The Whole Craft of Spinning from the Raw Material to the Finished Yarn

These too are often made of wood , but most any suitable material may be used ,
so long as the spindle is not too light or too heavy for the yarn being spun on it .
While spindles can be purchased through some craft shops and spinning supply

The Whole Craft of Spinning from the Raw Material to the Finished Yarn

Author: Carol Kroll

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486239682

Page: 48

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You can master the timeless craft of spinning with this clear, easy-to-follow manual. Everything you need to know from set-up to finished product in order to create distinctive yarns for use in knitting, weaving, crocheting, needlepoint, embroidery, and macrame. Author's preface. 33 illustrations, 10 black-and-white photographs. Bibliography. Sources of Supply.

Raw Material

13 Raw Material addresses a substantially different aspect of Victorian body
politics , analyzing how the language of disease could frame the body not as the
site of essential , inalienable human nature , but rather as a quantity of raw
material ...

Raw Material

Author: Erin O'Connor

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822326168

Page: 272

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Analyzes the intertwined metaphoric language of capitalism and disease in nineteenth-century England.

Raw Material

I was a beginner. Nothing that had been written before counted. That was the
point of the radical change, the revolution I still believed in despite the Berlin
blues. We needed to find new material and new ways of expressing it. A new

Raw Material

Author: Jorg Fauser

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1782830286

Page: 323

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'They were all the same, communists, Nazis, parents, church, book reviews, features section, editorial, revolutionary struggle, Baader-Meinhof, capital, television, Club Voltaire, pacifism, guerrilla, Mao, Trotsky, Red Student Action, the underground scene and Germania Security. They were all part of the same idea, they knew how things ought to be, they had a monopoly on consciousness, love, human happiness.' In Raw Material Jrg Fauser casts an eye over the times he lived in and his own life: a junkie in Istanbul, the move to a commune in Berlin and a squat in Frankfurt, work on an underground magazine and unceasing efforts to get a novel published. The autobiographical testament of Fauser's alter ego Harry Gelb is an unsparing, razor-sharp but often lovingly ironic portrait of the 1960s and 70's. It is a portrait of the artist to rank with the best, and a portrait of the ferment of Europe at that time.

Raw Material

The life of the Indians seemed little changed except in surface matters of
materials for clothing, wagons, some tools; the white man dwindled to a merchant
from whom at rare intervals the people secured these goods; here in the canyons
and ...

Raw Material

Author: Oliver La Farge

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 0865346739

Page: 260

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"In his autobiography, Father wrote a superior account of one man's life . . . the account of how the raw material of one boy grew into a man whose life both displayed and sought out true integrity."--John Pen La Farge.

Raw Material Storycuts

Raw. Material. HE ALWAYS TOLD them the same thing, to begin with 'Try to
avoid falseness and strain. Write what you really know about. Make it new. Don't
invent melodrama for the sake of it. Don't try to run, let alone fly, before you can
walk ...

Raw Material  Storycuts

Author: A S Byatt

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 144812834X

Page: 46

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A downtrodden creative writing teacher despairs at the efforts of his students, at turns nakedly autobiographical or fanciful beyond reason. When an elderly lady begins submitting work in accordance with his 'write what you know' directive, his enthusiasm for the craft re-emerges. However some sources are best left unexplored. Part of the Storycuts series, this short story was originally published in the collection Little Black Book of Stories.

Energy and Raw Material Potentials of Wood Residue in the Pacific Coast States

RESIDUE USE Table 10 . -. Wise use of mill residue as raw material for a variety
of products has demonstrated the potential of wood residue in general . Similar
use ...

Energy and Raw Material Potentials of Wood Residue in the Pacific Coast States

Author: John Bernard Grantham



Page: 37

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Results are reported of a preliminary investigation of feasibility of using wood residue to meet energy and raw material needs in the Pacific Coast States. Magnitude of needs was examined and volume of logging-residue and unused mill residue was estimated. Costs of obtaining and preprocessing logging residue for energy and pulp and particle board raw material were estimated and compared with selling values of mill residue fuel, pulp chips, and particle board. Marginally feasible energy use seemed best suited for inplant steam and power production by the wood industry, Although raw material selling values make wood residue use for products more attractive than for electric power generation, even these returns are seldom sufficient to meet the high costs of delivering logging residue for such use alone. Production of higher valued products or public absorption of extra costs of utilization can make these residue management alternatives more feasible.

Wood as Raw Material

The material presented in this book was designed primarily for teaching the non-
specializing student of general forestry. ... Following an introduction on its value
as raw material, and a brief discussion of forest trees as sources of wood ...

Wood as Raw Material

Author: George Tsoumis

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483159523

Page: 288

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Wood as Raw Material: Source, Structure, Chemical Composition, Growth, Degradation and Identification focuses on the scientific advancements in general forestry. This book discusses the value of wood as a raw material as looked upon from biological, botanical, and technical perspective. Organized into 12 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the importance of forest trees as sources of wood. This text then examines the chemical composition and ultrastructure of wood. Other chapters explain the biological mechanisms of wood and bark formation by forest trees. This book discusses as well the certain fundamental relationships between tree growth and wood structure. The final chapter deals with wood identification in North America and European forest tree species. This book is a valuable resource for students engaged in the study of forest management, wood science and technology, tree physiology, silviculture, forest soils, forest genetics, forest engineering, pulp and paper technology, forest and wood pathology, and other specialized areas. Foresters and technologists will also find this book useful.

Supply Chain Sustainability and Raw Material Management Concepts and Processes

Examples of such risks are insufficient availability of raw materials, price
fluctuations, labor union strikes, terrorist attacks, and natural disaster. The 1995
earthquake in Japanese city of Kobe, the 1999 earthquake in Taiwan, the 2004
tsunami ...

Supply Chain Sustainability and Raw Material Management  Concepts and Processes

Author: Farahani, Reza Zanjirani

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1613505051

Page: 387

View: 211

Many organizations find supply chain management an essential prerequisite to building a sustainable competitive edge for their services or products. While interest in SCM is enormous, lack of theoretical frameworks and real world applications often characterizes research in the field, and effective management of the supply chain remains elusive. Supply Chain Sustainability and Raw Material Management: Concepts and Processes is a comprehensive and up-to-date resource for operations researchers, management scientists, industrial engineers, and other business practitioners and specialists looking for systemic and advanced discussions of supply chain management. By presenting qualitative concepts, quantitative models, and case studies, this book is a coherent guide to creating long-term and sustainable performance for organizations who want to compete in the global market.

Raw Materials Purchasing

14 Organising a Study of Raw Material Purchasing 14.1 PLANNING A
PURCHASING STUDY The question naturally arises both for the purchasing
manager and the operational research practitioner as to how a study of the
company's raw ...

Raw Materials Purchasing

Author: B. G. Kingsman

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483297268

Page: 407

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A systematic study of commodity purchasing analysed from an operational research viewpoint and based on numerous case studies.

States Firms and Raw Materials

Bradford Barham , Stephen G . Bunker , and Denis O ' Hearn Epilogue In the
introductory chapter we set forth a framework for studying the political economy
and ecology of raw material industries in resource - rich regions which called for
the ...

States  Firms  and Raw Materials

Author: Brad Barham

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299141141

Page: 341

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States, Firms, and Raw Materials, offers a closely integrated collection of case studies on aluminum production, blending detailed empirical data with current theories of the state, the firm, industrial organization, and industrial development. The contributors consider historical, sociological, economic, and ecological factors affecting the organizational dynamics of aluminum production, exposing the tensions and contradictions in world systems of extraction and refining. The volume as a whole is ideal as a text, arranged in three thematic sections with introductions that tie the case studies to larger issues about regional development. The contributors, North American and European scholars as well as representatives of state-owned mineral firms in the third world, trace the aluminum production process from the local communities where mines, smelters, and hydroelectric dams are located to the world market where refined aluminum is sold. They scrutinize interactions between the major aluminum consumers (the United States, Japan, and the European Economic Community), and several of the exporters and producers (Jamaica, Brazil, Guinea and Canada), demonstrating that strategic collusion between states and firms in industrial nations has left exporting nations with more expense and fewer benefits than might have been expected, given their wealth in bauxite and hydroelectric power. The editors conclude that firms and states in resource-rich nations can improve the returns and developmental outcomes of exporting raw materials only if they understand the complex dynamics of extraction, processing, and sale in strategically constructed global markets.

Future Sources of Organic Raw Materials CHEMRAWN I

Availability and demand patterns for renewable resources—Forestry LENNART
G. STOCKMAN Swedish Forest Products Research Laboratory, Stockholm,
Sweden Abstract—The world-wide demand for wood as an industrial raw
material for ...

Future Sources of Organic Raw Materials  CHEMRAWN I

Author: L.E. St-Pierre

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483159620

Page: 660

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Future Sources of Organic Raw Materials: CHEMRAWN I is a collection of lectures presented at the World Conference on Future Sources of Organic Raw Materials, held in Toronto, Canada, on July 10-13, 1978. The conference focused on potential future sources of organic raw materials such as non-conventional fossil hydrocarbons, coal, industrial and agricultural wastes, and renewable resources like wood and other plant materials. This book is comprised of 52 chapters and opens with an assessment of the likely future availability of conventional oil and gas as they relate to possible demands for petrochemical feedstocks, paying particular attention to the availability and demand patterns for fossil hydrocarbons. The following chapters discuss the reserves and worldwide distribution of oil shale and tar sands; climate and its impact on renewable resources; research and management of natural resources; and production of chemicals directly from synthesis gas. Pyrolysis of solid carbonaceous materials is also considered, along with natural rubber production and biomass for non-food use. This monograph will be a useful resource for organic chemists and energy policymakers.

Agricultural Commodities as Industial Raw Materials

The new technologies may be new manufacturing processes (to accommodate a
new raw material), or intermediate products that will be used in the production of
other products (e.g., plastics are used to manufacture final consumer products).

Agricultural Commodities as Industial Raw Materials


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781428909663


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Renewable Raw Materials

5 Existing Value Chains Christoph Syldatk, Georg Schaub, Ines Schulze,
Dorothea Ernst, and Anke Neumann 5.1 Industrial Biotechnology Today – Main
Products, Substrates, and Raw Materials Industrial biotechnology including
fermentation ...

Renewable Raw Materials

Author: Roland Ulber

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527634207

Page: 244

View: 440

One of the main challenges facing the chemical industry is the transition to sustainable operations. Industries are taking initiatives to reduce resource intensities or footprints, and by adopting safer materials and processes. Such efforts need to be supported by techniques that can quantify the broad economic and environmental implications of industrial operations, retrofi t options and provide new design alternatives. This contemporary overview focuses on cradle-to-grave life cycle assessments of existing or conceptual processes for producing valueadded fuels, chemicals, and/or materials from renewable agricultural residues, plant-derived starches and oils, lignocellulosic biomass, and plant-based industrial processing wastes. It presents the key concepts, systems, and technologies, with an emphasis on new feedstocks for the chemical industry. Each chapter uses common themes of specifi c raw materials, thus forming a natural progression throughout the book. The result is coverage from a wide range of perspectives, emphasizing not only the technical issues but also considering the market place and socio-economic aspects.

Report 22 Sustainable Raw Materials Construction and Demolition Waste State of the Art Report of RILEM Technical Committee 165 SRM

The reuse as a raw material for brick production is still under investigation . In
general , the environmental impact of the total construction process is improved
by applying secondary or reused materials . This is mainly due to a decrease for
the ...

Report 22  Sustainable Raw Materials  Construction and Demolition Waste     State of the Art Report of RILEM Technical Committee 165 SRM

Author: Charles F. Hendriks

Publisher: RILEM Publications

ISBN: 9782912143174

Page: 201

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Conference on Raw Materials for Advanced and Engineered Ceramics

Turbomilling of TiB2 Powder Materials and Conditions TiBzl with an average
diameter of 35 arm was ground using two different grinding media. A plus 35-
mesh sample was screened from the as-received sample. This material was quite

Conference on Raw Materials for Advanced and Engineered Ceramics

Author: William J. Smothers

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470320648

Page: 186

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This volume is part of the Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceeding (CESP) series. This series contains a collection of papers dealing with issues in both traditional ceramics (i.e., glass, whitewares, refractories, and porcelain enamel) and advanced ceramics. Topics covered in the area of advanced ceramic include bioceramics, nanomaterials, composites, solid oxide fuel cells, mechanical properties and structural design, advanced ceramic coatings, ceramic armor, porous ceramics, and more.

Ceramic Raw Materials

They are an important raw material and are marketed both in the United Kingdom
and abroad. Careful examination of a large number of samples of ball clay has
established that their composition varies widely and so we cannot distinguish ...

Ceramic Raw Materials

Author: W E Worrall

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483137619

Page: 116

View: 596

Ceramic Raw Materials, Second Revised Edition points to the consideration that clay is the oldest ceramic raw material. The text outlines that clay can assume different forms in varying conditions and discusses the emergence of other materials that are now being considered as ceramic raw materials. The book presents a discussion on various raw materials other than clay, including silica, natural clays, and silicates such as kyanite, sillimanite, and andalusite. The text also presents an analysis of the composition of these materials, putting emphasis on their strengths and how different processes can alter these materials to form other materials. The varying properties of these materials in different stages are also discussed. The selection can serve as a reference to geologists who want to explore further raw materials other than clay, taking into consideration their potential uses. As clay and other related materials are discussed here, this book can also capture the interest of those involved in pottery and other related disciplines.