Partner to the Poor

His medical expertise, anthropological vision, and unflinching decency have helped to recharge our world with moral purpose."--Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University "Wow! Perfect for teaching. This is more than vintage Farmer.

Partner to the Poor

Author: Paul Farmer

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520257111

Page: 660

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"Dr. Paul Farmer is one of the most extraordinary people I've ever known. Partner to the Poor recounts his relentless efforts to eradicate disease, humanize health care, alleviate poverty, and increase opportunity and empowerment in the developing world. It will inspire us all to do our parts."--William J. Clinton "If the world is curious about Paul Farmer, there is a reason for that. No one has done more than he has in bringing modern medicine to the poor across the globe and no one has exceeded him in making us appreciate the diverse barriers that prevent proper medicine from reaching the underdogs of the world. In this wonderful collection of essays, putting together Paul Farmer's writings over more than two decades, we can see how his far-reaching ideas have developed and radically enhanced the understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare in the uneven world in which we live. This is an altogether outstanding book."--Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate, Economics "To delve into these pages is to join one of the world's great explorers on an epic life journey--to grapple with culture, poverty, disease, health care, ethics, and ultimately our common humanity in the Age of AIDS. Paul Farmer is a pioneer, guide, and inspiration at a time of unprecedented contrasts: between wealth and poverty, power and powerlessness, health and disease, compassion and neglect. His medical expertise, anthropological vision, and unflinching decency have helped to recharge our world with moral purpose."--Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University "Wow! Perfect for teaching. This is more than vintage Farmer. Editor Haun Saussy knows Farmer's work inside out and has assembled and organized 25 classic articles that project the heart of Farmer's brilliant, radical, inspiring, eminently practical and (dare I say) genuinely subversive work."--Philippe Bourgois, author of Righteous Dopefiend "If they gave Nobel Prizes for raising moral awareness, Paul Farmer would have won his a long time ago. For several decades now, his work has posed a challenge to anyone who dares say that radically improving the health of the world's poor can't be done. This splendid compilation of the best of his work allows us to follow a restless, creative, compassionate mind in action, in and out of prisons and barrios and mud huts and hospital wards, from Haiti to Rwanda to Moscow, never taking 'no' for an answer."--Adam Hochschild, author of Bury the Chains "Paul Farmer is a deep scholar of Haitian society, a formidable medical anthropologist, an implacable theorist of structural violence and health as a human right, and an ethicist for whom the place of social justice in medicine and in the world is an existential need. This book is the platform of interconnected intellectual, academic, and practical engagements upon which the amazing, world-transforming life of Farmer stands."--Arthur Kleinman, author of What Really Matters: Living a Moral Life amidst Uncertainty and Danger "This collection shows the impressive catalytic effects of original scholarship when combined with action, activism, and a commitment to social justice in health. Paul Farmer and his PIH colleagues have twice changed World Health Organization policies; they continue to have a lasting impact on the global health movement and on the lives of the poor.--Peter Brown, Emory University

Gender Inclusive Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse

Name Date Rate your partner for each of the 7 areas of relationship functioning
as either very poor, poor, fair, good, or excellent. Put a check mark in the middle
of ...

Gender Inclusive Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse

Author: John Hamel, LCSW

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826197368

Page: 328

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This breakthrough handbook for mental health professionals and educators offers practical, hands-on information for conducting assessments and providing treatments that take the entire family system into account. Rich with research that shows women are abusive within relationships at rates comparable to men, the book eschews the field's reliance on traditional domestic violence theory and treatment, which favors violence interventions for men and victim services for women and ignores the dynamics of the majority of violent relationships. Thus, the author identifies and measures protocols that help practitioners make accurate assessments for both men and women and then carefully selects the treatment modality and curricula for group, couples, and/or individual work that will help clients break their particular cycle of violence while ensuring victim safety.

Companion Reader on Violence Against Women

It heightened public awareness of violence against women and sparked the
development of intimate partner violence ... contending with both poverty and IPV
are viewed primarily as poor (and being battered) or as battered (and also poor).

Companion Reader on Violence Against Women

Author: Claire M. Renzetti

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 141299649X

Page: 411

View: 645

The Companion Reader on Violence Against Women complements and parallels the new edition of Renzetti, Sourcebook on Violence Against Women. The first part contains four articles relating to theoretical and methodological issues in researching violence against women. The second part is on types of violence against women, and the third part is on prevention and direct intervention. Each article has commentary and discussion questions to add an element of critical thinking.

Protecting The Poor A Microinsurance Compendium

2.6 Conclusion In implementing the partner - agent model , there are several
areas of concern that should be worked out before the product is offered to
potential policyholders . Each party must understand its role , and the roles
should be ...

Protecting The Poor  A Microinsurance Compendium

Author: Craig Churchill

Publisher: Academic Foundation

ISBN: 9788171886708

Page: 654

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Christian Marriage Companion

In other cases the resentment is harboured because the erring spouse refused to
reason with their partner on the need to be fairer, faithful and more caring. Poor
Communication In chapter eight we learned about how Christian couples should

Christian Marriage Companion

Author: Dr. Sunny Uwadiae

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477222553

Page: 236

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Christian Marriage Companion is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative books on the biblical model of marriage and family. It is a blueprint on what an ideal Christian marriage is and how to achieve it. It exhaustively explains the ordinance and covenant of marriage, its central and peripheral purposes, role relationships of man and wife, how to push beyond intimacy into marital unity, hindrances to a happy marriage, how to resolve confl icts, and how to achieve a blissful Christian marriage. It fully examines issues such as same-sex marriage, oral sex, use of sex toys, pornography, masturbation, divorce, remarriage, effective communication, forgiveness, adultery, and active listening. With over 300 Bible references and real-life examples from marital counselling sessions, the book covers virtually all the knowledge and skills for making a Christian marriage a true success. It is a manual covering all that a person needs to know to bring full healing to their marriage, making the book a veritable alternative to face-to-face counselling. It reveals striking truths about Christian marriage that will be extremely hard to fi nd elsewhere. These include an in-depth analysis of the marriage proclamation, the idea that emotional and spiritual education is the central purpose of marriage, the idea of spiritual divorce, and the idea that Christian marriages aim at a deeper-than-intimate relationship. Christian Marriage Companion is the kind of book you simply place on the shelf for your spouse to read in their own time. They will fi nd it absolutely compelling to read. As they do so, only the stone-hearted will resist being reformed by it. Newlywed couples and those looking to improve their marriage would fi nd this book most useful. Although it was written specifi cally for Christian couples of all denominations, it has great potentials for positively impacting the marriages of non-Christians who read it with open minds. The Christian marriage ideals it teaches are unsurpassable and altruistic.

ASPIA s Handbook for Partner Support

Instead, they have judged their partners as having poor character and having
deliberately betrayed their trust, let them down, set them up to take advantage of
them, blamed them for all the problems, controlled them or caused isolation
purely ...

ASPIA s Handbook for Partner Support

Author: Carol Grigg


ISBN: 1471662144

Page: 133

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The Silent Partner

Something went wrong , ” said the trembling hand , “ with your poor eyes , Catty .
O your poor , poor eyes , my dear ! All that you had left , - the dear eyes that saw
me and loved me , and that I taught to understand so much , and to be so happy ...

The Silent Partner

Author: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward



Page: 302

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Rich and Poor

... Germany 1998 Household type Total Poor Prosperous Rich Population Single
woman 10.6 14.3 12.5 (16.8) Single man 5.6 7.5 13.9 21.5 Couple, no children
26.9 12.6 48.5 44.8 Couple with child(ren), spouse or 20.0 34.3 (5.8) partner not

Rich and Poor

Author: Wolfgang Glatzer

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401002576

Page: 277

View: 386

This book is concerned with the question of inequality - which points to a major structural problem in intra-national and inter-national respect. It covers the tension between the rich and poor in less developed countries as well as within richer countries in the process of globalisation. The main topics are the scope of disparities between the rich and poor, people's perception of wealth and poverty, and the concomitants of inequality which shape this relationship and influence its socio-economic consequences. In the tradition of social reporting, the book brings together authors from 15 countries, documenting a broad range of the international inequality debate. The results are related to the trends of socio-economic development, to statistical problems of measuring inequality, and to socio-political problems of integrating society in the facing the challenge of dividing forces. The book is of interest for everybody who wants to understand the tensions of modern world.

Poor Transitions

This was despite the fact that her husband had insisted she have an abortion (he
attributed his own parents' divorce to the strain of looking after three children).
Tara now felt the birth of her third child persuaded her partner of the wisdom of
her ...

Poor Transitions

Author: Webster, Colin

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1861346506

Page: 49

View: 997

This is a study of the longer-term transitions of young people living in neighbourhoods beset by the worst problems of social exclusion. Based on a rare example of longitudinal, qualitative research with 'hard-to-reach' young adults, the study throws into question common approaches to tackling social exclusion. Free PDF available at

Poverty Reduction that Works

Ensuring sustainability through institutional development Institutional
strengthening of partner municipalities began with the creation and
establishment of rural–urban partnership sections within each municipality's
institutional structure for the ...

Poverty Reduction that Works

Author: Paul Steele

Publisher: Earthscan

ISBN: 1844076016

Page: 362

View: 709

?This book provides an excellent framework to analyse the experience of a wide variety of successful initiatives across the world and draws attention to critical issues that practitioners need to think about when designing poverty reduction interventions and scaling up.?Bill Tod, Regional MDG Adviser, SNV Asia?With its wide regional coverage, and frank discussions of issues and problems encountered in designing projects that directly tackle poverty, this will be a very useful reference book for NGOs, INGOs, and also for multilateral institutions.?Johanna Boestel, Country Economist, Asian Development Bank, Sri Lanka Resident MissionWe are now at the midpoint for achieving the Millennium Development Goals and the objective of halving poverty by 2015. Despite commendable efforts and much progress, up to 750 million people are still living in absolute poverty. To lift these people out of poverty, macro-economic policies must be complemented by targeted and local level poverty reduction.This book looks at twenty of the most innovative case studies of poverty reduction and Millennium Development Goal localization from fifteen countries - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam - covering diverse issues ranging from housing and tourism to socio-economic empowerment of women, health insurance and markets for livestock produce.Many of the cases started as small scale interventions by NGOs, donors or government pilots but now they are being scaled up to form part of national policy or replicated across their respective countries. Yet why do some work while others do not? What are the stumbling blocks and how can they be overcome? And what lessons and principles are there for replicating and scaling up poverty reduction initiatives worldwide? This book tackles these questions and more, and presents a wealth of knowledge, evidence and ideas for all practitioners and researchers working to reduce poverty at the local level while aiming to achieve a global impact.Published with UNDP

Poverty and Health

Strong capacity in partner governments is an essential, though not a sufficient,
condition for improving the pro-poor focus of health policies, services and
financing. Yet in many developing countries, the capacity to execute these
multiple ...

Poverty and Health


Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: 9241562366

Page: 92

View: 613

Investment in health is a strategically important and often underestimated component of economic development. This study sets out a systematic approach to improving health in poor countries. For emerging countries, substantially improved health outcomes are a prerequisite to breaking out of the poverty cycle. This book on poverty and health, jointly published by the OECD and WHO, sets out the essential components of a broad-scope "pro-poor" health approach for action within the health system and beyond it. It is for development practitioners in the area of health issues.

Child Poverty in America Today

In this chapter we will examine the many links between family violence, including
both partner and child abuse, and child ... In this chapter we will focus instead on
the sociopolitical, economic, and larger societal forces that impact on poor ...

Child Poverty in America Today

Author: Barbara A. Arrighi

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275989279

Page: 211

View: 827

Since the numbers of poor children have risen following welfare reform, a changing economy, and a lengthy recession, the time is ripe for a collection on child poverty.

Power s partner

It ' s so dreadful to be poor ! ” he moaned deprecatingly . " Is it ? ” Frank said
combatively . “ I ' m poor , poor as a church mouse , but I won ' t , no , I won ' t
have it that it ' s anything to moan and groan about . ” “ You don ' t understand
much ...

Power s partner

Author: May Byrne




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The Elgar Companion to Development Studies

Where people's health is poor to begin with, the chances of infection increase.
This is often the case with poor people who do not have access to medical care
and who are likely to live in unhealthy conditions and/or do dangerous or
unhealthy ...

The Elgar Companion to Development Studies

Author: David Clark

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1847202861

Page: 713

View: 583

If handbooks can be inspiring, this is it! Like a true companion, it takes in its stride conversations both big and small. Its entries do not just present an international and multidisciplinary mix, but true to life they work on several different scales. And, importantly, the book makes its authority evident. For it is like an extended website, but with all the added advantages of an encyclopaedia that actually tells you about the authors and the sources on which they have drawn. The resulting compilation is highly intelligent, thoughtful and above all usable. Dame Marilyn Strathern, University of Cambridge, UK The Elgar Companion to Development Studies is a major production in the development studies field, authored by a star-studded cast of contributors. With 136 entries covering a vast range of topics, it should quickly establish itself as a leading work of reference. We should all feel indebted to David Clark, who has successfully brought this substantial publishing project to completion. John Toye, University of Oxford, UK This is a most comprehensive handbook on development studies. It brings together a wide, varied array of carefully crafted summaries of 136 key topics in development by an international cast of well-respected academics and other experts in respective areas of study. The handbook is heavily interdisciplinary, organically combining economic, political, historical, social, cultural, institutional, ethical, and human aspects of development. While the wide range of entries might appear as a simple glossary listing or an encyclopedic collection, each of the 136 entries offers more depth and discussion than the average handbook. . . . Viewed in this light, this companion is highly likely to become known as a leading reference work on the topic. Highly recommended. Ismael Hossein-Zadeh, Choice The Elgar Companion to Development Studies is an innovative and unique reference book that includes original contributions covering development economics as well as development studies broadly defined. This major new Companion brings together an international panel of experts from varying backgrounds who discuss theoretical, ethical and practical issues relating to economic, social, cultural, institutional, political and human aspects of development in poor countries. It also includes a selection of intellectual biographies of leading development thinkers. While the Companion is organised along the lines of an encyclopaedia, each of its 136 entries provide more depth and discussion than the average reference book. Its entries are also extremely diverse: they draw on different social science disciplines, incorporate various mixes of theoretical and applied work, embrace a variety of methodologies and represent different views of the world. The Elgar Companion to Development Studies will therefore appeal to students, scholars, researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the filed of development as well as the interested layman.

Sexual Behavior

Impotence correlated with a poor marital relationship as perceived by both
partners; premature ejaculation, with a poor ... Sexual dysfunctions in the female
did not correlate strongly with a poor relationship as perceived by either partner.

Sexual Behavior

Author: Nathaniel McConaghy

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780306441776

Page: 414

View: 468

Many issues remain unresolved in sexuality. In some cases this is because the infor mation is not available to resolve them. In others it is, but the available conclusions the information supports block its acceptance, because they conflict with the posi tions of dominant groups in the politics of sexuality. Possibly the most obvious example is the determination of many theorists to ignore the evidence that while men rarely report being sexually assaulted, when questioned in community surveys, they make up a third of the victims, and a quarter of the perpetrators of sexual assault are women. These findings are incompatible with the feminist theory that sexual assault is not a sexual act, but normal male behavior motivated politically, to maintain men's dominance of women. Most research supporting the theory investigated women only as victims and men only as aggressors. Some feminists have dismissed the need for any research to support their beliefs on the ground that such research is "busy work" establishing what women already know. One belief considered not to require re search is that heterosexual pornography made for a male audience increases the prevalence of rape by encouraging rape-supportive attitudes of male aggression and female submission. No criticism has been directed at the soft-core pornography of "Mills and Boon" stories written for women that promote similar attitudes.

Pennsylvania State Reports

PARTNERSHIP . uer , although the latter may have personally taken no part in
the con tract upon which the suit was ... Poor Laws , 5 . Settlement of , where
divorced from her husband . Poor Laws , 1 . Settlement of , where poor distriot is ...

Pennsylvania State Reports

Author: Pennsylvania. Supreme Court




View: 544

"Containing cases decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania." (varies)