Public No More

If subsidies that support research, low-demand, and high-cost programs can no
longer be relied upon, then public universities cannot easily protect the
inefficiencies associated with them. In particular, it will become impossible to offer
low ...

Public No More

Author: Andrew J. Policano

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804782199

Page: 280

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Public No More examines the quickly changing environment within higher education, including the permanent decline in state support for public universities. This book raises the question of how research universities can survive with reduced subsidies and increased competition from both non-profit and growing for-profit institutions. Authors Gary C. Fethke and Andrew J. Policano, both longtime university administrators, offer a strategic framework for determining how tuition and access should be set and how universities should decide on quality and program scope. Throughout the text, real-world examples illustrate successful and unsuccessful adoptions of the authors' proposals. Leadership within public higher education, policymakers, and researchers alike will find Public No More to be a sober and well-grounded guide to what lies ahead for universities across the nation.

Americans No More

It meant burying oneself in one's own personal life and evading public life;
nothing could be more antithetical to America's original spirit. Yet now, many
Californians, in their own style, also went into internal exile. Some flocked to
selfsufficient, ...

Americans No More

Author: Georgia Anne Geyer

Publisher: Garrett County Press

ISBN: 1891053450

Page: 376

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Veteran political columnist Georgie Anne Geyer explores, through exhaustive research and interviews, the controversy over illegal immigration and bilingualism.

Culture and Public Action

CHAPTER 4 Traditional CultureLet's Hear No More About It MARY DOUGLAS
Outrage and Helplessness Hideous poverty in the margins of massive wealth is a
mark of our times , and an outrage . Or at least some take it to be outrageous , but

Culture and Public Action

Author: Vijayendra Rao

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804747875

Page: 442

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Led by Amartya Sen, Mary Douglas, and Arjun Appadurai, the distinguished anthropologists and economists in this book forcefully argue that culture is central to development, and present a framework for incorporating culture into development discourse. For further information on the book and related essays, please visit

Separate Spheres No More

Gender Convergence in American Literature, 1830-1930 Monika Elbert. 4 No
Separations in the City: The Public—Private Novel and Private—Public
Authorship KAREN E. WALDRON TO THE READER I present you with my first
continuous ...

Separate Spheres No More

Author: Monika Elbert

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817357793

Page: 319

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This collection examines the intersection of male and female spheres in American literature, arguing that more common ground exists than critics have previously recognized.

No More Separate Spheres

For undergraduates, No More Separate Spheres! is an introduction to a range of
feminist criticism, beginning with our introduction that spells out relationships
between women and men, femininityand masculinity, feminism, gender, sex,
public ...

No More Separate Spheres

Author: Cathy N. Davidson

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822383438

Page: 448

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No More Separate Spheres! challenges the limitations of thinking about American literature and culture within the narrow rubric of “male public” and “female private” spheres from the founders to the present. With provocative essays by an array of cutting-edge critics with diverse viewpoints, this collection examines the ways that the separate spheres binary has malingered unexamined in feminist criticism, American literary studies, and debates on the public sphere. It exemplifies new ways of analyzing gender, breaks through old paradigms, and offers a primer on feminist thinking for the twenty-first century. Using American literary studies as a way to talk about changing categories of analysis, these essays discuss the work of such major authors as Catharine Sedgwick, Herman Melville, Pauline E. Hopkins, Frederick Douglass, Catharine Beecher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, W. E. B. Du Bois, Sarah Orne Jewett, Nathaniel Hawthorne, María Ampara Ruiz de Burton, Ann Petry, Gwendolyn Brooks, Cynthia Kadohata, Chang Rae-Lee, and Samuel Delany. No More Separate Spheres! shows scholars and students different ways that gender can be approached and incorporated into literary interpretations. Feisty and provocative, it provides a forceful analysis of the limititations of any theory of gender that applies only to women, and urges suspicion of any argument that posits “woman” as a universal or uniform category. By bringing together essays from the influential special issue of American Literature of the same name, a number of classic essays, and several new pieces commissioned for this volume, No More Separate Spheres! will be an ideal teaching tool, providing a key supplementary text in the American literature classroom. Contributors. José F. Aranda, Lauren Berlant, Cathy N. Davidson, Judith Fetterley, Jessamyn Hatcher, Amy Kaplan, Dana D. Nelson, Christopher Newfield, You-me Park, Marjorie Pryse, Elizabeth Renker, Ryan Schneider, Melissa Solomon, Siobhan Somerville, Gayle Wald , Maurice Wallace

Legislative History of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act Public No 401 Seventy fourth Congress H R 8870

I will be happy to cooperate , as will many Members of the House , in any kind of
legislation to come out of the Ways and ... Committee put the breweries under
control just like the distilleries , one of them violates the law no more than the
other .

Legislative History of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act  Public No  401  Seventy fourth Congress   H R  8870

Author: United States. Federal Alcohol Control Administration



Page: 205

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First Address to the Public and More Especially to the Members of the House of Commons on the Present Unsatisfactory State of the Court of Chancery

No.71 in the list of January , 1839 , where it remains to this day , ( 20th of March )
. ... Now , at this rate , in case we should have a Chancellor who could do no
more than keep down his appeals , which past experience teaches us is not at all

First Address to the Public  and More Especially to the Members of the House of Commons  on the Present Unsatisfactory State of the Court of Chancery

Author: George Spence



Page: 40

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Framing Public Memory

It appears that in our speaking, we remember much more than we can know as
we make things public in our many ways. This surplus happens, and no one does
it. And with the surplus come the passing incompletions of whatever becomes ...

Framing Public Memory

Author: Kendall R. Phillips

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817313893

Page: 269

View: 449

A collection of essays by prominent scholars from many disciplines on the construction of public memories. The study of public memory has grown rapidly across numerous disciplines in recent years, among them American studies, history, philosophy, sociology, architecture, and communications. As scholars probe acts of collective remembrance, they have shed light on the cultural processes of memory. Essays contained in this volume address issues such as the scope of public memory, the ways we forget, the relationship between politics and memory, and the material practices of memory. Stephen Browne's contribution studies the alternative to memory erasure, silence, and forgetting as posited by Hannah Arendt in her classic Eichmann in Jerusalem. Rosa Eberly writes about the Texas tower shootings of 1966, memories of which have been minimized by local officials. Charles Morris examines public reactions to Larry Kramer's declaration that Abraham Lincoln was homosexual, horrifying the guardians of Lincoln's public memory. And Barbie Zelizer considers the impact on public memory of visual images, specifically still photographs of individuals about to perish (e.g., people falling from the World Trade Center) and the sense of communal loss they manifest. Whether addressing the transitory and mutable nature of collective memories over time or the ways various groups maintain, engender, or resist those memories, this work constitutes a major contribution to our understanding of how public memory has been and might continue to be framed.

Public Cowboy No 1

That's the sort of thing that will do more to knock any Communist, Nazi, or other
such ideas out of their heads than anything else.” Gene went on to say he equally
enjoyed his radio shows and filmmaking and that doing both “keeps one from ...

Public Cowboy No  1

Author: Holly George-Warren

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199884293

Page: 480

View: 622

The only performer to earn 5 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Gene Autry was the singing cowboy king of American entertainment. Now, in Public Cowboy No.1, Holly George-Warren offers the first serious biography of this singular individual, in a fascinating narrative that traces Autry's climb from small-town farm boy to multimillionaire. Here for the first time Autry the legend becomes a flesh-and-blood man--with all the passions, triumphs, and tragedies of a flawed icon. George-Warren recounts stories never before told, including revelations about Autry's impoverished boyhood, his adventures as an up-and-coming singer, and the impact his unbelievable success had on his personal life. The book provides equally colorful details of Autry's lengthy radio and recording career, which included such classics as "Back in the Saddle Again" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"; his movie career, where he breathed new life into the Western genre; and his role in early television. And along the way, we see how he invested shrewdly in radio, real-estate, and television, becoming the only entertainer listed among 1990's Fortune 400. Based on exclusive access to Gene Autry's personal papers, as well as interviews with more than 100 relatives, employees, colleagues, and friends, this engaging biography brings to life a major Hollywood star--a man who, more than anyone else, put Western music and style on the American cultural map.

No More Gaps

This NCP thrust was part of a neoliberal “trend to privatize government functions
and encouragement to use more and more market-like mechanisms also in the
public sector management . . . even though there is almost no empirical evidence

No More Gaps

Author: Laurie Rivers

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453507254

Page: 464

View: 341

In the remote regions of Australias Northern Territory Indigenous Australians experience extreme disadvantagein health, income, employment, education and access to the conditions for a good life. This book is about their plight, and how governments can deliver strategies to prevent the continuation of their disadvantage. Governments and institutions like the World Health Organisation have expressed intentions to close the gaps that are represented by statistics on social disadvantage, poverty, and poor health. Policies with titles such as closing the gap are much talked about in meetings and conferences. But there is little understanding of the causes of disadvantage. This book fills a gap in understanding of what creates disadvantage, and of how to achieve development. It revives the idea of the state as an active leader in creating developmenta role incompatible with still dominant neo-liberal policies. It shows that, with the right state strategies, the aim of no more gaps can become reality. No More Gaps analyses the regional impacts of free-market ideology that has dominated Australian government policy during the past thirty years. It argues that neo-liberal economic theories have produced rapid growth of obscene wealth and increased inequality. Growing gaps between rich and poor, between the well-served and the under-served, are prominent features of economic change in America, Australia, Britain, and a number of poor countries. No More Gaps advocates a return to economic development strategies that worked well in past, particularly in the thirty years from 1945 to 1975. But it does not simply look back to that time of stronger economic growth. It supports new economic approaches such as local food processing for food security. It promotes accounting for environmental impacts of business. It supports policies for reduced fossil fuel consumption. It advocates new industries that use sustainable energy sources. This books extensive cross-disciplinary critique of policies is unusual in an era of narrow knowledge specialisation. Its analysis ranges between local, regional, national and global levels. Few recent books attempt to integrate knowledge disciplines and strategic responses as ambitiously. The author presents a holistic focus on whats required to overcome location-based disadvantage in Australia. Strategies to overcome extreme disadvantage in Australia provide a link between regional under-development and national macro-economic policy. This is shown in books analysis of Australian economic history.

No More Secrets

Going naked in public is more dangerous for some of us than others, and the fear
is always there.1 Dorothy Allison Testimony is always directed towards, indeed
requires witnesses: those prepared to accept the obligation of reading, viewing, ...

No More Secrets

Author: Janice Lynn Ristock

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415929466

Page: 242

View: 174

Although one in four gay and lesbian couples are affected by domestic violence, the problem has remained hidden for several reasons. This is the first in-depth account of this startling phenomenon.

Teachers versus the Public

This exploration of teacher opinion assumes that a small segment of the public
no more than 2 to 3 percent—has the power to block policies ... To equate them
to some of the most potent interests in American politics is woefully misleading.

Teachers versus the Public

Author: Paul E. Peterson

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 0815725531

Page: 177

View: 992

A comprehensive exploration of 21st Century school politics, Teachers versus the Public offers the first comparison of the education policy views of both teachers and the public as a whole, and reveals a deep, broad divide between the opinions held by citizens and those who teach in the public schools. Among the findings: • Divisions between teachers and the public are wider and deeper than differences between other groups often thought to contest school policy, such as Republicans and Democrats, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, or African Americans and whites. • The teacher-public gap is widest on such issues as merit pay, teacher tenure reform, impact of teacher unions, school vouchers, charter schools, and requirements to test students annually. • Public support for school vouchers for all students, charter schools, and parent trigger laws increases sharply when people are informed of the national ranking of student performance in their local school district. • Public willingness to give local schools high marks, its readiness to support higher spending levels, and its support for teacher unions all decline when the public learns the national ranking of their local schools. • On most issues, teacher opinion does not change in response to new information nearly as much as it does for the public as a whole. In fact, the gap between what teachers and the public think about school reform grows even wider when both teachers and the public are given more information about current school performance, current expenditure levels, and current teacher pay. The book provides the first experimental study of public and teacher opinion. Using a recently developed research strategy, the authors ask differently worded questions about the same topic to randomly chosen segments of representative groups of citizens. This approach allows them to identify the impact on public opinion of new information on issues such as student performance and school expenditures in each respondent's community. The changes in public opinion when citizens receive information about school performance are largest in districts that perform below the national average. Altogether, the results indicate that support for many school reforms would increase if common core state standards were established and implemented in such a way as to inform the public about the quality of their local schools. These and many other findings illuminate the distance between teacher opinions and those of the public at large. About the Research: In partnership with the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance and the journal, Education Next, authors Paul E. Peterson, Martin West and Michael Henderson surveyed nationally representative samples of teachers and the public as a whole annually between 2007 and 2013.

Public Employment and Compensation in Canada

In relative terms , there were no more public sector employees in 1975 than in
1961 , but relatively more of them were under the civil service system in the later
year . This change in the composition of public employment may go some way ...

Public Employment and Compensation in Canada

Author: David K. Foot

Publisher: IRPP

ISBN: 9780409886009

Page: 188

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Key Concepts in Public Relations

Critics argue it is no more than a corporate cosmetic, a public relations fig leaf,
designed to cover up alleged bad behaviour by diverting attention to good works
such as environmental remediation and the defence of human rights. What is ...

Key Concepts in Public Relations


Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412923182

Page: 253

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Key Concepts in Public Relations: Provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use overview to the field Covers over 150 central concepts in PR Paves the way for students to tackle primary texts Grounds students in both practice and theory Takes it further with recommended reading