Drama and Digital Arts Cultures

Drawing on examples from games, education, online media, technology-enabled performance and the creative industries, the book uses the elements of applied drama to frame our understanding of digital cultures.

Drama and Digital Arts Cultures

Author: David Cameron

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472592212

Page: 344

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Drama and Digital Arts Cultures is a critical guide to the new forms of playful exploration, co-creativity, and improvised performance made possible by digital networked media. Drawing on examples from games, education, online media, technology-enabled performance and the creative industries, the book uses the elements of applied drama to frame our understanding of digital cultures. Exploring the connected real-world and virtual spaces where young people are making and sharing digital content, it draws attention to the fundamental applied drama conventions that infuse and activate this networked culture. Challenging descriptions of drama and digital technology as binary opposites, the book maps common principles and practice grounded in role, embodiment, performance, play, and identity that are being amplified and enhanced by the affordances of online media. Drama and Digital Arts Cultures draws together extensive original research including interviews with game designers, media producers, educators, artists and makers at the heart of these new digital cultures. Young people discuss their own creative practices and products, providing insight into a complex and evolving world being transformed by digital technologies. A practical guide to the field, it contains case studies and examples of the intersections of drama conventions and networked cultures drawn from the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Singapore and Australia. Written for scholars, educators, students and 'makers' everywhere, Drama and Digital Arts Cultures provides a clear understanding of how young people are blending creativity and learning with the powerful and empowering conventions of drama to create new forms of multimodal and transmedia storytelling.

Education and Theatres

Rethinking the social impacts of the arts. International Journal of Cultural Policy,
13(2), 135–151. https://doi.org/10.1080/10286630701342741. Cameron, D.,
Anderson, M., & Wotzko, R. (2017). Drama and digital arts cultures. London: ...

Education and Theatres

Author: Michael Finneran

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030222233

Page: 327

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This volume is the first book to map a broad range of practices and critically examine the impact of education and outreach programmes in theatres and theatre companies around the globe. This innovative volume looks specifically at the manner in which theatres and theatre companies engage in educational, outreach and community work. An array of global case studies examines a wide range of existing and innovative practices, and scrutinises how this work achieves successful results and delivers impact and outcome on investment. The editors set the scene briefly in terms of the history of education in theatre organisations, and then move on to chart some of the difficulties and challenges associated with this work, as well as looking into the conceptual issues that need to be interrogated so that we may understand the impact of outreach and education work on the communities and audiences it aims to reach. A range of theatre practitioners and academics describe their work, its background, and what the authors understand to be successful outcomes for both the participants and the theatres. Finally, the book offers suggestions for both practitioners and researchers regarding further development in this work.

Theatre in the Dark

Shadow, Gloom and Blackout in Contemporary Theatre Adam Alston, Martin
Welton ... Contemporary American Monologue: Performance and Politics by
Eddie Paterson ISBN 978–1–472–58501–1 Drama and Digital Arts Cultures by
David ...

Theatre in the Dark

Author: Adam Alston

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1474251196

Page: 304

View: 377

Theatre in the Dark: Shadow, Gloom and Blackout in Contemporary Theatre responds to a rising tide of experimentation in theatre practice that eliminates or obscures light. It brings together leading and emerging practitioners and researchers in a volume dedicated to exploring the phenomenon and showcasing a range of possible critical and theoretical approaches. This book considers the aesthetics and phenomenology of dark, gloomy and shadow-strewn theatre performances, as well as the historical and cultural significances of darkness, shadow and the night in theatre and performance contexts. It is concerned as much with the experiences elicited by darkness and obscured or diminished lighting as it is with the conditions that define, frame and at times re-shape what each might 'mean' and 'do'. Contributors provide surveys of relevant practice, interviews with practitioners, theoretical reflections and close critical analyses of work by key innovators in the aesthetics of light, shadow and darkness. The book has a particular focus on the work of contemporary theatre makers – including Sound&Fury, David Rosenberg and Glen Neath, Lundahl & Seitl, Extant, and Analogue – and seeks to deepen the engagement of theatre and performance studies with what might be called 'the sensory turn'. Theatre in the Dark explores ground-breaking areas that will appeal to researchers, practitioners and audiences alike.

Drama Education with Digital Technology

Carroll, J. and Cameron, D. (2003), To the Spice Islands: interactive process
drama. Paper presented at the Digital Arts & Culture (DAC) Conference. —(2005)
, Playing the game: role distance and digital performance, Applied Theatre ...

Drama Education with Digital Technology

Author: Michael Anderson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441167447

Page: 252

View: 383

Drama Education with Digital Technology explores the rapidly evolving intersections between drama, digital gaming, technology and teaching. It documents the praxis (practice and research) that move beyond anecdotal discussion of approaches and design. The contributors explore the realities of teaching an ancient aesthetic form in classrooms full of technologically able students. It also examines cases from classroom practice to present teaching, with approaches and understandings that are based on evidence and supported by cutting edge learning theory from educational leaders in drama and technology.

Digital Drama

The aim of this book is to explore digital media and intercultural interaction at an arts college in Tanzania, through innovative forms of ethnographic representation.

Digital Drama

Author: Paula Uimonen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136333541

Page: 256

View: 904

The aim of this book is to explore digital media and intercultural interaction at an arts college in Tanzania, through innovative forms of ethnographic representation. The book and the series website weave together visual and aural narratives, interviews and observations, life stories and video documentaries, art performances and productions. It paints a vivid portrayal of everyday life in East Africa’s only institute for practical art training, while tracing the rich cultural history of a state that has mixed tribalism, nationalism, Pan-Africanism, and cosmopolitanism in astonishingly creative ways. While following the anthropological tradition of thick description, Digital Drama employs a more artistic and accessible style of writing. Dramatic, ethnographic details are interspersed with theoretical reflections and postulations to explain and make sense of the unfolding narratives. The accompanying website visualizes and sensualizes the stories narrated in the book, unfolding a dramatic world of African dance, music, theater, and digital culture.

First Person

Subject." In Fiction, Film, the Visual Arts, and Electronic Media. ... Angels in
America: Millennium Approaches, New York: Theater Communications Group.
Landow ... Proceedings of Digital Arts and Culture, Providence, RI, April 2001.
McDaid ...

First Person

Author: Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of California Santa Cruz Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262232326

Page: 331

View: 409

The relationship between story and game, and related questions of electronic writing and play, examined through a series of discussions among new media creators and theorists.

Race and Visual Culture in Global Times

This book examines the changing representation of race and ethnicity in the visual culture of the first decade of the 21st century - a period marked by the traumas of 9/11, the 'war on terror', and the crisis of neoliberal capitalism.

Race and Visual Culture in Global Times

Author: Ashwani Sharma

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN: 9781780932446

Page: 208

View: 918

The world of images is radically challenging our understanding of race and politics. This book examines the changing representation of race and ethnicity in the visual culture of the first decade of the 21st century - a period marked by the traumas of 9/11, the 'war on terror', and the crisis of neoliberal capitalism. Through this exploration the author highlights the contradictions of a media culture in which discourses of multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and cultural hybridity are juxtaposed with images of Islamophobia, ethnic nationalism and anti-immigrant racism. In contrast to dominant approaches the book situates racial, postcolonial, diasporic and feminist aesthetics in relation to shifts in global capitalism, class and commodity culture.Through an analysis of global news media, independent film, television drama, Hollywood cinema, science fiction, horror, photography, experimental digital art and pop culture it affirms the continued political significance of the visual and the body in contemporary culture.

Applied Theatre Resettlement

The starting point for this approach was an interest in the potential of different
styles and forms of arts-based participation, drama, poetry, visual arts, dance,
music, digital arts in deepening an engagement with language and culture.
Underlying ...

Applied Theatre  Resettlement

Author: Michael Balfour

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472522397

Page: 248

View: 384

The book offers a compelling combination of analyis and detailed description of aesthetic projects with young refugee arrivals in Australia. In it the authors present a framework that contextualises the intersections of refugee studies, resilience and trauma, and theatre and arts-based practice, setting out a context for understanding and valuing the complexity of drama in this growing area of applied theatre. Applied Theatre: Resettlement includes rich analysis of three aesthetic case studies in Primary, Secondary and Further Education contexts with young refugees. The case studies provide a unique insight into the different age specific needs of newly arrived young people. The authors detail how each group and educational context shaped diverse drama and aesthetic responses: the Primary school case study uses process drama as a method to enhance language acquisition and develop intercultural literacy; the Secondary school project focuses on Forum Theatre and peer teaching with young people as a means of enhancing language confidence and creating opportunities for cultural competency in the school community, and the further education case study explores work with unaccompanied minors and employs integrated multi art forms (poetry, art, drama, digital arts, clay sculptures and voice work) to increase confidence in language acquisition and explore different forms of expression and communication about the transition process. Through its careful framing of practice to speak to concerns of power, process, representation and ethics, the authors ensure the studies have an international relevance beyond their immediate context. Drama, Refugees and Resilience contributes to new professional knowledge building in the fields of applied theatre and refugee studies about the efficacy of drama practice in enhancing language acquisition, cultural settlement and pedagogy with newly arrived refugee young people.

Theatre and Performance in Digital Culture

Additional support from the Provost's Fund for the Arts at Trinity facilitated areas
of practical research in digital media that continue to inform much of my theory. I
want to thank all of the members of the School of Drama at Trinity for their ...

Theatre and Performance in Digital Culture

Author: Matthew Causey

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134205708

Page: 208

View: 809

Theatre and Performance in Digital Culture examines the recent history of advanced technologies, including new media, virtual environments, weapons systems and medical innovation, and considers how theatre, performance and culture at large have evolved within those systems. The book examines the two Iraq wars, 9/11 and the War on Terror through the lens of performance studies, and, drawing on the writings of Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou and Martin Heidegger, alongside the dramas of Beckett, Genet and Shakespeare, and the theatre of the Kantor, Foreman, Socíetas Raffaello Sanzio and the Wooster Group, the book positions theatre and performance in technoculture and articulates the processes of aesthetics, metaphysics and politics. This wide-ranging study reflects on how the theatre and performance have been challenged and extended within these new cultural phenomena.

Re Visioning Arts and Cultural Policy

artforms. by. characteristics. of. sector. Appendix B. Key moments in Australian
arts and cultural policy. 73. TYPOLOGY OF ... High Low Medium / High Low
Broadline Drama High Low Low / High Medium Niche Drama High Low Low /
High High Libraries High Low Mixed ... CDs, training) Low High High / Mixed
High Digital Arts / New Media Low Medium Medium / Mixed High Fêtes and Fairs
Low Medium ...

Re Visioning Arts and Cultural Policy

Author: Jennifer Craik

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 1921313390

Page: 104

View: 404

In this monograph, Jennifer Craik undertakes a critical and historical analysis of the main imperatives of arts and cultural policy in Australia. With forensic skill she examines the financial and policy instruments commonly relied upon in this much contested and diverse area of public policy. Craik uses her analysis of past and current policy responses as a platform for articulating future options. This is a valuable work for cultural professionals and administrators, art historians and, indeed, anyone with an abiding interest in the management of the nations cultural estate.

Digital Arts

... classical painting, but dispose of the visceral reality of war, retaining the drama
and egocentricity of childhood games. ... Many early examples of digital
photography referred to existing works of art, provoking questions about the ...
This can be the adoption, borrowing, recycling or sampling of human-made
visual culture.

Digital Arts

Author: Cat Hope

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1780933215

Page: 288

View: 118

Digital Arts presents an introduction to new media art through key debates and theories. The volume begins with the historical contexts of the digital arts, discusses contemporary forms, and concludes with current and future trends in distribution and archival processes. Considering the imperative of artists to adopt new technologies, the chapters of the book progressively present a study of the impact of the digital on art, as well as the exhibition, distribution and archiving of artworks. Alongside case studies that illustrate contemporary research in the fields of digital arts, reflections and questions provide opportunities for readers to explore relevant terms, theories and examples. Consistent with the other volumes in the New Media series, a bullet-point summary and a further reading section enhance the introductory focus of each chapter.

New Media

With this text, a team of authors from the University of West England provide a comprehensive overview of the culture, technologies and history of new media and assess claims that a media and technology revolution is underway.

New Media

Author: Martin Lister

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415431603

Page: 446

View: 207

With this text, a team of authors from the University of West England provide a comprehensive overview of the culture, technologies and history of new media and assess claims that a media and technology revolution is underway.

UC Santa Cruz

Digital Arts and New Media (831) 459-1554 http://digitalarts.ucc.edu Faculty and
Professional Interests RALPH. ... digital culture, experimental media, critical and
psychoanalytic theory David CUTHBERT, Assistant Professor of Theater Arts ...

UC Santa Cruz

Author: University of California, Santa Cruz




View: 854

British Theatre Companies 1995 2014

Mind the Gap, Kneehigh Theatre, Suspect Culture, Stan's Cafe, Blast Theory,
Punchdrunk Liz Tomlin ... and Intimacy Across Visceral and Digital Performance (
2012). She was co-founder and co-director of the international media art festival ...

British Theatre Companies  1995 2014

Author: Liz Tomlin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408177307

Page: 344

View: 216

This series of three volumes provides a groundbreaking study of the work of many of the most innovative and important British theatre companies from 1965 to 2014. Each volume provides a survey of the political and cultural context, an extensive survey of the variety of theatre companies from the period, and detailed case studies of six of the most important companies. Volume Three, 1995-2014, charts the expansion of the sector in the era of Lottery funding and traces the resistant influences of earlier movements in the emergence of new companies and an independent theatre ecology that seeks to reconfigure the mainstream. Leading academics provide case studies of six of the most important companies, including: * Mind the Gap, by Dave Calvert (University of Huddersfield, UK) * Blast Theory, by Maria Chatzichristodoulou (University of Hull, UK) * Suspect Culture, by Clare Wallace (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) * Punchdrunk, by Josephine Machon (Middlesex University, UK) * Kneehigh, by Duška Radosavljevic (University of Kent, UK) * Stans Cafe, by Marissia Fragkou (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)

Cultural Journalism and Cultural Critique in the Media

This book addresses a topic in journalism studies that has gained increasing scholarly attention since the mid-2000s: the coverage and evaluation of arts and culture, or what we term ‘cultural journalism and cultural critique’.

Cultural Journalism and Cultural Critique in the Media

Author: Nete Nørgaard Kristensen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315308010

Page: 170

View: 640

This book addresses a topic in journalism studies that has gained increasing scholarly attention since the mid-2000s: the coverage and evaluation of arts and culture, or what we term ‘cultural journalism and cultural critique’. The book highlights three approaches to this emerging research field: (1) the constant challenge of demarcating what constitutes the ‘cultural’ in cultural journalism and cultural critique, and the interlinks of cultural journalism and cultural critique; (2) the dialectic of globalization’s cultural homogenization and the specificity of local/national cultures; and (3) the need to rethink, perhaps even redefine, cultural journalism and cultural critique in view of the digital media landscape. ‘Cultural journalism’ is used as an umbrella term for media reporting and debating on culture, including the arts, value politics, popular culture, the culture industries, and entertainment. Therefore some of the contributions this book apply a broad approach to ‘the cultural’ when theorizing and analyzing the production and content of cultural journalism, and the professional ideology, self-perception, and legitimacy struggles of cultural journalists and editors. Other contributions demarcate their field of study more narrowly, both topically and generically, by engaging with very specific sub-areas such as ‘film criticism’ or ‘television series.’ This book was originally published as a special issue of Journalism Practice.

Performance and Cultural Politics

Auslander, Philip, "Intellectual Property Meets the Cyborg: Performance and the
Cultural Politics of Technology," Performing Arts Journal 14.1 (1992): 30-42. "Live
Performance in a Mediatized Culture," Essays in Theatre 11 (1992): 33-9.

Performance and Cultural Politics

Author: Elin Diamond

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136165959

Page: 304

View: 542

Performance and Cultural Politics is a groundbreaking collection of essays which explore the historical and cultural territories of performance, written by the foremost scholars in the field. The essays, exploring performance art, theatre, music and dance, range from Oscar Wilde to Eric Clapton; from the Rose Theatre to U.S. Holocaust museums. The topic includes: * Sex Play: Stereotype, Pose and Dildo * Grave Performances: The Cultural Politics of Memory * Genealogies: Critical Performances * Identity Politics: Passing, Carnival and the Law In the concluding section, `Performer's Performance', performance artist Robbie McCauley offers the practitioner's perspective on performance studies. Interdisciplinary, thought-provoking and rich in new ideas, Performance and Cultural Politics is a landmark in the emerging field of performance studies.

Young Audiences Theatre and the Cultural Conversation

Theatre and Young Audiences To begin on a flippant note, I can't help but feel
that the editors of this excellent book could have ... and immediacy of the theatre
experience, despite the plethora of digital distractions, the tsunami of social
media and other pop culture alternatives. ... parents, aunts and uncles in
introducing us to our first outings to the theatre: in my own case, every Arts
Council tour to the ...

Young Audiences  Theatre and the Cultural Conversation

Author: John O'Toole

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400776098

Page: 201

View: 639

This volume offers rare insights into the connection between young audiences and the performing arts. Based on studies of adolescent and post-adolescent audiences, ages 14 to 25, the book examines to what extent they are part of our society’s cultural conversation. It studies how these young people read and understand theatrical performance. It looks at what the educational components in their theatre literacy are, and what they make of the whole social event of theatre. It studies their views on the relationship between what they themselves decide and what others decide for them. The book uses qualitative and quantitative data collected in a six-year study carried out in the three largest Australian States, thirteen major performing arts companies, including the Sydney Opera House, three state theatre companies and three funding organisations. The book’s perspectives are derived from world-wide literature and company practices and its significance and ramifications are international. The book is written to be engaging and accessible to theatre professionals and lay readers interested in theatre, as well as scholars and researchers. “This extraordinary book thoroughly explains why young people (ages 14-25+) do and do not attend theatre into adulthood by delineating how three inter-linked factors (literacy, confidence, and etiquette) influence their decisions. Given that theatre happens inside spectators’ minds, the authors balance the theatre equation by focusing upon young spectators and thereby dispel numerous beliefs held by theatre artists and educators. Each clearly written chapter engages readers with astute insights and compelling examples of pertinent responses from young people, teachers, and theatre professionals. To stem the tide of decreasing theatre attendance, this highly useful book offers pragmatic strategies for artistic, educational, and marketing directors, as well as national theatre organizations and arts councils around the world. I have no doubt that its brilliantly conceived research, conducted across multiple contexts in Australia, will make a significant and original contribution to the profession of theatre on an international scale.” Jeanne Klein, University of Kansas, USA “Young Audiences, Theatre and the Cultural Conversation is a compelling and comprehensive study on attitudes and habits of youth theatre audiences by leading international scholars in the field. This benchmark study offers unique insights by and for theatre makers and administrators, theatre educators and researchers, schools, parents, teachers, students, audience members of all ages. A key strength within the book centers on the emphasis of the participant voices, particularly the voices of the youth. Youth voices, along with those of teachers and theatre artists, position the extensive field research front and center.” George Belliveau, The University of British Columbia, Canada