My First Forty Cars

I located one of the beep type and switched them. The next owner got a good
safe horn, and I kept the ooga. It was one of the few parts of the car that had
never given any trouble! This was my first experience with a car with a four-spoke

My First Forty Cars

Author: Nelson Bolan

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476606811

Page: 208

View: 402

With a grandfather who drove a horse car in 1900 and who later had a 25-year career as a chauffeur for a wealthy family, Nelson Bolan has a unique viewpoint about the automotive industry during the first half of the 20th century. In later years, Bolan began his own car acquisitions. His first, a 1929 Chevrolet, was purchased for $100 in celebration of his brother's safe return from World War II and his own high school graduation. It had an outside gasoline gauge, and if the driver forgot to read the gauge before getting into the driver's seat, he had no way of knowing how much fuel he had. (Chevrolet made the change to dashboard gauges in 1930.) The car also had actual wooden floor boards, which were removed and reinstalled easily when servicing was necessary. This automotive memoir includes a chapter for each of Bolan's first forty cars, including photographs of the actual vehicles where possible. Most were well aged at the time of purchase; the earliest was a 1917 Dodge Brothers. A nostalgic but factual recollection of each car in the order it was acquired, the book includes interesting information about each model and Bolan's mechanical adventures from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Young Henry Ford

Documentation and illustrations in this book came from the thousands of items, both monumental and inconsequential, saved by Henry Ford and presently in the collection of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village.

Young Henry Ford

Author: Sidney Olson

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814312247

Page: 188

View: 297

Young Henry Ford is a visual and textual presentation of the first forty years of Henry Ford—an American farm boy who became one of the greatest manufacturers of modern times and profoundly impacted the habits of American life. In Young Henry Ford, Sidney Olson dispels some of the myths attached to this automobile legend, going beyond the Henry Ford of mass production and the five-dollar day, and offers a more intimate understanding of Henry Ford and the time he lived in. Through hundreds of restored photographs, including some of Ford's own taken with his first camera, Young Henry Ford revisits an America now gone—of long days on the farm, travel by horse and buggy, and one-room schoolhouses. Some of the rare illustrations include the first picture of Henry Ford, photos from Edsel's childhood, snapshots of the interior and exterior of the Ford homestead, Clara and Henry's wedding invitation, and photos of the early stages of the first automobile.

My First 40 Jobs

I spent the night in a motel and the next morning discovered what really
happened. My can of shaving cream exploded! When packing I threw clothes and
belongings haphazardly onto the front and back seats of my car, piling them up
almost ...

My First 40 Jobs

Author: Hugh Maguire

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475901380

Page: 330

View: 262

This memoir takes the reader from March, 1966 to June, 2003; from Massachusetts to Connecticut, Hawaii to Oregon, South Carolina to California to Virginia; from reporting for a newspaper to Salvation Army Bell Ringer, National Park Service ranger to working for Fidelity Investments; 40 jobs spread throughout America that helped fill up a life, but was it worthwhile?


This book tells the complex saga of a sports car that was created in the early 1960s as a result of an unlikely collaboration between a plain-talking ex-racing driver from Texas and a conservative British automobile manufacturer, funded by ...


Author: Trevor Legate

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 0760324239

Page: 288

View: 536

This book tells the complex saga of a sports car that was created in the early 1960s as a result of an unlikely collaboration between a plain-talking ex-racing driver from Texas and a conservative British automobile manufacturer, funded by one of the giants of the industry, the Ford Motor Company. Carroll Shelby, AC Cars, and Ford came together to create a car called the Cobra, based on the AC Ace roadster that had been in production since 1954. When the Shelby Cobra was created, it was far from state-of-the-art, but the use of a new series of Ford V8 engines saw the lightweight car annihilate the Chevrolet Corvette in American sports car racing. By adding aerodynamic bodywork, the Daytona Cobra Coupe arrived in Europe to contest the FIA World Championship and took victory in the GT category in 1965, making Shelby American the first (and only) USA-based manufacturer to achieve this feat. In order to capitalize on this success, even greater power was required and the car was developed to take a huge 7-liter engine that proved to be a triumph of horsepower over handling – thus the 427 Cobra became an overnight legend, establishing new performance records and creating a reputation for being more than a little tricky to drive. The era of the Cobra was brief – production ended at Shelby American during 1966 and at AC Cars in 1968 where they built their own final version, the AC289 Sports. Just over 1000 Cobras were built during that time but the final cars proved difficult to sell, their vintage qualities deterring potential owners. Carroll Shelby closed his company and went to Africa while AC developed other models, but the Cobra was not quite finished yet. Within a matter of a few years, a new market for the car was created as the demand for affordable kit cars grew. The most popular model by far was the Cobra and many thousands were built, with the result that both AC Cars and Carroll Shelby put their own versions back into production. And then the arguments really started… If it was an improbable car over forty years ago, it is even more implausible today, but the remarkable Cobra, in one form or another, is still with us. It may be dead, but it just won’t lie down!

I ll Never Forget My First Car

The dents I put in the trunk lid that day were still on the car when I re-purchased it
forty-one years later. In a recent interview I had on CBC Radio in Toronto, a
listener phoned in to tell us his first car was a 1936 Chevy four-door sedan.

I ll Never Forget My First Car

Author: Bill Sherk

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1550029177

Page: 184

View: 285

In this hilarious collection of stories, Old Autos columnist Bill Sherk describes in vivid detail the trials and tribulations of those brave souls who, throwing caution to the wind and money down the drain, made the fateful decision that would forever change the course of their lives. They went out and bought their very first cars. And whether it came from the showroom or the scrapyard, your first car was your ticket of admission into the adult world. Gas, oil, repairs, tow trucks, speeding tickets, insurance, and fender benders would take a vacuum cleaner to your bank account, but you didn’t care. You were behind the wheel and on the road.

A Traveler at Forty

As for the passenger cars, when I came to examine them, they reminded me of
some of our fine street cars that run from, say Schenectady to Gloversville, or from
Muncie to Marion, Indiana. They were the first-class cars, too — the English ...

A Traveler at Forty

Author: Theodore Dreiser

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1596055324

Page: 572

View: 375

A Traveler at Forty ."rises completely out of the commonplace, and becomes something new, illuminating and heretical. It differs enormously from the customary travel books: it is not a mere description of places and people, but a revelation of their impingement upon an exceptional and almost eccentric personality." - H. L. Mencken "For everywhere [Dreiser] goes he watches people with a terrible curiosity about them that never rests until he has their secrets." - Sinclair Lewis The most productive period of Theodore Dreiser writing life began with the five months he spent in Europe between 1911 and 1912. A Traveler at Forty is the detailed account of his travels during that time, including the exploration of his ancestral roots in Germany. This is the text of the popular original edition as it was published in 1913. THEODORE DREISER (1871-1945) was a pre-eminent American novelist of the first half of the twentieth century. He believed that the experiences of working-class people striving for economic, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment were viable subjects for serious fiction, and for this reason he is regarded as an anatomist of the "American Dream."

Fat Forty And Fired

They could spend the entire time eating KFC in the hotel room while watching TV
as far as I was concerned, as long as we had a laugh together. It was a blast from
the moment we got in the car. At the first station, I stopped for petrol and treats.

Fat  Forty And Fired

Author: Nigel Marsh

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1405513756

Page: 304

View: 790

Approaching forty, Nigel Marsh's life seems almost perfect: he has moved with his family from the UK to Sydney and runs the Australian office of a leading advertising agency. However, he is also stressed, overweight and struggling to balance a career, a marriage and the demands of four small children. But everything changes when he loses his job. After the initial shock of redundancy, Marsh decides to embrace life outside the office and reconnect with his family. FAT, FORTY AND FIRED is the hilarious, insightful and deeply moving account of his 'gap year' at home, as he rediscovers fatherhood, loses twenty kilograms, kicks his drinking habit, trains for an ocean swim race and generally gets his house in order. FAT, FORTY AND FIRED is a story for anyone who has dreamed about leaving the rat race behind and living a more meaningful life.

Stratford upon Avon The Biography

consequences nodded sagely in 1899 when the county's first fatal motor crash
occurred at Edge Hill, but the internal combustion engine was not to be denied.
Soon, forty cars an hour were passing down the Birmingham Road and roadside

Stratford upon Avon The Biography

Author: Nicholas Fogg

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445637995

Page: 384

View: 719

Birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon has a lively history from its origins as a monastic settlement to its present identity as a tourist destination. This book is a celebration of a wonderful town and of all those who have been Stratfordians.

The Nature of Technological Knowledge Are Models of Scientific Change Relevant

See James J. Flink, The Car Culture (Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1975); John
B. Rae, American Automobile Manufacturers: The First Forty Years (Philadelphia:
Chilton, 1959) and Reynold M. Rik, Henry Ford and Grass-Roots America (Ann ...

The Nature of Technological Knowledge  Are Models of Scientific Change Relevant

Author: L. Laudan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401576998

Page: 147

View: 303

One of the ironies of our time is the sparsity of useful analytic tools for understanding change and development within technology itself. For all the diatribes about the disastrous effects of technology on modern life, for all the equally uncritical paeans to technology as the panacea for human ills, the vociferous pro- and anti-technology movements have failed to illuminate the nature of technology. On a more scholarly level, in the midst of claims by Marxists and non-Marxists alike about the technological underpinnings of the major social and economic changes of the last couple of centuries, and despite advice given to government and industry about managing science and technology by a small army of consultants and policy analysts, technology itself remains locked inside an impenetrable black box, a deus ex machina to be invoked when all other explanations of puzzling social and economic pheoomena fail. The discipline that has probably done most to penetrate that black box in recent years by studying the 1 internal development of technology is history. Historians of technology and certain economic historians have carried out careful and detailed studies on the genesis and impact of technological innovations, and the structu-re of the social systems associated with those innovations. Within the past few decades tentative consensus about the periodization and the major traditions within the history of technology has begun to emerge, at least as far as Britain and America in the eighteenth and nineteenth century are concerned.

My Time

Whether English or French, it translated to forty men or eight horses - the capacity
of the car! ... price was agreed upon but because the word was out that some
bottles of liquor had been poisoned, our guys wanted him to drink some of it first.

My Time

Author: C. Robert Wolfe

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1434385116

Page: 304

View: 657

In the first book, The Adventure, Devon Shoemaker is a twelve year-old boy who is recruited to become part of an alien exploratory team. His situation is one of a child that feels inadequate. He is failing in school, and his stepfather abuses him. When he reaches his limit and can stand no more he decides that he will end his existence. Instead he meets Elias, an alien, and is convinced that he should go away from this world. He leaves the Earth. He feels that his mother will have a better life and a chance at happiness when he is gone. He is convinced that he will be allowing her to experience true happiness. Ten years pass, before he returns to see if his absence improved his mother's situation. This story chronicles what adventures and changes have happened between the time he left, and the time he returned. It explains his abilities, and his strength of character that made him the confident officer that he became Please read and enjoy the Ten Years.

Where the Road and the Sky Collide

She spent a good two hours every day on the roads in the Dallas— Fort Worth
area, known as the Metroplex. ... Up until about two years ago, when I got my first
new car, a Chevrolet Corsica with the big engine, my dad still did all the repair ...

Where the Road and the Sky Collide

Author: K. T. Berger

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 146685801X

Page: 68

View: 911

In an age where there are 140 million registered automobiles in the United States, the author of Zen Driving explores the car-driver phenomenon and discusses urban air pollution and other issues.

NIV Holy Bible Stock Car Racing eBook

TABLETS LIKE THE FIRST ONES 1At that time the LORD said to me, “Chisel out
two stone tablets like the first ones and ... 10Now I had stayed on the mountain
forty days and nights, as I did the first time, and the LORD listened to me at this ...

NIV  Holy Bible  Stock Car Racing  eBook

Author: Various Authors,

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310438276

Page: 1152

View: 490

Featuring exciting and inspiring full-color inserts with photos of and insights from stock car racing’s finest personalities, the NIV Thinline Bible: Stock Car Edition is sure to be a motorsports fan’s favorite Bible. Motor Racing Outreach, a ministry to the world of motorsports, has partnered with Zondervan to create this Bible designed to delight race fans. MRO brings testimonies and photographs of the popular race personalities with whom they work on a daily basis—the drivers, the pit crews, the media spokespeople, and others associated with the world of racing. Combined with the complete text of the New International Version and offered in two innovative and cost-effective bindings, this title will make a wonderful gift for the true racing fan.

Cars I Could ve Should ve Kept

By ¡962 I was forty years old, married with four kids ranging from eighteen to ten
years old, and I was still building my ... When I could finally a›ord to buy my first
car, at age thirteen, with money earned delivering two paper routes, it was a $¡0 ...

Cars I Could ve  Should ve  Kept

Author: Jackson Brooks

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786483136

Page: 263

View: 994

A small business owner and lifelong lover of classic sports cars, Jackson Brooks began in the early 1960s to purchase, restore and enjoy a long succession of rare automotive beauties, many of which are million-dollar commodities in today’s market. Not so much a collector as an enthusiast and entrepreneur, he recounts in this well-illustrated memoir how he found and selected the cars, some of which were on the verge of the scrap-heap, the process of restoring them, the challenges he confronted along the way, the ones that got away, and always the hunt for the next vehicle to spark his imagination. The cars, primarily sporting machines, include 8C-2.3 Alfa Romeos, a Jaguar SS100, three 1953 Ferrari 250MM Barchetta racers (of 13 built), a 1922 Mercedes Targa Florio racer, a Type 57 Bugatti, a 1929 Mercedes SSK (one of 33 built), four Talbot Lagos, and a 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton among many others, with particular concentrations on Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Often the sale of one, after restoration and use, financed the purchase of the next, and the text includes the purchase and sale prices as well as approximate present-day market values of the cars. Few people have enjoyed so much hands-on experience with so many of the world’s most desirable automobiles.

Judge Lynch His First Hundred Years

The man says , “ Sure , ' and turned on Ingram Avenue instead of following the
Bartow Road according to Mr. Norman's instructions . I judge we drove forty yards
when the car came to a sudden stop . The man sitting beside the driver covered ...

Judge Lynch  His First Hundred Years

Author: Frank Shay

Publisher: Biblo & Tannen Publishers

ISBN: 9780819602312

Page: 288

View: 783


The people were thrust into the freight cars, forty to a wagon, baggage and all.
The displaced persons were quiet as the first train departed for Leipzig at 1532
hours, 3:32 P.M., June 17, 1945. All the effort of the U.S. Army and UNRRA Team


Author: Bernard Warach

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450288811

Page: 672

View: 417

Without hope, there is nothing. As the child of young, poor Polish immigrant parents who lived on the Lower East Side of New York, Bernard Warach grew up celebrating a life of freedom in America, despite facing seemingly insurmountable odds during an incredibly challenging time in America. This is his story. Bernard suffered an attack of poliomyelitis at the age of three that left him with a withered left leg and diminished strength; even so, he went on to lead a vigorous life. With great attention to detail and the historical events that took place at the time, Bernard narrates an entertaining and dramatic tale that begins with his early experiences in public schools and continues through his graduate training in social work at the University of Pittsburgh. Through anecdotes and personal reflections, Bernard traces the remarkable life journey that eventually led him into fifty years of service with the United States Department of Agriculture and as founding Executive Director for the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA). Hope: A Memoir provides an intriguing glimpse into the evolution of a family and how one man overcame adversity as a child to live a long, full, and rich life.

Mustang Forty Years

Boyer duplicated the shapes of the taillights in the exhaust pipe frames . The T -
bird was introduced with a V - 8 engine , something Chevrolet ' s Corvette had to
wait three years to get . true when the car ' s first year sales had been so high .

Mustang Forty Years

Author: Randy Leffingwell


ISBN: 9781610591126

Page: 384

View: 383

I Thought My Father Was God

“Rachel,” Anna said, her hand on her window, “do you see his face? Do you see
... About forty feet behind him was atruck, turned upside down and smashed flat
in the sand. ... The first emergency vehicles would arrive about forty minutes later.

I Thought My Father Was God

Author: Paul Auster

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1466828994

Page: 416

View: 238

One of America's foremost writers collects the best stories submitted to NPR's popular monthly show--and illuminates the powerful role storytelling plays in all our lives When Paul Auster and NPR's Weekend All Things Considered introduced The National Story Project, the response was overwhelming. Not only was the monthly show a critical success, but the volume of submissions was astounding. Letters, emails, faxes poured in on a daily basis- more than 4,000 of them by the time the project celebrated its first birthday. Everyone, it seemed, had a story to tell. I Thought My Father Was God gathers 180 of these personal, true-life accounts in a single, powerful volume. They come from people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Half of the contributors are men; half are women. They live in cities, suburbs, and rural areas, and they come from 42 different states. Most of the stories are short, vivid bits of narrative, combining the ordinary and the extraordinary, and most describe a single incident in the writer's life. Some are funny, like the story of how a Ku Klux Klan member's beloved dog rushed out into the street during the annual KKK parade and unmasked his owner as the whole town looked on. Some are mysterious, like the story of a woman who watched a white chicken walk purposefully down a street in Portland, Oregon, hop up some porch steps, knock on the door-and calmly enter the house. Many involve the closing of a loop, like the one about the woman who lost her mother's ashes in a burglary and recovered them five years later from the mortuary of a local church. Hilarious blunders, wrenching coincidences, brushes with death, miraculous encounters, improbable ironies, premonitions, sorrows, pains, dreams-this singular collection encompasses an extraordinary range of settings, time periods, and subjects. A testament to the important role storytelling plays in all our lives, I Thought My Father Was God offers a rare glimpse into the American soul.

A Year Wasted

CHAPTER 8 B? After sleeping through most of the day on Saturday, I was ready
for my first soccer game Sunday morning. I continued to go to the ... For forty—five
minutes I sat in the back seat of a car filled with Thais. Naturally they chatted the ...

A Year Wasted

Author: Mark Perlmutter

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595318495

Page: 312

View: 243

Steve Aldman and his friend Mike have just graduated from college and board a plane to Thailand. They plan to teach English for one year at a university in Bangkok. Steve is a strong, austere young man who believes he can only depend on himself. Thailand is about to be the shock of his life. From the moment he lands, Steve feels conflicted. Can he apply his well-honed defenses in Thailand? Even with this struggle towards maturity, Steve's deep and humorous narrative carries the reader throughout Thailand. Through him, we learn the Thai language and culture, taste its many delicacies and travel throughout most of the country. Steve also explores Laos, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. The adventures range from the beautiful to the ridiculous. Examples include: ethereal sunrises, trekking up the Himalayan Mountains, drinking snake blood for dinner and sneaking into an international Communist convention. During this journey, Steve learns as much about himself as he does about those around him. Through the people Steve meets, we learn the geopolitical histories and belief systems of various Asian cultures. These diverse exposures make a lasting impression on Steve and he blends aspects of each exotic perspective into his own life attitude. What will it do to you?

The Frogmen of World War II

I remember my first Navy duty, on our way to Camp Perry, Virginia, a Seabee
base at that time. A chief came into the car and pointed at me. He said, “There are
forty-one men in this car. You're responsible to see that there are forty-one men in

The Frogmen of World War II

Author: Chet Cunningham

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416595809

Page: 384

View: 930

As countless battlefronts in the Pacific, African, and European theaters called for direct amphibious assaults against islands and beachheads, a small corps of exceptionally skilled fighting men was formed -- the U.S. Navy underwater warriors. Beginning in 1943, these men undertook never-before-attempted missions ranging from eye-to-eye recon of enemy-held positions to staging the demolition of shoreline obstacles and clearing the way for landing craft. Here, in their own words, are the true stories of these aquatic commandos, whose daring exploits and bravery would pave the way for thousands of American fighting men around the globe -- and whose recolitionary training and fighting methods would evolve into the modern specail forces known as the Navy SEALs.