London Midland Steam

Beginning in 1936, just two years after Ron Buckley started what was to be almost half a decade working for the railways, London Midland Steam shows the changes in locomotive power taking place throughout the London Midland and Scottish ...

London Midland Steam

Author: Brian J. Dickson

Publisher: History Press

ISBN: 9780750987967

Page: 168

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Ron Buckley's evocative photographs reveal the story of steam in London Midland region

Heading North

In this, his second book, life long steam enthusiast Rod Steele takes a nostalgic look at the 299-mile journey from London Euston to Carlisle over the London Midland Region's West Coast Main Line.

Heading North

Author: Rod Steele


ISBN: 9780752455518

Page: 160

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In this, his second book, life long steam enthusiast Rod Steele takes a nostalgic look at the 299-mile journey from London Euston to Carlisle over the London Midland Region's West Coast Main Line. Along the route the much loved LMR express steam locomotives including Duchesses, Princesses, Royal Scots, Jubilees and Patriots are seen at work together with mixed traffic and freight engines. Named trains such as 'The Royal Scot' and 'The Mid-Day Scot' are seen thundering along, with other named trains like 'The Midlander', 'The Merseyside Express' and 'The Mancunian', which travelled the line for parts of their journeys. Commencing at London Euston, the journey also includes the excitement of visits to the principle engine depots at Camden, Willesden, Crewe, Edge Hill and Carlisle Upperby, which recall just how much variety there was for enthusiasts of the day to enjoy. Join the trainspotters of the golden age to savour the splendour of steam's heyday once more.

The Final Years of London Midland Region Steam

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The Final Years of London Midland Region Steam

Author: David Mather

Publisher: Pen and Sword Transport

ISBN: 1526770245

Page: 240

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The book investigates the vast number of locomotives that came to the London Midland Region in 1948 at Nationalisation. This is a class by class survey with over 200 illustrations, covering all the top link and freight classes, also looking at the smaller types of locomotive, operating on branch lines and doing more humble tasks. The author explores what happened to them and also looks at those that eventually made their way into preservation.

The Last Days of Steam on the London Midland Region

The London Midland Region (LMR), which served central England, played a leading role in British railway history.

The Last Days of Steam on the London Midland Region

Author: E. H. Sawford


ISBN: 9780750922593

Page: 148

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The London Midland Region (LMR), which served central England, played a leading role in British railway history. This famous network linked many of the key cities and towns that were essential for British manufacturing and commerce - London, Rugby, Crewe, Chester, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. The LMR was always at the heart of the railway industry.

The Railway Magazine

95 Diesels on the Regions - London Midland , G . Morrison £7 . 95 £4 . 95
OTHER PUBLISHERS British Rail in Colour , L . Nixon / Janes £6 . 95 £3 . 95
British Rail in Colour No 2 , H . Dady Janes £6 . 95 £3 . 95 London Midland
Steam Revival ...

The Railway Magazine





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A Bibliography of British History 1914 1989

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A Bibliography of British History  1914 1989

Author: Keith Robbins

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198224969

Page: 918

View: 843

Containing over 25,000 entries, this unique volume will be absolutely indispensable for all those with an interest in Britain in the twentieth century. Accessibly arranged by theme, with helpful introductions to each chapter, a huge range of topics is covered. There is a comprehensiveindex.


run a week earlier, believing it to be the last steam passenger train on the line, or
on any line—a typically devious BR trick, according to Arthur. Their intention was
not revealed all those months earlier when the RCTS was chartering its train.


Author: Bill Horsfall

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1496981782

Page: 406

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The London Midland & Scottish Railway, the LMS, Great Britain's largest from 1923-1947, has been extensively chronicled, but an update is long overdue. This unique work achieves it - and much more, combining detailed information scattered over books and magazines through decades, into a concise overview of what the company was about, and how it worked. Its analyses of locomotive-stock provide a further insight into methods of operation. The LMS pioneering work in both steam and diesel traction, plus that in other fields, put it ahead of Britain's other three railways, and for this it is here accorded the recognition it deserves. Fascinating, amusing, anecdotes give an insight into the staff's work-ethic and into contemporary social conditions. Key decisions by the LMS Executive to overcome the rivalry of its two largest constituents resulted in the appointment of an engineer who would create, not only modern, efficient locomotives and rolling-stock, but also an effective and unified design-team which would actually outlive the company and provide the spine of the four nationalized railways from 1948. The technical details, such as wheel notation (4-4-0 etc), boiler-pressures and valve-gears, are well within the ambit of railfans and complete the picture of this, Britain's greatest railway.

Fire and Steam

The London & North Western had moved quickly, absorbing the Lancashire &
Yorkshire, but merging with its old rival, the Midland, proved more difficult and
two Scottish railways, the Caledonian and its old enemy the Glasgow & South ...

Fire and Steam

Author: Christian Wolmar

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 1848872615

Page: 300

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The opening of the pioneering Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830 marked the beginning of the railways' vital role in changing the face of Britain. Fire and Steam celebrates the vision and determination of the ambitious Victorian pioneers who developed this revolutionary transport system and the navvies who cut through the land to enable a country-wide network to emerge. From the early days of steam to electrification, via the railways' magnificent contribution in two world wars, the chequered history of British Rail, and the buoyant future of the train, Fire and Steam examines the social and economical importance of the railway and how it helped to form the Britain of today.

Scottish Steam

The last UK order received was from the London Midland Scottish Railway (LMS)
for 90 'Jinty' type 0-6-0T engines which was completed between 1928 and 1929.
William Beardmore & Company built a total of 221 standard gauge steam ...

Scottish Steam

Author: Keith Langston

Publisher: Wharncliffe

ISBN: 1845631633

Page: 240

View: 168

Scotland is renowned worldwide for its engineering prowess, which of course included locomotive building. This lavishly illustrated and detailed publication celebrates standard gauge steam locomotive building North of the Border. Focussing not only on the achievements of the major companies, North British Locomotive Co Ltd, Neilson & Co Ltd, Neilson Reid & Co Ltd, William Bearmore Ltd, Sharp Stewart & Co Ltd,and Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co Ltd it also highlights the contribution made by several of the smaller, but nevertheless significant locomotive builders. Details of the output of the several railway company locomotive building works are also included. All of the Scottish built locomotive classes which came into British Railway's ownership are featured ,and a large majority of the carefully selected images are published for the first time. Scottish Steam celebrates the significant contribution made by Scottish railway engineering workshops to steam locomotive development.