Reinventing the Local in Tourism

This book investigates the way localities are shaped and negotiated through tourism, and explores the emerging success of local peer-produced hospitality and tourism services which are transforming the tourist experience.

Reinventing the Local in Tourism

Author: Antonio Paolo Russo

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 184541571X

Page: 309

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This book investigates the way localities are shaped and negotiated through tourism, and explores the emerging success of local peer-produced hospitality and tourism services which are transforming the tourist experience. Tourists are now being brought into much closer contact with locals and have new opportunities to experience the community at their destination. This book examines these place experiences and travel-sharing arrangements that have now spread globally due to the use of social communication platforms such as Airbnb. It analyses the existence of global communities of ‘place experts’ that are redefining the organisational structures, value systems, market opportunities, affordabilities and geographies in travel and tourism. This volume brings together the work of established tourism scholars as well as early career researchers and is one of the first books to examine the global-local relationship at tourism destinations and the way that the rapidly developing field of peer-to-peer tourism is transforming tourist destinations.

Reinventing a Small Worldly City

64–65), what is also important to acknowledge is that tourism and place
marketing are not solely aimed at visitors of a given destination, but also act as 'a
form of socialization which is intended to convince local people that the
commodification ...

Reinventing a Small  Worldly City

Author: Ana Gonçalves

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317068505

Page: 236

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Focusing on Cardiff, the capital city of Wales in the UK, this book reflects on a contemporary small European city – its development, characteristics, and present struggles. Following a century in which it was dubbed the world’s ‘coaltropolis’, the decline in demand for coal meant that Cardiff endured an acute process of de-industrialisation. In seeking to address this and the related high levels of unemployment, it has experienced a process of cultural and social reinvention since the 1980s, and more significantly after Wales turned into a devolved nation in the late 1990s. Cardiff’s development from a small port into a capital city is examined and special attention is paid to the city’s cultural and social transformation in recent decades that has relied on the expansion of specific cultural clusters and tourism, which have been decisive for the transformation of its cultural identity and in shaping the city’s individual and collective memories and identities. Cardiff epitomises a quintessential case of urban reinvention, cultural regeneration, and social transformation, lying between two apparently contradictory paradigms: the need to respond to global demands and the effort to maintain its cultural distinctiveness and Welsh roots. Therefore, it sets the scene for a wider reflection on small cities, especially in the European setting, and what generally characterises these cities: their liveability, cultural creativity and community empowerment, as well as the fact that they facilitate mobility and social interaction. These worldly cities, the book contends, present interesting opportunities and challenges at the urban, economic, social and cultural levels that rely on more human-scale, people-based approaches to cities, thus defying existing urban hierarchies and categorisations.

Reinventing Local and Regional Economies

... for business, tourism, and retail. In the process, it acquired nearly 1,000
properties; coordinated with 20 federal, state, and local agencies that had some
form ofjurisdiction in the area; relocated about 700 businesses; and disposed of
untold ...

Reinventing Local and Regional Economies

Author: Gerald L. Gordon

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439846243

Page: 391

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Recent US economic history is rife with examples of cities and regions that have experienced significant decline. Many of those localities began to slide after decades, even generations, of feeling immune to economic disaster. Boeing and Kodak, the steel industry in Pittsburg, and the automotive industry in Detroit all expected to make it golden into the distant future. Tapping into the available body of knowledge as well as- through nearly 70 interviews—the experiences of those who lived and worked in those times in cities around the United States—to identify the most effective strategies, Reinventing Local and Regional Economies delineates the dos and don’ts to observe in order to sustain economic vitality in any community. Written by Dr. Gerald Gordon, president and chief executive officer of the Economic Development Authority in Fairfax County, Virginia, the book explores lessons learned and examines the messages communities must be mindful of in order to ensure future economic stability. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Gordon identifies a set of foundational lessons that, while they are not guarantees of success, certainly portend failure if ignored by local planners. Each chapter explores a different prerequisite and then applies it to several case studies of the reinvention of local and regional economies. Each of these basic components of economic growth will then be examined against the backgrounds of the many communities studied, thus permitting comparisons and contrasts to be drawn. A comparative analysis of results from one community to another across a wide range of case studies, this book puts into clear context the observations about what works not only in one locale but in communities with common features facing common issues and getting similar results. Using case studies and real world examples of successes and failures, Dr. Gordon provides the tools to develop a proactive strategy that positions your community for surviving and thriving regardless of external stresses and adverse economic conditions that may be out of your control.

Preservation Tourism and Nationalism

Chapter 3 Reinventing the Middle Ages Rothenburg's development through the
middle of the nineteenth century was ... This chapter also explores how locals
and tourists reworked Rothenburg's history to better fulfill its new role as a
national ...

Preservation  Tourism and Nationalism

Author: Joshua Hagen

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754643241

Page: 340

View: 556

By tracing Rothenburg's historical development as a place of national importance, this book examines the cultural politics of historical preservation and tourism in general. It shows how Germany, as well as the rest of Europe and North America, used roman

Reinventing the Local Economy

Coteau Hills is a name that had earlier been adopted by the surrounding region
to identify itself for tourism purposes ( there are a few rolling hills thereabouts ) ,
and Prairieland Pork is the name of the hog - raising company that was ...

Reinventing the Local Economy

Author: Stewart E. Perry

Publisher: Vernon, B.C. : Centre for Community Enterprise


Page: 233

View: 987

Governance in Northern Ontario

See Forrest Marketing + Communications, “NCIR Tourism Inventory, Survey and
Gap Analysis – Phase 1,” prepared for ... 29 (2, 1989): 28–46; S. Perry and M.
Lewis, Reinventing the Local Economy: What 10 Canadian Initiatives Can Teach

Governance in Northern Ontario

Author: Charles Conteh

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442662867

Page: 232

View: 283

This book analyzes economic development policy governance in northern Ontario over the past thirty years, with the goal of making practical policy recommendations for present and future government engagement with the region. It brings together scholars from several disciplines to address the policy and management challenges in various sectors of northern Ontario’s economy, including the mining, pulp and paper, and tourism industries, and both small- and medium-sized businesses. Governance in Northern Ontario assesses the role of the provincial government and its economic policy intervention in the region’s economic development. The contributors evaluate the relationship between the provincial and local governments and the business sector, and also looser structures of policy networks, such as those of First Nations and other interested community groups. Focusing on the nature of partnerships between governments and societal interests, Governance in Northern Ontario makes a significant contribution to the theories and practice of public policy governance in socioeconomically disadvantaged regions.

Reinventing the Package Holiday Business

This will result in : a larger portion of jobs and income deriving directly from
international tourism ; and more local economies will be heavily supported by (
and , as such , dependent on ) international tourism “ ( WTO , 1991 , p . 29 ) .
Regarding ...

Reinventing the Package Holiday Business

Author: Karsten Kärcher

Publisher: Deutscher Universitts Verlag

ISBN: 9783824403387

Page: 352

View: 236

This book gives a detailed insight into the tour operator sector, particularly in Britain and Germany. Moreover, a theoretical framework ist developed, providing a useful methodology for the study of a sector or industry.

Reinventing Urban Education

In this guide , businesses that depend on tourism , tourism ' s impact on the local
economy , and tourism ' s lowskilled , low - paying jobs provided the contexts for
the study of mathematics and social studies . Recently , the United States has ...

Reinventing Urban Education

Author: Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz

Publisher: I U M E Press, Institute for Urban & Minority Education


Page: 326

View: 877

The papers in this collection describe how education is being reinvented in urban school systems in the United States. Selections discuss the urban landscape, the social context of schooling, and the theory and practice of multiculturalism. Papers include: (1) "Introduction: Reinventing Urban Education" (Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz); (2) "The Multicultural Population of New York City: A Socioeconomic Profile of the Mosaic" (Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz); (3) "Strategic Environmental Factors Constraining Fiscal Resources in Urban Schools: The Case of New York City" (Craig E. Richards, Donna Merritt, and Tian Ming Sheu); (4) "Social Capital, Community Collaboration, and the Restructuring of Schools" (Calvin Stone and Gary Wehlage); (5) "The Community-Based Organization in an Urban Education Setting: Implications for Urban Policy Development" (Bruce Anthony Jones); (6) "School Choice: A Critical Review of the Literature" (Cecilia A. Conrad and Janet Alperstein); (7) "Addressing the Continuities and Discontinuities between Family and School for Ethnic Minority Children" (Sharon Nelson-Le Gall); (8) "New Curriculum Developments: An Investigative Survey of New York City's Community School Districts' Response to the Chancellor's Plan for Multicultural Education" (Pamela M. Crowley and Maria L. Garcia); (9) "Towards a Consciously Multicultural Mathematics Curriculum" (Walter G. Secada); (10) "Spanish as a Second School Language: Adding Language to the Discourse of Multicultural Education" (Josue M. Gonzalez); (11) "Professional Development for an Education That Is Multicultural: The Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Cooperative Learning (CICL) Model" (Marietta Saravia-Shore); and (12) "African American and Hispanic Women in Higher Education: Myths and Reality" (Dawn R. Person). References follow each chapter. (Contains 1 figure and 42 tables.) (SLD)

Reinventing the Frontier

Tourism, Nature, and Environmental Change in Northern Wisconsin, 1880-1930
Timothy Bawden ... dances were also performed at the Indian Fairs “ held at the
boarding school where local craft items , livestock , and produce were sold .

Reinventing the Frontier

Author: Timothy Bawden



Page: 338

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Reinventing Civil Society

... tourism and agriculture, or both. ... As one of the earliest U.S. states hit by the
global recession of the early twenty-first century, it also illustrates the role of
nonprofits in a time of increasing challenges to state and local public service

Reinventing Civil Society

Author: Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 0765629933

Page: 391

View: 714

Public debate on the appropriate role of faith-based organizations in the American political system has been extensive, and often quite heated, but accurate assessments of their impacts on key political issues has been difficult, due to a lack of reliable data on what FBOs do and how they do it. Reinventing Civil Society fills that need. It reviews and assesses what is known about the public service activities of FBOs, and poses and tests opposing models of faith-based service provision in the public sphere. The book focuses on the degree to which there is collaboration among and between faith-based and community organizations, other non-profits, and/or the government in providing services. It considers the possibility that FBOs can become integrated into governing regimes in the civil society, and finds that service provision serves as an entree to the political system for all types of non-profits, including FBOs, and that collaborative networks are critically important in both the provision of services and in their political roles. Reinventing Civil Society is generously illustrated with maps, tables, diagrams, and a chronology of key legislative events. A detailed Appendix of research methodological notes provides a useful road map for students, scholars, and policymakers.

Polar Tourism

However, it should be emphasized that the festival would not have any agency
without local people who have used it as ... is to keep on to their innovative track -
to also be, in the future, an arena for ethnic negotiations and a reinventing force.

Polar Tourism

Author: Dieter K. Müller

Publisher: PUQ

ISBN: 9782760525368

Page: 270

View: 194

Festivals Tourism and Social Change

... and reinventing countryside styles of life Through various and multi-layered
forms of participation, festive performance ... and re-establishment of social
values and identities (local hospitality and friendliness, male toughness, role of
patrons, ...

Festivals  Tourism and Social Change

Author: David Picard

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 9781845412678

Page: 288

View: 770

This book explores the links between tourism and festivals and the various ways in which each mobilises the other to make social realities meaningful. Drawing upon a series of international cases, festivals are examined as ways of responding to various forms of crisis - social, political, economic - and as a way of re-making and re-animating spaces and social life. Importantly, this book locates festivals in the constantly changing, socio-economic and political contexts that they always operate in and respond to - contexts that are both historical and modern at the same time. Tourism is bound closely together with such contexts; feeding and challenging festivals with audiences that are increasingly transient and transnational. Tourism interrogates notions of ritual and tradition, shapes new spaces and creates, and renews, relationships between participants and observers. No longer can we dismiss tourists simply as value neutral and crass consumers of spectacle, nor tourism as some inevitable commercial force. Tourism is increasingly complicit in the festival processes of re-invention, and in forming new patterns of social existence.

Advances in Tourism Destination Marketing

The local DMO (Visit Voss, owned and operated by the municipality) produces
adestination brand imagery featuring Vossas pastoral andpicturesque, and
thereby reinventing the historical grand touristgazein its communication material.

Advances in Tourism Destination Marketing

Author: Metin Kozak

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135218900

Page: 266

View: 303

This volume provides original insight into the operational opportunities, challenges and constraints in managing Tourism Destination Marketing. It explores how the various tourist destination systems including tourist, places (as seen by the tourist), public and private tourism organisations and the social and physical environment can effectively communicate and co operate together at a profit for each. Advances in Destination Marketing offers a comprehensive review of a wide range of aspects related to marketing tourism products including networks in destinations, consumer experiences in destinations, destination branding, destination image, events in destinations and destination tourism products. Throughout the book a network analysis perspective is applied to offer alternative solutions of how each system can share network knowledge and system knowledge so profits can be created effectively and maximised. The exploration of new topics such as Destination Networks and Destination Branding as well as original international empirical research and case studies from well known researchers in the area, provides new thinking on Marketing Tourism Destinations. The relevance of the arguments and the salient conclusions are valuable in the study of an ever dynamic and burgeoning industry. This stimulating volume will be of interest to higher level students, academics, researchers within Tourism and practitioners in the industry.

Reinventing a Region

The difficulty of enticing both the tourist and the employer , a desired aim of most ,
if not all local authority economic development agencies , will not easily be
resolved ; no matter how well a town , city or region can sell itself . A Coca - Cola

Reinventing a Region

Author: Graham Haughton



Page: 243

View: 841

This book looks at how restructuring processes have worked out within one of the UK’s traditional industrial heartland areas. West Yorkshire has undergone a marked economic and social transformation towards a more diversified local economy and social structure, but restructuring has worked out in very different ways in different parts of the region. The book examines local aspects of some of the major dimensions of global restructuring processes as they are mapped out within the West Yorkshire region and the aim is to look at the internal variety within one of the UK’s oldest industrial heart lands in terms of socio-economic structures, dynamic and policy responses in the region.

Travels in Paradox

This innovative volume focuses on tourism through the twin lenses of cultural theory and cultural geography.

Travels in Paradox

Author: Claudio Minca

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742528765

Page: 286

View: 429

This innovative volume focuses on tourism through the twin lenses of cultural theory and cultural geography. Presenting a set of innovative case studies on tourist destinations around the world, the contributors explore the paradoxes of the tourist experience and the implications of these paradoxes for our broader understanding of the problems of modernity and identity. The book examines how tourism reveals the paradoxical ways that places are both mobile and rooted, real and fake, inhabited by those who are simultaneously insiders and outsiders, and both subjectively experienced and objectively viewed. The concepts of travel and mobility long have been used to explain modern identity and social behavior, but this work pushes beyond the established literature by considering the ways that place and mobility are inherently related in unexpected, even contradictory ways. Travel, the international cast of authors contends, occurs 'in place' rather than 'between places.' Thus, instead of offering yet another interpretation of the ways modern societies are distinguished by their mobilities-in contrast to the supposed place-bound quality of traditional societies-the chapters here collectively argue for an understanding of modern identity as simultaneously grounded and mobile. This rich blend of empirical and theoretical analysis will be invaluable for cultural geographers, anthropologists, and sociologists of tourism.

Wish You Were Still Here

If we can judge by recent local tourist board brochures, Bute is in process of
reinventing itself. In, for example, Bute the Unexplored Island the emphasis is on
history and heritage, green tourism, and activities such as golf, angling, walking,

Wish You Were Still Here

Author: Eric Simpson

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445615525

Page: 160

View: 609

A nostalgic look back at the rise and decline of the Scottish seaside holiday.

Reinventing Government for the Twenty first Century

... such as the removal of administrative barriers to help develop local
entrepreneurs in Bilgoraj , provision of infrastructure to support tourism and
industry in Ilawa , and the formulation of a spatial plan to attract investors to
Tarnovo . Service ...

Reinventing Government for the Twenty first Century

Author: Dennis A. Rondinelli


ISBN: 9781565491793

Page: 270

View: 289

* Melds theoretical models with practical experience * Written by world-renowned experts on public administration * Guides future policy debates on helping to build effective and efficient states How does a government seeking to participate in and benefit from an integrated and interdependent world become more professional, technologically proficient, deregulated, and accountable? Reinventing Government for the Twenty-First Century tells you how. The authors identify the forces of globalization and the structural changes needed to increase state capacity and enhance global-scale participation. Professionals directly involved in assisting governments show public leaders and administrators how to improve the quality of their performance in government.

Tourism on the Malaysian Peninsula

Reinventing Cultures and Cultural Tourism Reinventing Cultures for Tourism
Social scientists ( including sociologists and ... anthropological studies on tourism
focus mostly on the impact of tourism in terms of whether it is good or bad for
local ...

Tourism on the Malaysian Peninsula




Page: 113

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