Dreams That Speak

Your spirit cannot speak to your mind in words. Your spirit cannot speak outwards
in an audible voice. It has to speak via the senses, and the most common sense
is always the sense of sight. So most of your dreams are going to be to be taken ...

Dreams That Speak

Author: Antoinette M. White

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450002072

Page: 703

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Birth from her mother womb as the mouth piece for God, evolved the anointed infallible, woman of God, Prophetess Antoinette M. White. As God molded her in His hands, He purposed her for His works and for His people. From the cradle to the pulpit this Prophetess was destined to bring forth the word of God with the anointing and power. Hearing the call in her tender years, Antoinette began her ministry with a Yes Lord, her am I, and sojourns her call in the path of ministerial greatness. With an ear to hear His voice, and her affections toward heavenly matters, this Prophetess is unmovable and unstoppable on her mission. In her childhood years it was evident Antoinette was a gifted child; peculiar, anointed and called to ministry. As the gift of prophecy manifested through her voice, and prophetic dreams became perceptible through full materialization, the mantel as Gods Prophetess was apparent. Prophetess White is the wife of the powerful Apostle Michael S. White Jr. and mother of six children. These two anointed vessels established Remnant Apostolic Prophetic Outreach (wwwrapoutreach.org).

Dreams Speak

The skill, however, is to remember our dreams so they can support us through
our life journeys. If you cannot recall your dreams, something may be interfering
with your ability to do so, such as stress, drugs, trauma, illness or sleep

Dreams Speak

Author: Therese Duckett

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 1458767108

Page: 384

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Most people know that dreams occur predominantly during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, but less well known is the fact that REM sleep is important for psychological health as well as memory consolidation. Research now shows that it also contributes to what is called ""brain plasticity"", which is the ability of the brain to change itself. There are many levels of consciousness, including the five levels of consciousness that occur when we are asleep, as well as other states of awareness such as the transitional states that occur between sleeping or waking, drug induced states of awareness, etc. Dreams can emerge, not only from different levels of the personal ""unconscious"" mind, but also from what is known as the ""collective"" or ""universal unconscious mind"". In this enlightening book, Therese Duckett shows how our dreams are important in helping us understand our lives and improve our health and wellbeing. Using a host of examples from her own casework, she outlines the most commo.

When Angels Speak

September 4, 2009 Why We Dream The Akasie: Dreams are meant to be used as
a tool to give you access to the deeper levels of your consciousness. By
examining your experience, which includes the symbology of the dream and your

When Angels Speak

Author: Jackie Mullinax

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1463415443

Page: 284

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When Angels Speak is a channeled endeavor that has been gifted to the many people of the Earth plane. Now, more than at any other time throughout your history, this type of book is needed. The multitudes are awakening from their slumber. Because of this, we the Akasie, a group of star beings from Pleiades have come forth to give unto you this gift-these words. While there are other channeled books available, When Angels Speak is unique in the way that it is crafted around the author's personal journal entries that include her intimate fears concerning her psychic opening. A psychic opening is extraordinary on many levels, as you are open to receiving information through the physical senses like never before. With this new and significant awareness, relationships on all levels are challenged and many crumble under the weight of the numerous and unfamiliar responsibilities that have been thus created. We have chosen the experience of her psychic opening as the foundation of our teachings to help you understand that no matter what your life's journey is, your purpose is to remember that you are beings of the light, and to be in alignment with Spirit, you are to express yourself with love-be love. The Akasie

How Dreams Speak

And why do I feel like I’ve seen this all before?” We find dreams (at least our own!) endlessly interesting, but what are they actually saying about us? How Dreams Speak is a book to help untangle it all.

How Dreams Speak

Author: Nicole Chilton

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781523511440

Page: 176

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We’ve all woken up with a start and thought, “What was that? What’s the deal with that rooster? And why do I feel like I’ve seen this all before?” We find dreams (at least our own!) endlessly interesting, but what are they actually saying about us? How Dreams Speak is a book to help untangle it all. Based on the belief that dreams are metaphorical messages from our unconscious minds, speaking to us to help unlock mysteries within, How Dreams Speak is an illustrated guide to our inner selves through the vehicle of our nightly adventures. At the book’s heart are more than 150 dream symbols and themes richly illustrated in watercolor and fully explained to help readers interpret their dreams. A dream symbol can be an object—a doll, for example, which might mean your inner child needs to come out and play. An animal, like a giraffe—Freud thought they were phallic, but a more likely meaning is that the dreamer needs to reach up to gain a new perspective. An event, like the classic flying—it’s time to concentrate on achieving your waking dreams, or goals. Or a color, a feeling (running late), a concept (invisibility). Multiple prompts accompanying each symbol help the reader explore what their unconscious is trying to say—what a symbol truly means depends on both the dream and the dreamer. Author and artist Nicole Chilton brings us the science behind dreaming, including the fact that everyone dreams (those who think they don’t are just not remembering), the history and philosophy of dream interpretation, the different types of dreams we have, and tips on keeping a dream journal.

The Hidden Meaning of Dreams

DROWNING DUMB Psychological Meaning Dreams of drowning Psychological
Meaning To dream of a person or struggling in treacherous waters may repre
who is unable to speak or who refuses to speak sent your fear of being
swallowed ...

The Hidden Meaning of Dreams

Author: Craig Hamilton-Parker

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9780806977737

Page: 144

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Discusses the psychological and mystical meanings of specific symbols in dreams and provides experiments to help remember and analyze dreams

His Messages in My Dreams

Christ came to set us free from sin, guilt and shame. One way He will speak to us
is through our dreams. I would like to focus on this particular way that He speaks
to us because I believe it is often overlooked and it can be extremely helpful to ...

His Messages in My Dreams

Author: Wendy C. Hall

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1607915685

Page: 64

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Wendy Hall is a sister in Christ who has been impressed to get out the message that we need to draw nearer then ever to our Lord and seek Him even more in these last days to learn His will for us. This dream journal was put together to demonstrate just one of the simple ways we can hear from Him. The Lord has expressed to her that "He will Raise up Fields of Glory" and is calling ALL of us. We are the fields that He wants to raise up- we are the army that He is calling into battle. To participate in His calling, we are required to be in close fellowship with Him. Having direct and constant contact with Him will shine light to our feet and direct our paths. If you would like to comment on the journal or forward any dreams you believe God has given you, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Speak Lord I m Listening

Dreams. Danielle had a dream she was back on campus at her alma mater,
looking at a syllabus and trying to figure out what ... Dreams area valid way that
God can speak to us, but are also anarea in which people can easily get off

Speak Lord  I m Listening

Author: Larry Kreider

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441268405

Page: 240

View: 362

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice," but many Christians do not know how to hear from God. In this practical, story-rich guidebook, international teacher Larry Kreider shows believers how to develop a listening relationship with the Lord. Speak Lord, I'm Listening explores the multiple ways Christians can hear the voice of God in today's world. It offers real-life examples of how God teaches His followers to listen. Contains tips in each chapter for distinguishing His voice from the noise of Satan's interference. Christians across the denominational spectrum will develop a closer and deeper relationship with God as they learn fifty unique ways to listen to Him. You will realize that God was speaking to you all along but, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, you didn't know it was Him!

God Still Speaks Through Your Dreams

Slowly and precisely the psychologist began to speak: “Please allow me to make
some sense of it for you. The symbol of your bullet in your dream is no mystery at
all. This represents your wellgrounded anxiety that you are carrying a weapon ...

God Still Speaks Through Your Dreams

Author: Greg Cynaumon

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418539880

Page: 224

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If you're open to hearing God even when you're sleeping, your dreams can be a rich source of revelation and insight. One man's dream saves his family from what could have been a deadly fire. A fifty-two-year-old woman finally understands a dream she's been having since she was thirteen. A policeman's dream warns a friend of a dangerous encounter with a suspect. Church elders have the same dream about a change in the church's leadership. A strange and frightening dream warns a mother of a potentially dangerous relationship in her son's life. A dream confirms an East Indian man's decision to become a Christian. As you read the details of these and other dreams that Dr. Greg Cynaumon describes you will find that they and the circumstances that surrounded them were more than conincidental. You will be convinced that God, who is concerned and involved in the lives of individuals, has somehting to say through dreams. And you won't want to miss His messages. Dr. Cynaumon examines dreams from a perspective that is both scientific and biblical. He explores dream interpretation, explains some common dream symbols, and answers questions about dreams and their occurrences in Scripture. He also corrects several popular myths about dreams. If you desire to unravel one of life's great mysteries but are wary of secular approaches to this subject, then you'll want to explore with Dr. Cynaumon how God still speaks through dreams.

Soul Speak

The same is true of dreaming. Everybody dreams, whether they consciously
recall those dreams or not, and the dreams speak to us on a very intimate level.
There are certain instances where people do not, in fact, dream, but they are rare.

Soul Speak

Author: Carol Brink

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595185363

Page: 109

View: 957

Here at last is the definitive book on dreams, as seen from the spiritual perspective! This book is a "must have" for both beginning and advanced explorers of this fascinating tool for quickening awareness and expanding soul-growth. The author is a practical visionary who gently leads souls to recognition of their own divine potential through the medium of "Spiritual Flashcards", otherwise known as, DREAMS!


God uses different channels to speak to His people through pastors, preachers,
teachers, His word, dreams, visions, songs, and any other way that He chooses.
One ofthe ways He has chosen to speak to me is through dreams (and a few ...


Author: Sarah A. Jones

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449719279

Page: 212

View: 352

If you’re ready to hear from God, if you’re ready to be blessed, then you must read this book. What has God told you to do through dreams, visions, and in His Word that you haven’t finished or haven’t started doing yet? Well, now is the time to do all that God has told you to do, because night is coming, and no one will be able to work. God started showing author Sarah A. Jones dreams at the age of sixteen. He began speaking to her several years ago about writing this book, saying that it would be a blessing to all people as they read it. Men and women of God have also told her that God shows her dreams, He wants her to write a book, and people would be blessed as they read it. All of her dreams in this book are given by God and Jesus Christ, and her interpretations are revealed and inspired by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This book will inspire you, inform, encourage, and strengthen you; it will build your faith and richly bless the body of Jesus Christ and everyone who reads this book in faith with expectation to hear from God. Writing this book—getting it published and into your hands—has not been an easy task. Satan has fought Sarah every step of the way, because he didn’t want you to read this book and be blessed by God. But what God has for you is for you; only you can hinder or stop your blessings. Sarah thanks God, who gives us the victory, for she has completed this part of the work He has given her to do. This book is for you. Find yourself in these pages, for God has a special word and blessing just for you. Open your mind, your heart, and your ears. Believe, receive, and listen attentively and expectedly, as God speaks, blesses, and reveals His wonderful plan and purpose for your life. Jesus loves you, knows your situation, and wants to minister to you personally—one on one.

Proverbs of Appointed Words

Not every dream is from God; dreams are not the pinnacle of God's voice.
However, God does use dreams to speak because our conscious minds cannot
fight with His messages during our sleep. God spoke to pharaoh about a famine
that ...

Proverbs of Appointed Words

Author: La'Garien J Thomas

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 130435444X


View: 483

What Every Dream Means

Many understand that the application of dreams is broad and would include any
field or interest, from science to government and political leadership, to dreams
that speak to a child. It is commonly understood that a dream could provide ...

What Every Dream Means

Author: Scott M. Shafer

Publisher: Scott M. Shafer

ISBN: 1589094638

Page: 159

View: 393

Awakening Dreams and Night Visions, Towards a New Paradigm, is written to equip and encourage those who dream and for those who desire to develop their sensitivity to the voice of God. The reader will be challenged to re-examine this fascinating aspect of the activity of the Holy Spirit in these last days. Written from both a biblical and practical point of view, each chapter offers helpful idea's and principles that can expand the dreamers understanding. Historically and prophetically, dreams that come from the Living God are given both to those who are 'in Christ', and also to those who have not yet come to faith in the Son of God. Learn to value the dynamic dream interpretive process and it's vital relationship to the Kingdom of God, by absorbing and gaining greater insight and understanding of the visual language of the Holy Spirit. Awakening Dreams and Night Visions, can be an enjoyable read on it's own or as an excellent companion to the Lifestyle Dreams Training Seminar and color notebook, offered by Prophetic Innovations.

The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams

His were the eyes of some unmerciful god imprisoned in his split, uninhabitable
head where the edges of his dreams speak in torrents of tongues. He hovers like
a shadow floating on water. His eyes were the silence of the caves hidden high ...

The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams

Author: . Nasdijj

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547904827

Page: 224

View: 372

THE BLOOD RUNS LIKE A RIVER THROUGH MY DREAMS transports readers to the majestic landscapes and hard Native American lives of the desert Southwest and into the embrace of a way of looking at the world that seems almost like revelation. Born to a storytelling Native mother and a roughneck, song-singing cowboy father, Nasdijj has lived on the jagged-edged margins of American society, yet hardship and isolation have only brought him greater clarity--and a gift for language that is nothing short of breathtaking. Nasdijj tells of his adopted son, Tommy Nothing Fancy, of the young boy's struggle with fetal alcohol syndrome, and of their last fishing trip together. It is a heartbreaking story, written with great power and a diamondlike poetry. But whether Nasdijj is telling us about his son, about the chaotic, alternately harrowing and comical life he led with his own parents, or about the vitality and beauty of Native American culture, his voice is always one of searching honesty, wry humor, and a nearly cosmic compassion. While Nasdijj struggles with his impossible status as someone of two separate cultures, he also remains a contradiction in a larger sense: he cares for those who often shun him, he teaches hope though he often has none for himself, and he comes home to the land he then must leave. THE BLOOD RUNS LIKE A RIVER THROUGH MY DREAMS is the memoir of a man who has survived a hard life with grace, who has taken the past experience of pain and transformed it into a determination to care for the most vulnerable among us, and who has found an almost unspeakable beauty where others would find only sadness. This is a book that will touch your soul.

The Wilderness of Dreams

Appendix Two DOES GOD SPEAK IN DREAMS ? All of our efforts in studying the
religious dimension of dreams may appear to be dancing around what some
people consider the key question on this subject : if we say that dreams are ...

The Wilderness of Dreams

Author: Kelly Bulkeley

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791417461

Page: 309

View: 414

This interdisciplinary study of the religious dimensions of dreams shows how modern dream research supports and enriches our understanding of religiously meaningful dreams. The Wilderness of Dreams does four things that no other work on dreams has done. First, it surveys the whole range of modern dream research—not just the work of depth psychologists and neuroscientists, but also the findings of anthropologists, content analysts, cognitive psychologists, creative artists, and lucid dreaming researchers. Second, it draws upon new advances in hermeneutic philosophy in order to clarify basic questions about how to interpret dreams. Third, it develops a careful, well-grounded notion of religious meaning—the “root metaphor” concept—to show that seeking religious meanings in dreams is not mere superstition. And fourth, the book reflects on the question of why modern Westerners are so interested in affirming, or debunking, the idea that dreams have religious meanings.

And God Chose Dreams

He is willing to speak to people personally, and he chose visions and dreams to
manifest himself. There are too many examples that help validate that when God
speaks to people and changes their lives, He does it personally, not necessarily ...

And God Chose Dreams

Author: Michael L. Mathews

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452016337

Page: 196

View: 909

People around the world are experiencing dreams and visions at an alarming rate. And God Chose Dreams gives valuable insight on why dreams are increasing at this alarming rate. Learn why dreams have significant value for you, and why God chose this method to increase His communication to humanity in the changing times we live in.

Paper Bags and Dreams

I thought I was dreaming, my eyes were so heavy with the constant shifting of the
clouds. But there it was again. 'I'm here to speak to you.' It was hardly more than a
whisper. I opened my eyes as wide as I could and gave my head a little shake.

Paper Bags and Dreams

Author: Fran Dobbie

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 073441336X

Page: 160

View: 140

Edie and Maggie live in a small country town and are best friends - but very different. Edie is Aboriginal and Maggie Anglo-Australian; Maggie is good at school, Edie always struggles. No matter how hard she studies, Edie can only scrape a pass and although they promised each other that together they would change the world, when Maggie suddenly gets the chance to leave school and earn money, it's a serious challenge to their friendship. Will it survive? Edie is a natural athlete but she also has a strong spiritual side and now that she is a young woman, it becomes even more important. The women tell her that since she has entered puberty, her body is 'making honey', so there will be big changes to the world around her. It's time for Edie to learn more about the Old Ways - which means confronting her own past. After her mother left, Edie's grandparents took over the role of caring for Edie and her young brother Matty. They are tough and wise, but loving, and so far Edie has escaped the big black government cars that have come for many of the indigenous children in the town, but in PAPERBAGS AND DREAMS, the cars finally catch up with her. Will they tear her family apart? The stand-alone sequel to WHISPER, this is a heartwarming portrait of friendship and reconciliation, and of a society offered the chance to balance the pain of the past with love.

Meditations on the Inner Art of Vegetarianism

If, in the morning, you allow your dreams to be remembered, they can tell you
something about what you have experienced. If, throughout the day, you allow
your dreams to speak to you, you will remember more of them. They will feel the ...

Meditations on the Inner Art of Vegetarianism

Author: Carol J. Adams

Publisher: Lantern Books

ISBN: 9781930051379

Page: 384

View: 889

Adams provides daily inspiring guidance to anyone who is or wants to become a vegetarian. Each day comes with a reflection, a brief elucidation, and a practice -- all three setting in motion the possibility of transformation. Invaluable for all those who are beginning on the path of compassion, healthiness, conscious living, and peaceful eating.

Amending Dreams

Talk With Others Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord jesus Christ, a gentle
Father and the God ofall consolation, who comforts us in all our ... Doesn't it make
sense that to put ourselves out there to speak with others will help us?

Amending Dreams

Author: Joyce George

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595369138

Page: 196

View: 645

Offering hope that you can amend your shattered dreams, Amending Dreams-Reflections and Meditations of a Widow, offers personal reflections concerning feelings, thoughts, moods, problems, joys and discoveries that were stored in journals after the death of Joyce George's husband of 28 years. In addition to personal experiences generously shared with you, the author is Reiki II practitioner and also uses knowledge acquired from Inner Child Healing and Channeling for Self Healing workshops as healing suggestions.Biblical quotes provide spiritual reflection opportunities for most topics, including forgiving your spouse for dying; guilt experienced when going through your spouse's personal items; possible obsessive behavior; loneliness; grieving, and how to move on.Lastly, a prayer after each reading assists your finding words that simply may not come to mind just yet. Combined with an offering of gratitude, each prayer requests assistance from the Lord to guide your continuing transition into your new life.While this book is written for widows, it is beneficial for family, friends, co-workers of widows and widowers, as well as those in public service positions. It will spark an awareness and sensitivity for those enveloped in the stages of grief.


~The Upanishads Readers who have followed our presentation thus far should
have a good idea that our dreams speak of two types of self: a self that is
confined within the skin and a self that has no boundary. Perhaps a better term to
call the ...


Author: M. Saleh Abusaidi, Ph.D

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475993145

Page: 162

View: 825

The book is a report on the author’s study of his dreams over a period of forty years. The study uncovers the reasons why we dream, what dreams mean and how to understand their meanings. In principle, dream messages deal with three topics: the identity of the human, the identity of the Divine, and the relation between the human and the Divine. This book, in addition to quoting the messages received in these three areas, also fully expounds on them. The author’s findings disaffirm the views of theorists like Freud and his followers, who hold that the sources of dreams are such factors as external stimuli and psychological states, or the function of dreams are wish-fulfillment and guardians of sleep. Actually, dreams deal with the issues that are most fundamental in life, namely, with what is real and unreal about our basic belief systems. The approach to reality through science gives up only a partial aspect of reality. Dreams reveal to us those aspects of reality which are beyond the orbit of science. Dreams studied bring up the fact that humans are lost and rootless due to lack of self-knowledge and erroneous concept of the Divine. The great task for us today is to ferret out anew our genuine identity, then we realize we are, in one sense, divine, and in another, that we are His lieutenants on earth, required to work not only for the good of all but also to enhance further the concept of unity and spirituality.