The Indie Guide to Music Marketing and Money

Another Guerilla Marketing tool that may help your music be heard is to load it up
to a file sharing server. You can only do this if you wrote the music and lyric AND
you own the publishing rights or you'll be committing copyright infringement.

The Indie Guide to Music  Marketing and Money

Author: Jaci Rae


ISBN: 097462294X


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Xtreme Music Marketing

Create great music. 2. Market the music. Whether you are an independent artist,
or a major label, the 2 principles still apply. I'm chomping at the bit every day
when I discover a new website or promotional tool that will help get my music out

Xtreme Music Marketing

Author: Susan Crandall


ISBN: 1411674316

Page: 108

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Xtreme Music Marketing is a guide for musicians in the world of marketing. Most artists are professionals at their craft, but novices at marketing. This book will take you through a successful and proven process of promoting, selling and performing your music. These techniques are tried and true. They have been used and are successful in their attempts. All you have to do is follow the techniques.

This Business of Global Music Marketing

Global Strategies for Maximizing Your Music's Popularity and Profits Tad Lathrop.
This book is a companion volume, of sorts, to my other book on the music
business, This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion. That book provides ...

This Business of Global Music Marketing

Author: Tad Lathrop

Publisher: Billboard Books

ISBN: 0307830128

Page: 288

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Think BIG—capture the global music market. Worldwide tours, internet downloads, international album distribution–the global market for music is expanding with lightning speed, and that means big opportunities for everyone in the music business. The main obstacle? Lack of knowledge. The world market is packed with opportunity, but it's also full of cultural, regulatory, administrative, legal, political, and logistical pitfalls. This Business of™ Global Music Marketing offers a map of the world, with full information on how to break into the global market, how to distribute records abroad, how to find an audience, how to package records to appeal to local markets, how to establish partnerships with foreign businesses, how to deal with different rules of trade, and much more. A companion volume to author Tad Lathrop's top-selling This Business of™ Music Marketing and Promotion, This Business of™ Global Music Marketing offers everyone in the music business a chance to go global.

Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

Written for musicians by a veteran musician, Music Marketing for the DIY
Musician is a strategic, step-bystep guide to producing a fully customized, low-
budget plan of attack for marketing one's music. Presented in a conversational
tone, ...

Music Marketing for the DIY Musician

Author: Bobby Borg

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1538134632

Page: 392

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Do it yourself and succeed! More and more artists are taking advantage of new technologies to try and build successful careers. But in this expanding competitive marketplace, serious do-it-yourself musicians need structured advice more than ever. In Music Marketing for the DIY Musician, veteran musician and industry insider Bobby Borg presents a strategic, step-by-step guide to producing a fully customized, low-budget plan of attack for marketing one’s music. Presented in a conversational tone, this indispensable guide reveals the complete marketing process using the same fundamental concepts embraced by top innovative companies, while always encouraging musicians to find their creative niche and uphold their artistic vision. The objective is to help artists take greater control of their own destinies while saving money and time in attracting the full attention of top music industry professionals. It’s ultimately about making music that matters, and music that gets heard! Updates include: New interviews highlighting current marketing strategies for the new music market Info on how to leverage digital marketing and streaming playlists Updated stories and examples of current music marketing principles Future forecasts and trends into music marketing New and revised services, tools, references, and contacts that can help musicians further their careers New marketing plan samples for bands/solo artists and freelance musicians and songwriters

Jazz Sells Music Marketing and Meaning

a jazz perspective, advertising and marketing strategies are important in
examining the sense of societal value instilled in the music. (Whyton 2010: 83)
There is also a small body of literature that deals directly with music in advertising
from ...

Jazz Sells  Music  Marketing  and Meaning

Author: Mark Laver

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317699793

Page: 246

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Jazz Sells: Music, Marketing, and Meaning examines the issues of jazz, consumption, and capitalism through advertising. On television, on the Internet, in radio, and in print, advertising is a critically important medium for the mass dissemination of music and musical meaning. This book is a study of the use of the jazz genre as a musical signifier in promotional efforts, exploring how the relationship between brand, jazz music, and jazz discourses come together to create meaning for the product and the consumer. At the same time, it examines how jazz offers an invaluable lens through which to examine the complex and often contradictory culture of consumption upon which capitalism is predicated.

Making a Living in Your Local Music Market

Marketing. Your. Own. Record. Today's. Record. Business. As we briefly
mentioned at the beginning of this book, there have tremendous changes in the
record industry since our last edition. Besides the amalgamation of Sony and
BMG, and ...

Making a Living in Your Local Music Market

Author: Dick Weissman

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780634099243

Page: 207

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You can survive happily as a musician in your local music market. This book shows you how to expand and develop your skills as a musician and a composer right in your own backyard. Making a Living in Your Local Music Market explores topics relevant to musicians of every level: Why should a band have an agreement? How can you determine whether a personal manager is right for you? Are contests worth entering? What trade papers are the most useful? Why copyright your songs? Also covers: * Developing and packaging your artistic skills in the marketplace * Dealing with contractors, unions, club owners, agents, etc. * Producing your own recordings * Planning your future in music * Music and the Internet * Artist-operated record companies * The advantages and disadvantages of independent and major record labels * Grant opportunities for musicians and how to access them * College music business programs * Seminars and trade shows * Detailed coverage of regional music markets, including Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon.

Music Marketing

Provides information and advice for musicians on developing an effective marketing strategy.

Music Marketing

Author: Mike King

Publisher: Berklee PressPublications

ISBN: 9780876390986

Page: 211

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Provides information and advice for musicians on developing an effective marketing strategy.

Web Marketing for the Music Business

Mobile. Music. Marketing. MUSIC. GOES. MOBILE. The global mobile music
market is expected to rise to more than $18 billion by 2016 according to a report
issued by IE Market Research Corporation in January 2012. This will be driven
by ...

Web Marketing for the Music Business

Author: Tom Hutchison

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136122214

Page: 320

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Interested in promoting, selling, and distributing music online? Have the website but not sure what to do next? Web Marketing for the Music Business is designed to help develop the essential Internet presence needed for effective promotion, sales, and distribution. Author Tom Hutchison provides instructions on how to set up a website, as well as how to use the Internet to promote you or your client, and the website. Includes information on maximizing your site to increase traffic, online grassroots marketing tactics that will advance your career and how to best utilize social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The accompanying website will keep you up-to-date, with online resources for web support. The author's blog is continuously updated to include the latest breaking techniques for promotion.

The Entertainment Marketing Revolution

Whether it appears as a movie soundtrack , a live event , over the airwaves or the
Internet , through recordings , or pulsing through an arena as the local team
comes out on the court , music serves as both a marketing tool and a marketed ...

The Entertainment Marketing Revolution

Author: Al Lieberman

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 9780130293503

Page: 345

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Entertainment is now a $500 billion industry that reaches into every corner of human life. The Entertainment Marketing Revolution: Bringing the Moguls, the Media, and the Magic to the World profiles that industry, from film to print, music to theme parks--and shows exactly how to find and reach your market in today's insanely competitive marketplace. Discover the driving forces, key synergies, new opportunities, and advanced marketing techniques today's top companies are riding to success... and learn how to create tomorrow's blockbuster properties, starting today.

Artists and Music Marketing in Nepal A Study on Artists Need for Marketing Communication

The rapid increase in internet and new technology have overhauled the business world.

Artists and Music Marketing in Nepal  A Study on Artists  Need for Marketing Communication

Author: Krijen Tuladhar



Page: 92

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The rapid increase in internet and new technology have overhauled the business world. It has influenced the global music industry in particular. This thesis focus on Nepalese artists and music promotion, marketing, and relation to the music environment. Due to a decrease in CDs sales globally and economical consumers, the current music industry is struggling to keep up the revenue streams alive. In the advent of digital and new technology, the music industry struggles to deal with the benefit of change. This thesis scrutinizes the Nepalese music market and how marketing channels should be designed to promote artists and music appropriately and beneficially.There lie several factors and perspectives that has got to be thought-about in devising a marketing plan that is advantageous to the artist and the record label as well as mollifying to the consumers. In this explorative study, the perspectives of artists, music consumers, and the music industry are the main part of the paper. In analyzing the data, artists, therefore, have many needs concerning promotion, marketing and media attention and handling other business activities. Furthermore, many record labels and marketers are hesitant to forget traditional business models of promoting artists and there is an underlying ignorance as to which marketing tools are ultimately effective.In answering what options do musicians and artists have to promote themselves in Nepal, the author concluded that there are various options that artist could use to promote themselves in the current music environment by using both traditional method and emerging digital trend, especially social media. When devising a marketing promotion plan, it is important to embrace change and asses artists individual needs in line with consumer wants. Finally, this thesis heavily relies on books, journals, annual reports on the global music industry, as well as websites relevant to the topic issue. This paper believes that building the relationships be

Music is Your Business

Today we have many advisors, consultants, and recording industry veterans who
each have their own approaches to marketing a record in this new millennium,
and this new third edition of Music Is Your Business joins a constant stream of ...

Music is Your Business

Author: Christopher Knab

Publisher: Christopher Knab

ISBN: 0974342033

Page: 267

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This book takes the mystery out of the music business! "Music Is Your Business" tells you who does what in the music industry. Music industry veteran Christopher Knab's honest, no-nonsense information will empower you to market and promote your music--whether you're an experienced performer or just starting out. Learn how to attract distributors, get radio airplay, negotiate offers, and create a demand for your music with topics like Con Jobs: Watch Out for the Flim Flam Man, 10 Reasons Why Musicians Fail (and How Not To), What A&R Reps Do, and Online Music Retailing. Straight to the point legal chapters by entertainment attorney Bartley F. Day include Filing Copyright Applications, Trademarking Band Names, and Making Sense of Recording Industry Contracts. A sample distributor one-sheet, band tour and work schedule, band bio, and more! Newly revised, updated, and 100 pages longer, the 3rd edition of "Music Is Your Business" is essential for independent musicians and record labels.

Differences and similarities in marketing music between the Japanese and the German music market

TREND EVOLUTION VELOCITY The fast pace of e.g. consumer goods and
fashion trends in Japan applies to music preferences and hypes too, meaning
that the high ...

Differences and similarities in marketing music between the Japanese and the German music market

Author: Yves Gilbert

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3668230951

Page: 75

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Musicology, grade: 1,8, University of Applied Sciences Bremen, language: English, abstract: Five years before starting my studies at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, I absolved an apprenticeship at Warner Music Germany, one of the leading major music labels. During these 2 1⁄2 years, I gained a thorough insight of the various departments a record label has to offer such as TV, radio and press promotion, A&R as well as licensing and retail. I continued working for Warner Music after graduation and put my gained knowledge to good use. My interest for music and the music industry in general didn’t end when I chose to study Applied Business Languages (emphasis Japanese) and International Management in Bremen, and during my yearlong stay in Japan, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of pop music “made in Japan” and some peculiar differences on how music seemed to be promoted. Why shouldn’t there be differences anyway? Japan is unlike the rest of the world in so many ways, why shouldn’t this be the case for the music business? This train of thought led to the subject of this bachelor thesis. In order to compare the promotion tools of both markets, it is important to gain an overview of both music industries first: chapter three defines the current status as well as some of the characteristics of the Japanese and German music market. Chapter four takes a closer look at the marketing mix and presents the most important promotion methods used in Japan while comparing these to the German market such as testimonials and the tie-in system. It also gives examples of new ways of advertising both in Japan and Germany. The next chapter deals with the empiric research conducted for this thesis in order to support and/or disprove the claims and observations made in the previous chapters. Possible reasons for the differences between theory and practice are presented as well. Last but not least, chapter six sums up all important information about the differences and similarities in a nutshell.

101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web

By writing this book I wanted to bring together my own extensive knowledge of
music marketing and the wisdom of some of the new breed of artists, music
industry professionals, bloggers and writers who are harnessing the power of the

101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web

Author: Simon Adams


ISBN: 1445757761

Page: 256

View: 595

Save thousands of dollars in PR agency fees, this book will tell you which digital promotion tools & marketing techniques music publicists are using themselves!101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web is a great book for independent artists, bands and labels seeking to market and promote their music via the web at little or no cost. Written by MyMusicSuccess Co-Founder Simon Adams, he shares his 25 years of music industry experience as an artist, producer, publicist and promoter to help independent musicians around the world harness the power of internet music promotionThis 256 page book is the most comprehensive and practical manual ever compiled on digital music marketing. With interviews and quotes from music industry executives, promoters and successful independent artists you'll also gain an insight into some of the ways others have successfully used the world wide web to build their fanbase, collaborate in new projects, and increase the exposure of their music.

Surviving The Game How To Succeed In The Music Business

n addition to music production and business, I've also been in the field of Internet
marketing for almost a decade. I can market any product to any market by using
the Internet. Period! I am very good at what I do and I take pride in my work.

Surviving The Game  How To Succeed In The Music Business

Author: Sahpreem A. King

Publisher: WOT Digital Press | A Wealth of Thought Publishing Company

ISBN: 0983757720

Page: 193

View: 706

Multi-platinum music producer and author of Gotta Get Signed How To Become A Hip Hop Producer, Sahpreem A. King is back with his long awaited follow up, Surviving The Game How To Succeed In The Music Business. In this book, Sahpreem takes music business newcomers by the hand and teaches them how to succeed in the music business the do-it-yourself way. In addition, Sahpreem talks about music publishing, marketing and promotion, starting an online record label, the power of social media, and making money from your music without being signed to a record deal. Music is a business. That’s what this book is all about. For a whole host of justifiable reasons, there have been numerous other books that have been published about the “talent side” of the music industry. What distinguishes this book is the author’s firsthand experience in the industry from both the talent side and the business side. Artists from all genres of music, managers, producers, A&R directors, entertainment lawyers, PR consultants, label executives, and the public at large will benefit immeasurably from reading and studying King’s advice and good counsel. Sahpreem King’s practical approach on how to get into the music business, and how to do well as a result of your passion for the art form and your willingness to grind and work hard every day, is informed by his years of experience, first as a DJ and recording artist, and then as a successful producer. The book is more than an industry insider’s view. Sahpreem tells you what to do and what not to do, from imparting to you his basic knowledge about music to the deeper wisdom that he has acquired over the last twenty years.

Controversies of the Music Industry

Music: Marketing. or. Racism? Over the years people have had mixed opinions
about the nature of our culture. Are we, as a nation, a melting pot in which all our
differences are somehow combined into one homogenized culture, or are we ...

Controversies of the Music Industry

Author: Richard D. Barnet

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313310942

Page: 270

View: 763

Drawing on such primary sources as court cases and excerpts from speeches, examines twelve ethical controversies related to the music industry, including drug abuse references in music and the influence of violent lyrics on young listeners.

Record Label Marketing

U.S.. Industry. Numbers. Tom Hutchison CONTENTS Sales Trends Music Genre
Trends Demographic Trends Format –Configuration Outlets Market Share of the
Majors Catalog Sales Industry Concentration Conclusions Glossary Bibliography

Record Label Marketing

Author: Tom Hutchison

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136124454

Page: 448

View: 673

Record Label Marketing offers a comprehensive look at the inner workings of record labels, showing how the record labels connect commercial music with consumers. In the current climate of selling music through both traditional channels and new media, authors Tom Hutchison, Paul Allen and Amy Macy carefully explain the components of the contemporary record label's marketing plan and how it is executed. This new edition is clearly illustrated throughout with figures, tables, graphs, and glossaries, and includes a valuable overview of the music industry. Record Label Marketing has become essential reading for current and aspiring professionals, and for music business students everywhere. The book also has a companion website located at Record Label Marketing. * Gives you an exclusive and complete look at SoundScan and how it is used as a marketing tool * Presents essential information on uses of new media, label publicity, advertising, retail distribution, and marketing research by record labels * Offers insight into how successful labels use videos, promotional touring, and special products to build revenue * Includes important specialized marketing strategies using the tools of grassroots promotion and international opportunities * Reveals how labels are managing within their transitional digital industry * Looks to the future of the music business - how online developments, technological diffusion, and convergence and new markets continue to reshape the industry

This Business of Music Marketing Promotion

In language that is simple and direct, author Tad Lathrop details promotional skills, publicity plans, royalty guidelines, and more, all supported by real-life examples.

This Business of Music Marketing   Promotion

Author: Tad Lathrop


ISBN: 9780823077298

Page: 308

View: 508

The maxim in the music industry has always been “You can’t make it on talent alone,” and withThis Business of Music Marketing & Promotion, you don’t have to. In language that is simple and direct, author Tad Lathrop details promotional skills, publicity plans, royalty guidelines, and more, all supported by real-life examples. He shows how the Web and other technological developments have revolutionized not only how music is made, but how it is marketed and promoted. The old rules still apply—create a marketing plan, know your copyrights, be familiar with the laws of commerce—but there are a host of new ones as well, along with new strategies on how to give your recording the exposure it deserves. This streamlined, reorganized, and updated edition features an all-new chapter (“Twenty-Five Profile-Building Ideas to Use Right Now”), which will help readers get a running start in the recording business. They’ll also find completely updated material about Internet sales and promotion techniques, the latest information available on integrated marketing and e-marketing strategies, and brand-new listings of information resources. • New edition focuses on the full integration of online sales and promotion into the standard music marketing mix • Expanded coverage of new Internet marketing techniques and opportunities • First edition sold over 30,000 copies