The Lion and the Ladybug

seems lonely. I thought it would make his life easier if I would be her friend, too,
and take some of her time.” Mom frowned as she turned a corner. “So are you her
friend because you like her, or are you just pretending so you can be with Leo?

The Lion and the Ladybug

Author: Jill Penrod

Publisher: Jill Penrod


Page: 257

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When eight year-old Leo Jansen watches Meg Kenton move in across the street, he has no idea the bossy girl will become his best friend. She is pink and sunshine and boldness, and while Leo’s family falls apart, her world is his sanctuary. Then she leaves for two years that becomes four, and Leo’s life goes to pieces. After Meg returns, lonely and doubting her worth, she looks for the boy who used to be her friend. She finds a young man she doesn’t recognize, a mean, rough troublemaker who can't stand her. Yet she’s drawn to him, and she asks God to help her reach the old Leo she used to know. She’s certain he’s still in there somewhere. But Leo is guarding dangerous secrets, and should Meg get too close, she'll figure them out. If he doesn’t do something to get rid of her, the last strands of his existence will come apart. And yet he wants to be the boy she’s looking for, not the monster he needs her to see. With the help of the garden and Meg’s parents, who understand all too well the hardships of growing up, maybe Meg can save Leo’s life, and he can turn around and rescue her heart. The Lion and the Ladybug is part of the Terry’s Garden series, tales about a love that touches generations and a garden where God heals broken hearts.

Unmothered Life With a Mom Who Couldn t Love Me

Other than my best friend, Sally, I didn't bring friends over, because I never knew
what kind of mood Mom would be in. Sally was the only one who knew all about
my mom. Sally and I had been friends since fifth grade. We'd met over a ladybug.

Unmothered  Life With a Mom Who Couldn t Love Me

Author: Phylis Mantelli

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 1683147413


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In her memoir Unmothered: Life with a Mom Who Couldn’t Love Me, popular blogger and speaker Phylis Mantelli takes readers on the roller-coaster journey of growing up with an alcoholic, narcissistic mother. Though often made to feel worthless as a daughter, Phylis, by God’s grace, eventually breaks through the pain and replaces it with a heart of a daughter who loves her mom unconditionally. Her book offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with dysfunctional family relationships.

My Friend Bianca

I think Bianca knew about my love for Ladybugs because that night, I am not sure
if it was a dream or if indeed I went there, but there it was: Ladybug Kingdom. ... It
was nice to see how the Mom Ladybugs would take care of their babies.

My Friend Bianca

Author: B. M. Russell

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 144970168X

Page: 32

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This book summarizes the adventures a child had while her Mom was sick. A great friendship developed between Tiffany and Bianca, a character that would step out of the closet every night. Bianca would take care of her, bringing Tiffany safety and company during the long nights without her mother.

Ladybugs and Wind Chimes

I'm really lucky to have wonderful friends, thought Adrienne. I'm going to give
them some ... If you think it's Ok. We'd like to invite your friends, and of course,
John Harrington. But we wanted to ask you ... I need to ask my Mom. She might
have ...

Ladybugs and Wind Chimes

Author: Dr. Martha Casas

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512709743

Page: 202

View: 271

Ladybugs and Wind Chimes describes Adrienne Abbott’s struggle over the death of her twin sister, Arielle. Her guilt for her sister’s death has caused her to feel terrible anxiety. In wanting to escape her emotional roller coaster, she decides to take her life. However, at the moment she’s about to commit suicide, Adrienne chooses to live and receives help from her parents, grandparents, and her therapist. Adrienne’s two best friends, Gina and Ana, also stand by her and support her through her struggle. The book describes how Adrienne copes with bullying after her classmates learn that she wanted to kill herself. Ladybugs and Wind Chimes is a self-help book for young teens, and what makes this book special is that Adrienne reaches out to the Lord to help her work through her guilt, writing letters to God in her journal as a way of staying connected to Him.

Moochi s Mariachis

Then she remembered yesterday and her talk with Ladybug, and Ladybug's mom
walking into the room and asking her to leave and, last, ... “Would you like me to
make you something for breakfast? ... “Mija, as a good friend, all you needed to
do was listen. It was Ladybug and her mother who needed to talk.” “I know, Mama

Moochi s Mariachis


Publisher: Mary Ann Hutchison

ISBN: 1935636308


View: 608

Anndillia the Gold Ladybug

Brenda Love Fegenbush. But one ... “But what about my friends” Zipporah cried, “
You will make new friends” Her mom promised. But Zipporah still cried,” I don't
want new friends, I like my old ones just fine” and then ran to her room. The next ...

Anndillia the Gold Ladybug

Author: Brenda Love Fegenbush

Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing

ISBN: 160383298X

Page: 36

View: 543

Anndillia is the only gold ladybug in the village and all the girls are jealous of her, but they find out she wants to be like them. They become friends but two of the girls have to move away their dads in the military, but they come home to visit.

A Year on Ladybug Farm

They called friends and neighbors, most of whom were at work. ... It seems like
forever since I heard your voice.” “It was ... “Sure, sweetie. I know how hectic
college life is. You just let me know.” “Thanks, Mom. I love you.” “Love you, too,

A Year on Ladybug Farm

Author: Donna Ball

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101014709

Page: 384

View: 982

Their husbands were gone, their families were grown, and the future stretched out before them like an unfulfilled promise... Tired of always dreaming and never doing, Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget make a life-altering decision. Uprooting themselves from their comfortable lives in the suburbs, the three friends buy a run-down mansion, nestled in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley. They christen their new home "Ladybug Farm," hoping that the name will bring them luck. As the friends take on a home improvement challenge of epic proportions, they encounter disaster after disaster, from renegade sheep and garden thieves to a seemingly ghostly inhabitant. Over the course of a year, overwhelming obstacles make the three women question their decision, but they ultimately learn that sometimes the best things can happen when everything goes wrong...

Floppy Lop Ears Tries to Get Off the Spectrum

This book is dedicated first to Shannan M. When the perfect storm first hit, she
stepped up to offer her friendship and showed me the gift that I had been given. ...
Mom, thank you for always trying to get me to see the sunshine in every situation.
... To Emily, my little Skwiggle, who loves lady bugs, tickling, snuggling, reading, ...

Floppy Lop Ears Tries to Get    Off the Spectrum

Author: Rochelle Caruso Flynn

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496903854

Page: 78

View: 406

Floppy Lop-Ears is different from all of the other kids. He dresses differently. He acts differently. Other kids tease him because he is different. Mommy and Daddy Lop-Ears take him to visit a special doctor who doesnt give shots! Dr. Coon explains that Floppy has autism spectrum disorder, and he is not like the other kids because his brain works differently. Dr. Coon explains some of the difficulties that those on the spectrum have in everyday situations, such as struggling with conversations and acting in ways that others consider weird. He also emphasizes the many positive aspects of having such a unique brain. Floppy is glad to be special, until he realizes that the other kids still tease him for being different. Suddenly, he decides that he must do whatever he can to get off the spectrum. This is the story of a young bunny who knows that he is not like everyone else and tries to make himself better in ways that only the pure innocence and vivid imagination of a young bunny (or child) can create. During his journey, he discovers that sometimes being different is the only way to really find acceptance. The Parents Pages provide additional information about ASD from the authors truly unique perspective.

How Lucy the Ladybug Got Her Spots

Also, just what does Grandma and Lindsay plan to do on a Saturday morning? And why is Lindsay in such a hurry to get to Grandma’s house? Enjoy the surprises that you will find inside this story titled How Lucy the Ladybug Got Her Spots.

How Lucy the Ladybug Got Her Spots

Author: Lisa Levy

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1640822275

Page: 32

View: 288

Hi, friends, I’m Lucy the Ladybug. I live in the village of Bugsville, at No. 1 Ladybug Lane, with my six children. We live in a beautiful cottage beneath a large oak tree. We have many nice neighbors. You will meet all six of my children. Their names are Lester, LuLu, Lenny, Lindsay, Lance, and Lola. You will also meet Grandma Lela. My middle child, Lindsay, is the one who asks a lot of questions all the time. Now she wants to know how her mom got all her beautiful spots. Do you think, perhaps, that Grandma Lela will have the answer that Lindsay is looking for? Also, just what does Grandma and Lindsay plan to do on a Saturday morning? And why is Lindsay in such a hurry to get to Grandma’s house? Enjoy the surprises that you will find inside this story titled How Lucy the Ladybug Got Her Spots.

Daily Dose of Dogs Aka Cats with Your Coffee

I would LOVE to have to write another story of transport—a story to follow the
story of Cat and Ash. Please help us make ... My friend who discovered Ladybug
(living as a stray with a hole in the dirt for her pups) will get mom and puppies on

Daily Dose of Dogs  Aka Cats with Your Coffee

Author: Chrystal Parker

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469188554

Page: 586

View: 435

This is, first and foremost, a book about private animal rescue. The stories are true. As a result, these pages are filled with sadness and joy, loss and hope, heartbreak and compassion. Within the stories, personalities emerge, and the love affair between author and animal is apparent. During the course of one year, the author blogs the stories from her past alongside the rescues that occur in real time. Along the way, she discovers a growing support system in the blogosphere. Those connections offer not only emotional succor but also very tangible aid. The world of private animal rescue is candidly revealed in a series of short vignettes.

The Lovable Ladybug

Look for these Gabe and Critters books : The Worm Surprise - Learning about
Love The Lovable Ladybug - Learning ... The Colossal Catfish — Learning about
Friendship Becky Freeman is a former first grade teacher , wife , and mother of
four ...

The Lovable Ladybug

Author: Becky Freeman

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9780781433419

Page: 32

View: 161

Gabe's new friend Dottie loves polka dots so he gives her a ladybug as a gift. Includes factual information about ladybugs.

The Love Book

Like Buddha says: it's like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
... “He's a writer friend of Mommy's. You'll like him.” “No, I won't.” “Just give him a
chance.” “When is he going to be here?” “In about ... How about a hug, ladybug?

The Love Book

Author: Nina Solomon

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 1617753378

Page: 320

View: 389

“Fans of Sarah Dessen and Mary Kay Andrews will enjoy this grown-up Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a story of risk, reward, loss, and love” (Booklist). A Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week and a New York Post Required Reading Pick It all starts when four unsuspecting women, on a singles’ bike trip through Normandy, discover a mysterious red book about love. But did they discover it—or did the book bring them together? Somehow the possibly magical Love Book will insinuate itself into Emily’s, Beatrice’s, Max’s, and Cathy’s lives, which so far haven’t turned out exactly the way society, their families, or they themselves have planned. Along the way, they’ll be nudged, cajoled, inspired—perhaps even “guided”—in spite of themselves to discover love, fulfillment, and the true nature of being a soul mate. “The Love Book should come with a warning: Do not begin unless you can afford to finish it—today. I could not, and did not, put it down. A contemporary Jane Austen, Nina Solomon has written a smart and funny book about what it’s like to be a woman, no longer young but not yet old and still single, looking for love in all the wrong places, only to find life. I laughed out loud so often I was downright downcast when I reached the last page and had to give up the good company of these wonderful characters.” —Beverly Donofrio, author of Astonished: A Story of Healing and Finding Grace “Happy endings abound in this novel about the power of love and friendship.” —Kirkus Reviews “A compelling mix of story lines . . . Plenty of good banter and characterization.” —Publishers Weekly

Mom I Love Spaghetti

Mom, I Love Spaghetti includes poems about dreams, fear of the dark, bedtime, playing baseball, and eating pizza and popcorn.

Mom  I Love Spaghetti

Author: Gary W. Fort

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1609115627

Page: 86

View: 748

In this wonderful and heartfelt collection of children's poetry, Gary W. Fort captures the experiences of growing up. Mom, I Love Spaghetti includes poems about dreams, fear of the dark, bedtime, playing baseball, and eating pizza and popcorn. Every child will identity with these universally-themed poems and parents will delight in the high-quality, evocative writing. Gary W. Fort lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and has been writing poetry for over 25 years. His inspiration comes from the love of God and Jesus Christ. Mr. Fort is currently working on his next collection of poetry, entitled I Like Parades, and developing another book of poetry called Mom, Read To Me. Publisher's website:


It's very interesting to me , and two of my friends were in them , snake named
Corkscrew , but he and and I bet it is to you , too . too ! ... I like it . Dear
Everybuggy , Jessica Jamrog , age 10 Plus , do you really eat bugs ? If Once I
was at my uncle's when I Williamsburg ... Virginia we caught a mother and its
baby . It 1980. I like it a lot . I always read was fun . I love snakes ; they are my "
Old Cricket Says " and I ...






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So We Meet Again

However the one thing that was missing was their attention and love that every
child needs. Mom and dad were too occupied with themselves as 13 year old
Roberta was left alone way too often with a hired baby sitter as ... The chauffeur is
now her husband as the cook, maids, butler, and Gardner also moved in as
friends before will continue now.... Ladybug... Some special things in nature
become an ...

So  We Meet Again

Author: Michael Reisman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462070152

Page: 104

View: 737

The characters and circumstances may be different, but the outcome is the same. It usually ends up with a warm smile and a tender hug. Maybe it’s a former boyfriend and girlfriend meeting once again after all these years. It could be sisters or identical twins separated at birth and reunited due to unexpected events. Maybe just a simple or favorite possession we once owned and had lost. Then it is discovered some years later. Open the pages and smile through this journey as so, we meet again.

Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas

Five lighthearted and uplifting devotionals capture readers' hearts with tales about the joys, challenges, and frustrations that women face in all their various roles.

Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas

Author: Gracie Malone

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310247667

Page: 192

View: 410

Five lighthearted and uplifting devotionals capture readers' hearts with tales about the joys, challenges, and frustrations that women face in all their various roles. Each devotional also includes a thought-provoking quote and a relevant verse from Scripture.

Hide And Seek Ladybugs

"When Spots, the ladybug, wants to play hide-and-seek but Beepo, the lightning bug insists that he will find Spots and all of his friends because they are so bright and spotted.!"

Hide And Seek Ladybugs

Author: Paul Bright

Publisher: Tiger Tales.

ISBN: 9781680106060

Page: 26

View: 817

An engaging book of hide-and-seek filled with peek-through pages! When Spots, the ladybug, wants to play hide-and-seek but Beepo, the lightning bug insists that he will find Spots and all of his friends because they are so bright and spotted. Children will meet a variety of bugs and insects on the pages of this hide-and-seek book filled with fun die-cut pages!

The Publishers Weekly

But when the girl becomes an un mother and chick - w : - were swimming to-
When hibernation time arrives , Little cooperative crocodile ... Stripe are fast
friends who like “ all the same Nicole Rubel . ... After the ladybugs depart , naysay
- pal .

The Publishers Weekly





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