Hillel and Jesus

The fascinating results of the study are compiled in this magnificent work of interest to clergy, professors, students, libraries and general readers alike.

Hillel and Jesus

Author: Loren L. Johns

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing


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An international group of scholars who met in Jerusalem in 1992 examined and compared the traditions that describe the historical figures Hillel (a prominent first century B.C.E. Rabbinic teacher) and Jesus (early first century C.E.). The fascinating results of the study are compiled in this magnificent work of interest to clergy, professors, students, libraries and general readers alike.

Justice Jesus and the Jews

It was thus the basic type of religion known by Jesus and presumably by Paul " (
426 , emphasis in original ) . 10 James H . Charlesworth and Loren L . Johns ,
eds . , Hillel and Jesus : Comparisons of Two Major Religious Leaders ...

Justice  Jesus  and the Jews

Author: Michael LaVelle Cook

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814651483

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Does not address the eventual triumph of both Rabbinic Judaism and Gentile Christianity and the corresponding failure of a more Jewish Christianity. It centers rather on our common root, the Hebrew Bible, and the relationship of the Jewish prophet Jesus of Nazareth to his ancestral heritage. The correspondence between the Biblical notion of justice and Jesus' proclamation of the reign of God raises questions for both Jews and Christians. As such, it also provides a common ground or lens for Jewish-Christian dialogue. The hope is that the focus upon justice will deepen that dialogue.

The Internal Diversification of Second Temple Judaism

Hillel. and. Jesus: Forerunners. to. Rabbinic. Judaism. and. Early. Christianity.
Both early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism emerged from the milieu of Second
Temple Judaism. Rabbinic Judaism evolved during the nascent age of
Christianity ...

The Internal Diversification of Second Temple Judaism

Author: Jeff S. Anderson

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761823278

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The period of Early Judaism beginning with the return from the Babylonian Exile in 538 B.C.E. to the destruction of the second temple in 70 C.E. is an enigma to many students of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. This era has often been overlooked as unimportant or been the victim of strongly confessional overgeneralizations. Christians have often touted the absolute uniqueness of their faith as something that replaced a jaded, outmoded Jewish religion. Jews, on the other hand, have often tended to identify Christianity as something entirely unique, a phenomenon totally unrelated to Judaism. However, the Second Temple period was one of the most prolific and creative in all of Israel's history. It was a time of unparalleled literary and theological diversity that gave rise to the powerful religious movements of Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity. The Internal Diversification of Second Temple Judaism provides a broad overview of the history, constituent communities, and theological innovations of the Second Temple period.

The Historical Jesus in Recent Research

P. S. Alexander Jesus and the Golden Rule [[363]] Any comparison of Hillel and
Jesus must address, sooner or later, the problem of the Golden Rule. Both Hillel
and Jesus are credited with having quoted the Rule and both are said to have ...

The Historical Jesus in Recent Research

Author: James D. G. Dunn

Publisher: Eisenbrauns

ISBN: 1575061007

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The past two or three decades have witnessed significant activity in research on the Jesus of the Gospels and history. In fact, there has been such a plethora of publication on such a wide variety of facets of this issue that it is difficult to keep pace with the rate of publication. In this volume, Dunn and McKnight have collected and provided introductions to a wide cross-section of essays on the topic, ranging from classic essays by the likes of Bultmann, Cadbury, and Schweitzer to the most recent investigations of Horsley, Levine, and Wright. This volume will be a very useful book for courses and seminars on Jesus or the historical Jesus, because it draws together in one place a wide variety of perspectives and approaches to the issues. Authors represented include: P. S. Alexander, D. C. Allison, P. W. Barnett, M. J. Borg, R. Bultmann, H. J. Cadbury, P. M. Casey, G. B. Caird, B. Chilton, C. E. B. Cranfield, J. D. G. Dunn, R. A. Horsley, J. Jeremias, M. K�hler, W. G. K�mmel, E. E. Lemcio, A.-J. Levine, G. Luedemann, J. P. Meier, B. F. Meyer, R. Morgan, J. A. T. Robinson, E. P. Sanders, A. Schweitzer, K. R. Snodgrass, G. N. Stanton, P. Stuhlmacher, G. Theissen, N. T. Wright.

The Other Jesus

Although the teachings of Hillel and Jesus have remarkable similarities in that
both were of a liberal bent toward Torah interpretation, their lives could not have
been more dissimilar. Hillel was linked to the powerful Jewish establishment in ...

The Other Jesus

Author: Todd Outcalt

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 144222309X

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We’re familiar with the Jesus portrayed in the New Testament, but many people are surprised to learn that a wealth of stories and traditions about Jesus have always existed alongside the usual Biblical sources. Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism—among other religions—have created their own tales about Jesus, sometimes out of necessary self-preservation and reaction to the claims of the church, but more often through thoughtful and artistic adaptation. The Other Jesus explores these varied traditions and offers a fresh exploration of Jesus—new perspectives that challenge long-accepted beliefs about his place in history and his impact on other religions.

The Originality of Jesus

It portrays Hillel as the founder of a Torah school in the Pharisaic communities in
Jewish Palestine, who interpreted the ... In my opinion the most important
similarity between Hillel and Jesus is that they both acted as authoritative
interpreters of ...

The Originality of Jesus

Author: Per Bilde

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3525536097

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Jesus compared.

Our Father Abraham

The life of Hillel, the great sage of classical Judaism, overlapped with that of
Jesus. Though Hillel still taught after the birth of Jesus, most of his teaching was
apparently carried on in the century preceding the Christian era. When a Gentile
once ...

Our Father Abraham

Author: Marvin R. Wilson

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802804235

Page: 374

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This volume delineates the link between Judaism and Christanity, between Old and the New Testaments, and calls Christians to reexamine their Hebrew roots so as to effect a more authentically biblical lifestyle.

The life words of Christ

HILLEL . 275 $ Cir . B . C . 50 . Delitzsch , Hillel u . Jesus , 10 . * Hillel " in 60
Delitzsch , 11 . 290 . Jont , i . above , ness written on every heart by his cruelties
and oppresa CHAP . XVIII . sions . A man of unspeakably greater importance in
his ...

The life   words of Christ

Author: John Cunningham Geikie




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Imitating Jesus

by the early church of Jesus' teachings about the twelve sitting on thrones to
judge Israel together with the promise of new ... For a comparison of Hillel's
comment with Jesus' teaching, see P. S. Alexander, 'Jesus and the Golden Rule',
in Hillel ...

Imitating Jesus

Author: Richard A. Burridge

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802844588

Page: 490

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In contrast to many studies of New Testament ethics, which treat the New Testament in general and Paul in particular, this book focuses on the person of Jesus himself. Richard Burridge maintains that imitating Jesus means following both his words -- which are very demanding ethical teachings -- and his deeds and example of being inclusive and accepting of everyone. Burridge carefully and systematically traces that combination of rigorous ethical instruction and inclusive community through the letters of Paul and the four Gospels, treating specific ethical issues pertaining to each part of Scripture. The book culminates with a chapter on apartheid as an ethical challenge to reading the New Testament; using South Africa as a contemporary case study enables Burridge to highlight and further apply his previous discussion and conclusions.