Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun

He's the guy with his tongue stuck to a metal pole. A tenderfoot. A greenhorn." Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun is the story of Lt. Sean Michael Flynn as he tries to survive his first year in Alaska.

Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun

Author: Sean Michael Flynn

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429973977

Page: 288

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"In New York City, a Cheechako (chee CHA-ko) would be the kid who just fell off the turnip truck. No street smarts. A pink windbreaker. A subway map sticking from his back pocket...In Alaska, a Cheechako is even easier to spot. He's the guy with his tongue stuck to a metal pole. A tenderfoot. A greenhorn." Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun is the story of Lt. Sean Michael Flynn as he tries to survive his first year in Alaska. With romantic notions of Jack London and Bush piloting, Lt. Flynn requests a transfer to Eielson Air Force Base outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. He is a bit unnerved at how easy the transfer goes through. From a rugby game on a frozen river to living across from Santa's Village to random moose attacks to soaring over the Bush in an F-16, Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun is a hilarious trial-by-many-errors account of what it takes to become a true Alaskan.

Life in Alaska

May taught in Alaska for ten more years—two years in Bethel, two years in
Klukwan and Haines, one year in Flat, one year in Hecata, three years in Juneau,
and one year in Gustavus. She spent some of her summers in Seattle and finally

Life in Alaska

Author: May Wynne Lamb

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803279278

Page: 171

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The author recounts her experiences as a teacher in a remote Eskimo village in Alaska

Building a Log Cabin in Alaska in Four Months

We had enough trees growing on our one and three quarter's acre lot to build our
cabin, the add-on, two storage sheds, a wood shed, and to have firewood for
three and a half years with still enough trees left standing for pleasant scenery.

Building a Log Cabin in Alaska in Four Months

Author: Charles Underwood

Publisher: Charles Underwood

ISBN: 0615640214

Page: 120

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This book should prove most helpful as a "how to" guide for a man working alone to build a strong, yet simple log cabin made to last. It can be a log cabin that a man can be proud to call his home or for a getaway home away from home on the weekend. I built the 13 by 41 foot cabin shell, including cutting down the trees and peeling off the bark, in three months while camping out in a tent. Cutting down the trees and pilling off the bark took more than half of the time in completing the shell of the cabin. It was hard work, but by using the trees on my property I saved money and it gave me a more satisfying feeling of accomplishment as I lived my dream. After about three months work the cabin was up and we moved from our tents into the cabin, however, the electrical wiring, well and plumbing, septic system, interior walls, chimney, and 8 by 28 foot add-on, which are covered in varying details (less on the wiring and plumbing) in this book, were worked on as I got the time and money. Overall, to complete the cabin, it took about four to five months time. The 757 square foot cabin was completed in about four months by working long hours, six days a week. The long camping experience was an ordeal for my wife, but my son and I enjoyed it. We thank God for His help and guidance through it all. The plans contained in this book are designed to allow a man working alone to build a cabin in a short time that will last a life time. I include an additional chapter about building a pergola type patio cover out of red cedar. 48 pictures are included in this book. Happy trails!

Long term Ecological Change in the Northern Gulf of Alaska

Introduction Robert B. Spies A typical year in the Gulf of Alaska encompasses
great fluctuations in physical conditions, ... The various forcing factors may all be
at work in any one year, but they do not have a constant or equal effect from one

Long term Ecological Change in the Northern Gulf of Alaska

Author: R.B. Spies

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080469426

Page: 608

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This comprehensive text is a major synthesis on ecological change in the Gulf of Alaska. It encompasses the structural and annual changes, forces of change, long-ecological changes in the atmosphere and ocean, plankton, fish, birds and mammals, and the effects of the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. With 5 major sections, Long-term Ecological Change in the Northern Gulf of Alaska first describes the physical features, the atmosphere and physical oceanography, the annual production cycle, the forage base for higher animals and trophic transfer, and the adaptations for survival in this changing environment for 9 portal species. Then, the major forces of change are introduced: climate, geophysics, fisheries and harvesting, species interactions, disease and contaminants. Next, the long-term records of change in physical factors and biological populations are presented, as well as the potential reasons for the biological changes. Following is the history of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and its long-term effects. And, finally, the emergent properties of the ecosystem are discussed and an attempt is made to weigh the importance of the major forcing factors in terms of their temporal and spatial scales of influence. * Examines important data on long-term change in the ecosystem and the forcing factors that are responsible for it * Provides an account of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill with emphasis on the long-term effects * Describes the effects of climate change, geophysical change, species interactions, harvesting, disease, the 1989 oil spill, and marine contaminants on key populations of marine organisms

Travels in Alaska

Not to mention cod, herring, halibut, etc., there are probably not less than a
thousand salmon-streams in southeastern Alaska as large or larger than this one
(about forty feet wide) crowded with salmon several times a year. The first run ...

Travels in Alaska

Author: John Muir

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780547561677

Page: 368

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This book describes Alaska in the late nineteenth century and Muir's early adventures in an untamed land of glaciers and northern lights.