Hide Her Name

What people are saying about HIDE HER NAME: 'The events of the book are still with me days after finishing it, such a compelling read I cannot recommend it enough' 'This book is just as strong as Four Streets and had me hooked straight away ...

Hide Her Name

Author: Nadine Dorries

Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 1781857601

Page: 368

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The gripping sequel to bestselling THE FOUR STREETS. Shot through with darkness, but also humour, warmth and charm. In the Four Streets in Liverpool, a dreadful murder has been committed, and 14-year-old Kitty Doherty is pregnant with the dead man's child. This secret is so dangerous that her mother, Maura, and the redoubtable Kathleen, her best friend Nellie's grandmother, decide the girls must be spirited away quietly to Ireland to await the birth of the baby. But back in Liverpool, the police are not giving up their search for the truth. Somewhere, in this tight-knit Irish Catholic community, someone must know something. Someone surely will talk one day. The streets are alive with gossip and rumour and it isn't easy to keep a secret that big. Can't wait for the next one? THE BALLYMARA ROAD is out now! What people are saying about HIDE HER NAME: 'The events of the book are still with me days after finishing it, such a compelling read I cannot recommend it enough' 'This book is just as strong as Four Streets and had me hooked straight away' 'This is a powerful novel which challenges the emotions of its reader; feelings of anger, sadness, joy' 'I also liked the gentle humour that emerged - very much a feature of the gallows humour of that time'

First Contact In Her Name Book 1

President Natalie McKenna was still staring at the nowblank screen. She was
leaning forward in her chair, with her elbows on the table. Her hands covered the
lower half of her face as if she were trying to hide her expression. Tiernan knew ...

First Contact  In Her Name  Book 1

Author: Michael R. Hicks

Publisher: Michael R. Hicks

ISBN: 0984492720


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Led by Commander Owen McClaren, the TNS Aurora is embarked on an extended survey mission, searching for new worlds that could support human life. Drawn to an uncharted star system by the discovery of potentially habitable planets, the crew of the Aurora discovers something entirely unexpected: the planets are already inhabited, but not by humans. Approached by gigantic alien starships, Aurora's crew makes ready for humanity's very first contact with another sentient race. But nothing could prepare them for what fate has in store. For they have entered the domain of the Kreelan Empire, which has waited thousands of years to find another spacefaring race against which to wage war to honor their Empress. With all but one of the crew killed in bloody close combat, the aliens send Aurora home bearing the sole survivor: the Messenger, a young crewman who carries with him an alien artifact that is humanity's only sign of how much time remains until they are plunged into an interstellar war...

Her Name Was Helen

He wanted to be friendly, but what might their open beer bottles and pull-cans do
to his Moroccan upholstery? Their friendliness didn't hide their making little of his
lack of what 'every fellah' knew. They made his wealth worthless with ...

Her Name Was Helen

Author: Paul Mackan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462802708

Page: 187

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Where Oceans Hide Their Dead

He can see that Mark is surprised to hear the name, but he can't read anything
else from his face. “How do you know her?” Mark asks finally. “I don't. I heard her
name.” “From who?” “Syd. Did Noa used to work here or something?” Mark nods

Where Oceans Hide Their Dead

Author: John Yunker

Publisher: Ashland Creek Press

ISBN: 1618220810

Page: 320

View: 281

The long-awaited sequel to The Tourist Trail Robert Porter has quit the FBI in search of his long-lost (and presumed dead) love, Noa, only to find himself on the wind-raked shores of Southern Africa working for a seal-rescue organization. When a confrontation with local sealers ends in murder, Robert must abandon the seals and his search to join a private intelligence firm seeking to locate an activist who stole files from one of the world’s largest biotech companies. On the other side of the planet, Tracy Morris is an Iowa City hospice nurse by day, while by night she obsessively follows, and ultimately loses, Neil Cameron Jr., whom she sent to prison back when she was a brokenhearted drug addict. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, Amy Bakas, an American backpacker unsure about her impending marriage in the States, joins an attractive and mysterious man hitchhiking to the South Island. Along the way, she discovers that he is Neil Cameron, and that he is on the run for his life. The stories of Robert, Amy, and Tracy collide on a desolate beach of Australia in this passionate, adventurous novel about living on the edge of society and love in all its myriad forms.


But why did you send me Fran—” “Don't say her name,” Deirdre interrupted with a
sudden twitch. She covered her face and looked away ... If I see her or hear her
name, it will be harder to hide her memoryfrom Typhon.” “I will keep her hidden,”


Author: Blake Charlton

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 1429949880

Page: 416

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In a world where one's magical prowess is determined by one's skill with words and ability to spell, Nicodemus is a wizardly apprentice afflicted by a curse that causes him to misspell magical texts. Now, the demon who cursed him has hatched a conspiracy to force Nicodemus to change language and ultimately use it to destroy all human life. As Nico tries to thwart the demon's plan, he faces challenges from all sides. But his biggest challenge is his own disability, which causes him to create chaos wherever he goes. And the chaos surrounding Nico is affecting the world so profoundly that the kingdom to which he has fled to gather strength is on the brink of civil war, and he suspects that his closest allies-even Francesca, whom he loves more than life itself-may be subject to the demon's vast powers. As Nico tries to forestall the apocalypse, he realizes that he doesn't know if he can fully trust anyone, not even the woman he loves. And if he makes one wrong move, not only will his life be forfeit, he may end up destroying all mortal life as well.Introducing new twists to the unique magical system of Spellwright, and exploring issues that will bring readers a deeper appreciation of a fascinating world, Spellbound is sure to please Blake Charlton's fans and increase their number. Spellbound is a Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 Science Fiction & Fantasy title. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


As soon as a girl married she became simply Mun Ki's wife; that was her
profession and her personality. But when children arrived, special care was taken
to hide her name from them, and there was scarcely a Chinese growing up in
Hawaii ...


Author: James A. Michener

Publisher: Dial Press

ISBN: 0804151407

Page: 1136

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Pulitzer Prize–winning author James A. Michener brings Hawaii’s epic history vividly to life in a classic saga that has captivated readers since its initial publication in 1959. As the volcanic Hawaiian Islands sprout from the ocean floor, the land remains untouched for centuries—until, little more than a thousand years ago, Polynesian seafarers make the perilous journey across the Pacific, flourishing in this tropical paradise according to their ancient traditions. Then, in the early nineteenth century, American missionaries arrive, bringing with them a new creed and a new way of life. Based on exhaustive research and told in Michener’s immersive prose, Hawaii is the story of disparate peoples struggling to keep their identity, live in harmony, and, ultimately, join together. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Centennial. Praise for Hawaii “Wonderful . . . [a] mammoth epic of the islands.”—The Baltimore Sun “One novel you must not miss! A tremendous work from every point of view—thrilling, exciting, lusty, vivid, stupendous.”—Chicago Tribune “From Michener’s devotion to the islands, he has written a monumental chronicle of Hawaii, an extraordinary and fascinating novel.”—Saturday Review “Memorable . . . a superb biography of a people.”—Houston Chronicle

Tales of the Peacemaker

Sky has her baby. I wrap the girl up and hide her from sight. Then I wake Sky up. I
ask, “Sky, her name?” Sky looks at Nathan and asks, “What should we name our
daughter?” Nathan replies, “Skyla, song of my Sky.” Sky says, “That is sweet, ...

Tales of the Peacemaker

Author: Ashley Hall

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1984528823

Page: 194

View: 367

The story comes in around the same time book 9 ends. It goes from there, listing events as one immortal experiences them and her thoughts on such. It tells how she gets more promotions past where book 9 stops listing them. The story does not focus so much on the promotions as book 9 was. It is longer than book 9 but much shorter than book 8.

Say Her Name

She sat crosslegged on the floor, slumped forward, her head in her hands, and
sobbed. ... the breakfast tray and just bumped one of the plates aside—and there
it was, glinting away, it had been hiding under the rim of that yolksmeared plate.

Say Her Name

Author: Francisco Goldman

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 1611859972

Page: 300

View: 500

Celebrated novelist Francisco Goldman married a beautiful young writer named Aura Estrada in a romantic Mexican hacienda in the summer 2005. The month before their second anniversary, during a long-awaited holiday, Aura broke her neck while body surfing. Francisco, blamed for Aura's death by her family and blaming himself, wanted to die, too. But instead he wrote Say Her Name, a novel chronicling his great love and unspeakable loss, tracking the stages of grief when pure love gives way to bottomless pain. Suddenly a widower, Goldman collects everything he can about his wife, hungry to keep Aura alive with every memory. From her childhood and university days in Mexico City with her fiercely devoted mother to her studies at Columbia University, through their newlywed years in New York City and travels to Mexico and Europe-and always through the prism of her gifted writings-Goldman seeks her essence and grieves her loss. Humor leavens the pain as he lives through the madness of utter grief and creates a living portrait of a love as joyous and playful as it is deep and profound. Say Her Name is a love story, a bold inquiry into destiny and accountability, and a tribute to Aura-who she was and who she would have been.

Creative Resources for School Age Programs

SOCIAL S C I E N C E Find My Egg In Find My Egg each child hides a plastic
Easter egg with his or her name on a slip inside it. He or she identifies on a map
where the egg is hidden, and another child uses the map to locate the egg.

Creative Resources for School Age Programs

Author: Nancy Platz

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133010253

Page: 512

View: 702

With more than 300 creative activities for primary and intermediate school age children, this book is the only resource educators and program directors will need in promoting learning and fun with children. Creative, developmentally appropriate activities centered on fine arts, language arts, math, physical activities, science and social studies bring these subjects to life. The book’s content reflects standards from national organizations and includes projects that work well for individual children, small groups and large groups. Plus, implementing these projects and activities is easy in any setting, even with limited time, money, space or materials. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Restore My Heart

His expression gave nothing away. His voice had. Ellen Kennedy. Joe couldn't
hide the tightness in his tone when he said her name. And Sally could no longer
hide her curiosity. “Where'd you come up with the name Ellen Kennedy?

Restore My Heart

Author: Cheryl Norman

Publisher: Medallion Media Group

ISBN: 1605428388

Page: 439

View: 923

Sally Clay desperately needs her auto restoration business to succeed. When her best customer commits suicide and his son brings her a car to appraise, Sally suspects shady dealings. After one of her employees is murdered, Sally realizes it's too late to back out of the investigation she's stumbled into, and apparently too late for her heart, as well.

A Martial Odyssey

Normally, when the pugilists roamed the fraternity, they would use a fraternity
name to hide their clan of origin or identities. ... But when she had intentional
introduced him as her younger protégé brother and even revealed his father
name, ...

A Martial Odyssey

Author: Edmund Shen

Publisher: Lulu


Page: 607

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Synopsis "It is said that when a martial exponent reached the highest state of divinity of their arts, they be able to transcend into Celestials, overcoming the limitation of life and death. And as Celestials, they have to overcome seven celestial divinity, Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend in order to transcend to the Heavens." A Martial Odyssey is an epic quasi-fantasy/wuxia fiction, of a young man Yi Ping as he braved untold dangers in the martial fraternity. The powerful Honor Manor rules the Orthodox Martial Fraternity, yet there are other equally mysterious martial clans that are outside the influence of the orthodox fraternity; like the Eternal Ice Palace, the Virtuous Palace and the Celestial Palace. When the Celestial Fairy of the Eternal Ice Palace is rumored to pass away, it immediately attracted the attention of numerous exponents that undertake the perilous journey to the Heavenly Mountains for the martial secrets of the Eternal Ice Palace

An Explanatory and Pronouncing Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction

Duke Humphrey , the Good . sets her upon a monstrous beast with See Good
DUKE HUMPHREY . seven heads , — from which circum- | Dulcamara , Doctor .
... upon which she Dulcinea del Toboso ( dul - sin'e - ý flees into the wilderness to
hide her del to - bo'zo ; Sp . pron . dool - theshame from the world ... That foul
Duessa was stripped of her gorgeous about for a name which should have
ornaments .

An Explanatory and Pronouncing Dictionary of the Noted Names of Fiction

Author: William Adolphus Wheeler



Page: 410

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Soul Relenter Soul Saga 3

He looked away from the soldier he was addressing and stared at Accacia, who
entered the chamber with her green warrior sword held ... There was no reason
to hide her name since he wouldn't live to convey her identity to someone else.

Soul Relenter  Soul Saga  3

Author: E. L. Todd

Publisher: E. L. Todd

ISBN: 1495207447

Page: 300

View: 675

Accacia finally returns to the Continent with the Asquithians under her command. It may be the extra leverage they need to overthrow Drake, the worst dictator in their history and the man who tortured Accacia mercilessly for years. But she feels uneasy. She fears Aleco more than she fears anything. How will she tell him the truth? That she no longer belongs to him. And will he accept that decision?

Her Name was Armenie

She had ordered three photographs , one for Pepere and Memere Grenier , one
for her mother and one for our family . The photo ... Mama was lonely but she
tried to hide her emotions from the children , keeping busy with sewing . Romeo '
s ...

Her Name was Armenie

Author: Cecile Grenier Brochu



Page: 203

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Selena s Heritage

Tables left with food and drink. The smell was offensive. “Miss? May I help? No
Ladies frequent here unless escorted. Let me walk you to Mr. Barton's hotel.” “I
would like to speak to Mr. Gilchrist.” She tried to hide her disgust. “Your name,

Selena s Heritage

Author: Frances Walter

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462871402

Page: 575

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Egyptian Temples

Then there is the mysterious fact that the obelisks of Hatshepsut were partially
walled up with blocks bearing sculpture reft from some building of hers, and so
arranged as to hide her name on the obelisks without entirely covering them.

Egyptian Temples

Author: Margaret A. Murray

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486148823

Page: 320

View: 540

More than 120 photographs and diagrams depict the magnificent ruins of the Temple of the Sphinx, the great temples at Abu Simbel; and other extraordinary structures. 122 halftones and black-and-white line illustrations.


Virginia Woolf was a feminist and a trail blazer and she didn't have to hide her
own name under anyone else's. She was an inspiration.” He refrained from
pointing out that Woolf was her husband's last name and just remarked,
considering that ...


Author: Judith Civan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469155125

Page: 181

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Kenneth, half Jewish, grows up not knowing who he really is. Reporting on the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, he learns about the Nazi Holocaust and begins to find his identity as a Jew. Finding himself also means freeing himself from a failed marriage. On the eve of the Six Days War he meets Maggie, another journalist, in the Greek Isles and she too has an identity problem. She follows him to Israel to cover the war with him and they fall in love in Israel as the war begins. Against the background of struggling Arab and Israeli armies, they work out who they are and what their future will be.

The Bride Will Keep Her Name

... a mask seemed to slip away as she quietly crossed to the tiny sofa opposite me
and lowered herself into it. exposed and with no place to hide. “I had just hit thirty,
" she began, her voice more subdued than I'd heard it ever before in my life.

The Bride Will Keep Her Name

Author: Jan Goldstein

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 030745990X

Page: 272

View: 627

Something borrowed. Something blue. Do you really know the man to whom you’re saying ‘I do?’ Madison Mandelbaum is on top of the world. She’s got a loving — though totally neurotic — family, two fabulous girlfriends, and best of all, she’s head-over-heels in love with Colin Darcy, an investigative reporter for NBC, a distant relation to the Queen, and–most importantly–Maddie’s fiancé. Be careful what you wish for her mother’s always fond of saying, but with Colin on her arm, Maddie is certain that everything will finally go right. With one week to go before the wedding, Maddie receives an anonymous email that suggests that her fiancé may not be the man she thinks he is. Is this someone’s idea of a pre-wedding joke? Yet as sinister phone calls, text messages, and disturbing clues turn up, all linking Colin to the murder of a sexy callgirl, Maddie realizes that she must get to the bottom of this. Fast. As the clock counts down towards what was to be the ceremony of her dreams, Maddie’s life is turned into a wild race to find the truth. Between frantic dress fittings, entertaining future in-laws, and putting on a brave face, she and her best friends are propelled into an undercover investigation that plunges them into a seedy underworld of anonymous sex and backroom politics. As her search brings her ever closer to the knowledge she desperately seeks, Maddie finds her heart being tested in ways she’s never dreamed. Determined to take back her life, she discovers just how far someone in love will go to cover up the truth. And along the way, she stumbles upon a shocking secret she never saw coming. From the Hardcover edition.

Playing With Fire

Jamie came closer. Hesitated, then awkwardly patted her shoulder. Cassie
almost started crying again. ... Like she'd tried to hide her true identity. Her name
wasn't just Cassandra Armstrong. It was Cassandra Armstrong Wyatt. Jamie
studied ...

Playing With Fire

Author: Cynthia Eden

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 0758284128

Page: 352

View: 937

OLD FLAMES NEVER DIE . . . Cassie Armstrong has plenty to atone for. The daughter of the most immoral researcher ever to pick up a scalpel, she’s determined to use her own brilliance in genetics to repair the damage her family has done to the paranormals. Especially Dante, the first of the phoenixes, the one they call the Immortal. He’s been haunting her dreams since she was a little girl, and she’s been trying to ease his pain for almost as long. If only he remembered any of it . . . Dante doesn’t know what Cassie’s story is. He almost doesn’t care. The minute he sees her, all he can think is mine. But there’s more to the pretty little doctor than meets the eye. And Dante isn’t the only one to notice. He can’t trust her, but he can’t stay away—and if he wants to learn her secrets, he’s going to have to fight like hell to keep them both alive . . . Praise for Cynthia Eden’s novels “Readers will be looking forward to more Phoenix Fire books and, of course, hot alpha men.” —USAToday.com “Inspired, masterful.” —RT Book Reviews, TOP PICK! “Alluring.” —Publishers Weekly “Wickedly sexy!” —The Parkersburg News & Sentinel “Vampires and shape-shifters abound . . . Eden takes the book to the next level.” —The Washington Post “Cynthia’s on my must-buy list.” —Angie Fox “A fast-paced, sexy thrill ride you won’t want to miss.” —Christine Feehan

Under the Black Umbrella

She stayed there in hiding for about a month. Her name was Pak Myŏngyŏl, but
she changed it to Sunch'ŏn, meaning “obeying heaven,” to hide her true identity.
Well, she couldn't live there for long, so her brother (my father) made plans to ...

Under the Black Umbrella

Author: Hildi Kang

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801470153

Page: 192

View: 106

In the rich and varied life stories in Under the Black Umbrella, elderly Koreans recall incidents that illustrate the complexities of Korea during the colonial period. Hildi Kang here reinvigorates a period of Korean history long shrouded in the silence of those who endured under the "black umbrella" of Japanese colonial rule. Existing descriptions of the colonial period tend to focus on extremes: imperial repression and national resistance, Japanese subjugation and Korean suffering, Korean backwardness and Japanese progress. "Most people," Kang says, "have read or heard only the horror stories which, although true, tell only a small segment of colonial life." The varied accounts in Under the Black Umbrella reveal a truth that is both more ambiguous and more human—the small-scale, mundane realities of life in colonial Korea. Accessible and attractive narratives, linked by brief historical overviews, provide a large and fully textured view of Korea under Japanese rule. Looking past racial hatred and repression, Kang reveals small acts of resistance carried out by Koreans, as well as gestures of fairness by Japanese colonizers. Impressive for the history it recovers and preserves, Under the Black Umbrella is a candid, human account of a complicated time in a contested place.