How Does That Make You Feel

One feels the presence of Amatenstein's humane, sensitive, and experienced
hand in a collection that is wideranging and ... —Lori Gottleib, bestselling author
of Marry Him “How Does That Make You Feel is an eyeopening look at therapy.

How Does That Make You Feel

Author: Sherry Amatenstein

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1580056253

Page: 250

View: 540

How Does That Make You Feel? obliterates the boundaries between the shrink and the one being shrunk with unabashedly candid writers breaking confidentiality and telling all about their experiences in therapy. This revelatory, no-punches-pulled book brings to light both sides of the “relationship” between therapist and client—a bond that can feel pure and profound, even if it is, at times, illusory. Contributors include an array of essayists, authors, TV/film writers and therapists, including Patti Davis, Beverly Donofrio, Royal Young, Molly Peacock, Susan Shapiro, Charlie Rubin, Estelle Erasmus, and Dennis Palumbo. Full list of contributors: Sherry Amatenstein Laura Bogart Martha Crawford Patti Davis Megan Devine Beverly Donofrio Janice Eidus Estelle Erasmus Juli Fraga Nina Gaby Mindy Greenstein Jenine Holmes Diane Josefowicz Jean Kim Amy Klein Binnie Klein Anna March Allison McCarthy Kurt Nemes Dennis Palumbo Molly Peacock Pamela Rafalow Grossman Charlie Rubin Jonathan Schiff Barbara Schoichet Adam Sexton Susan Shapiro Beth Sloan Eve Tate Kate Walter Priscilla Warner Linda Yellin Royal Young Jessica Zucker

How Does that Make You Feel

“Most of the time you get the same results if you're nice as you do by complaining
or going off on someone; so what is the point of being negative? If you are mean
just to make yourself feel better, you will never feel better nor will you be free ...

How Does that Make You Feel

Author: Lulu Enterprises Inc.


ISBN: 0557569486

Page: 52

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Funny and random quotes about life, love and relationships.This book is not for desperate men or women who are willing to change who they are to attract a mate. This book will make you laugh, but most importantly will make you think about your outlook on life.

Generating Generosity in Catholicism and Islam

What does your religion say about people in need who deserve help? Describe
their circumstances. What does that make you think about? How does that make
you feel? CONDITION 4: Duty to God Think about your duty to God. What does ...

Generating Generosity in Catholicism and Islam

Author: Carolyn M. Warner

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107135516

Page: 320

View: 261

Using field experiments and case studies, this book investigates the institutions and beliefs within Catholicism and Islam that prompt generosity.

The Art of Uncertainty

Do you see any of yourself in his impatience, wanting to learn or grow faster than
what is realistic? ... Do you tend to want to move faster than the rest of the traffic is
moving and, if so, how does that make you feel? When you are stopped ...

The Art of Uncertainty

Author: Dennis Merritt Jones

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101516980

Page: 304

View: 260

What if we could learn to accept I don't know and embrace the possibility that the future is full of mystery, excitement, and unlimited opportunity? The Art of Uncertainty is an invitation to the reader to consider its essential message: learning to love the unknown by staying present in the moment. If the difficulties of recent years have taught us anything-particularly those who "did everything right" and still saw it all fall apart-it's that none of us has as much control over our lives as we believe. The only thing we can control is our next thought. What if we could learn how to be at peace with uncertainty and embrace the possibility that the future is full of mystery, excitement, and unlimited opportunity? What if we discovered that a new paradigm can be more fulfilling, more rewarding, and more peaceful than what we have known? Living in the I don't know and loving it is an art form we can all master, and The Art of Uncertainty is the perfect guidebook.

Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry

What are you feeling? What is going on in your mind as Peter is out on the water
walking toward Jesus? What does Peter's ability to walk on water tell you about
Jesus? How does that make you feel about Jesus? (Allow significant pause.) ...

Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry

Author: Jeannie Oestreicher

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310831644

Page: 176

View: 794

How often have you struggled to help your students really grasp God’s love? How often have you been frustrated by their Sunday school answers when you try to draw them into the depths of God’s story? You’re not alone. Many students (and even youth workers brave enough to admit it) are experiencing emptiness, lack of passion, and a growing inability to hear from God.But there is hope. Just use your imagination...God created our imaginations. Why not harness them to encounter our creative God in brand new ways? Try it right now: Picture yourself in a boat with Jesus as the seas grow rough, as the water crashes over the bow. Notice what’s going on...notice your emotions at this critical moment. What is your sense of Jesus’ presence in the midst of the storm?The latter is just one example of the many guided exercises within the pages of Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry. You’ll find tools that can help you use imaginative prayer as a means of experiencing the God who is continually reaching out to us. Invite your students to open their imaginations (and their five senses) to God’s spirit and allow God to move and speak directly to them through the 50 imaginative prayer exercises inside. They come complete with instructions, environment suggestions, and optional debrief questions—there’s even a topical/Scripture reference index so you can find just the right exercises to suit your needs. If you want to introduce your students to the God who loves them (in a way that allows them to truly experience that love), imaginative prayer is an effective means to do so—you and your students will never be the same.

The Financial Professional s Guide to Communication

—Anonymous How do you feel when someone is talking to you, but they just can'
t seem to look you in the eyes? They may ... How does it make you feel when
people look in every direction except yours when they're speaking to you? How
do ...

The Financial Professional s Guide to Communication

Author: Robert L. Finder

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 0133017915

Page: 208

View: 350

Today, financial clients are profoundly skeptical. They’ve been burned. Their consultants and advisors talk too much, use too much confusing technical jargon, work from too many boilerplate scripts, repeat too many generic caveats and useless disclaimers. Above all, clients say, their advisors don’t listen well, and don’t link their own needs and views to the recommendations they present. To succeed in today’s radically new environment, financial advisors must first transform the way they communicate. In The Financial Professional’s Guide to Communication, one of the world’s leading experts on the financial client relationship shows them how to do precisely that. Drawing on his experience training elite financial professionals worldwide, Bob Finder shows how to actively listen, speak plainly with precision and passion, and engage clients with uncommon effectiveness. Finder demonstrates how to focus relentlessly on what matters most to each individual client, and then deliver intensely relevant recommendations with clarity and impact, in your own voice. You’ll learn how to bring imagination, creativity, and even entertainment to your presentations and conversations, and use constructive criticism to keep improving with every new client meeting. Using these proven techniques, you can deliver truly extraordinary levels of professionalism and service, gain the powerful new competitive edge you’re desperately searching for – and earn equally powerful rewards for yourself.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors

How do you feel about that today? Please do your best to answer the ...
ChILdhood: revIsIted • How did you relate to money as a child? Did you feel “poor
” or “rich”? ... Did you get paid regardless of performance? • Did you work for

Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors

Author: David Edward Marcinko

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1482240289

Page: 744

View: 161

Drawing on the expertise of multi-degreed doctors, and multi-certified financial advisors, Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical PlannersTM will shape the industry landscape for the next generation as the current ecosystem strives to keep pace. Traditional generic products and sales-driven advice will yield to a new breed of deeply informed financial advisor or Certified Medical PlannerTM. The profession is set to be transformed by "cognitive-disruptors" that will significantly impact the $2.8 trillion healthcare marketplace for those financial consultants serving this challenging sector. There will be winners and losers. The text, which contains 24 chapters and champions healthcare providers while informing financial advisors, is divided into four sections compete with glossary of terms, CMPTM curriculum content, and related information sources. For ALL medical providers and financial industry practitioners For NEW medical providers and financial industry practitioners For MID-CAREER medical providers and financial industry practitioners For MATURE medical providers and financial industry practitioners Using an engaging style, the book is filled with authoritative guidance and healthcare-centered discussions, providing the tools and techniques to create a personalized financial plan using professional advice. Comprehensive coverage includes topics likes behavioral finance, modern portfolio theory, the capital asset pricing model, and arbitrage pricing theory; as well as insider insights on commercial real estate; high frequency trading platforms and robo-advisors; the Patriot and Sarbanes–Oxley Acts; hospital endowment fund management, ethical wills, giving, and legacy planning; and divorce and other special situations. The result is a codified "must-have" book, for all health industry participants, and those seeking advice from the growing cadre of financial consultants and Certified Medical PlannersTM who seek to "do well by doing good," dispensing granular physician-centric financial advice: Omnia pro medicus-clientis. RAISING THE BAR The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare

Values Clarification in Counseling and Psychotherapy

How do you think it would feel to tell people you're proud of what you've
accomplished? ... Elder Living: • When you picture your friends learning that you
are giving up your home and moving to assisted living, how does that make you

Values Clarification in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Author: Howard Kirschenbaum

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199989788

Page: 256

View: 941

This work meets a long-standing need in the helping professions by being the first and only comprehensive book on how counselors and psychotherapists can work with clients around values, goal-setting, decision-making and action planning. Helping clients determine their priorities, set goals, make decisions, and take action to improve their lives are common tasks for virtually all helping professionals when engaging with clients. This is the process known as "values clarification" (or "Values Clarification"). While counselors and psychotherapists widely practice values clarification-some knowingly, others unaware-they typically do so with a limited understanding of its theory, methods and various applications. This book demonstrates, with great precision, case studies, and hundreds of clinical examples, how counselors and psychotherapists in many fields can ask good clarifying questions, conduct clarifying interviews, and employ dozens of values clarification strategies with individuals, couples, families, and groups. To illustrate how values clarification can be used to explore a myriad of counseling topics, the examples throughout the text are often grouped around more specific applications for marriage and family counseling, career counseling, substance abuse and recovery counseling, geriatric counseling, grief counseling, pastoral counseling, financial counseling, school counseling, rehabilitation counseling, counselor/clinical education and supervision, health counseling, and personal growth. There are clear descriptions of what values clarification is and is not, theory and research, multicultural and diversity issues, and how counselors and therapists can handle value and moral conflicts with clients. Values clarification is compared and contrasted to other approaches to counseling and psychotherapy, including person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, reality therapy-choice theory, existential, individual psychology, solution-focused, narrative, motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, appreciative inquiry, life coaching, and positive psychology.

Dramatic Events

How to Run a Workshop for Theater, Education or Business Richard Hahlo, Peter
Reynolds ... This is the key question for most of us for most of the time, and how
we react to it shapes our lives. Life is a series of ... How does that make you feel?

Dramatic Events

Author: Richard Hahlo

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 146688746X

Page: 192

View: 728

Using the experience of authors Richard Hahlo and Peter Reynolds in a variety of educational, business and theater settings, Dramatic Events: How to Run a Workshop for Theater, Education or Business investigates the connection between practical theater work and drama theory, and its effect on the development and dynamic of any working group.

The Rich Part of Life

Soon and without me noticing exactly when and how, we were talking about
other things: my mother, father, Tommy. We talked for a ... Then he asked, “How
does it feel to be a little rich kid?” “Okay. ... “How does that make you feel?” he

The Rich Part of Life

Author: Jim Kokoris

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429976435

Page: 336

View: 421

Teddy Pappas is an eleven-year-old boy forced into maturity before his time. He lives with his younger brother and their eccentric Civil War historian father, a man more comfortable with discussing Confederate footwear than what kind of day his sons had. Their lives have been quiet for a year since the real lifeblood of their household, Teddy's mother, died in a tragic car accident. On the one-year anniversary of her death, Teddy's stoic father plays his wife's favorite lottery numbers in a tender, uncharacteristic act. When it turns out that the family holds the $190 million winning ticket, their world is instantly transformed. Seemingly overnight, a host of colorful characters demands their attention, including Teddy's hilarious aunt and uncle, a beautiful divorcée, a desperate former soap opera star, and a menacing stranger who threatens the very core of the family. As events spiral out of control, the family struggles to discover what "the rich part of life" really is. Featuring a unique father-child bond, Jim Kokoris's moving first novel is flavored with the rich characterizations and poignant charm of early John Irving. Creating the perfect balance of humor and pathos, Kokoris takes us on an unforgettable journey through the ups and downs of this revelation of unexpected wealth.

Digging Out

specifics, ask feeling questions: “How did you feel about that?” or “What do you
think about that? ... Let's see how Ted clarifies to keep the conversation with his
mother on track: Laura: “Yes, and I don't like people telling me what to do.

Digging Out

Author: Michael A. Tompkins

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 1608825426

Page: 208

View: 641

Many people who hoard understand the extent of their problem and are open to help. This book is not for them. Digging Out is for the concerned and frustrated friends and family members of people who do not fully accept the magnitude of their hoarding problem and refuse help from others. If you have a friend or loved one with a hoarding problem and are seeking a way to guide him or her to a healthier, safer way of life, this book is for you. In Digging Out, you will find a complete guide to helping your loved one with a hoarding problem live safely and comfortably in his or her home or apartment. Included are realistic harm reduction strategies that you can use to help your loved one manage health and safety hazards, avoid eviction, and motivate him or her to make long-term lifestyle changes. You'll learn how to handle a roommate or spouse with a hoarding problem, identify and work through special considerations that may arise when the person who hoards is frail and elderly, and receive guidance for healing strained relationships between people who hoard and their friends and family. Take heart. With this book as a guide, you can help your loved one live more comfortably and safely, salvage your damaged relationship, and restore your peace of mind.

Kinn s The Medical Assistant E Book

... and follow up on its effective- ness. Did the problem-solving process help you
manage the situation more effectively? ... The first step in becoming assertive is to
describe the situation and how it makes you feel. Perhaps you have a co-worker

Kinn s The Medical Assistant   E Book

Author: Deborah B. Proctor

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323187811

Page: 1392

View: 828

Prepare for a successful career in medical assisting! Kinn’s The Medical Assistant, 12th Edition helps you learn the real-world administrative and clinical skills essential to working in the health care setting. Administrative coverage ranges from professionalism and interpersonal skills to billing and coding and electronic health records; clinical content teaches how to assist with medications, diagnostic procedures, and surgeries. And no other comprehensive medical assisting text can match its coverage of assisting with medical specialties! Written by medical assisting experts Alexandra Adams and Deborah Proctor, this classic resource also includes an Evolve companion website with practical exercises and activities, videos, and review questions for the CMA and RMA certification exams. More chapters on assisting with medical specialties than any other Medical Assisting text prepare you to assist in specialty exams and make you better qualified to work in specialty fields like cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and neurology. Step-by-step, illustrated procedures make it easier to learn and understand medical assisting skills, and include rationales for each step. Threaded case scenarios help you develop critical thinking skills and apply concepts to realistic administrative and clinical situations. Patient education and legal and ethical issues are described in relation to the Medical Assistant's job. A Portfolio Builder on the Evolve website helps you demonstrate proficiency to potential employers. Detailed learning objectives and vocabulary with definitions in each chapter help you study more effectively, with connections icons linking concepts in the text to exercises in the study guide and on the Evolve companion website. Study Guide includes a variety of exercises to test your knowledge and critical thinking skills, case scenarios from the book, and a Procedure Checklists Manual. Sold separately. NEW! Charting examples within the procedures are highlighted for easier learning. UPDATED coverage of the Electronic Health Record ensures that you are familiar with the technology you'll use on the job. UPDATED content on alternative therapies and treatment includes the latest herbal remedies such as red rice yeast for lowering cholesterol, St. John’s Wort for depression, and probiotic bacteria for GI maladies.

Passion4Purity Journal

How does it make you feel when you know that God is thinking about you right
now? God says that He has thoughts of peace and not of evil. What does that
mean to you, how does that make you feel to know that God has thoughts of
peace ...

Passion4Purity Journal

Author: Cindy Collins


ISBN: 1304507866


View: 936

Beautiful Me

Do you remember?' 'Nah,' I say, 'can't remember. I was about four when he left, so
you know ... I was little.' 'And you haven't seen him since?' says Grace. 'Nah,' I say
. 'And how does that make you feel?' I shrug my shoulders. 'So you're not ...

Beautiful Me

Author: Natasha Jennings

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452513902

Page: 342

View: 108

Talia is seventeen, weighs thirty-one kilos, and has been committed to a psychiatric unit. Ever wondered what was inside the mind of an anorexic? This is her journal, Beautiful Me.

Spirituality Looking Up to Heaven

Should we catalog people like we do cattle? Well, some people in this world may
see you as cattle. How does that sound to you? How does it make you feel,
knowing that someone may be controlling what goes on in your life, without you
ever ...

Spirituality  Looking Up to Heaven

Author: Greg Fernandez Jr.


ISBN: 0557306728

Page: 75

View: 410

"If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord." - ROMANS 14:8This book encourages you to study the Bible, to seek understanding of God, tolerance of others, to throw away your pride and celebrate the glory of God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. God has done so many miracles in my life. God has taken me places I never thought possible. How awesome is our God? How awesome our God is! "Spirituality" is a book for those who need spiritual encouragement. This book is designed to get you excited about the Bible and understand that Jesus Christ is the answer to sin. Reading about him will get you to understand what salvation is and how we can seek it. We must serve, instead of being served. Follow God, put this book down and read your Bible.

Have Your Cupcake Eat It Too

(Mark 12:31) He did not say, “Love others as you love your dog” or “your dog
loves you,” or “God loves you,” or “you love God” or any other ... So with that in
mind, you can look at how you love others and really get a reading on how
authentically you love yourself, can't you? ... More importantly, how does that
make you feel?

Have Your Cupcake   Eat It Too

Author: Lynda Jamysen

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 145259905X

Page: 172

View: 349

Why read Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too!? Because it might just sneak a little bit of joy into your very busy life each day! Maybe even help you remember YOU for a moment! Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too is set up in little cupcake size bits of inspiration with drawings of cute, little cupcakes strewn all through it. Who doesnt love cupcakes, right? Even better when there are no calories! My books message is to help you remember YOU each day. To remember that you matter, you count, everything about you is to be honored and respected. Everything! I hope in reading my book, you will take just a moment each day to realize something wonderful about yourself (not your family, job or anything external to you), about YOU and be thankful for it. To begin to recognize that you are not just the one who takes care of everyone else, but that you matter at least as much as all of them. And not because you care for them, but because you are you, and that is the reason that you matter! Enjoy a cupcake or two (no calories, I promise) and take a moment for you. You are amazing and the person who needs to know it the most is YOU! From my heart to yours... Lynda

Think Positive Feel Good

Example 4 Imagine you are starting a new job – a step up from your last job –
and you feel it is a stretch for you. ... of positive comments from your new
supervisor about how well you are doing, you cannot help but have the negative
thought “I'm ... What would it be like to think instead “I wonder what I'm going to
learn today?

Think Positive  Feel Good


Publisher: PW Hypnotherapy

ISBN: 0955837413


View: 326

Living with Your Husband s Secret Wars

How does your husband's inappropriate sexual behavior make you feel about
him? About yourself? Do you feel angry? At whom? In what ways have you
expressed your anger? Did you have a “gut feeling” that something was going on
in your ...

Living with Your Husband s Secret Wars

Author: Marsha Means

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 0800757106

Page: 224

View: 420

When a wife discovers her husband is entangled in sexual sin, she's devastated. This book offers proactive steps to help her heal.

The Last Asylum

And how are you now? You tell me you are feeling worse. You drink, you take
drugs, your health is suffering. Coming here is not helping you, it seems. It seems
to be making you very ill. You're not making me ill! No, well, how do you feel?

The Last Asylum

Author: Barbara Taylor

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141966904

Page: 320

View: 397

The Last Asylum is Barbara Taylor's haunting memoir of her journey through the UK mental health system. A RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK SHORTLISTED FOR THE RBC TAYLOR PRIZE In July 1988, Barbara Taylor, then an acclaimed young historian, was admitted to what had once been England's largest psychiatric institution: Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum, later known as Friern Hospital. This searingly honest, thought-provoking and beautifully written memoir is the story of the author's madness years, set inside the wider story of the death of the asylum system in the twentieth century. It is a meditation on her own experience of breakdown and healing, but also that of the millions of other people who have suffered, are suffering, will suffer mental illness. 'Personal story, psychoanalytic process, the experience of madness, the feel of being an inpatient in the last days of Friern, the history of the asylum . . . A beautiful memoir, engrossing' Independent 'Moving, brave and intelligent' Susan Hill, The Times 'Dazzling. A great achievement, full of life and hope' Sunday Telegraph Barbara Taylor's previous books include an award-winning study of nineteenth-century socialist feminism, Eve and the New Jerusalem; an intellectual biography of the pioneer feminist Mary Wollstonecraft; and On Kindness, a defence of fellow feeling co-written with the psychoanalyst Adam Phillips. She is a longstanding editor of the leading history journal, History Workshop Journal, and a director of the Raphael Samuel History Centre. She teaches History and English at Queen Mary University of London.