Star Sullivan

Maeve Binchy's highly successful Quick Read. Molly Sullivan said that the new baby was a little star. She was no trouble at all and she was always smiling - so she became known as Star and no one remembered that her name was Oona.

Star Sullivan

Author: Maeve Binchy

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 140913038X

Page: 60

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Maeve Binchy's highly successful Quick Read. Molly Sullivan said that the new baby was a little star. She was no trouble at all and she was always smiling - so she became known as Star and no one remembered that her name was Oona. Star Sullivan just wanted everyone to be happy - her father to stop gambling, her mother not to work so hard, her brother to stay out of trouble, her sister to stop worrying about every little thing she ate. Then the Hale family moved in next door, and from the moment Star saw 23-year-old Laddy Hale, everything began to change - until Star was no longer the sweet, thoughtful girl everyone loved and no one worried about...

Chestnut Street

Star. Sullivan. Molly Sullivan said that the new baby was a little star. She was no
trouble at all and she was always smiling. Shay Sullivan said the new baby was a
star picker of winners; it pointed its little fist at the horse on the list that was ...

Chestnut Street

Author: Maeve Binchy

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409151824

Page: 320

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Superb storytelling from one of the world's best-loved writers. Just round the corner from St Jarlath's Crescent (featured in MINDING FRANKIE) is Chestnut Street. Here, the lives of the residents are revealed in Maeve Binchy's wonderfully compelling tales: Bucket Maguire, the window cleaner, who must do more than he bargained for to protect his son. Nessa Byrne, whose aunt comes to visit from America for six weeks every summer and turns the house - and Nessa's world - upside down. Lilian, the generous girl with a big heart, and the fiancé not everyone approves of. And Melly, whose gossip about the neighbours leads to trouble in the form of the fortune teller, 'Madame Magic'... 'In Chestnut Street [there is] enough kindness, wisdom and insight into human nature, to remind readers why Maeve Binchy was one of the most beloved writers this country has ever produced' Irish Times

Lone Star Justice

Under W. John L. Sullivan, McDonald's sergeant, the four took station at Regency
, on the north side of the Colorado in Mills County, twenty miles from San Saba.
Sergeant Sullivan combined some of the same traits as his captain. His big ...

Lone Star Justice

Author: Robert M. Utley

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019992371X

Page: 416

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From The Lone Ranger to Lonesome Dove, the Texas Rangers have been celebrated in fact and fiction for their daring exploits in bringing justice to the Old West. In Lone Star Justice, best-selling author Robert M. Utley captures the first hundred years of Ranger history, in a narrative packed with adventures worthy of Zane Grey or Larry McMurtry. The Rangers began in the 1820s as loose groups of citizen soldiers, banding together to chase Indians and Mexicans on the raw Texas frontier. Utley shows how, under the leadership of men like Jack Hays and Ben McCulloch, these fiercely independent fighters were transformed into a well-trained, cohesive team. Armed with a revolutionary new weapon, Samuel Colt's repeating revolver, they became a deadly fighting force, whether battling Comanches on the plains or storming the city of Monterey in the Mexican-American War. As the Rangers evolved from part-time warriors to full-time lawmen by 1874, they learned to face new dangers, including homicidal feuds, labor strikes, and vigilantes turned mobs. They battled train robbers, cattle thieves and other outlaws--it was Rangers, for example, who captured John Wesley Hardin, the most feared gunman in the West. Based on exhaustive research in Texas archives, this is the most authoritative history of the Texas Rangers in over half a century. It will stand alongside other classics of Western history by Robert M. Utley--a vivid portrait of the Old West and of the legendary men who kept the law on the lawless frontier.

Always On Sunday An Inside View of Ed Sullivan the Beatles Elvis Sinatra Ed s Other Guests

records of “The Little White Cloud That Cried” and “Cry” had made Johnny Ray a
star. Sullivan operates well under pressure and hasan uncanny ability for
spotting popular acts just when the competition is keenest. In 1958 he booked
comedy ...

Always On Sunday  An Inside View of Ed Sullivan  the Beatles  Elvis  Sinatra   Ed s Other Guests

Author: Michael Harris

Publisher: Word International


Page: 214

View: 508

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! The Beatles, Ed Sullivan and the Author Ed first learns I have written a book when I hand him a finished manuscript. Naively, I imagine he'll be flattered, but when he reads it, he blows his stack and stops speaking to me. He's furious. I am revealing more about him, more backstage gossip and more details about the inner workings of the show than he wants made public. Fortunately for me and for Always On Sunday, Ed simmers down eventually and decides my unauthorized biography is "magnificent." He promotes it in his newspaper column, in interviews and in joint television appearances with me. Ed helps turn the book he initially hated into a national bestseller. During my 11 years on the Sullivan show, no one created more excitement than the Beatles. February 7, 1964: Kennedy Airport. Their first trip to the United States. The screaming fans! The haircuts! The sassy answers! Welcome to New York! The entire country focuses on this place and these young men. Including me. I am meeting their plane. A CBS public relations executive for years. Now the network's press representative on "The Ed Sullivan Show." Ed was warned not to sign the Beatles: "You're crazy! No British group has ever made it big in this country." A month before they arrive, they are still unknown in America. Every reporter I contact turns down my invitation to go with me to JFK. Two weeks later, "I Want To Hold Your Hand" rockets to the top of the charts. Beatlemania crosses the Atlantic, and I am besieged by thousands of ticket requests. Reporters plead to join me at JFK. On February 14, I greet the Beatles again, this time in Miami for a second Sullivan show. I do my best to stay out of the way but, thanks to papparazzi determined to cash in on every shot of the Fab Four, I appear in photos published around the world (including the NY Post). In the captions I am called a Beatle, a case of mistaken identity I still laugh about with my wife, best-selling novelist Ruth Harris. When I return to New York, Ed searches for me backstage. One stagehand is impressed. "Ed must really like you," he says. "You've only worked for him for four years, and he already knows your name." Ed And The Celebrities Who Loved Him -- Or Not! Why did Frank Sinatra take out an ad saying, "Ed, you're sick, sick, sick."? You'll find out in Always On Sunday. Why did Mary Tyler Moore sue "The Ed Sullivan Show"? You'll find out in Always On Sunday. Why did CBS cancel Bob Dylan's appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" -- against Ed's wishes? You'll find out in Always On Sunday. Elvis' fans kissed him where? Ed was stunned when Elvis explained. What did Elvis say? You'll find out in Always On Sunday. Always On Sunday was originally published in hardcover by Meredith Press and in mass market paperback by NAL. Keywords: Beatles, Sinatra, Elvis, Ed Sullivan, television, 1960s, 20th Century, rock n roll, Memphis, celebrities, memoir, baby boomer, showbiz, singers, dancers, performers

If Not For Sullivan

Oscar called for me to bring Sullivan. I trusted his judgment and ... She tossed her
head causing her long the mane to swing like a Hollywood star. Sullivan, not
accustomed to rejection, was relentless in his effort. No one spoke as Oscar and I

If Not For Sullivan

Author: Kathryn Jarman-Reynolds

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468935666

Page: 1

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Following a humiliating divorce, Kathryn Watson and her two children flee the city. Against the advice of family and friends, they move into a house in a West Virginia holler. While exploring the woods, she discovers a two hundred year old cemetery, setting off a chain of events that lead her to believe she's being stalked by a mentally challenged man. The truth is revealed when she discovers a near-dead horse on her property. IF NOT FOR SULLIVAN is about his harrowing rescue during the worst ice storm in West Virginia history, his unusual attachment to Kathryn and the phenomenal love he spreads throughout the holler. Kathryn finds love in the feed store where a new pastor has set up church. Later, he searches the rough mountain terrain after she goes missing. You'll develop a warm connection to the characters in the holler as you peek into their private world, but most of all, SULLIVAN will find a permanent place in your heart.

Encyclopedia of Television

Southern Star Entertainment is a broad corporate umbrella for established
independent producers: Errol Sullivan/Southern Star Sullivan, Hal McElroy/South
- ern Star McElroy, and Sandra Levy and John Edwards/ Southern Star Xanadu.

Encyclopedia of Television

Author: Horace Newcomb

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135194793

Page: 2800

View: 775

The Encyclopedia of Television, second edtion is the first major reference work to provide description, history, analysis, and information on more than 1100 subjects related to television in its international context. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Encyclo pedia of Television, 2nd edition website.

Mob Star The Story of John Gotti

Sullivan was the son of a cop and the only man ever to escape from Attica prison.
He invited Voight and a producer to Ozone Park to visit with Gotti and as word of
a movie star's presence spread, people got excited. Angelo Ruggiero's ...

Mob Star  The Story of John Gotti

Author: Gene Mustain

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440695806

Page: 416

View: 762

John Gotti is terminally ill; when he passes on to that great Mafia in the sky, co-author Capeci will be in great demand for interviews and will the plug the book. As he battles terminal cancer in a federal prison in Illinois, John Gotti, still the acting head of the Gambino Mafia family, is constantly in the news. Once Mr. Gotti ascends to Mafia heaven, he will be worldwide news-and Alpha will have the most up-to-date and comprehensive book on the subject.

Second Star

In the year 2291, the illustrious Captain James Hooke and the crew of the Jolly Roger vanished into uncharted space. Today, Wendy Darling received their transmission.

Second Star

Author: J. M. Sullivan


ISBN: 9781948583008


View: 339

Still reeling from the shock of her childhood hero being alive and well, Captain Wendy Darling is appointed the mission of a lifetime: find the lost crew of the Jolly Roger and bring them home. But on the ageless planet, time is finally running out, and Wendy must decide who to trust--the legendary captain, or his mysterious mechanic, Pan-- before darkness consumes them all.

Mods Rockers and the Music of the British Invasion

Sullivan, an entertainment gossip columnist, hosted the program from 1948 to
1971. During that period, nearly every major American star of music, movies,
television, and sports appeared, as did many international stars. Sullivan's
program ...

Mods  Rockers  and the Music of the British Invasion

Author: James E. Perone

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0275998606

Page: 214

View: 923

With the iconic battles between the Mods and the Rockers serving as a centerpiece, author James Perone investigates the origins, development, and consequences of the British Invasion.

Star Waka

Also by Robert Sullivan Jazz Waiata (AUP, 1990) Pike Ake! (AUP, 1993) Maui:
legends of the outcast (illustrated by Chris Slane, Godwit, 1996) Manoa:
homelands (editor, with Reina Whaitiri, Hawai'i, 1997) Copyright Some of the
poems in this ...

Star Waka

Author: Robert Sullivan

Publisher: Auckland University Press

ISBN: 1869405676

Page: 120

View: 156

Published on the cusp of the new millennium, Sullivan's third book of poems, Star Waka, came with some strings attached: each poem had to feature either a star, a waka, or the ocean. Within these parameters, and in 2001 lines, Sullivan creates 100 poems that, he says, themselves function like a waka: 'members of the crew change, the rhythm and the view changes - it is subject to the laws of nature'.

Ed Sullivan Unzipped

You know the stars all mean something, Alice said, looking up from ourbalcony at
the billion lights over Arizona. I've never seen asky socrystal clear, so perfect, as
tonight. Look up there. That's Perseus. He's theone ... who freed thegirl fromthe ...

Ed Sullivan   Unzipped

Author: Marvin Silbersher

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456837141


View: 292

Sundays with Sullivan

How the Ed Sullivan Show Brought Elvis, the Beatles, and Culture to America
Bernie Ilson ... 1 Lewis noted that Sullivan was a star-struck person: “Sullivan had
a strong desire to be part of the entertainment world, that from the beginning of
his ...

Sundays with Sullivan

Author: Bernie Ilson

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications

ISBN: 158979401X

Page: 232

View: 117

Ed Sullivan, who could not sing, dance, or act, was TV's greatest showman in its early years. For 23 years, from 1948 to 1971, he hosted America's premiere variety show every Sunday night on CBS, on which he introduced an eclectic array of talent that included everything from opera singers to dancing bears to Elvis Presley and the Beatles. This book is an inside view of The Ed Sullivan Show and the unusual story of one of the most unlikely television stars who played host to such diverse talents as Van Cliburn, Rudolf Nureyev, Robert Goulet, Richard Pryor, and The Rolling Stones. With his distinctive nasal voice, Sullivan regularly promised audiences a really big shew and delivered by offering up virtually every form of twentieth-century entertainment. Bernie Ilson, the Sullivan show's P.R. man for eight years, takes us on a trip down memory lane to revisit one of the most popular shows in television history.

Love by the Morning Star

Mistaken for one another when they are sent to the grand English country estate of Starkers on the brink of World War II, Hannah, a distant relative hoping to be welcomed by the family, and Anna, sent to spy for the Nazis, both unexpectedly ...

Love by the Morning Star

Author: Laura L. Sullivan

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547689519

Page: 320

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Mistaken for one another when they are sent to the grand English country estate of Starkers on the brink of World War II, Hannah, a distant relative hoping to be welcomed by the family, and Anna, sent to spy for the Nazis, both unexpectedly fall in love.

Saturn in Transit

Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul Erin Sullivan. For my beloved daughters
Spirit Star Sullivan: 8 January 1969 Yesca Dawn Sullivan: 8 August 1970
Contents Acknowledgements Introduction 1. THE EVOLUTION OF AN

Saturn in Transit

Author: Erin Sullivan

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1609254023

Page: 356

View: 678

“An elegant guide to working with Saturn energy in your life” by the author of The Astrology of Midlife and Aging ( Saturn in Transit reveals Saturn’s useful and developmental influence in our lives. Erin Sullivan gives a thorough account of the astrology, mythology, and psychology of Saturn’s role as the source of divine discontent. Saturn assists the modern hero and heroine, during its transit around the zodiac, by destroying the old and outmoded within, and throwing us periodically into chaos, which invariably generates a creative transformation of purpose in our lives. “One of the very best books on Saturn, great insights . . . Sullivan draws extensively on depth psychology and classical mythology to portray Saturn’s developmental influence on our lives.”—The Tim Burness Blog “I highly recommend this book. In fact, it has informed many aspects of my own practice and is a go-to book when preparing clients charts . . . Without a doubt, this is a must-have book in your astrological library.”—Ask Astrology “A very good book on Saturn cycles.”—

Gilbert and Sullivan and Their Operas

CHAPTER XVIII Revivals: “Gondoliers,” “Sorcerer,” “Trial by Jury"—“The Lucky
Star"—Sullivan and Basil Hood collaborate—“The Rose of Persia”—Wilfred
Bendall—Captain Basil Hood as a librettist —"A Happy Ending ”—Sullivan and “
The ...

Gilbert and Sullivan and Their Operas




Page: 443

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Fallen Star

Tom Sullivan initiated a background search on Sheldon Jones. He discovered
that Sheldon had an older brother and that his parents were dead. As an
afterthought, he checked out Martha Jones, whose maiden name was Reed. Her
father ...

Fallen Star

Author: Donald Niemand

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595841929

Page: 198

View: 161

Dave Foster, Chief Engineer for Burton Aircraft, has a problem. Three of Burton's new Aerostar 800 commercial jets have crashed recently shortly after takeoff from Denver. His engineers can't find a design flaw, and the FAA has concluded the crashes resulted from unusual weather conditions, but Dave has doubts since, in all three cases, a wing apparently came off before the plane crashed. His investigation leads to an attempt on his life, resulting in extensive injuries and a lengthy period in a coma. One of his engineers is mysteriously murdered. Dave suspects a material substitution for a limited number of planes has been made to alleviate a schedule problem, but can't find out who made the change and for how many planes. As more planes crash in the same manner, an all-out effort is launched to locate and fix the planes with substitute parts. A web of overambitious and unscrupulous Burton personnel and suppliers complicates his efforts. Even after the defective planes are located and repaired, assigning responsibility for the part substitution and bringing the malefactors to justice challenges Dave and the detective assigned to the case. Lawsuits complicate Dave's efforts to keep the company going with new products.

Sea Stars

Jody Sullivan. Glossary clam - an animal that lives inside a shell ; a sea star
pushes its stomach out of its mouth and into a clam's shell to eat the clam . coral
reef - an area of coral skeletons and rocks in shallow ocean water grip - to hold ...

Sea Stars

Author: Jody Sullivan

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9780736861359

Page: 24

View: 579

"Simple text and photographs present sea stars, where they live, how they look, and what they do"--Provided by publisher.