Kentucky s Cookbook Heritage

As a result of this practice, today you can buy what are called cornfield beans in
many farmers' markets across the state. The early European American farmers
planted these crops in hills rather than rows— another Native American practice.

Kentucky s Cookbook Heritage

Author: John van Willigen

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813146909

Page: 306

View: 841

Food is a significant part of our daily lives and can be one of the most telling records of a time and place. Our meals -- from what we eat, to how we prepare it, to how we consume it -- illuminate our culture and history. As a result, cookbooks present a unique opportunity to analyze changing foodways and can yield surprising discoveries about society's tastes and priorities. In Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage, John van Willigen explores the state's history through its changing food culture, beginning with Lettice Bryan's The Kentucky Housewife (originally published in 1839). Considered one of the earliest regional cookbooks, The Kentucky Housewife includes pre--Civil War recipes intended for use by a household staff instead of an individual cook, along with instructions for serving the family. Van Willigen also shares the story of the original Aunt Jemima -- the advertising persona of Nancy Green, born in Montgomery County, Kentucky -- who was one of many African American voices in Kentucky culinary history. Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage is a journey through the history of the commonwealth, showcasing the shifting priorities and innovations of the times. Analyzing the historical importance of a wide range of publications, from the nonprofit and charity cookbooks that flourished at the end of the twentieth century to the contemporary cookbook that emphasizes local ingredients, van Willigen provides a valuable perspective on the state's social history.

The Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook

But when local lettuce is long gone from the farmers markets, you can still put a
salad on the table if you have a head of ... to be nearly ubiquitous in world
cuisines: from sauerkraut to kimchi, from stuffed cabbage rolls (in eastern europe,
italy, ...

The Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook

Author: Tricia Cornell

Publisher: Voyageur Press

ISBN: 0760344868

Page: 192

View: 813

"Contains more than 80 recipes from local chefs, vendors, and other champions of local, seasonal eating, as well as profiles of market foods and suggestions on how to choose the best, plus maps and a directory of the state's markets"--

The Farmers Market Cookbook

Nina Planck. RUTABAGA, TURNIPS & KOHLRABI These brassica family
vegetables aren't fashionable. Many Europeans survived on swede during the
Second World War, so its association with privation is strong. Turnips are animal
fodder, ...

The Farmers  Market Cookbook

Author: Nina Planck

Publisher: Diversion Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 1938120701

Page: 224

View: 420

“A celebration of [fruit] and vegetable treasures . . . packed with clear, concise recipes, written in a no–nonsense style” (Farmers Weekly). No one knows fresh vegetables like Nina Planck. She grew up in Virginia, picking tomatoes, corn, beans, melons, and more on the family farm, and selling it all at nascent farmers’ markets. From the age of nine, she’s answered every question urban—and country—eaters have about produce. In 1999, Nina found herself living in London and, homesick for local food, she started London’s first farmers’ market. In The Farmers’ Market Cookbook, Nina explains what the farmer knows about every vegetable from asparagus to zucchini—and what the cook needs to know. In more than thirty chapters, each dedicated to cooking with the freshest fruits and vegetables, Nina offers simple and delicious recipes for beef, pork, chicken, and fish, as well as a passel of ideas for perfect side dishes, soups, and desserts—all with produce in the lead role. Try Roast Pork Chops with Apple & Horseradish Stuffing, Blueberry & Almond Crisp, and Risotto with Oyster Mushrooms. Nina also offers tips only farmers would know, kitchen strategies, options for a surplus, advice on what to buy at the market and when, what to look for in an eggplant or a blueberry, and how to keep it all fresh. As informative as it is beautiful, The Farmers’ Market Cookbook is perfect for any cook who has stared helplessly at fresh produce, praying for inspiration. Foreword by Nigel Slater, English food writer, journalist, and broadcaster.

The Monastery Garden Cookbook Farm Fresh Recipes for the Home Cook

From Europe it traveled to Ameri- ca, where it has been widely cultivated and
greatly appreciated at the table ever since. At the beginning of spring we feel
exhilarated to see it arrive in large quantities at local markets and roadside
produce ...

The Monastery Garden Cookbook  Farm Fresh Recipes for the Home Cook

Author: Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette

Publisher: The Countryman Press

ISBN: 1581578989

Page: 256

View: 285

Brother Victor offers more simple and elegant vegetable recipes. Keeping simple, homegrown elegance at the center of his culinary approach, Brother Victor has delighted the world’s palate and its soul through the success of his books From a Monastery Kitchen and Twelve Months of Monastery Soups. On the heels of 2010’s The Pure Joy of Monastery Cooking, his first fully illustrated cookbook, Brother Victor revives one of his classics, Fresh from a Monastery Garden, originally published in 1998. These 200 vegetable recipes come direct from his kitchen at Our Lady of the Resurrection Monastery to yours. They rely on the vibrancy of flavors and aromas and stay true to Brother Victor’s belief in being kind to the Earth. If you’ve never tried Brother Victor’s clean, healthy approach to cooking, it’s high time you did. Dishes borrow the richness of his southern French culinary tradition, with recipes like Fennel Ratatouille, Asparagus Risotto, and Alsatian Tomato Salad. You’ll also find techniques for canning and preserving fruits, vegetables, such treasures as Apple–Sweet Potato Chutney and Corn Relish. The Monastery Garden Cookbook celebrates vegetables, offering a lifetime of deliciously healthy eating. Formerly published under the title Fresh from a Monastery Garden.

Scottish Farmer s Market Cookbook

A handy, easy to use size that can be taken around on Farmers' Market days, with sections for notes, this book will prove to be indispensable!

Scottish Farmer s Market Cookbook

Author: Nick Paul

Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing

ISBN: 1906000034

Page: 160

View: 306

Scotland has an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest food in the world. Langoustines from the West Coast of Scotland are eaten at tables all over Europe; the Scottish Aberdeen Angus has long been the byword for quality meat; Scottish soft raspberries and tayberries are considered the finest available, and so the list goes on! Scottish kitchens are moving away from the global produce offered by supermarkets and are returning to locally-produced, seasonal food. Local growers and producers are supplying markets from the Borders up to Orkney and they are becoming increasingly popular. Farmers' markets in Scotland are a mix of greengrocer, butcher, garden-centre, off-licence, game dealer, delicatessan and more. The buyer has the opportunity to meet and speak to each farmer about the produce, making the shopping experience enjoyable and personal. The Scottish Farners' Market Cookbook is a collection of recipes from producers and stallholders and reflects the produce that can be found at these Markets. The recipes are simple and delicious and range from Beef sausages with Wild Mushrooms poached in Red Wine, to Pork and Apple with Ginger Jam; from Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Starter to Apple Water Ice. As well as delicious, easy-to-use recipes, the Scottish Farmers' Market Cookbook includes sections on seasonal growth, an availability guide, a producers list, farmers' market venues, and conversion chart for weights and measures. This cookbook demonstrates that fine cooking need not be difficult and shopping at the Farmers' Market for all your ingredients will produce the best in taste and guarantee a fresh, quality meal. A handy, easy to use size that can be taken around on Farmers' Market days, with sections for notes, this book will prove to be indispensable!

The Tra Vigne Cookbook

To get your hands on them , you must either grow them , haunt farmers ' markets ,
or find a very good produce market . In European markets , you often see
shoppers sorting through bins of potatoes for the smallest ones they can find .

The Tra Vigne Cookbook

Author: Michael Chiarello

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9780811863797

Page: 216

View: 992

A paperback edition of the classic cookbook from the popular Food Network chef shares simple but sophisticated recipes that feature seasonal ingredients, from asparagus and fresh peas to greens and winter squash, that celebrate the author's Italian heritage and the cooking traditions of California's wine country. Reprint.

The Farm Market Cookbook

Conversations, Recipes, Cooking Tips, Growing Hints, Mail Order Sources, a
Geographical Guide, and Everything Else ... Souard Market St. Louis , Missouri
Souard ouard Market comes the closest of any rarie : in irenca to having sre fee :
rg gi ar cid ... Margaret Rudy sells gooey cakes and middle - European baked
goods .

The Farm Market Cookbook


Publisher: Doubleday Books


Page: 277

View: 970

Judith Olney's Farm Market Book is a complete sourcebook on a subject that must be of primary interest to anyone concerned with the survival of our land, our food supply, and our rural heritage. Includes growing hints and cooking tips from the farmers themselves, over 125 recipes, a listing of mail order sources for market items, and a geographical index to markets across the country. 16 pages of full-color photographs.

Mississippi Current Cookbook

The entire Upper Mississippi region is peppered with Northern and Eastern
European immi- grants. ... Now that Nordeast is known for indie bands, artists, art-
filled cafés, farmers markets, and hip new restaurants, many contemporary chefs
in ...

Mississippi Current Cookbook

Author: Regina Charboneau

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493009249

Page: 336

View: 933

Discover the diverse food and culinary traditions from the ten states that border America’s most important river--and the heart of American cuisine--with 200 contemporary recipes for 30 meals and celebrations, and more than 150 stunning photographs. Starting at the river’s source in Minnesota, renowned chef/restaurateur Regina Charboneau introduces readers to a Native American wild rice harvest dinner, a Scandinavian summer’s end crayfish party, and a Hmong Southeast Asian New Year’s Eve buffet. Next the book moves to the river’s middle region, from Hannibal to New Madrid, featuring a dinner to honor the man most associated with the Mississippi--Mark Twain. Recipes are supplied for imaginative menus for such occasions as a St. Louis Italian spread featuring the city’s famous toasted ravioli, a farmer’s market lunch, and an Arkansas farm supper influenced by the vast farmlands on both sides of the Mississippi. The lower region, from Beale Street to the Bayous of the Gulf of Mexico, gives an insight into the author’s river roots in Natchez. Included are biscuits, shrimp, smoked tomatoes over creamy grits, a New Orleans-style Reveillon dinner, and a blessing of the fleet dinner inspired by the Vietnamese fisherman who shrimp at the mouth of the river. Scattered throughout are intriguing sidebars on such topics as how the paddlewheel steamboat came to ply the waters of the Mississippi, the traditional canoe method of harvesting Minnesota wild rice, and the 3,000 mile River Road lining the waterway. Throughout are stunning photographs of local scenery, dishes, and ingredients taken by renowned photographer Ben Fink on the magnificent American Queen riverboat and at farms, historic homes, and towns along the length of the river.

Eivissa The Ibiza Cookbook

This food revolution is not just occuring on Ibiza; farmers' markets, small-farm
livestock and artisanal products are increasingly available in towns and cities
right across Europe. London itself, like other major British towns and cities, has
an ...

Eivissa  The Ibiza Cookbook

Author: Anne Sijmonsbergen

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0008168326

Page: 304

View: 783

‘This is my dream cookbook ... A really evocative and delicious collection of recipes and a tantalising glimpse of a beautiful island’ – Russell Norman, author of Polpo Shortlisted for the Food & Travel Cookery Book of the Year at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2016.

The Farmers Market Cookbook

Pears are heralded in the fruit market world as the one fruit that can be
successfully picked before ripening. ... Pears, by the way, are a much bigger deal
in Europe than here in the United States, and most of the varieties can be found
there, ...

The Farmers Market Cookbook

Author: Fran Jurga Garvan


ISBN: 9780916782306

Page: 160

View: 598

Offers advice on shopping or selling at a farmers market and recipes for seasonal vegetable and meat dishes, and desserts.

The Soup Bread Cookbook

I take most of my inspiration from what shows up in the farmers' market and in the
local organic foods store. ... is cooking to the rhythm of the seasons—which
ultimately becomes tradition— more obvious to me than in northern Europe.

The Soup   Bread Cookbook

Author: Beatrice Ojakangas

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 1609613627

Page: 320

View: 223

From one of America's most prolific and beloved cookbook authors comes a compendium of unique recipes for a universally appealing subject. This broad collection of soups, broths, bisques, and chowders ranges from summer coolers and hearty, warming stews to smooth, creamy soups and fiery broths. Marked by their straightforward preparation, accessible ingredients, and original pairings, Ojakangas's collection not only taps into her Scandinavian heritage but into flavorful soups from around the world—there's Swedish Pea, Moroccan Vegetable, Borscht, and Chicken and Dumplings to Feijoida, French Onion, Italian Meatball, and Asian Lemon Ginger. The bread recipes alone could fill a cookbook. Loaves, buns, sticks, and flatbreads are here, along with pretzels, pitas, toasts and focaccias. Organized by season and complemented by evocative photographs, The Soup & Bread Cookbook is an ideal volume for anyone who takes comfort in the essential pleasures of a bowl of soup and warm bread.

Ottolenghi The Cookbook

... was, the British have started taking pride in their food in recent years, joining
the European set of confident, passionate and knowledgeable ... So they go
shopping in a supermarket during the week and visit a farmers' market at the

Ottolenghi  The Cookbook

Author: Yotam Ottolenghi

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446407098

Page: 304

View: 357

'Ottolenghi changed the way we cook in this country just as surely and enduringly as Elizabeth David’s A Book of Mediterranean Food had in 1950. It brought into our kitchens bold flavours, a vivid simplicity, a spirited but never tricksy inventiveness and, above all, light.’ Nigella Lawson Inspired by their childhoods in West and East Jerusalem, Yotam Ottolenghi’s and Sami Tamimi’s original cookbook Ottolenghi: The Cookbook showcases fresh, honest, bold cooking and has become a culinary classic. Yotam and Sami's inventive yet simple dishes rest on numerous culinary traditions, ranging from North Africa to Lebanon, Italy and California. First published in 2008, this new updated edition revisits the 140 original recipes covering everything from accomplished meat and fish main courses, through to healthy and quick salads and suppers, plus Ottolenghi's famously delectable cakes and breads. A new introduction sheds fresh light on a book that has become a national favourite. Ottolenghi is an award-winning chef, being awarded with the James Beard Award 'Cooking from a Professional Point of View' for Nopi in 2016, and 'International Cookbook' for Jerusalem in 2013. In 2013 he also won four other awards for Jerusalem. Praise for Ottolenghi: ‘[A] book that has barely left my kitchen...the fact that Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi have been generous to put their recipes in a book is something I had long dreamed of’ Nigel Slater, The Observer Magazine ‘Possibly the best cookery book I have ever owned. The recipes...are well-tested and produce results that will astound your tastebuds. Try the aubergine-wrapped ricotta gnocchi with sage butter, the chicken with three-rice salad or their famous meringues and you'll know just what I mean.’ Caroline Jowett, Daily Express ‘A wonderful book for vegetarians and cake lovers alike’ Bee Wilson, Sunday Times

Atkins for Life Low Carb Cookbook

More than 250 Recipes for Every Occasion Veronica Atkins, Stephanie
Nathanson, Atkins Health & Medical Information Services ... selecting the foods
that we ate, my European heritage—I was born in Russia and lived in many other
countries before immigrating to the ... Mostly, I went to the nearest grocery store,
but when we were at our country house I took advantage of the seasonal farmers'

Atkins for Life Low Carb Cookbook

Author: Veronica Atkins

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429963514

Page: 384

View: 842

"Controlling carbs works in virtually every situation, when you're having dinner with the family or hosting a dinner party, when you're in a hurry or spending the day creating delicacies in your kitchen. If you like to take shortcuts or you enjoy starting from scratch, if you mostly tinker in the kitchen on the weekends or cook every day, here are the recipes that suit your lifestyle." - Veronica Atkins Atkins for Life took the nation by storm, proving that doing Atkins is not a "fad" - it's a healthy and satisfying way of eating that you can follow for a lifetime. With multiple weeks at the top of the New York Times bestseller list, Atkins for Life whet the appetites of millions of new and established Atkins followers, and had them clamoring for even more great-tasting recipes that complement the low-carb lifestyle. Enter Atkins for Life Low-Carb Cookbook. Whether you're an Atkins devotee or you're just beginning to explore the benefits of controlling carbs, this all-purpose cookbook has the solutions you need to cook and eat appropriately - and enjoyably every day, at every meal, whether you're feeding your family, throwing a sit-down dinner party, or just looking for a healthy between-meal snack! This invaluable book makes low-carb cooking easier than ever before. Illustrated with more than 80 full-color photographs, it includes 250 recipes for sumptuous dishes such as Pan-Seared Steak with Mustard Sauce, Clementine-Glazed Duck Breast, Ginger Ice Cream with Caramelized Pears, and more! There are also a slew of home-style favorites you may not have thought you could enjoy on Atkins, including Pork Stew with Hominy and Collards, Mini Meatballs and Spaghetti, Mexican Chicken Wrap, and Creamy Lemon Bars. Although many of these recipes are tailored to fit the Pre-Maintenance and Lifetime Maintenance phases of Atkins, more than half of them are also appropriate for the Induction and Ongoing Weight Loss plan. Inside you'll find: * More than 100 tips and sidebars including: Nuts About Nuts, Smart Snacks and Sides, and Spotlight on Ginger * Complete nutritional information for every recipe, including Net Carbs and suitable Atkins phases * Helpful ideas for choosing the highest-quality foods and avoiding those full of hidden sugars or dangerous added trans fats * Countless bits of wisdom to simplify cooking and preparation, plus important low-carb cooking techniques The wide range of recipes fills the bill for: * Speedy weeknight suppers in under 30 minutes * Budget and vegetarian options * Family-friendly fare for healthy eating at any age * Outdoor grilling and barbecuing * Snacks and bag lunches * Luscious desserts to satisfy a sweet tooth - all without sugar * Special-occasion and party menus, including: Thanksgiving, New Year's, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and more! Now you don't have to give up your favorite dishes to control your carbs - you can simply make them the Atkins way.

Cook Eat Live Spring and Summer Cookbook

A native plant to most of Europe, Northern Afirica, and western Asia, asparagus
was cultivated by the Egyptians as early ... Select and Store Spring is the ideal
time to find asparagus grown in the US. at your local grocers and farmers markets

Cook  Eat  Live Spring and Summer Cookbook

Author: Tiffani Rozier

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468924273


View: 335

Cook, Eat, Live is a cookbook inspired by a love affair with the local farmers' market. Farmers' markets are full of charm, and they effervesce with organic energy. The landscape is continually changing, and there is always something new to experience. This cookbook is full of recipes inspired by the spring and summer harvests found in most markets across the United States.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Quinoa Cookbook

Recipe: Farmers' Market Quinoa Salad with Pistachio-Lemon Vinaigrette (
Chapter 7) Chef Ashley James, executive chef, ... menu at Windows Lounge,
featuring a variety of appetizers from Asia, Europe, North America, and South

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Quinoa Cookbook

Author: Susan Irby

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110158579X

Page: 336

View: 775

The next best thing to a personal chef, this tasty guide - complete with over 180 mouthwatering quinoa recipes - shows you how simple yet scrumptious cooking with quinoa can be.

The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook

... why these chickens seem to be available everywhere you look these days,
whether it's a food truck at a farmers' market, a fast-food or fine-dining restaurant,
... Rotisserie chicken is popular in Canada, Europe, and across Latin America too

The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook

Author: Eric Akis

Publisher: Appetite by Random House

ISBN: 0449016412

Page: 224

View: 438

For those who love rotisserie chicken--fresh off the spit at home or hot from the supermarket--this value-priced book is a one-stop guide to delicious everyday meals. The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook features not only tips on how to buy chicken and set up a rotisserie but also recipes for flavorful rubs and more than 120 quick and easy recipes to make and serve with roasted chicken. Rotisserie chicken has become a staple in supermarkets across the country, pre-cooked and ready to take home for a quick and healthy meal. The Great Rotisserie Chicken Cookbook provides recipes for salads, side dishes, and breads to serve on a night that you need to get dinner on the table right away. For nights when you have leftovers, there are mouth-watering soups, salads, sandwiches, rice dishes, pastas, and entrees that use chicken as an ingredient. And for days when you have more time, there are tips and tricks for roasting your own chicken on a rotisserie at home. These are meals made with readily available ingredients that come together from stove to table in 1 hour or less.

Midwestern Recipes

For the purpose of this cookbook, we're focusing on the Midwestern states of
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, ... The upper Midwest is a
prime fruit-growing region: apples, blueberries, and cranberries can be found in
abundance at the region's farmer's markets. ... Throughout the northern Midwest,
for example, northern European immigrant groups brought recipes for dishes
including ...

Midwestern Recipes

Author: Mary Boone

Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 1612281656

Page: 64

View: 650

Horseshoe sandwiches, city “chicken,” hot dishes, Dutch babies, and of course Chicago deep-dish pizza—these regional treasures and more showcase the history and bounty of the Midwest. America’s Dairyland provides the country not only with milk and cheese; it also produces honey, corn, and over 14 billion eggs each year. These abundant ingredients find their way into many Midwestern dishes, from corn fritters to frozen custard. Different cultures influenced Native American and pioneer cuisine in the Midwest when immigrants brought dishes from Czechoslovakia, Sweden, and other parts of the world. Kitchen safety tips, easy-to-follow recipes, and a glossary of common cooking terms help guide young chefs as they cook their way across the rich heartland of the United States.

The Four Season Farm Gardener s Cookbook

We like to grow a mix of varieties. the smaller European types and the classic
blocky American varieties are still the first ... travelers, enthusing about the flavor
and aroma of the intensely aromatic Charentais melons sold in all French

The Four Season Farm Gardener s Cookbook

Author: Barbara Damrosch

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 0761176810

Page: 496

View: 355

“Learn how to create an organic, edible garden and then make the most of the fruits (and vegetables) of your labors” (Los Angeles Daily News). Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman are America’s foremost organic gardeners—and authorities. Barbara is the author of The Garden Primer, and Eliot wrote the bible for organic gardening, The New Organic Grower. Today they are the face of the locavore movement, working through their extraordinary Four Season Farm in Maine. And now they’ve written the book on how to grow what you eat, and cook what you grow. The Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook is two books in one. It’s a complete four-season cookbook with 120 recipes from Barbara, a master cook as well as master gardener, who shows how to transform your fruits and vegetables into mouthwatering dishes, from Stuffed Squash Blossom Fritters to Red Thai Curry with Fall Vegetables to Hazelnut Torte with Summer Berries. And it’s a step-by-step garden guide that works no matter how big or small your plot, with easy-to-follow instructions and plans for different gardens. It covers size of the garden, nourishing the soil, planning ahead, and the importance of rotating crops—yes, even in your backyard. And, at the core, individual instructions on the crops, from the hardy and healthful cabbage family to fourteen essential culinary herbs. Eating doesn’t get any more local than your own backyard. “Beautifully photographed and illustrated . . . Provides a thorough and accessible discussion of how to grow food, what to grow, how to get the most from your garden and finally, how to make it all taste delicious.” —Minnesota State Horticultural Society

The Good Housekeeping Cookbook

Most of the striped bass in today ' s markets is a farm - raised hybrid of striped
bass and white bass . The farm - raised variety has a less ... European turbot (
always pricey ) has the best flavor and texture . Whiting A very delicate white -
fleshed ...

The Good Housekeeping Cookbook

Author: Susan Westmoreland

Publisher: Hearst Books

ISBN: 9781588163981

Page: 832

View: 530

We all need a little help in the kitchen, and there's no more reliable guidebook than the one you hold in your hands.

The Insect Cookbook

They are found in all our food crops, despite the fact that farmers and growers do
their best to protect them. At harvest time, the best apples are sent to markets and
shops, and lesser-quality apples are used to produce apple juice and
applesauce. ... For example, in northern Europe, cultured champignon
mushrooms were practically unknown before the 1960s; southern European
vegetables, such as ...

The Insect Cookbook

Author: Arnold van Huis

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231166842

Page: 216

View: 582

Insects will be appearing on our store shelves, menus, and plates within the decade. In The Insect Cookbook, two entomologists and a chef make the case for insects as a sustainable source of protein for humans and a necessary part of our future diet. They provide consumers and chefs with the essential facts about insects for culinary use, with recipes simple enough to make at home yet boasting the international flair of the world’s most chic dishes. Insects are delicious and healthy. A large proportion of the world’s population eats them as a delicacy. In Mexico, roasted ants are considered a treat, and the Japanese adore wasps. Insects not only are a tasty and versatile ingredient in the kitchen, but also are full of protein. Furthermore, insect farming is much more sustainable than meat production. The Insect Cookbook contains delicious recipes; interviews with top chefs, insect farmers, political figures, and nutrition experts (including chef René Redzepi, whose establishment was elected three times as “best restaurant of the world”; Kofi Annan, former secretary-general of the United Nations; and Daniella Martin of Girl Meets Bug); and all you want to know about cooking with insects, teaching twenty-first-century consumers where to buy insects, which ones are edible, and how to store and prepare them at home and in commercial spaces.