is the first scientific study of criticalinfrastructures and their protection. The book models thenation’s most valuable physical assets and infrastructuresectors as networks of nodes and links. It then analyzes thenetwork to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the sectorcombining network science, complexity theory, modeling andsimulation, and risk analysis. The most critical components become the focus of deeper analysisand protection. This approach reduces the complex problem ofprotecting water supplies, energy pipelines, telecommunicationstations, Internet and Web networks, and power grids to a muchsimpler problem of protecting a few critical nodes. The new editionincorporates a broader selection of ideas and sectors and moves themathematical topics into several appendices.

Innovation Markets and Sustainable Energy

disruptive. innovation. The. power. to. change. markets. Paul Harborne, Chris
Hendry and James Brown INTRODUCTION Christensen (1997) highlighted the '
innovators dilemma' – the need for managers to encourage radical technological

Innovation  Markets and Sustainable Energy

Author: Stefano Pogutz

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1848449321

Page: 268

View: 898

Innovation, Markets and Sustainable Energy is the first attempt to explore fuel cells and hydrogen technologies by embracing a solid theoretical perspective in the field of innovation and management. Adopting a cross-sectional and international perspective, the book analyzes the implications of introducing fuel cells into the industrial system and explores the complexity of market development for new technological solutions. This book presents an in-depth study of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and markets, concentrating on the disruptive nature of these technologies. It examines the value chain structure and the strategies of relevant industry players, the alliances and inter-organizational learning processes, the development of new markets, and venture capital dynamics. It also provides an overview of the policies that support hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in major countries around the world. Academics focussing on innovation management, strategy, sustainability, and energy and environmental management will warmly welcome this timely book. It will also be of great interest for the fuel cell and hydrogen practitioner community at large and in particular policymakers.

Insulation Co ordination in High voltage Electric Power Systems

Disruptive discharge and withstand voltages 3.1 INTRODUCTION In insulation co
-ordination the concept of a 'withstand voltage' is fundamental. If it could be
defined as a precise voltage which, if exceeded, would definitely lead to
insulation ...

Insulation Co ordination in High voltage Electric Power Systems

Author: W. Diesendorf

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483102378

Page: 136

View: 239

Insulation Co-ordination in High-Voltage Electric Power Systems deals with the methods of insulation needed in different circumstances. The book covers topics such as overvoltages and lightning surges; disruptive discharge and withstand voltages; self-restoring and non-self-restoring insulation; lightning overvoltages on transmission lines; and the attenuation and distortion of lightning surges. Also covered in the book are topics such as the switching surge designs of transmission lines, as well as the insulation coordination of high-voltage stations. The text is recommended for electrical engineering students and practitioners who would like to know more about the methods of insulation and their applications.

Histological Analysis of Endocrine Disruptive Effects in Small Laboratory Fish

Based on this knowledge, the necessary number of animals per replicate and
number of replicates in each of the control and exposure groups can be
estimated using power analyses, whereby the assumptions are that the
probability of a type ...

Histological Analysis of Endocrine Disruptive Effects in Small Laboratory Fish

Author: Daniel Dietrich

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470431788

Page: 272

View: 206

Timely title assembling the combined knowledge of some of the leading authorities in the field of small fish reproduction - an important topic for risk assessment and registration of chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical compounds Provides guidance on the microscopic structure of living tissue and evaluation of the reproductive glands of small laboratory fish Includes state-of-the-art science along with sufficient anatomical and physiological background for understanding and interpreting test results Helps standardize the interpretation of results from aquatic bioassays and field observations, which will also clarify inconsistencies in the current scientific literature Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

The Innovator s Guide to Growth

Putting Disruptive Innovation to Work Scott D. Anthony, Mark W. Johnson, Joseph
V. Sinfield, Elizabeth J. Altman ... Principle 3: Business Model Innovation Often
Powers Disruption More often than not, the true disruptive power of an innovation

The Innovator s Guide to Growth

Author: Scott D. Anthony

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422146030

Page: 320

View: 380

More than a decade ago, Clayton Christensen's breakthrough book The Innovator's Dilemma illustrated how disruptive innovations drive industry transformation and market creation. Christensen's research demonstrated how growth-seeking incumbents must develop the capability to deflect disruptive attacks and seize disruptive opportunities. In The Innovator's Guide to Growth, Scott Anthony, Mark Johnson, Joseph Sinfield, and Elizabeth Altman take the subject to the next level: implementation. The authors explain how to create this crucial capability for unlocking disruption's transformational power. With a foreword by Christensen, this book provides a set of market-proven tools and approaches to innovation that have been honed through fieldwork with innovative companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Intel, Motorola, SAP, and Cisco Systems. The book shows you how to: Follow a market-proven process -- so your company can reliably create blockbuster businesses Create structures, systems, and metrics -- so the disruptive innovations that will power your firm's future growth receive the funding and personnel needed to succeed Create a common language of disruptive innovation -- so managers can reach consensus around counterintuitive courses of action Incisive and practical, this book helps your company take the steps necessary to benefit from disruption -- instead of being eclipsed by it.

Principles of Information Security

This degradation of service is a form of availability disruption. Irregularities in
Internet service, communications, and power supplies can dramatically affect the
availability of information and systems. Internet Service Issues In organizations
that ...

Principles of Information Security

Author: Michael E. Whitman

Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

ISBN: 9781423901778

Page: 598

View: 247

Incorporating both the managerial and technical aspects of this discipline, the authors address knowledge areas of Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification throughout and include many examples of issues faced by today's businesses.