Thinking Out Loud

“Mom, how come that lady wasn't wearing a top to her bathing suit?” “The kids in
that red car have Fruit Roll-ups. If one of them tried to pass one over, can I take it?
" “Christopher, that raccoon is still there that got killed last THINKING our LOUD ...

Thinking Out Loud

Author: Anna Quindlen

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0307763552

Page: 320

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"A splendid collection...Eloquent, powerful, compassionate and droll. There is considerable variety in the subjects she addresses....Compelling." THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER Thinking out loud is what Anna Quindlen does best. A syndicated columnist with her finger on the pulse of women's lives, and her heart in a place we all share, she writes about the passions, politics, and peculiarities of Americans everywhere. From gays in the military, to the race for First Lady, to the trials of modern motherhood and the right to choose, Anna Quindlen's views always fascinate. More of her views can be found in LIVING OUT LOUD, and OBJECT LESSONS. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Thinking Out Loud Through the American West

still was getting down to about 15 below on clear , crisp nights . I have not in all
the time since seen as many stars as I did that winter , or as much moonlight on
snow , nor heard the yipping and singing of coyotes so clearly . I remember in ...

Thinking Out Loud Through the American West

Author: Pete Sinclair

Publisher: Mountain N' Air Books

ISBN: 9781879415201

Page: 199

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Thinking Outloud

Come to think about it. (She pauses as she brings her hand to her chin.) BlessYo
Heart,(still thinking, but Whispers to herself) He been dead long before. . .
SWEET LITTLE ONE: OH LAWDY: OH LAWDY: (Interjects Quickly) Mamn? (
Replies ...

Thinking Outloud

Author: Melvin H. Harlan

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1477281703

Page: 60

View: 698

Thinking Outloud is a book of poems and stories dedicated to the avid thinker. An uncomplicated satire promoting awareness to many serious issues that we are face with each day. Thinking Outloud also justifies the importance of self-identity,love,family and spirituality. Theses values serve as a pathway towards improving the coexistence with ouselves and the world we live.

Thinking Out Loud

I still couldn't believe we were actually talking about her funeral. It didn't feel real.
Each day I ... The kids used to sing 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran with
Rebecca, and wanted it to be played at the service. She used to dance around
the ...

Thinking Out Loud

Author: Rio Ferdinand

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473670268

Page: 288

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THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER 'A lacerating account ... painful but necessary' EVENING STANDARD 'Beautiful & significant ... Tackles grief with honesty' DAWN FRENCH 'Very important and moving book' ALASTAIR CAMPBELL 'A searingly honest book. So much of Rio's emotional turmoil and deep loss resonated with me. At the same time I loved his message of hope' GLORIA HUNNIFORD 'Rio's courageous story of life, loss, grief and hope' PRIMA CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE, 'Best of the Celebrity Crop' 'Tender, heartbreaking ... An extraordinary and unforgettable book. *****' HEAT * * * * * * 'When Rebecca died, the idea that one day I might begin to feel better would have struck me as laughable ... I know how persuasive this kind of permanence thinking can be. I know too that anyone locked in its grip will laugh if I promise them that their pain will one day ease. It will. Of course it will. But I know better than to expect anyone to believe me.' In 2015, former England football star Rio Ferdinand suddenly and tragically lost his wife and soulmate Rebecca, aged 34, to cancer. It was a profound shock and Rio found himself struggling to cope not just with the pain of his grief, but also with his new role as both mum and dad to their three young children. Rio's BBC1 documentary, Being Mum and Dad, touched everyone who watched it and won huge praise for the honesty and bravery he showed in talking about his emotions and experiences. His book now shares the story of meeting, marrying and losing Rebecca, his own and the family's grief - as well as the advice and support that get him through each day as they strive to piece themselves back together. Thinking Out Loud is written in the hope that he can inspire others struggling with loss and grief to find the help they need through this most difficult of times.

Just Thinking Out Loud

Whether it's chronic or occasional depression or a sudden tragedy that sinister
midnight seems to catch us all. There are some things that we Christians need to
be aware of when these midnights strike. He's still working on you to make you ...

Just Thinking Out Loud

Author: Ken Qualls

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1607913976

Page: 176

View: 550

Ken Qualls Just Thinking Out Loud is a compilation of articles about various aspects of Christian thought and life. It takes a look at our foibles, follies and flaws and gently encourages us to remember that we are ambassadors of the kingdom of God. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious the author stands firmly on the Word of God and understands the grave responsibility Christians have to rightly interpret it. He strongly believes that we owe it to the world to be equipped to give an intelligent, well-reasoned explanation for the faith we profess. This book inspires, admonishes, encourages and edifies. The reader will quickly sense the passion Qualls has for the Bible and his compassion and respect for both fellow believers and unbelievers. Ken Qualls is an ordained Southern Baptist bi-vocational pastor. While a junior in high school he answered the call to preach which was a surprise to his pastor and his wife, Ferdie and Margaret Shimpf, who thought that God would use Ken as a professional comedian. Ken attended Union University, Jackson, TN where he sang with an amateur gospel quartet known as Living Proof. His first article appeared in the July 8, 1981 Illinois Baptist as a guest editorial and for the next thirty years people throughout the Midwest have enjoyed reading Qualls insightful articles. He is now pastoring Blaze Chapel Baptist Church where he began his pastoral ministry many years ago. Through Reigning In Life Ministries he hopes to encourage small, struggling churches to be about the Father's business regardless of their size or circumstances.

Thinking out Loud

I would love to go out on my own and do the things that I love while earning a
living (not to mention exploring the world!) if only it were this simple but there is
hope yet. Not to complain, but everything is just so rushed as we try to squeeze in
the ...

Thinking out Loud

Author: Carolyn K. Correia


ISBN: 1105184382

Page: 88

View: 937

Discovering the joys of everyday life: Inspirational articles aimed at self-discovery

Still Thinking of You

The plastic made a loud thwacking sound as it bounced back into place. Rich
found that satisfying, but couldn't deny that he had an urge to thwack something
else. He was shaking. Was it fear? Anger? Shit, was it lust? Was he jealous of
Jayne ...

Still Thinking of You

Author: Adele Parks

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755394577

Page: 419

View: 979

From the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Lies Lies Lies, comes an unputdownable novel of the ties of old friendships, the passion of new love and whether honesty is always the best policy... Don't miss Adele's gripping new novel, the No. 1 bestseller Just My Luck, out now! Acclaim for Adele's compelling, twisty and acutely observed novels: 'Tightly plotted, brilliantly conceived and totally gripping' Lisa Jewell 'Twisty, unputdownable and utterly engrossing' Jenny Colgan 'Brilliant storyline, great characters, very clever, loved it!' B A Paris 'Addictive and perceptive' Lucy Atkins IS HONESTY ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY? Tash and Rich are wild about each other; wrapped up in their fairy-tale love and excited for the future, they plan an elopement in the French Alps. When Rich invites his old university friends along for the celebrations, Tash is excited to get to know more about the people who shaped him. But Tash gets more than she bargained for when an unexpected guest arrives, armed with secrets about Rich... Can she still hold on to plans of a bright future with Rich once she learns the truth about his shady past? What readers are saying about Still Thinking of You: 'I thought this book was a brilliant read - I could not put it down! So full of life' 'Adele Parks has a way of drawing the reader in. Her characters are well-defined and in many ways representative of people you know and love. Indeed a page turner...' More praise for Adele Parks: Dark, funny and observant' Cosmopolitan 'Guaranteed to keep you hooked until the end' She magazine 'Deliciously down to earth' The Times 'Wonderfully absorbing' Stylist 'Will captivate you from the first page' Closer


I was thinking out loud, trying to make sense of it all. “I heard some of the men
talking about DNA, maybe ours is different?” Daniel spoke up, also still thinking
out loud, but it made little sense. “Then what 's different about us; what could ...


Author: Courtney Rausch

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469118106

Page: 203

View: 235

You never get something for nothing, something that Cara was always told as a child and now that childhood lesson comes to life. A trip to George Raphaels Private Island leaves Cara and her friends not entirely human, with powers beyond belief. Now running for their lives they turn to the only other person whos ever been on the island, Rina, but little do they know thats only the beginning of what Rina has planned to gain revenge on Raphael.

Thinking Out Loud

for their own professional knowledge and advancement may still be an essential
part of what higher education is all about , just as those activities may still be vital
in helping professors stay current in their academic specialties . Students may ...

Thinking Out Loud

Author: Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 9781573562454

Page: 133

View: 141

The Letter

Jack replied, “It said that instructions would follow in three days, that would make
it Friday then. ... Mark still thinking out loud continued as Jack sat quietly, “Won't
you have control over all of the money, for a brief moment, when it's in your ...

The Letter

Author: J. D. Fitzpatrick

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595332196

Page: 188

View: 781

The Letter is an adventure that starts out in first gear and then immediately shifts into fifth. You'll feel the wind in your hair and the blood racing through your veins from start to finish. Hold on tight! This latest effort from J.D. Fitzpatrick orders up a new prescription for your glasses so that you can see murder, mystery and the bonds of family in an entirely new light. Follow the events of a young, blue-collar, ex-football star (Jack Dade), as he finds himself looking for some much needed changes within his all too familiar life. Needless to say, one trip to his mailbox will transform who he is, who he will be, and all that he knows forever. Jack couldn't breathe as his chest was roped-tight and his heart pounding. His right hand was shaking and now his eyes began to blur the text of the letter fading in and out of focus. Jack stood up and went into the kitchen, he stood next to the stove and opened his small, yet fully stocked, liquor cabinet. Jack poured himself a shot of tequila whoosh, then he poured another. To find other works and projects by J.D. Fitzpatrick, visit him at his website

The Ambassador s Son

“A fine pickle,” he said, thinking not only of his situation but Phimble's. “A fine
pickle,” Penelope repeated. “My Catalina's going to get shot down if it tries to land
,” Josh said, still thinking out loud. “Its pilot will surely see the Japoni,” Penelope ...

The Ambassador s Son

Author: Homer Hickam

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429905433

Page: 352

View: 475

It's 1943 and the Americans and Japanese are fighting a deadly war in the hot, jungle-covered volcanic islands of the South Pacific. The outcome is in doubt and a terrible blow has fallen on American morale. Lieutenant David Armistead, a Marine Corps hero and cousin of the President of the United States, is missing and some say he's gone over to the enemy. Coast Guard Captain Josh Thurlow and his ragtag crew are given the assignment to find Armistead, though not necessarily to bring him back alive. Recruited in the hunt is a tormented and frail PT-boat skipper nicknamed "Shafty" who is also known by another name: John F. Kennedy. When Josh is stranded in the jungles of New Georgia with a mysterious, sensual woman who has a tendency to chop off men's heads, it's up to Kennedy to come to the rescue and complete the mission. But to procure a gunboat, he first has to play high-stakes poker with a young naval supply officer called Nick who happens to be the best gambler in the South Pacific. Nick has another name, too: Richard M. Nixon. Based solidly on historical fact with echoes of James Michener, The Ambassador's Son is a thrilling tale of the South Pacific and adventure fiction at its finest.

Still Life with Bread Crumbs

ANNA QUINDLEN is a novelist and journalist whose work has appeared on
fiction, nonfiction, and self-help bestseller lists. ... New York Times she won the
Pulitzer Prize and published two collections, Living Out Loud and Thinking Out

Still Life with Bread Crumbs

Author: Anna Quindlen

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0812995759

Page: 288

View: 337

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A superb love story from Anna Quindlen, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Rise and Shine, Blessings, and A Short Guide to a Happy Life Still Life with Bread Crumbs begins with an imagined gunshot and ends with a new tin roof. Between the two is a wry and knowing portrait of Rebecca Winter, a photographer whose work made her an unlikely heroine for many women. Her career is now descendent, her bank balance shaky, and she has fled the city for the middle of nowhere. There she discovers, in a tree stand with a roofer named Jim Bates, that what she sees through a camera lens is not all there is to life. Brilliantly written, powerfully observed, Still Life with Bread Crumbs is a deeply moving and often very funny story of unexpected love, and a stunningly crafted journey into the life of a woman, her heart, her mind, her days, as she discovers that life is a story with many levels, a story that is longer and more exciting than she ever imagined. Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more. “There comes a moment in every novelist’s career when she . . . ventures into new territory, breaking free into a marriage of tone and style, of plot and characterization, that’s utterly her own. Anna Quindlen’s marvelous romantic comedy of manners is just such a book. . . . Taken as a whole, Quindlen’s writings represent a generous and moving interrogation of women’s experience across the lines of class and race. [Still Life with Bread Crumbs] proves all the more moving because of its light, sophisticated humor. Quindlen’s least overtly political novel, it packs perhaps the most serious punch. . . . Quindlen has delivered a novel that will have staying power all its own.”—The New York Times Book Review “[A] wise tale about second chances, starting over, and going after what is most important in life.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune “Quindlen’s astute observations . . . are the sorts of details every writer and reader lives for.”—Chicago Tribune “[Anna] Quindlen’s seventh novel offers the literary equivalent of comfort food. . . . She still has her finger firmly planted on the pulse of her generation.”—NPR “Enchanting . . . [The protagonist’s] photographs are celebrated for turning the ‘minutiae of women’s lives into unforgettable images,’ and Quindlen does the same here with her enveloping, sure-handed storytelling.”—People “Charming . . . a hot cup of tea of a story, smooth and comforting about the vulnerabilities of growing older . . . a pleasure.”—USA Today “With spare, elegant prose, [Quindlen] crafts a poignant glimpse into the inner life of an aging woman who discovers that reality contains much more color than her own celebrated black-and-white images.”—Library Journal “Quindlen has always excelled at capturing telling details in a story, and she does so again in this quiet, powerful novel, showing the charged emotions that teem beneath the surface of daily life.”—Publishers Weekly “Quindlen presents instantly recognizable characters who may be appealingly warm and nonthreatening, but that only serves to drive home her potent message that it’s never too late to embrace life’s second chances.”—Booklist “Profound . . . engaging.”—Kirkus Reviews From the Trade Paperback edition.

Frog Music 101 Amazing Facts You Didn t Know

They are: "A Short Guide to a Happy Life", "Being Perfect", "Good Dog. Stay", "
Homeless", "How Reading Changed My Life", "Imagined London", "Living Out
Loud", "Loud and Clear", "Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake" and "Thinking Out
Loud". 58. Before "Still Life with Bread Crumbs", Quindlen has 6 more novels to
her credit.

Frog Music   101 Amazing Facts You Didn t Know

Author: G Whiz


ISBN: 1498999581


View: 772

Did you know Anna Quindlen wrote this book on a purpose to uphold the art of women, specifically those that centers around family lives? Or, did you know The book bears the life story of Rebecca Winter. Once a stay-home-mom, she got famous as a photographer by chance. But now at a ripe age of sixty, she tries to look back at her life looking for newer meaning to move on? What are the amazing facts of Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen? Do you want to know the golden nuggets of facts readers love? If you've enjoyed the book, then this will be a must read delight for you! Collected for readers everywhere are 101 book facts about the book & author that are fun, down-to-earth, and amazingly true to keep you laughing and learning as you read through the book! Tips & Tricks to Enhance Reading Experience • Enter "G Whiz" after your favorite title to see if publication exists! ie) Harry Potter G Whiz • Enter "G Whiz 101" to search for entire catalogue! • Tell us what title you want next! • Combine your favorite titles to receive bundle coupons! • Submit a review and hop on the Wall of Contributors! “Get ready for fun, down-to-earth, and amazing facts that keep you laughing & learning!" - G Whiz DISCLAIMER: This work is a derivative work not to be confused with the original title. It is a collection of facts from reputable sources generally known to the public with source URLs for further reading and enjoyment. It is unofficial and unaffiliated with respective parties of the original title in any way. Due to the nature of research, no content shall be deemed authoritative nor used for citation purposes. Refined and tested for quality, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Sinks Canyon Mystery

... that treasure chest again,” Norm said, still thinking of wealth. “Although,” he
added slowly, thinking out loud again, “there might be a way of disabling their car
. Iwonder where they got that Ford? Anyway, they killed your car, we'll kill theirs.

Sinks Canyon Mystery

Author: R. L. Newman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465323414

Page: 225

View: 717

This simple little adventure tale was originally written as a juvenile novel in 1964 while I was a teacher in Lander, Wyoming. It didnt impress publishers, so I put it aside and later moved to Colorado and stored the manuscript in the attic and lost track of it. Decades passed, but I persistently thought of rewriting my book, not to sell, necessarily, but for my own gratification, and I pondered how it could be better. I found the manuscript in early 2007, read it one more time and immediately set to work. The result was a complete revision, a total re-write other than the title, the locale and the basic plot. Because I was no longer hampered by trying to satisfy an editor or agent, I developed a style which frequently matches the way I really think and talk. (Some people who know me are thinking, Yeah, right: disorganized, repetitive, foolish, irreverent, clich-ridden, etc., etc.) Anyway, I was satisfied with the result. If you can read through the whole thing without losing interest or throwing up, then I feel that I have achieved my goal of becoming a bona fide novelist.

Thinking Out Loud

What a blind person cannot do is see the color red. Likewise ... In the course of
acquiring these, we might have to augment our own language with new
theoretical terms. ... Still, might we not stand to the Martians as chimpanzees
stand to us?

Thinking Out Loud

Author: Christopher Gauker

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400863953

Page: 338

View: 959

Most contemporary philosophers, psychologists, and linguists think of language as basically a means by which speakers reveal their thoughts to others. Christopher Gauker calls this "the Lockean theory of language," since Locke was one of its early exponents, and he contends that it is fundamentally mistaken. The Lockean theory, he argues, cannot adequately explain the nature of the general concepts that words are supposed to express. In developing this theme, Gauker investigates a wide range of topics, including Locke's own views, contemporary theories of conceptual development, the nature of reference and logical validity, the nature of psychological explanation, and the division of epistemic labor in society. The Lockean theory contrasts with the conception of language as the medium of a distinctive kind of thinking. Gauker explains how language, so conceived, is possible as a means of cooperative interaction. He articulates the possibility and objectivity of a kind of non-conceptual thinking about similarities and causal relations, which allows him to explain how a simple language might be learned. He then takes on the problem of logical structure and gives a formally precise account of logical validity formulated in terms of "assertibility in a context" rather than in terms of truth. Finally, he describes the role that attributions of belief and meaning play in facilitating cooperative interaction. With lucid and persuasive arguments, his book challenges philosophers, psychologists, linguists, and logicians to rethink their fundamental assumptions about the nature of language. Originally published in 1994. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Undead and Unwary

OH GOOD CHRIST and shuddering against me, his joy in being able to break a
commandment without feeling like he was gargling acid kicking one more ... I
said, still thinking out loud, “that's when we can really get to work and not before.

Undead and Unwary

Author: MaryJanice Davidson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101600136

Page: 320

View: 581

How do you out-devil the devil? For Vampire queen Betsy Taylor, the answer is relative—literally—as MaryJanice Davidson’s “sexy, steamy, and laugh-out-loud funny” (Booklist) New York Times bestselling series continues…

Fear Nothing Detective D D Warren 7

'You're wondering if the killer attempted to preserve his trophy by first wiping
down his victim with some sort of solution? ... D.D., still thinking out loud: '
Meaning our killer has some experience with surgery and/or prep, but also is
comfortable ...

Fear Nothing  Detective D D  Warren 7

Author: Lisa Gardner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755388364

Page: 384

View: 355

In FEAR NOTHING, the seventh novel in the Detective D.D. Warren series, Sunday Times bestseller Lisa Gardner 'continues to show why she is on the short list of top thriller writers today' (Suspense Magazine). IF YOUR FAMILY ARE KILLERS, WHAT ARE YOU? For fans of Karin Slaughter and Tess Gerritsen. They say family means everything. But Dr Adeline Glen cannot accept that. When you're bound by blood to a father who slaughtered prostitutes and a sister who followed in his sociopathic footsteps, how can you? But now Boston Detective D.D. Warren needs Adeline's professional help to recover from a brutal attack by a psychopath. A murderer who knows too much about Adeline's dead father, and is someone her imprisoned sister claims she can help catch. With the Rose Killer focused on D.D., will Adeline be able to put aside her personal nightmares to help her? All she knows is if she is going to survive what's to come, Adeline will have to...

Thinking Out Loud on Paper

( By the way , I still freewrite before I write a paper . ) I was proud of the work I did
because the thoughts behind it were mine , and not someone else's . I kept my
daybooks and all the papers I wrote for that very reason . And even now , some
two ...

Thinking Out Loud on Paper

Author: Lil Brannon

Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books


Page: 142

View: 481

Presents a variety of lessons and activities to help students create a daybook to help them organize their thoughts.

On My Way

Now that's enough of my thinking out loud let me get to work, off to the shop I go,
on my wayI get a call from Sherry. ... I am still thinking about Will asking me to
marry him, it's funnyI was so very happy last night but why do I think that we still ...

On My Way

Author: Stacy May

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469168278

Page: 160

View: 619

This story On My Way is about how I see my life playing out: some things is just the way they are. I always wanted to help inspire people to do what it is they love; there will be ups and downs in life and I truly understand that mistakes are a must because it helps us grow. But we all know on your way up, there is always a little drama. What would life be like without drama? I dream of having the best and ON MY WAY will tell you how I get there!!! Enjoy

The Hindus

The authors of the Mahabharata are thinking out loud, still trying to work it all out.
They are keeping their minds open, refusing to reach a final verdict on a subject
—the complex function of karma—on which the jury is still out.

The Hindus

Author: Wendy Doniger

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110102870X

Page: 800

View: 571

From one of the world?s foremost scholars on Hinduism, a vivid reinterpretation of its history An engrossing and definitive narrative account of history and myth that offers a new way of understanding one of the world?s oldest major religions, The Hindus elucidates the relationship between recorded history and imaginary worlds. Hinduism does not lend itself easily to a strictly chronological account: many of its central texts cannot be reliably dated even within a century; its central tenets?karma, dharma, to name just two?arise at particular moments in Indian history and differ in each era, between genders, and caste to caste; and what is shared among Hindus is overwhelmingly outnumbered by the things that are unique to one group or another. Yet the greatness of Hinduism?its vitality, its earthiness, its vividness?lies precisely in many of those idiosyncratic qualities that continue to inspire debate today. Wendy Doniger is one of the foremost scholars of Hinduism in the world. With her inimitable insight and expertise Doniger illuminates those moments within the tradition that resist forces that would standardize or establish a canon. Without reversing or misrepresenting the historical hierarchies, she reveals how Sanskrit and vernacular sources are rich in knowledge of and compassion toward women and lower castes; how they debate tensions surrounding religion, violence, and tolerance; and how animals are the key to important shifts in attitudes toward different social classes. The Hindus brings a fascinating multiplicity of actors and stories to the stage to show how brilliant and creative thinkers?many of them far removed from Brahmin authors of Sanskrit texts?have kept Hinduism alive in ways that other scholars have not fully explored. In this unique and authoritative account, debates about Hindu traditions become platforms from which to consider the ironies, and overlooked epiphanies, of history.