The World s Wine Markets

Recent Performance Since the late 1980s, Italian wine exports have grown
slightly slower than world exports by ... During 1990-2001, the unit value of Italy's
wine exports rose 0.9 per cent in us dollar terms, compared with the rest of the
world's ...

The World s Wine Markets

Author: Kym Anderson

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781845420765

Page: 335

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"This work will appeal to students enrolled in wine marketing and business courses, those studying industrial organization, and economists and other social scientists interested in case studies of globalization at work. As well, wine industry participants interested in understanding the reasons behind the recent dramatic developments in the industry will find this book of great value."--BOOK JACKET.

Italian Wine For Dummies

Italy is a small land; the whole country is less than three-quarters the size of
California. Despite its small size, Italy's role in the world of wine is huge: Italy
produces more wine than any other country on earth, in many years. (When Italy
isn't the ...

Italian Wine For Dummies

Author: Mary Ewing-Mulligan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118069595

Page: 312

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"A must-have book for anyone who is serious about Italian wines." —Lidia Bastianich, host of PBS?s Lidia's Italian Table "I have yet to encounter more knowledgeable guides to...Italian wine." —Piero Antinori, President, Antinori Wines "Bravo to Ed and Mary! This book shows their love for Italy, the Italian producers, and the great marriage of local foods with local wines. Here is a great book that presents the information without intimidation." —Piero Selvaggio, VALENTINO Restaurant Right now, Italy is the most exciting wine country on earth. The quality of Italian wines has never been higher and the range of wines has never been broader. Even better, the types of Italian wines available outside of Italy have never been greater. But with all these new Italian wines and wine zones not to mention all the obscure grape varieties, complicate blends, strange names and restrictive wine laws. Italian wines are also about he most challenging of all to master. The time has come for comprehensive, up-to-date guides to Italian wines. Authored by certified wine educators and authors Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Italian Wine For Dummies introduces you to the delectable world of fine Italian wine. It shows you how to: Translate wine labels Identify great wine bargains Develop your own wine tastes Match Italian wines with foods Here's everything you need to know to enjoy the best Tuscans, Sicilians, Abruzzese and other delicious Italian wines. This lighthearted and informative guide explores: The styles of wine made in Italy and the major grape varieties used to make them How the Italian name their wines, the complicated laws governing how names are given and the meanings of common label terminology Italy's important wine regions including a region-by-region survey of the best vineyards and their products A guide to pronouncing Italian wine terms and names and how to order Italian wines in restaurants For Italians, wine (vino) is food (alimentari) and food is love (amore). And you can never have enough love in your life. So, order a copy of Italian Wine For Dummies, today and get ready to share the love!

Native Wine Grapes of Italy

Think of this book as a GPS device for finding each variety—from world-renowned to nearly extinct—in its greatest manifestations.” Stephen Tanzer, Editor/Publisher, International Wine Cellar

Native Wine Grapes of Italy

Author: Ian D'Agata

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520272269

Page: 640

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Mountainous terrain, volcanic soils, innumerable microclimates, and an ancient culture of winemaking influenced by Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans make Italy the most diverse country in the world of wine. This diversity is reflected in the fact that Italy grows the largest number of native wine grapes known, amounting to more than a quarter of the world’s commercial wine grape types. Ian D’Agata spent thirteen years interviewing producers, walking vineyards, studying available research, and tasting wines to create this authoritative guide to Italy’s native grapes and their wines. Writing with great enthusiasm and deep knowledge, D’Agata discusses more than five hundred different native Italian grape varieties, from Aglianico to Zibibbo. D’Agata provides details about how wine grapes are identified and classified, what clones are available, which soils are ideal, and what genetic evidence tells us about a variety’s parentage. He gives historical and anecdotal accounts of each grape variety and describes the characteristics of wines made from the grape. A regional list of varieties and a list of the best producers provide additional guidance. Comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and engaging, this book is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to know more about the vast enological treasures cultivated in Italy.

Wine All in One For Dummies

(When Italy isn't the world's number one wine producer, it's number two, behind
France.) Italy's annual wine production is generally about 1.5 billion gallons, the
equivalent of more than 8 billion bottles! Nearly 30 percent of all the world's wine

Wine All in One For Dummies

Author: Ed McCarthy

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470476265

Page: 704

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An all-inclusive, easy-to-use primer to all things wine Want to learn about wine, but don't know where to start? Wine All-In-One For Dummies provides comprehensive information about the basics of wine in one easy-to-understand volume. Combining the bestselling Wine For Dummies with our regional and specific wine titles, this book gives you the guidance you need to understand, purchase, drink and enjoy wine. You'll start at the beginning as you discover how wine is made. From there you'll explore grape varieties and vineyards, read labels and wine lists, and discover all the nuances of tasting wine. You'll see how to successfully store wine and serve it to your guests-and even build up an impressive collection of wine. Plus, you'll find suggestions for perfect food pairings and complete coverage on wines from around the world. Features wine tasting, serving, storing, collecting, and buying tips, all in a single authoritative volume Includes information on California wines, as well as other domestic and foreign locations including the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina. Helps you choose the best vintage for your needs Also covers champagne, sherry, and port wine Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan are the authors of seven Dummies books on wine including the bestselling Wine For Dummies, 4th Edition, other contributing authors are recognized wine experts and journalists in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada Whether you're a wine novice or a budding sommelier, Wine All-In-One For Dummies is the one guide you need on your shelf to make your wine experience complete.

How Italian Food Conquered the World

He helped distribute a new Italian wine magazine begun by Pino Khail in 1974
called Civiltà del Bere; Caputo made sure the ... A wine writer would be an
inhouse expert on Bordeaux or German wines or Champagnes, compiling notes
and ...

How Italian Food Conquered the World

Author: John F. Mariani

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 0230112412

Page: 288

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Not so long ago, Italian food was regarded as a poor man's gruel-little more than pizza, macaroni with sauce, and red wines in a box. Here, John Mariani shows how the Italian immigrants to America created, through perseverance and sheer necessity, an Italian-American food culture, and how it became a global obsession. The book begins with the Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern culinary traditions before the boot-shaped peninsula was even called "Italy," then takes readers on a journey through Europe and across the ocean to America alongside the poor but hopeful Italian immigrants who slowly but surely won over the hearts and minds of Americans by way of their stomachs. Featuring evil villains such as the Atkins diet and French chefs, this is a rollicking tale of how Italian cuisine rose to its place as the most beloved fare in the world, through the lives of the people who led the charge. With savory anecdotes from these top chefs and restaurateurs: - Mario Batali - Danny Meyer - Tony Mantuano - Michael Chiarello - Giada de Laurentiis - Giuseppe Cipriani - Nigella Lawson And the trials and triumphs of these restaurants: - Da Silvano - Spiaggia - Bottega - Union Square Cafe - Maialino - Rao's - Babbo - Il Cantinori

The Wines of Italy

For a while it appeared that the worldwide trend to standardize vines and wines
would compromise Italy's role as the champion of diversity. But, instead ... Experts
increasingly rate Italy's premier wines among the world's finest. But what is ...

The Wines of Italy


Publisher: Italian Trade Commission


Page: 32

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Eyewitness Companions Wines of the World

HE VARIED REGIONS or HILLY CENTRAL ITALY turn out about a quarter of the
national wine production. The combination of distinctive terroir, sunny
Mediterranean climate, and expert producers results in some of the country's
greatest ...

Eyewitness Companions  Wines of the World

Author: DK Publishing

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0756689279

Page: 688

View: 455

International wine experts bring the wine cellar of the world to your home Follow the story of wine, from ancient to modern times and learn the process of making it today. You'll explore the flavours and characteristics of grape varieties and styles and discover all about wine making. From Alsace and Western Australia to the Valle d'Aosta and Stellenbosch, hop on a round-the-world tour of major wine-growing regions and explore the top thirty-five.You'll visit famous vineyards and wine producers, learn about the great wines of each region and take six tours from Burgundy to the Napa Valley. Packed with information on local foods, festivals and interesting places to visit as well as practical tips on buying, storing and serving wine, reading labels and making sense of jargon.

Italian Wines 2019

It is the result of a year's work by over 60 tasters, coordinated by three curators. They travel around the entire country to taste 45,000 wines, only half of which make it into the guide. About 2,400 producers are selected.

Italian Wines 2019

Author: Gambero Rosso

Publisher: Gambero Rosso GRH

ISBN: 9781890142162

Page: 1008

View: 849

Italian Wines is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia, the world's best-selling guide to Italian wine, now in its 32nd edition. It is the result of a year's work by over 60 tasters, coordinated by three curators. They travel around the entire country to taste 45,000 wines, only half of which make it into the guide. About 2,400 producers are selected. Each entry brings together useful information about the winery, including a description of its most important labels, and price levels. Each wine is evaluated according to the Gambero Rosso bicchieri rating, with Tre Bicchieri awarded to the top labels. The guide is an essential tool for both wine professionals and passionate amateurs around the globe: it provides the instruments for finding one's way in the complex panorama of Italy's wine world. SELLING POINTS: * The most authoritative annual guide to the very best Italian wines * The awards honour ecologically aware wine producers who are working with the environment, bestowing 'Green' awards on those who create sustainable yields

Parker s Wine Bargains

The World's Best Wine Values Under $25 Robert M. Parker. ItaLy. ItaLIan. WIne.
VaLUeS. by Antonio Galloni Few, if any, countries offer consumers a breadth of
value-priced wines that can match that of Italy. From the crisp, minerally whites of

Parker s Wine Bargains

Author: Robert M. Parker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439123249

Page: 512

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Yes, you can buy world-class wine on a budget. With Parker's Wine Bargains, America's most infl uential wine critic offers a guide to the world's best wines priced at $25 or less. Robert M. Parker, Jr., earned his international reputation and unprecedented influence as a dedicated consumer advocate -- if a wine isn't worth the money, he says so, regardless of the wine's pedigree. In Parker's Wine Bargains, for the first time he and his Wine Advocate team offer budget-minded wine buyers a handy guide to low-priced wines for both everyday drinking and special occasions. Organized by country, the book lists more than 1,500 quality wine producers, as well as abbreviated tasting notes for more than 3,000 of the best value wines. Chapters include an overview of each country's wine-producing regions, highlight up-and-coming or underappreciated regions, and detail when wines can be consumed. Also featuring a vintage guide and lists such as "the best of the best," Parker's Wine Bargains is an accessible guide from the expert the New York Times deems "the critic who matters most."

Brunello di Montalcino

This book is a drastic departure from the overly generalized coverage currently
available on Italian wines. ... individualistic winemakers, who produce world-
class wines of stunning depth and complexity from Italy's most widely planted

Brunello di Montalcino

Author: Kerin O’Keefe

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520952189

Page: 312

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For fans of Italian wine, few names command the level of respect accorded to Brunello di Montalcino. Expert wine writer Kerin O’Keefe has a deep personal knowledge of Tuscany and its extraordinary wine, and her account is both thoroughly researched and readable. Organized as a guided tour through Montalcino’s geography, this essential reference also makes sense of Brunello’s complicated history, from its rapid rise to the negative and positive effects of the 2008 grape-blending scandal dubbed "Brunellogate." O’Keefe also provides in-depth profiles of nearly sixty leading producers of Brunello.

Michelin Green Guide Wine Trails of Italy

The rest of the region has a great deal to offer: hills planted with vineyards, rivers,
lakes, modern cities, medieval hamlets, ancient castles and ultramodern
buildings. It is home to some of the world's most highly prized wines. They are at
times ...

Michelin Green Guide Wine Trails of Italy

Author: Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

Publisher: Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

ISBN: 2067193120

Page: 432

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Take a fascinating thematic journey of Italy with the brand-new Michelin Green Guide Wine Trails of Italy. Explore Italy’s regional vineyards and wineries. Learn all about Italian wine: making it, tasting it, serving it. And visit the scenic towns and villages along the way. Suggested Michelin Driving Tours for wine routes include special points of interest. Through its star-rating system, well-researched places to stay and eat, colorful maps and suggested activities, the Green Guide helps you discover the best of Italy and its wines

Great Wine Made Simple

--OAnd you should keep that in mind as you dive into the world of Italian wines,
because it is vast. Many find it intimidating, so I always suggest that people think
about learning Italian wines in the same way they'd think about learning to cook.

Great Wine Made Simple

Author: Andrea Robinson

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 030788578X

Page: 336

View: 673

The updated edition of the classic introduction to wine for everyone, by Master Sommelier Andea Immer Robinson. Great Wine Made Simple established Andrea Immer Robinson as America’s favorite wine writer. Avoiding the traditional and confusingly vague wine language of “bouquet” and “nose,” it instead discussed wine in commonsense terms. Now, thoroughly revised, this edition lives up to its title by making selecting and enjoying wine truly straightforward. You will never again have to fear pricey bottles that don’t deliver, snobby wine waiters, foreign terminology, or encyclopedic restaurant wine lists. You’ll be able to buy or order wine with confidence—and get just the wine you want—by learning the “Big Six” basic styles (which comprise 80 percent of today’s top-selling wines), how they taste, how to read any wine label, and how to pick a wine off a restaurant menu. Ten new flavor maps show what to expect from climates around the world. A refreshing blend of in-depth knowledge and accessibility, Great Wine Made Simple is a welcome resource for those who are intrigued by wine but don’t know where to start and makes it easy to master the ins and outs of choosing a wine that you and your guests will love—on any budget.

The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy

In this groundbreaking new book, Nicolas Belfrage shares his insider’s knowledge acquired as a specialist wine trader and writer.

The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy

Author: Nicolas Belfrage

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520259424

Page: 320

View: 333

The wines of Tuscany were famous long before Leonardo da Vinci described them as “bottled sunshine,” and they are at the forefront of the remarkable renaissance of Italian wine over the past 30 years. In this groundbreaking new book, Nicolas Belfrage shares his insider’s knowledge acquired as a specialist wine trader and writer. Mindful of the region’s fascinating past, Belfrage brings its story up to date, discussing such subjects as geology and geography, grape varieties, and the latest research into Sangiovese, the variety used in the top wines of Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. He also clarifies the regulatory framework and follows the recent controversial developments in viticulture and winemaking, including the rise of the Super-Tuscans and the ongoing “Brunellogate” scandal that broke in 2008. At the heart of the book are in-depth, illustrated profiles of more than 90 of the most interesting producers, large and small, with insightful notes on the essential character of their finest wines. The author also offers a comprehensive review of vintages and selects his top 100 wines in ten different categories, while wines of special quality or value are indicated throughout.

A First Course in Wine

in their youth , and can properly age for decades longer than their counterparts
from other areas of Italy . ... Thanks in part to the early popularity of Soave
following World War II , Italian wines have been a major component of the
international ...

A First Course in Wine

Author: Dan Amatuzzi

Publisher: Race Point Publishing

ISBN: 1610589955

Page: 224

View: 305

Whether you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or you like to have one every night with dinner, Dan Amatuzzi’s A First Course in Wine will provide you with everything you need to know about how to smell, taste, and enjoy fine wines. With stunning imagery and helpful diagrams throughout, you’ll learn: *the science behind winemaking*how to interpret wine labels without stress*how to identify flavors in your wine*how to pair wines with foods*what to look for on restaurant wine lists*glossary of terms and a pronunciation guide*detailed information about vineyards and more Life is too short for wine you won’t enjoy. Once you’ve taken this first course, you will read your restaurant’s wine list with confidence and browse through the wine selection at your store with the knowledge that you’re going to walk home with the perfect wine in hand. Dan Amatuzzi was the wine director at Mario Batali’s OTTO before he became Eataly’s beverage director. He studied wine production in Florence and was chosen to Zagat’s inaugural class of New York’s rising “30 under 30” culinary stars.

The Wines of the World

Although Italy is the world's wines worth recognition . ... wine names which may
be the middle range of wines which make up because Italian wines are , in
general , not derived from the grapes , places – some of the majority of Italy's
exports .

The Wines of the World

Author: Jeremy Roberts

Publisher: Crescent


Page: 128

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WINE REVIEW OF W I NE ? A s our cover photo this ... Arizona - size Italy
produces one quarter of the world's wine , over three billion gallons a year . Italy
surpassed ...






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The Tuscan Year

When the wine is hot enough he ladles it out into the toughened glass wine
glasses which are the traditional trumpet ... Of course there is the other world of
Italian wine, the famous wines from the best growing areas in Italy, the wines that
can ...

The Tuscan Year

Author: Elizabeth Romer

Publisher: North Point Press

ISBN: 1466840366

Page: 192

View: 668

The Tuscan Year recounts the daily life and food preparation of a family living on a farm in Tuscany. Elizabeth Romer chronicles each season's activities month by month: curing prosciutto and making salame in January, planting and cheesemaking in March, harvesting and threshing corn in July, hunting for wild muchrooms in September, and grape crushing in Ocober. Scattered throughout this lovely calendar are recipes—fresh bread and olive oil, grilled mushrooms, broad beans with ham, trout with fresh tomatoes and basil, chicken grilled with fresh sage and garlic, and apples baked with butter, sugar, and lemon peel, among many others. Alive with the rhythms of country tradition, The Tuscan Year is a treasure for the armchair traveler as well as the cook.

The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion Cooking Manual

SANGIOVESE Sangiovese is one of the most widely planted grapes in Italy, and
the results range from the cheapest straw-wrapped bottles ... The grand wine
from there is Brunello di Montalcino, and it's one of the greatest wines in the

The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion   Cooking Manual

Author: Frank Castronovo

Publisher: Artisan Books

ISBN: 9781579654498

Page: 256

View: 289

From Brooklyn's sizzling restaurant scene, the hottest cookbook of the season... From urban singles to families with kids, local residents to the Hollywood set, everyone flocks to Frankies Spuntino—a tin-ceilinged, brick-walled restaurant in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens—for food that is "completely satisfying" (wrote Frank Bruni in The New York Times). The two Franks, both veterans of gourmet kitchens, created a menu filled with new classics: Italian American comfort food re-imagined with great ingredients and greenmarket sides. This witty cookbook, with its gilded edges and embossed cover, may look old-fashioned, but the recipes are just we want to eat now. The entire Frankies menu is adapted here for the home cook—from small bites including Cremini Mushroom and Truffle Oil Crostini, to such salads as Escarole with Sliced Onion & Walnuts, to hearty main dishes including homemade Cavatelli with Hot Sausage & Browned Butter. With shortcuts and insider tricks gleaned from years in gourmet kitchens, easy tutorials on making fresh pasta or tying braciola, and an amusing discourse on Brooklyn-style Sunday "sauce" (ragu), The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Kitchen Manual will seduce both experienced home cooks and a younger audience that is newer to the kitchen.

Italian Wines 2005

The volume reviews about 1,900 wine producers and 12,000 wines, using the well-known and respected system of rating labels with one, two or three glasses. This is the eighth English language edition of this bestselling wine title.

Italian Wines 2005

Author: Daniele Cernilli

Publisher: Gambero Rosso

ISBN: 9781890142094

Page: 912

View: 921

Since its first edition in 1998, Italian Wines has played a major role in Italy's wine market; both professionals and wine enthusiasts have learned to trust its evaluations. The 2005 edition has been completely rewritten. The volume reviews about 1,900 wine producers and 12,000 wines, using the well-known and respected system of rating labels with one, two or three glasses. This is the eighth English language edition of this bestselling wine title. In short, it is a guide to the world of Italian wine for experts and wine lovers.

The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen

wine in the world. An unusual vinification process, involving the kind of
semiraisined, very ripe grapes usually reserved for sweet dessert wines, yields a
high-alcohol (14 percent is minimal), muscular, yet spectacularly fresh and
intensely fruity ...

The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen

Author: Diane Darrow

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802193412

Page: 480

View: 897

With a bounty of regional Italian dishes, the authors of La Tavola Italiana serve up “inspiration for the mind as well as for the kitchen” (Booklist). Italian cooking draws its inspiration from the roll call of seasonal ingredients that pass through its kitchens, and in this splendid volume Diane Darrow and Tom Maresca share the simple secrets of making the most of the best fresh, top-of-the-season foods from farm and woodland, lake and sea. The Seasons of the Italian Kitchen presents two hundred recipes according to the four seasons and the traditional courses of the Italian meal: antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno, dolce. All are wed (as they always are in Italy) to the wines that best match them, and the recipes have been tested and adapted to seasonal ingredients readily available in the United States. Richly stocked with delightful anecdotes and culinary lore gathered from the authors’ long love affair with Italy, they invite both amateur and expert to experience the Italian genius for making the most of the moment. “If you can read or even browse through this book without running straight to the kitchen, you’ve got more willpower than we do.” —The Wine Investors “Italian cookbooks abound, and some of these dishes will be familiar, but the authors’ text is well written and informed, and there are some unusual regional specialties here, too.” —Library Journal