Before Elvis

Bert Mays's record seems to have been the first to marry the melody of “Bucket's
Got a Hole in It” to the lyrics of “You Can't Come In” (the same melody is also
used for “Midnight Special”). “My Bucket's Got a Hole in It” was initially recorded
as ...

Before Elvis

Author: Larry Birnbaum

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0810886383

Page: 463

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An essential work for rock fans and scholars, Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock n Roll surveys the origins of rock n roll from the minstrel era to the emergence of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. Unlike other histories of rock, Before Elvis offers a far broader and deeper analysis of the influences on rock music. Dispelling common misconceptions, it examines rock s origins in hokum songs and big-band boogies as well as Delta blues, detailing the embrace by white artists of African-American styles long before rock n roll appeared. This unique study ranges far and wide, highlighting not only the contributions of obscure but key precursors like Hardrock Gunter and Sam Theard but also the influence of celebrity performers like Gene Autry and Ella Fitzgerald. Too often, rock historians treat the genesis of rock n roll as a bolt from the blue, an overnight revolution provoked by the bland pop music that immediately preceded it and created through the white appropriation of music till then played only by and for black audiences. In Before Elvis, Birnbaum daringly argues a more complicated history of rock s evolution from a heady mix of ragtime, boogie-woogie, swing, country music, mainstream pop, and rhythm-and-blues a melange that influenced one another along the way, from the absorption of blues and boogies into jazz and pop to the integration of country and Caribbean music into rhythm-and-blues. Written in an easy style, Before Elvis presents a bold argument about rock s origins and required reading for fans and scholars of rock n roll history."

Just Remember This

My Bucket's Got a Hole in It,” MGM 10660. While the famous (Afro-American)
musician and composer (Clarence Williams) had put claims upon this ditty before
Hank got to record it in 1949, a previous (1927) rendering by Tom Gates on ...

Just Remember This

Author: Colin Bratkovich

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1483645193

Page: 938

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I have completed this manuscript Just Remember This, or as American Pop Singers 1900-1950+, about music before the 1950s in America. It perhaps offers knowledge and insights not previously found in other musical reference books. I have moreover been working on this book very meticulously over the past twelve-plus years. It started as a bit of fun and gradually became serious as I began to listen along with the vocalists of popular music, of the era before 1950, essentially just before the dawn of rock and roll. If you can call it that! Indeed genre and labeling of American music started here, and then from everywhere. While the old adage of always starting from somewhere could be noted in every century, the 1900s had produced the technology. Understanding the necessity, more so, finds a curiosity on the part of a general public hungry for entertainment, despite 6 day work weeks, World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II.

Led Zeppelin The Concert File

Saturday July 7 2001 Montreux, Switzerland Stravinski Autitorium A NIGHT OF
SUN RECORDS Set: Good Rockin' Tonight/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Heart In
Your Hand/Candy Store Rock/Endless Sleep/How Many More Years/My Baby
Left ...

Led Zeppelin  The Concert File

Author: Dave Lewis

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 0857125745

Page: 176

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Between 1968 - 1980 Led Zeppelin performed over 500 concerts in every corner of the world, establishing themselves as the most popular live rock attraction of their era. This book explores in great detail the in-concert history of one of the most successful bands of all time.

I Just Want My Pants Back

I got to my apartment, turned on an old Hank Williams album, and plopped down
on my shitty green couch. Hank sang, “Yeah, my bucket's got a hole in it. My
bucket's got a hole in it.” It was the kind of music you could make love to, or curl
up in ...

I Just Want My Pants Back

Author: David Rosen

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0767928504

Page: 240

View: 377

Now a new MTV series, from acclaimed director and executive producer Doug Liman (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith, “Swingers,” “Go,” “Bourne Identity”) Jason Strider is a twentysomething young man in the city, with an English degree from an Ivy League university, a very small apartment in the West Village, a vapid job as a receptionist at a casting agency—and no particular idea what to do with his life. On most evenings, Jason gets stoned and goes out, sometimes with his party-hearty school chum Tina and sometimes alone in the immemorial male quest to get laid or, if not, get hammered enough to really regret it the next day and be late for work. Then one night Jason has athletic, appliance-assisted intercourse with a cute girl named Jane—and ends up lending her his Dickies jeans. Many, many e-mails and text messages later, he is unable to reconnect with her and is reduced to the plaint “I just want my pants back.” How he does, in a most unexpected way, find those pants, and how maturity and mortality come to enter his slacker’s existence, form the matter of this smart, raunchily comic, and finally affecting first novel.

We Wanna Boogie The Rockabilly Roots of Sonny Burgess and the Pacers

But we had nobody to tell us. We were out there stumbling around in the dark. We
didn't know very much about the music business and how things worked. My
Bucket's Got a Hole in ItWe did it first with an electric guitar. Then Jack Clement ...

We Wanna Boogie  The Rockabilly Roots of Sonny Burgess and the Pacers

Author: Marvin Schwartz

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press

ISBN: 1935106759

Page: 361

View: 825

Rock and roll pioneer and Newport native Sonny Burgess is a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. In this book full of personal interviews and remembrances, Burgess and his band tell of their original recordings for Sun Records in the 1950s; their shows with greats such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis; and their success in the contemporary rockabilly revival. This also is the history of a once prominent and spirited Delta community of extensive agricultural wealth. Newport was home to numerous music clubs that hosted national artists as well as illicit backroom gambling. Burgess is a product of this history, and his vivacious music is shaped by his hometown and the dramatic transformation of southern rural life it witnessed.

Rick Nelson Rock n Roll Pioneer

My earliest memory of Nelson is when I was three years old; my mom showed me
a scrapbook of hers filled with old ... that I set upon the turntable was Nelson's
double-sided hit “Believe What You Say” b/w “My Bucket's Got a Hole in It.” I
heard ...

Rick Nelson  Rock    n    Roll Pioneer

Author: Sheree Homer

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476600198

Page: 206

View: 299

Ricky Nelson (he later preferred “Rick”) was 8 years old when he began his career in show business. After a successful run on radio, his family’s situation comedy The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet enjoyed a 14 year television tenure. On the April 10, 1957, episode, “Ricky the Drummer,” Nelson started his singing career by lip syncing to Fats Domino’s “I’m Walkin’.” He scored 36 Top 40 singles between 1957 and 1972 and ranked number 5 in Billboard’s Top 25 Artists of the Decade 1950–1959. As a country rock pioneer, Rick Nelson influenced Buffalo Springfield, Linda Ronstadt, and the Eagles. This book is a candid account of his life in rock and roll through stories told by musicians and producers on the road and in the studio with him. Actors and family members also provided invaluable memories and insights.


That was the point of having an all-star band: it allowed Armstrong to pace
himself. ... Ramble," "My Bucket's Got a Hole in It," "On the Sunny Side of the
Street," "Rockin' Chair," "Royal Garden Blues," "Strut- tin' with Some Barbecue," "
Tiger Rag ...


Author: Terry Teachout

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780151010899

Page: 475

View: 667

Draws on previously unavailable sources including hundreds of private recordings made throughout the second half of the jazz master's life to assess his artistic achievements and personal arenas, sharing authoritative coverage of such topics as Armstrong's decision to break up his band and his quarrel with Eisenhower.

Tales from the Oak Hammock

As usual, it was the perfect sleep therapy for Dad. He would drift off after the first
record, but we got the whole dose. And the therapy simply didn't work on us! My
Bucket's got a Hole In It, Jambalaya, Lovesick Blues, we heard each one of them

Tales from the Oak Hammock

Author: David Charles Gossman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469757117

Page: 124

View: 442

Other than black and white TV, the baby boomer boys growing up in the little oak hammock east of South Floridas everglades dont have much to entertain them. Personal computers and the Internet are still decades away. Organized youth sports are all but non-existent in their environs. Rock and roll is king but exists only on an AM radio station and a stack of black vinyl disks. So how does a brotherhood of youngsters come of age while manufacturing adventure from an otherwise uneventful existence in the early 60s? How do they spend their summers when girls are still mysterious, undiscovered creatures and the bicycle is the only mode of transportation? And how do they face lifes unanswered questions while anticipating their once-in-a-lifetime trip to the New York Worlds Fair? Tales from the Oak Hammock chronicles the amusing answers to these questions as it recounts the misadventuresand misdemeanorsof boys who sometimes catch a glimpse of lifes meaningbut more often merely observe its puzzling complexities. They are the first generation raised by TV so they surely dont have all the answersbut this one thing they know: Life isnt always fair, but its almost always in black and white!

Becoming Myself

My family was part of the pseudo-aristocracy of the Old South. We were actually
poor “as Job's turkey” when it came to having a large bank account. On the other
hand, we ... Certain songs, like “My Bucket's Got a Hole in It...I Can't Buy Me No ...

Becoming Myself

Author: Sara F. Munday

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434997448

Page: 334

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The Wrecking Crew

Hal knew that a national tour with a name star like Sands would likely mean a
nice pay increase and it also might provide ... by Hank Williams called “My
Bucket's Got a Hole in It,” the notion of actually throwing in with them began to
take hold.

The Wrecking Crew

Author: Kent Hartman

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429941375

Page: 304

View: 213

Winner of the Oregon Book Award for General Nonfiction and Los Angeles Times bestseller "It makes good music sound better."-Janet Maslin in The New York Times "A fascinating look into the West Coast recording studio scene of the '60s and the inside story of the music you heard on the radio. If you always assumed the musicians you listened to were the same people you saw onstage, you are in for a big surprise!"-Dusty Street, host of Classic Vinyl on Sirius XM Satellite Radio If you were a fan of popular music in the 1960s and early '70s, you were a fan of the Wrecking Crew-whether you knew it or not. On hit record after hit record by everyone from the Byrds, the Beach Boys, and the Monkees to the Grass Roots, the 5th Dimension, Sonny & Cher, and Simon & Garfunkel, this collection of West Coast studio musicians from diverse backgrounds established themselves in Los Angeles, California as the driving sound of pop music-sometimes over the objection of actual band members forced to make way for Wrecking Crew members. Industry insider Kent Hartman tells the dramatic, definitive story of the musicians who forged a reputation throughout the business as the secret weapons behind the top recording stars. Mining invaluable interviews, the author follows the careers of such session masters as drummer Hal Blaine and keyboardist Larry Knechtel, as well as trailblazing bassist Carol Kaye-the only female in the bunch-who went on to play in thousands of recording sessions in this rock history. Readers will discover the Wrecking Crew members who would forge careers in their own right, including Glen Campbell and Leon Russell, and learn of the relationship between the Crew and such legends as Phil Spector and Jimmy Webb. Hartman also takes us inside the studio for the legendary sessions that gave us Pet Sounds, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and the rock classic "Layla," which Wrecking Crew drummer Jim Gordon cowrote with Eric Clapton for Derek and the Dominos. And the author recounts priceless scenes such as Mike Nesmith of the Monkees facing off with studio head Don Kirshner, Grass Roots lead guitarist (and future star of The Office) Creed Bratton getting fired from the group, and Michel Rubini unseating Frank Sinatra's pianist for the session in which the iconic singer improvised the hit-making ending to "Strangers in the Night." The Wrecking Crew tells the collective, behind-the-scenes stories of the artists who dominated Top 40 radio during the most exciting time in American popular culture.

The Hank Williams Reader

More revealingly, compare My Bucket's Got A Hole In It with Gene Vincent's Be
Bop ALula. The casual shuffle of the slapping back beat is the same, as are the
simple spartan guitar licks, the hard, raw voice with its trailed off whine and the ...

The Hank Williams Reader

Author: Patrick Huber

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199349894

Page: 400

View: 169

When Hank Williams died on New Year's Day 1953 at the age of twenty-nine, his passing appeared to bring an abrupt end to a saga of rags-to-riches success and anguished self-destruction. As it turned out, however, an equally gripping story was only just beginning, as Williams's meteoric rise to stardom, extraordinary musical achievements, turbulent personal life, and mysterious death all combined to make him an endlessly intriguing historical figure. For more than sixty years, an ever-lengthening parade of journalists, family and friends, musical contemporaries, biographers, historians and scholars, ordinary fans, and novelists have attempted to capture in words the man, the artist, and the legend. The Hank Williams Reader, the first book of its kind devoted to this giant of American music, collects more than sixty of the most compelling, insightful, and historically significant of these writings. Among them are many pieces that have never been reprinted or that are published here for the first time. The selections cover a broad assortment of themes and perspectives, ranging from heartfelt reminiscences by Williams's relatives and shocking tabloid exposés to thoughtful meditations by fellow artists and penetrating essays by prominent scholars and critics. Over time, writers have sought to explain Williams in a variety of ways, and in tracing these shifting interpretations, this anthology chronicles his cultural transfiguration from star-crossed hillbilly singer-songwriter to enduring American icon. The Hank Williams Reader also features a lengthy interpretive introduction and the most extensive bibliography of Williams-related writings ever published.

Redneck Liberation

... Do," "You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)," "My Bucket's Got A Hole In
It," and "I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive" — parallels that found in the blues.
The stance toward life advocated in Hank Williams's songs straddles the gloomy

Redneck Liberation

Author: David Fillingim

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 9780865548961

Page: 170

View: 806

In this unique book, David Fillingim explores country music as a mode of theological expression. Following the lead of James Cone's classic, "The Spirituals and the Blues, Fillingim looks to country music for themes of theological liberation by and for the redneck community. The introduction sets forth the book's methodology and relates it to recent scholarship on country music. Chapter 1 contrasts country music with Southern gospel music--the sacred music of the redneck community--as responses to the question of theodicy, which a number of thinkers recognize as the central question of marginalized groups. The next chapter "The Gospel according to Hank," outlines the career of Hank Williams and follows that trajectory through the work of other artists whose work illustrates how the tradition negotiates Hank's legacy. "The Apocalypse according to Garth" considers the seismic shifts occuring during country music's popularity boom in the 1980s. Another chapter is dedicated to the women of country music, whose honky-tonky feminism parallels and intertwines with mainstream country music, which was dominated by men for most of its history. Written to entertain as well as educate and advance, "Redneck Liberation will appeal to anyone who is interested in country music, Southern religion, American popular religiosity, or liberation theology.

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

I've Been Working on the Railroad My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Grandfather's
Clock Hot Cross Buns In the Garden Home on the Range You Are My Sunshine
The Old Chisholm Trail Dixie Over Hill , Over Dale When we went on family trips ,
our ...

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Author: Donald N. Yates

Publisher: Panther`s Lodge Publishers


Page: 492

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This genealogy classic, written in the bad old days of shoe leather and courthouse basements before the Internet, tells of a Southern man's discovery of his Native American ancestry in the 1990s. Among fascinating regional and local stories, you'll discover how the Yateses of Virginia coped on the frontier…how some Cherokees escaped the Trail of Tears…what the Southern drawl really means…where The Tree That Owns Itself is…how Elisabeth Yates stole her cattle back from Gen. Sherman. Out of print for years, this sought-after family history is available in electronic form only. Fall under the spell of all its local color, storytelling and genealogy help also in the exciting audiobook version.

Mariner s Compass

walked across the street to them. ... Gabe's friend hefted a leather suitcase into
the trunk and slammed it shut. ... The clothesline was bare, and no crackly voice
singing, “Bringing in the Sheaves” or “My Bucket's Got a Hole in It” greeted me.

Mariner s Compass

Author: Earlene Fowler

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101501243

Page: 336

View: 142

To claim an inheritance that a mysterious stranger left her, Benni must delve into the secrets of her own past--and a place she once called home.

Stone Butterfly

“There's other fish in the bucket.” “Okay, have it your way.” The concerned relative
reached out to touch his hand. “Them other fish are all in a bucket.” Gotcha! “But '
My Bucket's Got a Hole in It.'” Barely suppressing a shudder, Doctor Daisy ...

Stone Butterfly

Author: James D. Doss

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1429922397

Page: 304

View: 592

Ute shaman Daisy Perika is no stranger to eerie dreams, but when she has a nightmare, lives could be at stake. Convinced that her visions of a wisp-thin girl with blood dripping from her hands are omens, the old woman calls on her nephew, Charlie Moon. Moon, a part-time tribal investigator and full-time Colorado rancher, is skeptical, but he knows better than to dismiss his quarrelsome aunt too quickly. After all, she has been right before. But what can he do? Although Daisy can see what's left of a dying man's face, she can't get a clear look at the girl's. Without that, Moon doesn't have anything to go on. Then he gets a call about a very real murder. Sarah Frank, an Ute-Papago orphan and daughter of Moon's childhood friend, was spotted standing over the battered body with blood on her hands. Moon and FBI Special Agent Lila Mae McTeague cross the border to investigate, but they're too late. Not only has little Sarah vanished with a one-of-a-kind family heirloom, but Moon and McTeague aren't the only ones on her trail. Off the reservation and across states lines, James D. Doss's clever mystery finds Moon on the law enforcement side of the investigation and his aunt Daisy decidedly on the other.


Based on reports received last three days of Week Ending January 27 & MOST -
country and Western records most played in ... MY BUCKET'S GOT A HOLE IN IT






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Boy from New Orleans

TV - show from concert , Stockholm , Sweden , February 16-20,1962 . Telecasted
: September 29,1962 WHEN IT'S SLEEPY TIME DOWN SOUTH ( la ) ( BACK
RAG ...

Boy from New Orleans

Author: Hans Westerberg



Page: 220

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The Jazz Discography

... 1962 When it's sleepy time down south Indiana A kis to build a dream on ( la
vel ) My bucket's got a hole in it ( la , ty vel ) Tiger rag Struttin ' with some
barbecue Stompin ' at the Savoy Blueberry Hill ( la vel ) Capal Street blues
Dippermouth ...

The Jazz Discography

Author: Tom Lord

Publisher: West Vancouver, B.C. : Lord Music Reference ; Redwood, N.Y. : North Country Distributors, c1992- .


Page: 608

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Presto Laughter

didn't know it was loaded. [s everybody ... [t's not enough that [ have a hole in my
sock, a hole in my shoe and a hole in my pocket. Now ['ve got a hole in my glass.
Obviously my bucket isn't the only thing that's got a hole in it. The glass isn't the ...

Presto  Laughter

Author: Carroll Edward Lisby

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469122944

Page: 335

View: 533

One thing magicians like to hear even more than oohs and ahhs is laugher. They know laughter means a happy, satisfied audience, which means more bookings and higher fees. If youd like to add new laughs to your act but have despaired of finding suitable material take heart. Here is the resource countless magicians have been waiting for: Carroll Lisbys Presto! Laughter: More Than 2,800 New Laugh-Lines for Your Favorite Magic Tricks. Not a batch of old, recycled jokes, Presto! Laughter is instead a goldmine of magic-themed laugh-lines that you can drop in at appropriate times during a performance.