Linux Transfer for Windows Network Admins

You can install them from the Package Group Selection window (see Figure 3). ...
administrator, see another book in this series, Linux Transfer for *** Windows
Web Server Admins, 2003. bind: The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (bind) ...

Linux Transfer for Windows Network Admins

Author: Michael Jang

Publisher: Hentzenwerke

ISBN: 9781930919464

Page: 310

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This book delves into how the Linux operating is constructed and how it works, all from the point of view of an administrator experienced both with computers in general and Windows architecture in particular. Then it covers the installation and configuration of a network file server, with user management as well as file and directory sharing. Finally, the book describes how to implement sample scenarios. This book shows the experienced Windows network administrator how to convert from a Windows-based server to a Linux based one.

Linux Transfer for Power Users

A Roadmap for Migrating to Linux for Experienced Windows Users Whil Hentzen
Chris Herborth ... for administration , programming , and a variety of servers (
such as e - mail servers , network file servers , and Web ... server administrators .

Linux Transfer for Power Users

Author: Whil Hentzen

Publisher: Hentzenwerke

ISBN: 9781930919426

Page: 350

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Today's experienced computer user doesn't have time to set up and learn a new operating system and programs alone. This book shows an ordinary computer user who is comfortable with using Microsoft Windows and associated popular applications how Linux works and how using it is similar in many ways to their current software. Then it guides them through the wonderful world of popular Linux applications that perform the same day to day functions they're used to on their Windows computer - word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics processing, email, Internet browsing, pictures, music and video, and more.

Essential Linux Administration

Other Web Servers for Linux Apache is, by far, the most commonly used Web
server for Linux. It also has a Windows version, and it is not uncommon to find
Windows machines running Apache Web server. If you were to ... FTP, or File
Transfer Protocol, is the primary way to transfer files over the Internet. There are
many ...

Essential Linux Administration

Author: Chuck Easttom

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1435459571

Page: 464

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ESSENTIAL LINUX ADMINISTRATION: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS enables the reader to understand and utilize Linux-based networking and server administration better than ever before. Whereas most Linux system guides are either too technical or overly

Linux Applications And Administration

It is carried by all Linux distributions . IIS is a product of Microsoft Corporation and
a part of Windows servers . ... page is forwarded by the browser to web - server in
a standardized way , which is known as http ( hypertext transfer protocol ) .

Linux Applications And Administration

Author: Harnal

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780070656758

Page: 662

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Salient Features:· Non-traditional approach to secure system configuration through GUI· Practical problem solving for specific setups with numerous examples· Step by step approach for implementation and management of Linux systems

Web Server Administration

To offer these services, you may need to evaluate and select options from among
a variety of hardware, such as servers, routers, and firewall products.You also
need to choose a Web server platform, such as Windows or Linux. The Windows

Web Server Administration

Author: Steve Silva

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1423903234

Page: 650

View: 997

Web Server Administration offers a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques needed to succeed as a Web Server Administrator as well as the tasks they are expected to perform. This text provides and introduction to the basics of this job role, covers server installation, and then moves on to the installation, configuration, and administration of Web servers. This text covers all topics for both Linux and a Microsoft Windows server environments. Work with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Linux, Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache Web server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server, sendmail, and more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Handbook of Research on Information Security and Assurance

The Apache Web server has long been the exception—to enable SSL encryption
the Web administrator must compile the ... The last part of Web security to be
considered is security in the operating system (e.g., Windows, Linux, Unix, and ...

Handbook of Research on Information Security and Assurance

Author: Gupta, Jatinder N. D.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1599048566

Page: 586

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"This book offers comprehensive explanations of topics in computer system security in order to combat the growing risk associated with technology"--Provided by publisher.

Using Linux System Administration

UNDERSTANDING INTRANETS The server market has primarily fueled Linux ' s
quick rise to prominence as an operating system . Linux has quickly emerged as
a platform of choice next to Windows NT for deploying corporate intranets . In the
simplest ... for Web servers . Web servers use the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (
HTTP ) to make documents available transparently to any HTTP - capable client .

Using Linux System Administration

Author: Arman Danesh

Publisher: Que Pub


Page: 835

View: 902

Special Edition Using Linux Administration is the complete, comprehensive reference book for the experienced administrator who needs to learn to run a Linux system and successfully manage it. This book has a great appeal to those administrators whose knowledge is limited to Windows or NetWare networks as they integrate Linux into their infrastructure. Current Linux or Unix users wishing to apply their knowledge towards system administration will also find it invaluable. Useful topics include: Linux deployment and installation, user administration, Samba and NT-Linux integration, Linux process management and daemons, Network configuration and TCP/IP, routing with Linux, Linux and firewalls, using Linux as an Intranet server, and Linux database servers.

Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator s Handbook SUSE LINUX Edition

When NetDrive maps the drive, Windows opens a new window corresponding to
the drive letter that you have just mapped. After NetDrive has ... It provides you
with connection status, file transfer statistics, and a connection log. With the ...
Then try connecting to the web server again. For more ... Administrators use the
iFolder Management console and the iFolder website to manage iFolder user

Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator s Handbook  SUSE LINUX Edition

Author: Jeffrey Harris

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0672332671

Page: 600

View: 702

As an administrator of a Novell® Open Enterprise Server (OES) on a SUSE® LINUX system, you are looking for ways to leverage it as a platform for delivering Novell's robust network services. Look no further. Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator's Handbook, SUSE LINUX Edition provides you with the information that you need to take advantage of Novell rich array of nework management tools on a SUSE-powered system. By focusing on the implementation of OES on the SUSE LINUX platform, administrators learn how to integrate the benefits of OES in an existing environment. While this is not a reference work for network theory, protocols or architectures, it will provide the reader with a brief introduction to the concepts necessary to understand features of the product. Novell Open Enterprise Server Administrator's Handbook, SUSE LINUX Edition provides you with quick access to the information about the technologies, concepts and techniques that you need to get the job done.

Sys Admin

The new features Ittie LX Series system software Version 3.6.0. which is avail-
Other new features in Version 3.6.0 include support for ... It is a free upgrade for
existing LX via MRV's Web site, information, visit: ... Inc.'s
previ- videos. which show how to administer network and l servers running the
Linux operating system. ... SSH Tectia Server (M) incorporates standards-based
SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) functionality to ensure confidentiality,
integrity, and ...

Sys Admin





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