Zerilda s Chair and Other Poems

No more dragging ass like an old fart, who has grown invisible. You sense
sympathy from the lady on the phone – maybe you don't sound so old to her. “Is
the procedure noninvasive?” “No, it's like a regular operation.” “You mean you

Zerilda s Chair and Other Poems

Author: George De Gregorio

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0557180481

Page: 148

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George De Gregorio's poetry is rooted in both the everyday and the universal. Big themes like world war and the sporting life (he is the author of a biography of Joe DiMaggio) co-exist with details of family life and the everyday existence of Rutherford, N.J., the town where he has lived for the last fifty years (and home of famed poet-doctor William Carlos Williams).

Ecoepic Other Poems

Question: Is it fair to take the throbbing heart Of a vanishing distant cousin To
spare the life of a rich old fart When humans are a dime a dozen? I think not said
Ishmael Through the bars of his circus wagon With haunting eyes that mesmerize

Ecoepic   Other Poems

Author: Ken Ingham

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1847289592

Page: 124

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Ecoepic & other poems is a labor of love fifteen years in the making. Straight-forward lyrics about nature, ecology, politics, education, evolution, religion, Gaia ...with rhymes that surprise, stories that make you think, laugh and cry all at once. Poetry with punch is what one reader called it. Here is a book you could read in an hour but its message is likely to linger for years.

Green Shadows and other poems

If Leo Tolstoy, that pompous old fart, were alive today, he'd be writing TV scripts.
Next, Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain – what is it about Germans and
philosophy that makes even their fictional characters spout tedious arguments
and ...

Green Shadows and other poems

Author: Gerald Murnane

Publisher: Giramondo Publishing

ISBN: 1925818284

Page: 104

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Gerald Murnane turns to poetry at the end of his literary career, writing frank, disarming poems that traverse the rich span of his life. I esteem / above all poems or passages of prose / those that put a lump in my throat. — Gerald Murnane, ‘The Darkling Thrush’ Gerald Murnane, now in his eightieth year, began his writing career as a poet. After many years as a writer of fiction, he only returned to poetry a few years ago when he moved to Goroke, in the Western Districts of Victoria, after the death of his wife. The forty-five poems collected here are in a strikingly different mode to his fiction — without framing or digressions, and with very few images, they speak openly to the reader of the author’s memories, beliefs and experiences. They are for this reason an important addition to his internationally recognised body of fiction, most recently Border Districts and Collected Short Fiction, published by Giramondo. The poems include tributes to his mother and father and to his family, and to places that have played a formative role in his life, like Gippsland, Bendigo, Warrnambool, the Western Districts, and of course Goroke. Especially moving are his poems dedicated to authors who have influenced him — Lesbia Harford and Thomas Hardy, William Carlos Williams, Henry Handel Richardson, Marcel Proust, and with particular force, the eighteenth-century poet John Clare, who gives the collection its title, revered ‘not only for his writings / but for his losing his reason when / he was forced from the district he had wanted as his for life.’ Praise for Gerald Murnane: ‘A strong case could be made for Murnane…as the greatest living English-language writer most people have never heard of.’ — New York Times ‘No living Australian writer, not even Les Murray, has higher claims to permanence or a richer sense of distinction.’ — Sydney Morning Herald

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz Other Poems

... and muffin oil and chocolate with little cakes and myrrh and bacalao and fox
piss with the awful and disgusting taste of soggy rags a flaming faggot on all fours
respectable old fart dolled up in a garb with grease stains from an ancient lamp of

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz   Other Poems

Author: Pablo Picasso



Page: 316

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By Pablo Picasso. Edited with introductions by Jerome Rothenberg & Pierre Joris. Afterword by Michel Leiris.

Old Fart Advice

A couple years ago, I located his home, gave him a copy of the poem and
thanked him for his influence on my life. During ... We met when we were
eighteen years old. We have ... We know when we reach out the other's hand is
always there.

Old Fart Advice

Author: Michael J. Tate

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1546260323

Page: 170

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James Burton “Captain Jimmy” Robinson served as an officer with the Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Police Department for over forty years. Join him and his lovely bride, Clara as they celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary at First Baptist Church with family and friends. Pull up a chair, have a seat and listen as the audience shares their special “OFA” moments with Captain Jimmy and Ms. Clara. After the experience, you should be entertained and enlightened, but above all else; your life should be influenced.

Walls of Corn and Other Poems

And how fart When th Are the path Are you stron Has the To Mary . Would I could
... dwellings white and brown ; And I see , as I scan it with loving eyesSave here
and there some slight surpriseBut little change in the dear old town . Yet some ...

Walls of Corn and Other Poems

Author: Ellen Palmer Allerton



Page: 254

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Contemporary Literary Criticism

... not to diminish Graham ' s achievement ; she is clearly an ambitious and
talented poet , but not yet “ a certified Old Fart . ... In The Philosopher ' s Window
and Other Poems , his eighth collection , Allen Grossman takes a different tack
toward ...

Contemporary Literary Criticism

Author: Gale Group

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780810392694

Page: 500

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Covers authors who are currently active or who died after December 31, 1959. Profiles novelists, poets, playwrights and other creative and nonfiction writers by providing criticism taken from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and scholarly journals.

Scarecrow Poetry

So , with the evolution of the world ' s demographics , the waning of the romantic
folklore about youth and poetry , and the need for a poetic response to the "
different set of feelings , " scarecrow poetry seems to be coming to full flower and
is partaking of the husbandry that began with Sophocles . It therefore ... It has to
be called something like old fart or scarecrow poetry - - all us golden agers know
that .

Scarecrow Poetry

Author: Robert McGovern



Page: 155

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This anthology sets out to define a subject matter genre (which has been with us, certainly, since Sophocles wrote Oedipus at Colonus when he was 90). This collection celebrates that different set of feelings with the mature work of those young poets of two or three decades ago who didn't give in to the demise of youth: William Butler Yates, who supplies this title. The anthology includes works by Hayden Carruth, R.P. Dickey, X.J. Kennedy, Philip Levine, W.D. Snodgrass, Gerald Stern, and many more.

Shooting Rats Other Plays and Poems

Shooting Rats  Other Plays and Poems

Author: Peter Turrini

Publisher: Ariadne Press (CA)


Page: 211

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This volume contains some of the more controversial and personal works produced by Peter Turrini, who has come to be recognized today as one of the leading Austrian dramatists. His first drama, Shooting Rats, was written in 1967, when Turrini, fed up with life as an advertising copy editor, fled into "exile" on an isolated Greek island. The play, with its theme of alienation from the consumer society, was an instant success and has since appeared on stages throughout Europe. Infanticide (1972) continues the theme of alienation, intensified to the point of murder. Turrini explores the heart of an unfortunate young woman who paradoxically is driven to kill her infant child in order to feel like a human being. In Death and the Devil (1990) Turrini confronts his audience with the most controversial of his plays. A disillusioned priest sets out on a journey, seeking to discover Sin. His self-crucifixion and death end the quest in a highly symbolic and for some, scandalous fashion. The final play, The Siege of Vienna (1995), like a number of his other dramas, treats contemporary social conditions in Austria. The poems of A Few Steps Back (1980) are much more personal than Turrini's dramas. They show the man behind the writer and reveal the autobiographical element that runs through all of the writings of this socially engaged author.

Poetry Wales

Still lapping it up , imperious old fart , but no - one laughs any more at the
wardrobe - ransacking trick , lecturers ' wives no longer open their legs , your
cough is chronic and your cheeks a different sort of red than youth's . What
happened that ...

Poetry Wales





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Irving Layton the Poet and His Critics

Most of the quite numerous deflationary poems in Lovers suffer from one or the
other shortfall . ... There is also " The Luck of an Old Fart , " a poem about a retired
“ educationist ” who calls the ( token third person ) speaker “ boy ” all one ...

Irving Layton  the Poet and His Critics

Author: Seymour Mayne

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited


Page: 291

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Collected Poems

In the street , at the movies , I ' m jostled by a bunch of shits ( not that I care a toss
, I ' m just different , old fart but clean , shoes worn out from running , but shined ,
two shirts , one suit , one tie , an individual life that nobody knows anything ...

Collected Poems

Author: Peter Reading


ISBN: 9781852246242

Page: 319

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Practical Poetry

The old fart smiled and hallooed as I passed the second time . Twice past made
us neighbors . Over another hill and old Emily took off into the tall grasses to the
left in a field that stretched golden green , here and there flowers , the wide sunlit

Practical Poetry

Author: Sara Holbrook

Publisher: Heinemann


Page: 174

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In Practical Poetry, Sara Holbrook shows you how the precise language and keen observations of poems can be used as nuts-and-bolts tools for addressing content and language standards in four key subject areas.

An Uncommon Poet for the Common Man

While other people wore like clothes The human beings in their days I set myself
to bring to those Who thought I could ... in which Larkin , through his persona ,
calls himself “ One of those old - type natural fouled - up guys ” , and an " old fart "

An Uncommon Poet for the Common Man

Author: Lolette Kuby

Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton


Page: 190

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Black Death

I don't think the old fart knows any other for the fall season . It's about leaves that
fall off a tree and then lay there on the ground talkin ' to each other about what it's
like to die . My wife tells me he got the whole idea from a famous poem .

Black Death

Author: R. Karl Largent


ISBN: 9780843937978

Page: 368

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When a deadly, flesh-eating bacteria rises from a forgotten grave, the people of Half Moon begin to die in agony from what comes to be known as the Black Death, a highly contagious disease for which there is no known cure. Original.