Ethics and the Craft

The book also includes a discourse on ethical thinking for Wiccans and Pagans.

Ethics and the Craft

Author: John J. Coughlin

Publisher: Waning Moon Publications

ISBN: 9780982354902

Page: 155

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"Ethics and the Craft; The History, Evolution, and Practice of Wiccan Ethics" provides ground breaking research into the history of ethics in the Wiccan religion and how they have propagated and changed over time. The book also includes a discourse on ethical thinking for Wiccans and Pagans.

Episcopal Etiquette and Ethics

What is the appropriate attire for an Episcopal priest at the events associated with the service

Episcopal Etiquette and Ethics

Author: Barney Hawkins

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 0819224065

Page: 117

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What is the appropriate attire for an Episcopal priest at the events associated with the service

Techne in Aristotle s Ethics

Argues for the importance of the concept of 'techne' in constructing a new understanding of Aristotle's moral philosophy.

Techne in Aristotle s Ethics

Author: Tom Angier

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826462715

Page: 176

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Argues for the importance of the concept of 'techne' in constructing a new understanding of Aristotle's moral philosophy.

The Craft of Research Third Edition

Ethics. of. Research. In the last few hundred pages, we've o=ered a lot of
practical advice, but almost as much ... Now we want to share with you the
underlying ethical issues that shape our advice, hoping that when you close this
book, you'll ...

The Craft of Research  Third Edition

Author: Wayne C. Booth

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226062643

Page: 336

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With more than 400,000 copies now in print, The Craft of Research is the unrivaled resource for researchers at every level, from first-year undergraduates to research reporters at corporations and government offices. Seasoned researchers and educators Gregory G. Colomb and Joseph M. Williams present an updated third edition of their classic handbook, whose first and second editions were written in collaboration with the late Wayne C. Booth. The Craft of Research explains how to build an argument that motivates readers to accept a claim; how to anticipate the reservations of readers and to respond to them appropriately; and how to create introductions and conclusions that answer that most demanding question, “So what?” The third edition includes an expanded discussion of the essential early stages of a research task: planning and drafting a paper. The authors have revised and fully updated their section on electronic research, emphasizing the need to distinguish between trustworthy sources (such as those found in libraries) and less reliable sources found with a quick Web search. A chapter on warrants has also been thoroughly reviewed to make this difficult subject easier for researchers Throughout, the authors have preserved the amiable tone, the reliable voice, and the sense of directness that have made this book indispensable for anyone undertaking a research project.

Ethics and Statecraft

The Moral Dimension of International Affairs Cathal J. Nolan ... Such disregard of
the normative realm is further aggravated by an attendant affliction of a
historicism, in which the very nature of history and the craft of historians are

Ethics and Statecraft

Author: Cathal J. Nolan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440833419


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"This collection of essays cuts to the quick of the most pressing moral issues facing decision-makers today, from the actions of ordinary soldiers in a combat zone to presidents deciding when and where to use force, human rights violations and enforcement, and legal, economic, and military obligations in a globalized world"--"Please see the attached txt. file"--

Plato s Ethics

It follows that everyone who believes that the product of the proper use of a given
craft is his happiness will also want to use the craft properly; every case of misuse
or non-use will be the result of ignorance about the results of the proper use.

Plato s Ethics

Author: Terence Irwin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198024750

Page: 464

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This exceptional book examines and explains Plato's answer to the normative question, "How ought we to live?" It discusses Plato's conception of the virtues; his views about the connection between the virtues and happiness; and the account of reason, desire, and motivation that underlies his arguments about the virtues. Plato's answer to the epistemological question, "How can we know how we ought to live?" is also discussed. His views on knowledge, belief, and inquiry, and his theory of Forms, are examined, insofar as they are relevant to his ethical view. Terence Irwin traces the development of Plato's moral philosophy, from the Socratic dialogues to its fullest exposition in the Republic. Plato's Ethics discusses Plato's reasons for abandoning or modifying some aspects of Socratic ethics, and for believing that he preserves Socrates' essential insights. A brief and selective discussion of the Statesmen, Philebus, and Laws is included. Replacing Irwin's earlier Plato's Moral Theory (Oxford, 1977), this book gives a clearer and fuller account of the main questions and discusses some recent controversies in the interpretation of Plato's ethics. It does not presuppose any knowledge of Greek or any extensive knowledge of Plato.

The Christian Case for Virtue Ethics

With a craft we need to know not only the point or purpose of that activity, but the
sort of capacities, traits, interests, or skills that allow one to pursue the ... We thus
see in the craft analogy the full tripartite structure of a teleological virtue ethic.

The Christian Case for Virtue Ethics

Author: Joseph J. Kotva Jr.

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 9781589014282

Page: 240

View: 172

Despite the growing interest among philosophers and theologians in virtue ethics, its proponents have done little to suggest why Christians in particular find virtue ethics attractive. Joseph J. Kotva, Jr., addresses this question in The Christian Case for Virtue Ethics, showing that virtue theory offers an ethical framework that is highly compatible with Christian morality. Kotva defines virtue ethics and demonstrates its ability to voice Christian convictions about how to live the moral life. He evaluates virtue theory in light of systematic theology and Scripture, arguing that Christian ethics could be profitably linked with neo-Aristotelian virtue ethics. Ecumenical in tone, this book provides a thorough but accessible introduction to recent philosophical accounts of virtue and offers an original, explicitly Christian adaptation of these ideas. It will be of value to students and scholars of philosophy, theology, and religion, as well as to those interested in the debates surrounding virtue ethics.

The Theology of Craft and the Craft of Work

Pope John Paul II, Laborem Exercens, §3, “The Question of Work, the Key to the
Social Question.” Michael S. Northcott, Moral Climate: The Ethics of Global
Warming (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2007), 154. Sergei Bulgakov, “The
Significance ...

The Theology of Craft and the Craft of Work

Author: Jeremy Kidwell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317014316

Page: 242

View: 948

An important reconceptualisation is taking place in the way people express creativity, work together, and engage in labour; particularly, suggests Kidwell, a surprising resurgence in recent years of manual and craft work. Noting the wide array of outlets that now market hand-made goods and the array of popular books which advocate ‘making’ as a basis for activism or personal improvement, this book seeks to understand how the micro-politics of craft work might offer insights for a broader theology of work. Why does it matter that we do work which is meaningful, excellent, and beautiful? Through a close reading of Christian scripture, The Theology of Craft and the Craft of Work examines the theology and ethics of work in light of original biblical exegesis. Kidwell presents a detailed exegetical study of temple construction accounts in the Hebrew bible and the New Testament. Illuminating a theological account of craft, and employing the ancient vision of ‘good work’ which is preserved in these biblical texts, Kidwell critically interrogates modern forms of industrial manufacture. This includes a variety of contemporary work problems particularly the instrumentalisation and exploitation of the non-human material world and the dehumanisation of workers. Primary themes taken up in the book include agency, aesthetics, sociality, skill, and the material culture of work, culminating with the conclusion that the church (or ‘new temple’) is both the product and the site of moral work. Arguing that Christian worship provides a moral context for work, this book also examines early Christian practices to suggest a theological reconceptualisation of work.

The Ethical Economy

Second, Aristotelian ethics was an ethics of the leisurely. To labor and work in the
creation of wealth was the condition of slaves, who, because they were not free,
could not be ethical subjects. (The relation to craft—techné—was more ...

The Ethical Economy

Author: Adam Arvidsson

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231526431

Page: 208

View: 614

A more ethical economic system is now possible, one that rectifies the crisis spots of our current downturn while balancing the injustices of extreme poverty and wealth. Adam Arvidsson and Nicolai Peitersen, a scholar and an entrepreneur, outline the shape such an economy might take, identifying its origins in innovations already existent in our production, valuation, and distribution systems. Much like nineteenth-century entrepreneurs, philosophers, bankers, artisans, and social organizers who planned a course for modern capitalism that was more economically efficient and ethically desirable, we now have a chance to construct new instruments, institutions, and infrastructure to reverse the trajectory of a quickly deteriorating economic environment. Considering a multitude of emerging phenomena, Arvidsson and Peitersen show wealth creation can be the result of a new kind of social production, and the motivation of continuous capital accumulation can exist in tandem with a new desire to maximize our social impact. Arvidsson and Peitersen argue that financial markets could become a central arena in which diverse ethical concerns are integrated into tangible economic valuations. They suggest that such a common standard has already emerged and that this process is linked to the spread of social media, making it possible to capture the sentiment of value to most people. They ultimately recommend how to build upon these developments to initiate a radical democratization of economic systems and the value decisions they generate.

Plato s Craft of Justice

There has been much interest lately in virtue ethics. Part of the reason for this
interest is the notion that modern ethical theories concentrate too much on
actions, the rules that govern actions, and the consequences of actions. By
contrast, virtue ...

Plato s Craft of Justice

Author: Richard D. Parry

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791427323

Page: 268

View: 778

This book traces the development of Plato's analogy between craft and virtue from Euthydemus and Gorgias through the central books of the Republic. It shows that Plato's middle dialogues develop and extend, rather than reject, philosophical positions taken in the early dialogues.

Ethics With Aristotle

This is as much as to say that it is a balance which enables its possessor to form
and execute the ethical orthos logos; in other words, a good prohairetic state. But
what is ... The analogy 190 ETHICS WITH ARISTOTLE Probing the Craft Analogy.

Ethics With Aristotle

Author: Sarah Broadie Professor of Philosophy Princeton University

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198023057

Page: 480

View: 308

In this incisive study Sarah Broadie gives an argued account of the main topics of Aristotle's ethics: eudaimonia, virtue, voluntary agency, practical reason, akrasia, pleasure, and the ethical status of theoria. She explores the sense of "eudaimonia," probes Aristotle's division of the soul and its virtues, and traces the ambiguities in "voluntary." Fresh light is shed on his comparison of practical wisdom with other kinds of knowledge, and a realistic account is developed of Aristototelian deliberation. The concept of pleasure as value-judgment is expounded, and the problem of akrasia is argued to be less of a problem to Aristotle than to his modern interpreters. Showing that the theoretic ideal of Nicomachean Ethics X is in step with the earlier emphasis on practice, as well as with the doctrine of the Eudemian Ethics, this work makes a major contribution towards the understanding of Aristotle's ethics.

An Operational Approach to Policy Analysis The Craft

74 The issue of values and ethics in policy analysis — as concepts, dilemmas
and standards for practice, is comprehensively surveyed in William N. Dunn's
edited book Values, Ethics, and the Practice of Policy Analysis. Lexington:
Lexington ...

An Operational Approach to Policy Analysis  The Craft

Author: Iris Geva-May

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792397434

Page: 253

View: 130

The aim of An Operational Approach to Policy Analysis: The Craft is to cut through the ambiguity and contradictions inherent in policy analysis by means of an operational-prescriptive approach. Its main objective is to encapsulate the essential concepts, methods and tools of policy analysis and to provide an insight into factors acting within and around the policy analysis process. Based on the collaborative research of Iris Geva-May and Aaron Wildavsky, the first full draft of An Operational Approach to Policy Analysis: The Craft was completed just before Dr Wildavsky's untimely death. Since that time, Dr Geva-May has worked to thoroughly revise and update the manuscript. An Operational Approach to Policy Analysis: The Craft can be used by researchers in political science, or as a textbook for any course in policy analysis, policy planning and evaluation. It will serve as a valuable source for students of political science, public policy, administration and management, as well as for policy analysts, researchers and executives in both the US and abroad.

Ethics and the Gulf War

Verily the craft of Satan shall be powerless! l-Iast thou not marked those to whom
it was said, 'Withhold your hands awhile from war; and observe prayer, and pay
the stated alms.' But when war is commanded them, 10! a portion of them fear ...

Ethics and the Gulf War

Author: Kenneth Vaux

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1592441467

Page: 200

View: 847

Kenneth Vaux elucidates the great just war traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, evaluating the key events of the Gulf War in light of the religious rhetoric used by both sides. Religious and ethical appeals played a major role in winning support not just of the U.S. and Iraqi peoples but of public opinion worldwide. Vaux demonstrates the wide gap between the religious rhetoric and the political-military action it was called on to support.

Medical Ethics in the Ancient World

... practiced surgery exclusively.16 But if so , the trend toward specialization was
for the most part a matter of personal convenience rather than based on any
deep - seated ideological split within the craft of medicine , as some have
assumed .

Medical Ethics in the Ancient World

Author: Paul J. Carrick

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 9781589018617

Page: 288

View: 903

In this book Paul Carrick charts the ancient Greek and Roman foundations of Western medical ethics. Surveying 1500 years of pre-Christian medical moral history, Carrick applies insights from ancient medical ethics to developments in contemporary medicine such as advance directives, gene therapy, physician-assisted suicide, abortion, and surrogate motherhood. He discusses such timeless issues as the social status of the physician; attitudes toward dying and death; and the relationship of medicine to philosophy, religion, and popular morality. Opinions of a wide range of ancient thinkers are consulted, including physicians, poets, philosophers, and patients. He also explores the puzzling question of Hippocrates' identity, analyzing not only the Hippocratic Oath but also the Father of Medicine's lesser-known works. Complete with chapter discussion questions, illustrations, a map, and appendices of ethical codes, Medical Ethics in the Ancient World will be useful in courses on the medical humanities, ancient philosophy, bioethics, comparative cultures, and the history of medicine. Accessible to both professionals and to those with little background in medical philosophy or ancient science, Carrick's book demonstrates that in the ancient world, as in our own postmodern age, physicians, philosophers, and patients embraced a diverse array of perspectives on the most fundamental questions of life and death.

Management Ethics

Placing Ethics at the Core of Good Management D. Melé. In its early days ... From
adifferent perspective, today it is widelyrecognized that managementis a
variedandoften complexactivity whereart, craft and science meet.Henry Mintzberg
,11 ...

Management Ethics

Author: D. Melé

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230361560

Page: 182

View: 991

The recent financial crisis has awakened a renewed sensibility to ethics in business and management, and an increasing interest in a better understanding of how ethics and economics are intertwined. Managers and executives must understand not just the moral value of ethical behaviour, but also how this can strengthen and benefit the organization.

Doing Clinical Ethics

It is one ethicist's opinion on how to do ethics in medicine, developed over years
of trial and error. ... not go very far before taking refuge in the excuse that the
language of craftsmen is unintelligible to those untutored in the craft (Cardozo

Doing Clinical Ethics

Author: Daniel K. Sokol

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400727830

Page: 83

View: 243

In this Brief, Daniel Sokol interprets ‘doing medical ethics’ broadly to capture the application of ethical knowledge to a concrete situation, rather than just resolving a moral dilemma contained within a case. It instructs clinicians on how to identify and analyse a clinical ethics case, and guides the reader in publishing in general medical, specialist medical, and medical ethics journals, and through presenting on ethical issues at conferences. In addition to this, advice on how to teach medical ethics, and apply for research ethics approval, is included. ​ “ admirably short and clear guide to doing medical ethics... I welcome this book and urge medical students and doctors of all grades to read it in paper, on-line or on your portable screen reader.” Sir Richard Thompson, President of the Royal College of Physicians, UK “Dr. Sokol has provided the field with a much needed, easy and comprehensive tool on 'doing' clinical ethics that all should have in their back pockets.” Dr. Nneka Mokwunye, Director of Bioethics, Washington Hospital Center, Washington DC, USA “This is a magnificent guide to clinical ethics and reflects the author’s very well known and widely respected academic gravitas and real life experience in clinical ethics. It is a “must read” for anyone involved in the field.” Mr. Vassilios Papalois, Consultant Surgeon and Chairman, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Clinical Ethics Committee, UK

The Elimination of Morality

In the opening passage of Plato's Gorgias Socrates declares his intention of
learning from Gorgias himself 'what the power of the man's craft is, and what it is
that he advertises and teaches'.1 orgias, for his part, is only too willing to tell him;

The Elimination of Morality

Author: Anne Maclean

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134866712

Page: 232

View: 590

First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Art and Craft of Case Writing

Professor Naumeswas thecorecipient of the Curtis E. Tate Jr. Outstanding Case
Writer Award, theEmerson Award forthe Outstanding Casein Business Ethics,
and the Gold Award at NACRA. HeisaFellow of NACRAand the CASE

The Art and Craft of Case Writing

Author: William Naumes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131745832X

Page: 320

View: 500

Filled with helpful checklists, charts, and suggestions for further reading, this practical, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary guide takes readers through the entire case-writing process, including skills for writing both teaching cases and research cases. This edition includes new discussions of students as case writers, and how to interpret and respond to reviews, as well as updated and expanded material on video, multimedia and Internet cases.