Inspired to Dance

You need this key information in order to determine how to dress, what your
overall look should be and what shoes to wear. As for the shoes, bring them all:
heels, dance sneakers, tap shoes, ballet slippers, point shoes, and jazz shoes;
you ...

Inspired to Dance

Author: Mande Dagenais

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450201830

Page: 260

View: 332

Details the entire process of how to become a dancer. Based on more than twenty-five years of experience in the performing arts as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, director, and producer, Mande shares her vast knowledge and experience. This definitive and comprehensive guide teaches the ins and outs of show business: how to get the most out of your training; audition dos and don'ts; where and how to find work; managing the business aspect of your talent; how to sustain longevity in your career.--Publisher's description.

Underground Dance Masters Final History of a Forgotten Era

Don recalls, “There were these three guys that I knew that danced on Shebang
and Boss City [television dance shows], named Sweet T [who wore a knit— ... He
began to dress like these three dancers because he felt he had to be like them.

Underground Dance Masters  Final History of a Forgotten Era

Author: Thomas Guzman-Sanchez

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313386935

Page: 169

View: 861

This book is a comprehensive, historical bible on the subject of urban street dance and its influence on modern dance, hip hop, and pop culture. • Includes coverage of all of the major players in urban dance • Places current dance phenomena—from the moves of Usher to the choreography of High School Musical—in a historical context that stretches half a century • Includes interviews and photos to further bring the rich history of urban dance to life

Theory and Practice in Eighteenth Century Dance

The dancers should be dressed in keeping with their rank, and in such a manner
that they do not incur the displeasure of ... It is concerned primarily with knowing
how to dress appropriately to one's station and the circumstances of the dance ...

Theory and Practice in Eighteenth Century Dance

Author: Tilden Russell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1611496624

Page: 250

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During the first two decades of the eighteenth century, two evolving dance-historical realms intersected—theory and practice. While the French produced works on notation, choreography, and repertoire, German dance writers responded with an important body of work on dance theory. This book examines the reception of French dance in Germany.

Rethinking Society in the 21st Century

Since exotic dancers, however, have little, if any, formal training, learning through
observation and interaction is crucial for ... As the following quotes illustrate,
novices can learn how to dress, dance, and interact with customers for profit
through ...

Rethinking Society in the 21st Century

Author: Michelle Webber

Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press

ISBN: 1551304082

Page: 524

View: 778

Rethinking Society in the 21st Century is a unique collection of readings that fills a critical void in introductory sociology in Canada. The third edition has been thoroughly updated with 24 new chapters that complement the chapters retained from previous editions. Rethinking Society introduces students to the foundational elements of sociology with a balance of classical theory -- Marx, Webber, Durkheim, Mills -- and more contemporary approaches found in the work of Michel Foucault, Dorothy Smith, and George Sefa Dei. Building on this theoretical grounding, the text outlines core concepts in sociology -- socialization, social interaction, and culture -- as well as major social institutions such as families, the economy and labour, education, and health care. Later sections address crime, moral regulation, race, class, age, gender, sexuality, and issues of population and globalization with relevant and engaging chapters chosen to provoke thought and discussion. With a diverse selection of authors and a pronounced emphasis on Canadian content, Rethinking Society in the 21st Century is the ideal reader for Canadian students.

Beginning Jazz Dance

Beginning Jazz Dance provides novice dancers a complete summary of
expectations, basic techniques, background ... By learning about the common
structure of jazz dance class, the roles of everyone in the studio, ways to dress,
and ways to ...

Beginning Jazz Dance

Author: James W. Robey

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 1492585785

Page: 176

View: 233

Human Kinetics’ Interactive Dance Series includes Beginning Tap Dance, Beginning Ballet, Beginning Modern Dance, and now Beginning Jazz Dance and Beginning Musical Theatre Dance. These titles are the traditional dance courses taught through dance, physical education, and fine arts departments for general education students, dance majors, and minors. Using the steps to success model and adaptations from the Outdoor Adventure series, these beginning dance titles contain components from these previous series. Beginning Jazz Dance is the perfect resource for helping students gain a strong foundation of beginning jazz dance techniques. Written by jazz dance choreographer and professor James Robey, this text • prepares students to have a successful experience in a beginning jazz dance technique course; • includes 80 photos accompanied by descriptions that visually present the beginning jazz dance technique and dance concepts that will reinforce and extend classroom learning; and • introduces students to the history, artists, significant works, styles, and aesthetics of the genre so they understand dance as a performing art. In addition, Beginning Jazz Dance comes with a web resource that includes 55 photos and 125 video clips of basic jazz dance technique. Students can access these photos and videos at any time for their study or practice, and instructors and students alike will benefit from the wealth of resources on the website, including assignments, worksheets, glossary terms with and without definitions, interactive chapter quizzes, and web links to help students develop their basic knowledge and skills. Through the text, students learn these aspects of jazz dance: • The core concepts of jazz dance, the value of studying jazz dance, and class expectations • The structure of a jazz dance class, the roles of everyone in the studio, and how to be physically and mentally prepared for class • Tips on injury prevention, nutrition guidelines, and basic anatomy and kinesiology as applied to movement in jazz dance • Basic body alignment and positions in jazz dance • Jazz walks, kicks, turns, leaps, and floor work Beginning Jazz Dance provides students with the context, background information, and basic instruction they need in order to understand the genre and appreciate jazz dance as a performing art. This text, with its companion web resource, is ideal for dance majors, dance minors, and general education students enrolled in beginning jazz dance technique courses. It is also suitable for students in performing arts and magnet schools and high school dance programs.

Psychology of Dance

The techniques and exercises described in Psychology of Dance will help dancers of all ages and abilities overcome mental obstacles and reach their fullest artistic potential.

Psychology of Dance

Author: Jim Taylor

Publisher: Human Kinetics 1

ISBN: 9780873224864

Page: 155

View: 676

The techniques and exercises described in Psychology of Dance will help dancers of all ages and abilities overcome mental obstacles and reach their fullest artistic potential. Authors Jim Taylor and Ceci Taylor bring a combined expertise in sport psychology and dance to their discussion of the important psychological issues that affect dance performance. In addition to theoretical information, they provide practical techniques and exercises you can incorporate into your teaching to help dancers optimize their performances.


Dancers depend on healthy bodies to learn, practice, and perform. Dancers also
need the right shoes and clothes. Dance instructors and costume designers help
decide what the performers wear. For instance, ballet dancers often need ...


Author: Katie Marsico

Publisher: Cherry Lake

ISBN: 1610801385

Page: 32

View: 635

Learn what life is like for a professional dancer and find out if its the right career for you.

The Lure of Perfection

THE LURE OF PERFECTION: FASHION AND BALLET, 1780-1830 offers a unique look at how ballet influenced contemporary fashion and women's body image, and how street fashions in turn were reflected by the costumes worn by ballet dancers.

The Lure of Perfection

Author: Judith Chazin-Bennahum

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415970389

Page: 280

View: 544

THE LURE OF PERFECTION: FASHION AND BALLET, 1780-1830 offers a unique look at how ballet influenced contemporary fashion and women's body image, and how street fashions in turn were reflected by the costumes worn by ballet dancers. Through years of research, the author has traced the interplay between fashion, social trends, and the development of dance. During the 18th century, women literally took up twice as much space as men; their billowing dresses ballooned out from their figures, sometimes a full 55 inches, to display costly jewelry and fine brocade work; similar costumes appeared on stage. But clothing also limited her movement; it literally disabled them, making the dances themselves little more than tableaux. Movement was further inhibited by high shoes and tight corsets; thus the image of the rigidly straight, long-lined dancer is as much a product of clothing as aesthetics. However, with changing times came new trends. An increased interest in natural movement and the common folk led to less-restrictive clothing. As viewers demanded more virtuosic dancers, women literally danced their way to freedom. THE LURE OF PERFECTION will interest students of dance and cultural history, and women's studies. It is a fascinating, well-researched look at the interplay of fashion, dance, and culture-still very much a part of our world today.

Dance Words

This work presents people in dance, what they do, their movement, their sound and the space in which they work - from the standpoint of performers, choreographers, audiences and teachers.

Dance Words

Author: Valerie Preston-Dunlop

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9783718656059

Page: 718

View: 645

A collection of the verbal language of dance practitioners and researchers. This work presents people in dance, what they do, their movement, their sound and the space in which they work - from the standpoint of performers, choreographers, audiences and teachers.

Birthing His Glory Through Dance Part 1

A Dancer's Attire The Type of Dress That Honors God God desires us as his
dancers consecrated unto him, to honor him ... Any and all garments that the Lord
leads you to wear should be used to bring much honor and glory to the Father
and ...

Birthing His Glory Through Dance Part 1

Author: Erica Michael


ISBN: 1304966461


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Automats Taxi Dances and Vaudeville

In the articles, Trotta explained how most taxi dancers augmented their income
by “propping” customers, namely, ... went on to present the hall as a hard-knocks
finishing school for women: “They learn how to walk, to dress, how to pick up a ...

Automats  Taxi Dances  and Vaudeville

Author: David Freeland

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814727621

Page: 269

View: 146

Explores the architecture of New York City focusing on the hidden monuments to its nightlife, including the Lincoln Theater, Atlantic German beer hall, and Union square's American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.

Heartbeat of the People

3 Dance Styles and Regalia At Northern pow - wows , dancers in specific
categories are set apart as being eligible to ... men's and women's Fancy ( or
women's Fancy Shawl ) , the Grass Dance ( men only ) , and the Jingle Dress
Dance ...

Heartbeat of the People

Author: Tara Browner

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252071867

Page: 200

View: 617

The intertribal pow-wow is the most widespread venue for traditional Indian music and dance in North America. Heartbeat of the People is an insider's journey into the dances and music, the traditions and regalia, and the functions and significance of these vital cultural events. Tara Browner focuses on the Northern pow-wow of the northern Great Plains and Great Lakes to investigate the underlying tribal and regional frameworks that reinforce personal tribal affiliations. Interviews with dancers and her own participation in pow-wow events and community provide fascinating on-the-ground accounts and provide detail to a rare ethnomusicological analysis of Northern music and dance.


Presenting the author's experiences at an international range of dance events in Europe, the US and UK, as well as featuring the views of individual dancers, the book shows how dancing influences mind and body alike.


Author: Jonathan S. Marion

Publisher: Berg Publishers

ISBN: 1845207998

Page: 210

View: 872

Competitive ballroom is much more than a style of dance. Rather, it is a continually evolving and increasingly global social and cultural arena of fashion, performance, art, sport, gender, and more. Ballroom explores the intersection of dance cultures, dress, and the body. the book presents the author's experiences at a range of international dance events in Europe, the US and UK, as well as featuring the views of individual dancers. Ballroom shows how dancing influences mind and body alike. For students of anthropology, dance, cultural, and performance studies, this book provides an ethnographic picture of how dancers and others live their lives both on and off the dance floor.

Signifying Serpents and Mardi Gras Runners

The Haliwa-Saponi powwow is similar to other Indian powwows—traditional
American Indian festivals of dance, song, ... "Ladies' fancy shawl," "women's
traditional," and "jingle dress" dancers Ethnicity Affirmed: The Haliwa-Saponi and
the ...

Signifying Serpents and Mardi Gras Runners

Author: R. Celeste Ray

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820324722

Page: 126

View: 661

These case studies explore how competing interests among the keepers of a community's heritage shape how that community both regards itself and reveals itself to others. As editors Celeste Ray and Luke Eric Lassiter note in their introduction, such stakeholders are no longer just of the community itself, but are now often "outsiders"--tourists, the mass media, and even anthropologists and folklorists. The setting of each study is a different marginalized community in the South. Arranged around three themes that have often surfaced in debates about public folklore and anthropology over the last two decades, the studies consider issues of representation, identity, and practice. One study of representation discusses how Appalachian Pentecostal serpent handlers try to reconcile their exotic popular image with their personal religious beliefs. A case study on identity tells why a segment of the Cajun population has appropriated the term "coonass," once widely considered derogatory. Essays on practice look at an Appalachian Virginia coal town and Snee Farm, a National Heritage Site in lowland South Carolina. Both pieces reveal how dynamic and contradictory views of community life can be silenced in favor of producing a more easily consumable vision of a "past." Signifying Serpents and Mardi Gras Runners offers challenging new insights into some of the roles that the media, tourism, and charismatic community members can play when a community compromises its heritage or even denies it.

The Purpose of the Dance

We should wear clothing which is appropriate for dancing in the presence of the
King of kings. ... So many times I have had dancers calling me at the last minute
before they were about to minister asking to borrow a dance dress, skirt, shoe or

The Purpose of the Dance

Author: Ann Higgins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595481744

Page: 80

View: 296

The purpose of the dance is to glorify God. His desire is for us to use our gifts and talents to draw people to Christ and also so that they will recognize His sovereignty. Dancers are mandated to use the gift of dance to show forth God's ability to heal, deliver and set people free from the hand of the enemy. The practical workbook provides information on many aspects of the dance and tests your knowledge with "fill-in-the-blanks" and "True and false" Questions. It covers topics such as: The Prophet Dance The Royal Garments Commandments Concerning the Hands The Dancers Feet How to Become and Effective Dance Minister; and much more

Sex Love and Money in Cambodia

In the same way that taxi-dancers were introduced to dance hall life, Cambodian
bar girls learn from their peers how to speak, dress, dance, play Connect Four,
pour beers, make cocktails and flirt with customers. Shy 'country girls' evolve into

Sex  Love and Money in Cambodia

Author: Heidi Hoefinger

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317931246

Page: 232

View: 500

Dealing with the complex and discomforting ‘grey ‘area where sex, love and money collide, this book highlights the general materiality of everyday sex that takes place in all relationships. In doing so, it draws attention to and destigmatizes the transactional elements within many ‘normative’ partnerships – be they transnational, inter-ethnic or otherwise. Focusing on Cambodia, and on a subculture of young women employed in the tourist bar scene referred to as ‘professional girlfriends’, the book shows that the resulting transnational relationships between Cambodian women and their foreign partners are complex and multi-layered. It argues that the sex-for-cash prostitution framework is no longer an appropriate model of analysis. Instead, a new vocabulary of ‘professional girlfriends’ and ‘transactional sex’ is used, with which the nuanced complexities of these transnational partnerships are analysed. Interdisciplinary in nature, the book inspires new understandings of gender, power, sex, love, desire, political economy and materiality within everyday relationships around the globe. It is a useful contribution for students and scholars of Anthropology, Sociology, Southeast Asian Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Cultural Studies.

Native American Dance Steps

Sometime he sit down at one end. He's the leader. He dance and the others
dancers dance and do just what Mananca do. The little girl dress in white belong
to the dance too. She use the same steps as the other dancers all the time till is

Native American Dance Steps

Author: Bessie Evans

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486145506

Page: 112

View: 644

This well-researched book provides details of the varied steps Native American groups have used to express ideas — from skips, jumps, and hop steps, to an Indian form of the pas de bourrée.

Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians

DANCE AND GROUP COSTUMES Clothing for use in special dances and
ceremonies among the people of the Plains was often unique and always
different from everyday dress . Perhaps the best - known old - time dance
typifying the Plains ...

Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians

Author: Ronald P. Koch

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806121376

Page: 219

View: 626

Assembles information on and photographs of the shirts, robes, moccasins, headdresses, and ceremonial clothing of various Plains Indian tribes, illuminating their history and culture


The text is equally useful for dance studios and schools, professional and amateur performers and college students. Readers can turn to Dance the Art of Production with specific questions and expect to find practical answers.


Author: Rona Sande

Publisher: Princeton Book Company Pub


Page: 179

View: 331

Dance: The Art of Production (Third Edition) meets the needs of dance students and professionals for timely, accurate information about mounting a dance concert. Specific suggestions will guide the inexperienced and serve as a valuable checklist for the more experienced. With contributors from leading university dance departments and the "real world" of dance and professional theater, it's like having top-notch consultants on your staff. The text is equally useful for dance studios and schools, professional and amateur performers and college students. Readers can turn to Dance the Art of Production with specific questions and expect to find practical answers. You'll find details on topics ranging from how to make a tutu to how to apply makeup; from how to light your concert to who should be in charge.