Who s 50

The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before You Die Graeme Burk, Robert Smith.
a different order than they ... Every story during the season featured the Doctor
and Romana seeking a segment of the Key to Time. Often it would tie in to plot ...

Who   s 50

Author: Graeme Burk

Publisher: ECW/ORIM

ISBN: 1770904751

Page: 420

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“Like being thrown the keys to the TARDIS with a temporal map to visit all those not-to-be-missed adventures in time and space” (Phil Ford, Doctor Who writer). Ever since its premiere on November 23, 1963, Doctor Who has been a television phenomenon. This companion guide presents the top fifty stories from the show’s first fifty years—examining every corner of the imaginative, humorous, and sometimes scary universe that has made Doctor Who an iconic part of popular culture. This must-have reference also includes behind the scenes details, goofs, trivia, connections to Doctor Who lore, and much more.

Doctor Who and Philosophy

Haining, Peter. 1984. Doctor Who, the Key to Time: A Year-by-Year Record.
London: Allen. Hansen, Chris, ed. 2010. Ruminations, Peregrinations, and
Regenerations: A Critical Approach to Doctor Who. Cambridge Scholars. Hansen
, Randall.

Doctor Who and Philosophy

Author: Courtland Lewis

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 0812697251

Page: 288

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Not only is Doctor Who the longest-running science fiction TV show in history, but it has also been translated into numerous languages, broadcast around the world, and referred to as the “way of the future” by some British politicians. The Classic Doctor Who series built up a loyal American cult following, with regular conventions and other activities. The new series, relaunched in 2005, has emerged from culthood into mass awareness, with a steadily growing viewership and major sales of DVDs. The current series, featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, is breaking all earlier records, in both the UK and the US. Doctor Who is a continuing story about the adventures of a mysterious alien known as “the Doctor,” a traveller of both time and space whose spacecraft is the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), which from the outside looks like a British police telephone box of the 1950s. The TARDIS is “bigger on the inside than on the outside”—actually the interior is immense. The Doctor looks human, but has two hearts, and a knowledge of all languages in the universe. Periodically, when the show changes the leading actor, the Doctor “regenerates.”

Doctor Who Shada

It was in fact a TARDIS, a machine that could travel anywhere in space and time,
and its humble battered wooden blue ... much to the Doctor's irritation – to
recover the six segments of the Key to Time, an extraordinarily awesomely
powerful ...

Doctor Who  Shada

Author: Douglas Adams

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446417816

Page: 416

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The legendary lost Doctor Who story from the unique mind of Douglas Adams Inside this book is another book – the strangest, most important and most dangerous book in the entire universe. The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey is one of the Artefacts, dating from dark days of Rassilon. It wields enormous power, and it must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Skagra – who believes he should be God and permits himself only two smiles per day – most definitely has the wrong hands. Beware Skagra. Beware the Sphere. Beware Shada.

Doctor Who Doctionary

Android Antimatter Anti-Plastic Regeneration Roundel TARDIS Temporal Rift
Time Energy Time Lords Time Rotor Time ... Time Winds Total Event Collapse
Untempered Schism, the Science and Apollo 11 ATMOS Block Transfer Key to
Time ...

Doctor Who  Doctionary


Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405910194

Page: 176

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Have you ever wondered what the Doctor is actually talking about? Are you burning to find out what the Blinovitch Limitation Effect is? Or what regeneration really is? In this book, the Doctor takes you through all those tricky Time Lord words and phrases to teach you everything you need to know for travelling through time and space in the TARDIS with him.

Sydney Klein Doctor of Time

Sydney turned her arm over and looked at the odd shaped birthmark that did look
like an old skeleton key. ... She felt a slight shock similar to when you touch
certain objects around the house in the wintertime and are always getting a small

Sydney Klein Doctor of Time

Author: Donna M. Jones

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 143898958X

Page: 108

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Sydney Klein has a secret. A destiny passed down through her family since the beginning of time itself. On one beautiful fall day her life changes forever when she comes face to face with her beloved grandfather who had died six months earlier. She learns what the strange birthmark on her arm really is; a key that unlocks the door to time. She alone is the new Time Doctor and no one, not even her parents, can know. She is soon faced with her first operation as Time Doctor and it will take her back to one of the most famous and bloodiest battles of the Civil War....Gettysburg. Is Sydney ready?

Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood

Well , so can the segments of the Key to Time . ' ' But why was the Key divided in
the first place ? ' " The Key to Time is so powerful that it must never pass into the
hands of one single being , ' said the Doctor solemnly . “ That is why it was split ...

Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood

Author: Terrance Dicks

Publisher: Carol Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780426200994

Page: 124

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Doctor Who Guide 1 3

A TARDIS's interior spaces exist in a different dimension from its exterior,
allowing it to appear to be bigger on the inside. The Doctor states that
transdimensional engineering was a key Time Lord discovery in "The Robots of
Death".'52' In the ...

Doctor Who Guide 1 3

Author: compiled from Wikipedia pages and published by Dr Googelberg

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1291079815


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Timeless Adventures

the planet is on display in a reliquary and is part of the key to Time sought by the
Doctor . Caught up in the conmen's manoeuvres and the Graff's ambitions , the
Doctor also has to recover the Key segment . The literary games are further
played ...

Timeless Adventures

Author: Brian J. Robb

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Limited


Page: 256

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Reveals how Doctor Who is at its strongest when it reflects the political and cultural concerns of a mass British audience (as in the 1960s, 1970s and 21st century), and at its weakest when catering to a narrow, fan-based audience (as in the 1980s). Chapters range from discussions of the cultural and political relevance of Doctor Who monsters like the Daleks and the Cybermen, through to the show's treatment of themes like energy and the environment in the 1970s.

Doctor Who City of Death Target Collection

Discover the new Doctor Who classics.

Doctor Who  City of Death  Target Collection

Author: James Goss

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473531241

Page: 192

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Discover the new Doctor Who classics. The key to Earth's destruction lies buried in its past. Visiting Paris in 1979, the Doctor and Romana’s hopes for a holiday are soon shattered by armed thugs, a suave and dangerous Count, a plot to steal the Mona Lisa and a world-threatening experiment with time. Teaming up with a British detective, the Time Lords discover that a ruthless alien plot hatched in Earth’s pre-history has reached its final stage. If Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth, cannot be stopped then the human race is history, along with all life on Earth...

Television Character and Story Facts

Doctor number 4 and Leela inherited it when the professor returned to Earth (
due to weight restrictions on the ... Lady Romanavoratrelunder , Romana for short
, was a female Time Lord assigned to help the Doctor find the Key to Time , a ...

Television Character and Story Facts

Author: Vincent Terrace

Publisher: McFarland Publishing


Page: 539

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A dictionary listing of network and syndicated television programs which aired from September 1945 to December 1992. Includes information on the casts of the shows, history, plotlines, and soundtrack titles.

Doctor Who

Before a TARDIS becomes fully functional, it must be primed with the biological
imprint of a Time Lord, normally done by simply having a Time Lord ... According
to the Doctor, transdimensional engineering was ”a key Time Lord discovery”.

Doctor Who


Publisher: PediaPress



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The Science of Doctor Who

Key. to. Time. This perfect cube (what cube isn't perfect?) was the purpose for the
entire sixteenth season of Doctor Who. It contains the elemental force of the
Whoniverse and is said to maintain the equilibrium of time itself. It consists of six ...

The Science of Doctor Who

Author: Mark Brake

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510757872

Page: 264

View: 793

Geek out over the TARDIS, aliens, alternate timelines, parallel worlds, and all your favorite characters from the Doctor Who Universe! Doctor Who arrived with the Space Age, when the Doctor first began exploring the universe in a time-traveling spaceship. Over half a century since, the Doctor has gone global. Millions of people across this planet enjoy Doctor Who in worldwide simulcast and cinema extravaganzas. Doctor Who has infused our minds and our language and made it much richer. What a fantastic world we inhabit through the Doctor. The program boils over withballsy women, bisexual companions, scientific passion, and a billion weird and wonderful alien worlds beyond our own. The show represents almost sixty years' worth of magical science-fiction storytelling. And Doctor Who is, despite being about a thousands-of-years-old alien with two hearts and a spacetime taxi made of wood, still one of our very best role models of what it is to be human in the twenty-first century. In The Science of Doctor Who, we take a peek under the hood of the TARDIS and explore the science behind questions such as: What does Doctor Who tell us about space travel? Could the TARDIS really be bigger on the inside? In what ways does the Doctor view the end of our world? Is the Doctor right about alternate timelines and parallel worlds? Will intelligent machines ever rule the earth? Is the earth becoming more like Doctor Who's matrix? Is the Doctor a superhero? How do daleks defecate? So welcome to The Science of Doctor Who, where the Doctor steps smoothly in and out of different realities, faces earthly and unearthly threats with innovation and unpredictability, and successfully uses science in the pay of pacifist resistance!

The Red Doctor

In making an examination of the furniture and accommodations of my apartment I
had found in a table-drawer the keys ... glistened among the other keys, which,
though well cleaned, were covered with that coat of brown which time spreads ...

The Red Doctor

Author: Jean Baptiste Pierre Lafitte



Page: 347

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Inside the Tardis

that the Doctor ' s robotic dog , K9 , was introduced into the series before Star
Wars was released in Britain ( late 1977 ) and was ... The device was to have the
Doctor undertake a quest for the Key to Time – ' a perfect cube which maintains
the ...

Inside the Tardis

Author: James Chapman

Publisher: I.B. Tauris

ISBN: 9781845111632

Page: 272

View: 108

With the successful twenty-first century revival of an old favourite for a new generation of viewers, this is the time to look afresh at one of the great classics of British television. "Doctor Who" enjoys the distinction of being the longest-running science fiction series in the world. The adventures of everyone's favourite "Time Lord" and his many companions, as they battle it out with Daleks, Cybermen and many more intergalactic menaces, have become an indelible part of popular culture. In this new study of a television institution - the first to draw extensively on the full riches of the "BBC Written Archives" - James Chapman explores the history of "Doctor Who" from its origins to the present day. He shows how the series has evolved to meet changing contexts inside the BBC and in the wider culture, while all the time retaining its quirky, eccentric and distinctively British characteristics. And he demonstrates how the production history of the series has allowed it to renew and refresh its format in response to developments in the wider world of science fiction. Chapman writes from the perspective of a fan as well as a historian: this will be the essential text for all serious "Doctor Who" aficionados.

Doctor Who Time Trips The Collection

TheDoctor felt in hispocket for his TARDIS key.His sickness had been keptat bay
by the medicine from Polly'sworld, but here,ithad returned in force. Nausea
assailed him. Hisskin was laddered with radiation burns. Hisvision was dimming.

Doctor Who  Time Trips  The Collection

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448142326

Page: 384

View: 730

Time Trips is a unique and beautifully illustrated collection of Doctor Who adventures from bestselling and award-winning writers including Joanne Harris, Trudi Canavan, Nick Harkaway, A.L. Kennedy and more. Taking you from ancient Alexandria to nameless planets in the far future, these tales are at turns funny, frightening, moving and thought-provoking – short stories that are bigger on the inside. Time Trips includes: The Anti-Hero (featuring the Second Doctor) by Stella Duffy Salt of the Earth (featuring the Third Doctor) by Trudi Canavan The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller (featuring the Third Doctor) by Joanne Harris The Death Pit (featuring the Fourth Doctor) by A.L. Kennedy A Handful of Stardust (featuring the Sixth Doctor) by Jake Arnott The Bog Warrior (featuring the Tenth Doctor) by Cecelia Ahern Keeping Up with the Joneses (featuring the Tenth Doctor) by Nick Harkaway Into the Nowhere (featuring the Eleventh Doctor) by Jenny T. Colgan

The Doctor Who Quiz Book

What sonic device does the Doctor carry? What does Captain Jack use to travel
through time when not with the Doctor? What famous Dutch painter did ... What
colours where the two Guardians in the Key to time? What companion was
named ...

The Doctor Who Quiz Book

Author: Paul Andrews

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1782343466

Page: 14

View: 357

How well do you know Doctor Who? This Quiz book will test even the most avid fan, with questions that span all eleven incarnations of the Doctor, his companions and enemies! Test yourself and your friends with this Doctor Who Quiz Book.

Doctor Who

21 The Deadly Assassin and The Invasion of Time . 22 The Invasion of Time - the
Doctor becomes “ the first President since Rassilon to hold the Great Key ” ,
implying that Rassilon was President . Shada . Four to Doomsday . 23 THE KEY -
In ...

Doctor Who

Author: Lance Parkin

Publisher: Virgin Books Limited

ISBN: 9780426204718

Page: 273

View: 819

At last, the complete timeline of the Doctor Who universe, from Event One to the universe's final destruction billions of years in the future. This essential reference work reveals the full story of the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Time Lords--as well as a comprehensive history of Earth and humankind, from primitive African tribes to galactic conquest. With dates ranging from the obvious to the obscure, this book is truly an indispensable guide to the world of Doctor Who.

The Doctor Etc

Yes , reader - course may take off the remembrance of the All things within it last
key in which you played , or some occaAre so digested , fitted and composed
sion of a leaving off for some pretty time , by a string breaking or the like ; or if not

The Doctor  Etc

Author: Robert Southey



Page: 694

View: 686

The Doctor c

Yes , readercourse may take off the remembrance of the All things within it last
key in which you played , or some occaAre so digested , fitted and composed
sion of a leaving off for some pretty time , As it shows Wit had married Order . by a

The Doctor   c

Author: Robert Southey



Page: 694

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Doctor Who Who ology

The End of Time – Uses the Immortality Gate to turn every human into a perfect
copy of himself and unexpectedly brings Gallifrey back ... (The Five Doctors) •
The Great Key of Rassilon-Activated the De-Matgun, Gallifrey's ultimate weapon.

Doctor Who  Who ology

Author: Cavan Scott

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448141257

Page: 368

View: 119

Test your knowledge of the last Time Lord and the worlds he’s visited in Who-ology, an unforgettable journey through over 50 years of Doctor Who. Packed with facts, figures and stories from the show’s galactic run, this unique tour of space and time takes you from Totters Lane to Heaven itself, taking in guides to UNIT call signs, details of the inner workings of sonic screwdrivers, and a reliability chart covering every element of the TARDIS. Now fully updated to cover everything through to the 12th Doctor's final episode, and with tables, charts and illustrations dotted throughout, as well as fascinating lists and exhaustive detail, you won’t believe the wonders that await.