Talkin to Myself

... door I don't wantno more pinto beans : boys I don't want no more :they about
make my stomach sore I ate I don't want ... I got through :I hadto scrub my floor I
don't want none of themfava beans :boysI don't want no more I don't want none of

Talkin  to Myself

Author: Michael Taft

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136734082

Page: 744

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Talkin' to Myself: Blues Lyrics, 1921-1942 is a compendium of lyrics by the great blues recording artists of the classic blues era. It includes over 2000 songs, transcribed directly from the original recordings, making it by far the most comprehensive and accurate collection of blues lyrics available.

Language and Material Culture

I don't care for any 716 No thank you 117 I wouldn't choose any 51 I don't care for
it 43 I wouldn't care for any 22 I don't want any 18 I don't choose any 16 I don't
wish any 16 I don't care for none 15 14 No I thank you I don't want it 11 No ...

Language and Material Culture

Author: Allison Paige Burkette

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9027267944

Page: 192

View: 803

This innovative and provocative work introduces complexity theory and its application to both the study of language and the study of material culture. The book begins with a wide-ranging theoretical background, covering the areas of dialect geography, the anthropological study of material culture, and a general introduction to the study of complex adaptive systems. Following this general introduction, the principles of complexity theory are demonstrated in data drawn from linguistics and material culture studies. Language and Material Culture further highlights the principles of complexity through a series of case studies, using data from the Linguistic Atlas, colonial American inventories and the Historic American Building Survey. LMC shows that language and material culture are intertwined as they interact within the same cultural complex system. The book is designed for students in courses that focus on language variation, American English and material culture, in addition to general courses on applications of complex systems.

Slips of Speech

Omit not or change only to except. “He will never return, I don't believe.” Say, “He
will never return,” or, if that statement is two emphatic, say, “I don't believe he will
ever return.” Don't want none “I don't want none,” “I ain't got nothing,” “He can't ...

Slips of Speech

Author: John H. Bechtel

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3734088127

Page: 156

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Reproduction of the original: Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel

Essential English Grade 4

When there is already one negative word in a sentence ... use any in place of no
or none. use ever in place of never. use anybody in place of nobody. use
anywhere in place of nowhere. use anything in place of nothing. Examples: I don'
t want ...

Essential English   Grade 4

Author: Delores Boufford

Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press

ISBN: 078770380X

Page: 64

View: 996

Milliken's Essential English series for grades 1-8 is designed to enable students to use the English language in both written and oral communications effectively and with ease and confidence. Grade 4 includes 55 pages with a variety of activities to help the student gain skills in using sentence sense, classifying commas, avoiding run-on sentences, understanding paragraph construction, past and present tense verbs, irregular verbs, possessive nouns, writing conversation, using prefixes and suffixes, colons and semi-colons, attempting story writing and more. Answer keys are included.

No One Gets Out Alive

This place is gonna be somefing, I can tell you, when it's all done up, so I don't
want none of that, yeah, about my house. Reputation and all that.' He sniffed
loudly and relaxed his shoulders. Getting his own way was important to Knacker.

No One Gets Out Alive

Author: Adam Nevill

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0230772145


View: 957

Winner of the August Derleth Award, No One Gets Out Alive is the ultimate haunted house thriller from horror writer Adam Nevill. Darkness lives within . . . Cash-strapped, working for agencies and living in shared accommodation, Stephanie Booth feels she can fall no further. So when she takes a new room at the right price, she believes her luck has finally turned. But 82 Edgware Road is not what it appears to be. It's not only the eerie atmosphere of the vast, neglected house, or the disturbing attitude of her new landlord, Knacker McGuire, that makes her uneasy - it's the whispers behind the fireplace, the scratching beneath floors, the footsteps in the dark, and the young women weeping in neighbouring rooms. And when Knacker's cousin Fergal arrives, the danger goes vertical. But this is merely a beginning, a gateway to horrors beyond Stephanie's worst nightmares. And in a house where no one listens to the screams, will she ever get out alive?

The Real Deal

I don't want none of that dirty money. I'm not going to jail and I don't want to be
around people doing that kind of stuff.” “Teisha, it's easy money. It was the easiest
thing I've done in my life. Anybody can do it.” “I don't care how easy it was. I don't

The Real Deal

Author: Kofi Quaye

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465330437

Page: 93

View: 212

What happens when a hardcore American thug and hustler meets a young African wannabe gangsta in New York? Culture shock for the African when he finds out the real deal in the thug life, in the hood, in the mean streets of America, that wearing the wrong colors can get you killed, that being at the wrong place at the wrong time can be a fatal mistake. Culture shock for the American gangsta when the African pulls his girl, because she finds him real and grounded among other things. Together, the unlikely pair go up against the big boys and end up with more problems than they bargained for.

The History of the Hen Fever A Humorous Record

SIR—I want tu get sum coshin chiney aggs, them as will hatch out chickns with
fethers onto the leggs an no mistaik. if you got them kind yu can cend me wun
dusen an i ... I dont want none nless thay can eat off tops of flour barrils, of course

The History of the Hen Fever  A Humorous Record

Author: Geo. P. Burnham

Publisher: Good Press


Page: 910

View: 392

"The History of the Hen Fever. A Humorous Record" by Geo. P. Burnham. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

A Brief History of Seven Killings

—Then after the woman don't want move. —Then move her. I step back quick. I
don't want none of these men touching me. They always grab on to ass or crotch
first. Behind me a car pulls up and a white man comes out. For just a split second

A Brief History of Seven Killings

Author: Marlon James

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698170504

Page: 704

View: 574

Winner of the 2015 Man Booker Prize A recipient of the 2015 American Book Award One of the Top 10 Books of 2014 – Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times A New York Times Book Review Notable Book Named a best book of the year by: The New York Times Chicago Tribune The Washington Post The Boston Globe Time Newsweek The Huffington Post The Seattle Times The Houston Chronicle Publishers Weekly Library Journal Popsugar BookPage BuzzFeed Books Salon Kansas City Star L Magazine From the acclaimed author of The Book of Night Women comes a “musical, electric, fantastically profane” (The New York Times) epic that explores the tumultuous world of Jamaica over the past three decades. In A Brief History of Seven Killings, Marlon James combines brilliant storytelling with his unrivaled skills of characterization and meticulous eye for detail to forge an enthralling novel of dazzling ambition and scope. On December 3, 1976, just before the Jamaican general election and two days before Bob Marley was to play the Smile Jamaica Concert to ease political tensions in Kingston, seven gunmen stormed the singer’s house, machine guns blazing. The attack wounded Marley, his wife, and his manager, and injured several others. Little was officially released about the gunmen, but much has been whispered, gossiped and sung about in the streets of West Kingston. Rumors abound regarding the assassins’ fates, and there are suspicions that the attack was politically motivated. A Brief History of Seven Killings delves deep into that dangerous and unstable time in Jamaica’s history and beyond. James deftly chronicles the lives of a host of unforgettable characters – gunmen, drug dealers, one-night stands, CIA agents, even ghosts – over the course of thirty years as they roam the streets of 1970s Kingston, dominate the crack houses of 1980s New York, and ultimately reemerge into the radically altered Jamaica of the 1990s. Along the way, they learn that evil does indeed cast long shadows, that justice and retribution are inextricably linked, and that no one can truly escape his fate. Gripping and inventive, shocking and irresistible, A Brief History of Seven Killings is a mesmerizing modern classic of power, mystery, and insight. From the Hardcover edition.

Sins of the Fetus Man

And I will not stop him next time Our Fetus Man Also I'm skipping the remaining
Attendances And I cringe at my title each and every time it is spoken for I know
they view me as something I want nothing of and I don't want to be anyone's
Fetus ...

Sins of the Fetus Man

Author: Stuart Lethe

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477128964

Page: 363

View: 460

Sins of the Fetus Man is a novel based on the Authors vivid nightmares and schizophrenic tendencies. Its a collection of accounted atrocities and sins that the being he has titled The Fetus Man has committed and lived through, the man that haunts Lethe when his eyes are closed. Its also an accumulation of Sins that the author puts claim to have personally experienced, not committed; but seen, showing and dedicating his triumphant struggle not over but through depression and how he was able to use the pages as a listening friend, a trusted ally, and an un-judgmental companion. The Fetus Man, a man who wants nothing more than to be a man of Christ finds himself the exact opposite through the experiences he is pre-ordained to live through.

Makin Cherry and Apple Pies Under the Land of the Living Skies

You think i wanna live in an effin zoo I ain't the only one apparently that was on
the run The last couple months haven't ... to be gone I don't want none of these
birds buggin me or my neighbors Her and my dad gotta know when it rains it
pours ...

Makin Cherry and Apple Pies Under the Land of the Living Skies

Author: Chelsey Hansen

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1728373492

Page: 148

View: 506

Chelsey Hansen has overcome many obstacles in life. Determined to create a positive path for herself despite her battles with addiction and other challenges that were sometimes out of her control, Chelsey chose to persevere beyond her limitations and achieve her goals. In a collection of creatively presented poems and prose, Chelsey blends spoken word, rap lyricism, and texting conventions with emojis while leading others through her personal story while sharing an important message that history does not have to repeat itself. Throughout writings inspired by her commitment to personal growth and her devotion to her two children, Chelsey provides poignant insight into the workings of her mind, heart, and soul as she determinedly puts one foot in front of the other and made her way out of the darkness and into the light of a new chapter.

Bond No Nonsense English 9 10 Years

Write the sentences, replacing the underlined negative word so that the meaning
is clear. a Nobody's never been into that ... c I can't do none of these sums. d You'
re not doing nothing wrong are you? e Mary is ill; she doesn't want no dinner.

Bond No Nonsense English 9 10 Years

Author: Sarah Lindsay

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 0748795669

Page: 64

View: 331

Bond No Nonsense is the home learning series clearly differentiated from the competition, that concentrates on teaching and building real skills in maths and English under the brand promise 'serious about your child's learning'.

Everything Is Just Yesterday with Lots of Tomorrows

“I don't know what to believe at this point, I'm just afraid that this boy is setting up
our family, you, for his evil intent.” “No, Mother ... I don't want none of this, but if
this is where you want to push me, I have no choice but to protect myself. You can

Everything Is Just Yesterday with Lots of Tomorrows

Author: Robert H. T. W. Nieder

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 149315463X

Page: 267

View: 930

This is a fi ctional tale that contains slight spiritual messages and subtle social issues sprinkled into it. It is a love story between a young angry hateful shrimper who lives in the village of Edgewater which is located along the St. Johns River in northern Florida and a young Gullah woman who is from St. Helena Island off the Beaufort coast of South Carolina. A boating accident occurs out in the Atlantic Ocean in which Billie Barrett is washed ashore on Hunting Island, South Carolina. After medical attention is given to Billie he is taken in and cared for by a Gullah family living in St. Helena Island. It is in this household that he meets Bridgette Kamau who tends to him on a day to day basis. A connection is made between the two and Billie has a change of heart in his ignorance as he falls in love with her. You will read into it what you will and get out of it what you perceive.

Redefining Black Film

If Lee had chosen to dramatize this scene musically, the Jerri curl men could
have portrayed Wannabees while Dap and company maintained their Jigaboo
status. From a musical ... Don't want none either, so don't start none. This is
America" ...

Redefining Black Film

Author: Mark A. Reid

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520912847

Page: 170

View: 303

Can films about black characters, produced by white filmmakers, be considered "black films"? In answering this question, Mark Reid reassesses black film history, carefully distinguishing between films controlled by blacks and films that utilize black talent, but are controlled by whites. Previous black film criticism has "buried" the true black film industry, Reid says, by concentrating on films that are about, but not by, blacks. Reid's discussion of black independent films—defined as films that focus on the black community and that are written, directed, produced, and distributed by blacks—ranges from the earliest black involvement at the turn of the century up through the civil rights movement of the Sixties and the recent resurgence of feminism in black cultural production. His critical assessment of work by some black filmmakers such as Spike Lee notes how these films avoid dramatizations of sexism, homophobia, and classism within the black community. In the area of black commercial film controlled by whites, Reid considers three genres: African-American comedy, black family film, and black action film. He points out that even when these films use black writers and directors, a black perspective rarely surfaces. Reid's innovative critical approach, which transcends the "black-image" language of earlier studies—and at the same time redefines black film—makes an important contribution to film history. Certain to attract film scholars, this work will also appeal to anyone interested in African-American and Women's Studies.

Blessed Assurance

Take all day , ain ' t nothing gonna change . Are you listening to me ? Hey ?
Come on . ( Olivia at kitchen door . ) I been sent here to tell you how things are
gonna be . In my heart I don ' t want none of this . You know that , don ' t you ?

Blessed Assurance

Author: Laddy Sartin

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822217145

Page: 59

View: 163

THE STORIES: It is the turbulent Freedom Summer of 1964. Olivia, the cook for the Whitehouse café, has shocked her small southern town by marching up the courthouse steps demanding to register to vote. Because of this she is attacked from all sides

Drug World

Young Blood called one of his bodyguards and told him to go to her table and
harass her, so he could come and defend her. Bokeem: “Hello Mrs. Lady what's
your name?” Blue Eyes: “Don't want none.” Bokeem: “Damn, don't want none, ...

Drug World

Author: Ronald Barnes

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479727903

Page: 199

View: 612

The world for JC was inescapable, it seemed like the more he ran from the life style of selling drugs; the more it came in his life. After losing his two sons mother to drug world, he fell in love with the woman of his dreams. He thought he was off to a beautiful future with his family, until his past caught up with him and sent him to prison. After prison, that dreadful life style that he feared, came in his life like a quiet storm. Before he could realize what had happen to his life after prison, he was caught up in drug world and couldnt get out. The drug world is a heartless and selfish business, it has no respect for life or anything in it. This book does not sugar coat any aspect of this life style; at any level what so ever, its the plain truth and if you think for one minute you can stand the test of time in drug world. Youre a fool, because the life style aint nothing but sadness and pain!

False Dawn

She's nobody's woman.” At that theother man giggled. ... “You want her?” “
Leaveher alone.” “All right,”he said with a little nod. He stepped back from her. “
Later, huh? When you've thoughtit ... “I don't want none of that. You don't whisper
when ...

False Dawn

Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473206960

Page: 320

View: 797

False Dawn, one of the first post-apocalyptic science fiction novels to deal with an environmental collapse instead of war, tells a compelling story of two people thrown together by chance, striving to stay alive in a world that can no longer support a vast human population. Seeking refuge in the Sierra Nevada, Thea and Evan have to keep moving to stay ahead of raiding gangs and the few remaining settlements. With devastation all around, they must decide when survival itself may not be worth the price it demands. Among the first American science fiction novels to use pollution and contamination rather than atomic or hydrogen bombs as the apocalyptic device, and set in actual California locations, False Dawn has come to be regarded as an important transitional novel in dystopian science fiction.

Texas Rifles

Curtly Cloud said, “Nobody asked you.” The Rifles walked ... They sat down on
their wagon tongue, and the old man pleaded: “Captain, it weren't none of their
fault. I was the one made ... I got no slaves and don't want none. I say if these rich

Texas Rifles

Author: Elmer Kelton

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1466817623

Page: 224

View: 154

The new Confederacy, facing into the Union cannon, had too much on its hands to send troops to the Texas frontier to hold back the Indians. Instead, it authorized the State of Texas to raise its own troops. Many kinds of men drifted into the Texas Mounted Rifles. Some thought it might be safer than fighting in far off Virginia. Many were merely young men a-thirst for adventure. Some were settlers who saw this as the best way to protect their families and homes against the murderous thrusts of the Comanche. And some were men who still loved the Union, who had lived too long under that gallant flag to turn their guns against it now. Such a man was Scout Sam Houston Cloud... At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Tribe of Seven Hawks Dancing

That the way of it?” she demanded. There was a murmur of “Yes, Ma'am,” and
nods. “I'm tellin' you this because I don't want sneaky questions bein' asked,
either here on the ranch or in town. And I don't want none of you to spread any
kind of ...

The Tribe of Seven Hawks Dancing

Author: Alex Stoffel

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 146973348X

Page: 228

View: 405

Book II of the SEVEN-HAWKS-DANCING Trilogy. The Sioux are getting restless over in the Black Hills, and the white population is uneasy. The army is alert. Then two herds of government-allocated cattle intended for the Northern Cheyenne are missing. So are more than 20 young warriors sent to bring them to the people gathered on the reservation between the Rosebud and the tongue. Without the cattle, the people will starve—or maybe take by force that which is neccesary to survive. Two brothers, one Cheyenne (a Warchief named Bear-That-Walks-The-Sky) and the other white (named Jed who is also a deadly gunman called the Breed), must deal with the mystery before the Northern Plains again run red with blood. In the midst of this, Jed must settle some things, and help the woman he has chosen for his life to recover from injuries received in the tale told in Book I.

Mama I m In Love With A Gangsta

“I need to see if my shit up in here.” York attempted to push dude out of the way
and enter the house. “What the fuck ... to Jazzy, breathing hard. “He don't want
none of what I got up in here.” He glared at York. “You don't want none, son, trust.

Mama I m In Love With A Gangsta

Author: Joy

Publisher: Urban Renaissance

ISBN: 1622863283

Page: 288

View: 833

Baby Girl McCoy was given her name when her mother couldn't even be bothered to give her another one in the hospital after she gave birth. Baby Girl was the product of rape, and she spends her life in a quest for a father figure. Never in a million years did she imagine that she'd find it in the man that she does. With a good head on her shoulders and a forgiving heart, Harlem Lee Jones discovers that some things in life must still be accounted for. She may have allowed her heart to find its way to God, but the devil is surely lurking close behind. Has she really left her mean street ways behind her? These two dramatic stories filled with pain, heartache, and ghetto love, remind readers that you can take the girl away from the ghetto, but she'll always manage to find her way back.

God Don t Play

“We need to talk about this mess you brought up the other night,” he began. He
hadn't ... Especially us. Crabs in a barrel don't want none of them other crabs to
get out that barrel, and they'll do everything they can to make sure they don't.

God Don t Play

Author: Mary Monroe

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758257937

Page: 320

View: 823

From New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe comes the story of two lifelong friends, their secrets and lies, and the new challenge that may divide them once and for all. . . With a lovely home and family, Annette Goode finally has it all. Heaven knows she paid her dues--from an abusive childhood to a rocky start as an adult. Annette's friend Rhoda knows too, for Rhoda has been both her savior and her greatest fear. Their relationship has survived some serious shake-ups. But now that things are good, someone apparently thinks they're a little too good. . . When Annette receives an anonymous--and menacing--birthday gift, it's just the beginning of a slew of hostile letters, vicious phone calls, and vile packages from a female who is obviously disguising her voice. Comforted by Rhoda and Rhoda's teenage daughter, Jade, Annette hopes the problem will somehow disappear. But when the threats extend to her child, Annette realizes the situation is dire. For soon her tormentor reveals exactly what she wants--and how it could destroy everything Annette has built. . . Praise for Mary Monroe "Reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston." --Publishers Weekly "Watch out Toni Morrison, there is a new sister in town." --Rapport