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JULY 18 Sunday Supper Serenades, New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx (
through August 8). JULY 19 NY 93 - Summer in the City Arts & Culture Week (
through July 23). Nikolais and Murray Louis Dance, the Joyce Theater,

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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

Recollections in Tranquility

My final course at Manhattan was taught by a Canadian monk from Toronto. His
name was Brother Bonaventure. Again, he epitomized the stringency associated
with Brothers teaching Brothers. His class took place in the summer so it was ...

Recollections in Tranquility

Author: Richard Joseph O'Prey

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465323279

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Recollections in Tranquility is a sequel to Immigrantss Son. OPrey examines his fifteen years in religious life, comments upon his training, and compares his eight years teaching in parochial schools with his twenty-nine in public education. His conclusions are pertinent, poignant, sometimes perturbing, but always relevant. With honesty and humor he cites contrasts and similarities, and ultimately concludes that the essence of his life has been his family. Marriage to a supportive wife, parenthood, and now grandparenthood have enriched his life. Retirement provided the chance to reflect and write. This resulting chronicle portrays a life of satisfaction and his descriptions evoke images of personal success.

Manhattan the Army and the Atomic Bomb

... the feed mate summer , Manhattan officials had arrial employed in most
uranium metal- ranged his assignment to the District making processes .
Westinghouse had as its area engineer in St. Louis , with abandoned a
photochemical method ...

Manhattan  the Army and the Atomic Bomb

Author: Vincent C. Jones



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The role of the War Department, Manhattan District, and other Army agencies and individuals from 1939 through World War II in developing and employing the atomic bomb.

The Men of Manhattan

Problems with both Y-12 and K-25 reached crisis proportions in spring and
summer 1944. Consequentially, the Manhattan Project received help from an
unexpected source—the United States Navy. President Roosevelt had directed
that the ...

The Men of Manhattan

Author: Jeffrey Strickland


ISBN: 1257761889

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"The Men of Manhattan" is a short history of the origins and development of the American atomic bomb program during World War II, focusing on the men and woman who made it possible. Beginning with the scientific developments of the pre-war years, the book details the role of scientific exploration in conducting a secret, nationwide enterprise that took science from the laboratory and into combat with an entirely new type of weapon. Throughout the book, short biographies of the men, and a women-Lise Meitner, Leona Woods Marshall Libby, and Chien-Shiung Wu-are provided where most pertinent. Although nuclear weapons still pose a threat to peace throughout the world, splitting the atom was a watermark point in nuclear science and quantum physics. Harnessed responsibly, the enormous power of an atomic chain reaction can serve humanity for good, e.g., atomic energy. Nuclear medicine and x-ray technology are examples of the benefits brought about by these pioneers-the Men of Manhattan.

Waterfront Manhattan

With overnight connections to New York City, Newport soon drew wealthy New
Yorkers for the summer months. Southern plantation owners and cotton
merchants, along with their families, fled to New York during the summer months

Waterfront Manhattan

Author: Kurt C. Schlichting

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421425246

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For hundreds of years, the shorefront of Manhattan Island served as the country’s center of trade, shipping, and commerce. With its maritime links across the oceans, along the Atlantic coast, and inland to the Midwest and New England, Manhattan became a global city and home to the world’s busiest port. It was a world of docks, ships, tugboats, and ferries, filled with cargo and freight, a place where millions of immigrants entered the Promised Land. In Waterfront Manhattan, Kurt C. Schlichting tells the story of the Manhattan waterfront as a struggle between public and private control of New York’s priceless asset. Nature provided New York with a sheltered harbor but presented the city with a challenge: to find the necessary capital to build and expand the maritime infrastructure. From colonial times until after the Civil War, the city ceded control of the waterfront to private interests, excluding the public entirely and sparking a battle between shipping companies, the railroads, and ferries for access to the waterfront. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the City of New York regained control of the waterfront, but a whirlwind of forces beyond the control of either public or private interests—technological change in the form of the shipping container and the jet airplane—devastated the city’s maritime world. The city slowly and painfully recovered. Visionaries reimagined the waterfront, and today the island is almost completely surrounded by parkland, the world of piers and longshoremen gone, replaced by luxury housing and tourist attractions. Waterfront Manhattan is a wide-ranging history that will dazzle anyone who is fascinated by New York.

I ll Take Manhattan

Summer camp! That was it. She felt as if she and Angelica were at summer camp
together, uprooted from their familiar surroundings and bunking in a strange
place, with only a few stuffed animals of Angelica's, her school books, and some
of ...

I ll Take Manhattan

Author: Judith Krantz

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780307766441

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In the high-stakes world of magazine publishing, Judith Krantz weaves a dazzling tale of love and betrayal, and creates her most joyous character—sensational Maxi, an uninhibited woman who unexpectedly discovers that her talent for life is matched by a hunger to succeed. Gorgeous, flamboyant Maxi Amberville is twenty-nine and has already discarded three husbands on two continents. Life is a stream of endless pleasure in her lavish Trump Tower apartment—until her widowed mother married a man who plots to sell her father's magazine empire. And Maxi turns her incredible lust for living into a passionate quest for power. Maxi takes over the small weekly Buttons And Bows. She gathers her hot-blooded ex-husband, sassy daughter and a coterie of the powerful elite. Then, risking all, Maxi creates B&B—the glitziest, ritziest, most successful fashion magazine in the country. Here is a dramatic, sizzling story of love, family, ambition and one unforgettable woman who gives life and love everything she has.

Freedom Summer

To Manhattan. To the edge of despair. Wherever he went, he kept designing,
building, and in 1974, he began studying architecture at the Pratt Institute ... ways
he could never have expected when he left high school to spend a summer there.

Freedom Summer

Author: Bruce Watson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101190180

Page: 384

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A riveting account of one of the most remarkable episodes in American history. In his critically acclaimed history Freedom Summer, award- winning author Bruce Watson presents powerful testimony about a crucial episode in the American civil rights movement. During the sweltering summer of 1964, more than seven hundred American college students descended upon segregated, reactionary Mississippi to register black voters and educate black children. On the night of their arrival, the worst fears of a race-torn nation were realized when three young men disappeared, thought to have been murdered by the Ku Klux Klan. Taking readers into the heart of these remarkable months, Freedom Summer shines new light on a critical moment of nascent change in America. "Recreates the texture of that terrible yet rewarding summer with impressive verisimilitude." -Washington Post

United States Army in World War 2 Special Studies Manhattan the Army and the Atomic Bomb Clothbound

Progress in Research and Development For Colonel Marshall and his Manhattan
District associates, the summer of 1942 was a period of organization and
planning to lay groundwork for developing an unprecedented 20 Marshall Diary,
29-30 ...

United States Army in World War 2  Special Studies  Manhattan  the Army  and the Atomic Bomb  Clothbound


Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: 9780160872884

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he U.S. Army played a key role in the formation and administration of the Manhattan Project, the World War II organization which produced the atomic bombs that not only contributed decisively to ending the war with Japan but also opened the way to a new atomic age. The volume begins with a prologue, designed to provide the reader with a brief survey of the history of atomic energy and to explain in layman’s terms certain technical aspects of atomic science essential to an understanding of the major problems occurring in the development of an atomic weapon. Early chapters describe the beginning of the Army’s atomic mission, including the formation of the Manhattan District, the first steps in acquiring the means to produce atomic weapons and the appointment of General Groves. Subsequent topical chapters trace the building and operation of the large-scale process plants for the production of fissionable materials; the administration of a broad range of support activities, such as security and community management; and the fabrication, testing, and combat employment of atomic bombs. A concluding section describes how the Army dealt with the difficult problems arising during its unexpectedly prolonged postwar trusteeship of the project until December 1946, when the newly created civilian agency – the United States Atomic Energy Commission – assumed responsibility for atomic energy matters.

Postcards From Last Summer

With the gray dusting the sides of his head and the skinny reading glasses, he
seemed suddenly old, but then he'd been working so hard this summer, staying
behind in Manhattan to defend an African American man who'd been blatantly ...

Postcards From Last Summer

Author: Roz Bailey

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 161773389X

Page: 560

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Darcy, Tara and Lindsay are the best of friends who reconnect every summer for a few weeks of catching up and living easy. The summertime is anything but boring for these three strong women who indulge in the best of what's in season: romance, excitement and the time of their lives.

Summer in the City

... 202 Lower Manhattan Expressway, 141, 143–145 Lower Manhattan Plan, 154
Lowery, Robert O., 13, 69–70, 117 Madison Avenue, 150, 183 management, viii,
xi; analysts recruited for, 116–117, 128–131; and cost-effectiveness, 109, 115, ...

Summer in the City

Author: Joseph P. Viteritti

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421412632

Page: 304

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Summer in the City takes a clear look at John Lindsay’s tenure as mayor of New York City during the tumultuous 1960s, when President Lyndon Johnson launched his ambitious Great Society Program. Providing an even-handed reassessment of Lindsay’s legacy and the policies of the period, the essays in this volume skillfully dissect his kaleidoscope of progressive ideas and approach to leadership—all set in a perfect storm of huge demographic changes, growing fiscal stress, and an unprecedented commitment by the federal government to attain a more equal society. Compelling archival photos and a timeline give readers a window into the mythic 1960s, a period animated by civil rights marches, demands for black power, antiwar demonstrations, and a heroic intergovernmental effort to redistribute national resources more evenly. Written by prize-winning authors and leading scholars, each chapter covers a distinct aspect of Lindsay’s mayoralty (politics, race relations, finance, public management, architecture, economic development, and the arts), while Joseph P. Viteritti’s introductory and concluding essays offer an honest and nuanced portrait of Lindsay and the prospects for shaping more balanced public priorities as New York City ushers in a new era of progressive leadership. The volume’s sharp focus on the controversies of the Mad Men era will appeal not only to older readers who witnessed its explosive events, but also to younger readers eager for a deeper understanding of the time. A progressive Republican with bold ideals and a fervent belief in the American Dream, Lindsay strove to harness the driving forces of modernization, democratization, acculturation, inclusion, growth, and social justice in ways that will inform our thinking about the future of the city. Contributors: Lizabeth Cohen, Paul Goldberger, Brian Goldstein, Geoffrey Kabaservice, Mariana Mogilevich, Charles R. Morris, David Rogers, Clarence Taylor, and Joseph P. Viteritti

Summer in New York

Back in their hotel room in Manhattan now, I'm sure my parents must feel
bombarded with memories after seeing places like the catering hall on Eastern
Parkway where they were married – it's been the First Baptist Church for as long
as I can ...

Summer in New York


Publisher: Richard Grayson

ISBN: 110564183X


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The Girl s Guide to Summer

Boys, best friends and a summer spent backpacking around Europe... What could possibly go wrong? The perfect holiday read from bestselling YA author, Sarah Mlynowski.

The Girl s Guide to Summer

Author: Sarah Mlynowski

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408343878

Page: 320

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Boys, best friends and a summer spent backpacking around Europe... What could possibly go wrong? The perfect holiday read from bestselling YA author, Sarah Mlynowski. Sydney Aarons is leaving her Manhattan townhouse for a summer backpacking around Europe with her best friend, Leela. They're visiting London, France, Italy, Switzerland and everywhere in between - it's going to be the trip of a lifetime. BUT... The trip gets off to a bad start when Leela's ex-boyfriend shows up on their flight out of JFK. When they touch down in London, Leela Instagrams their every move in the hope Matt will come and find them... Which he does, along with the most gorgeous guy Sydney has ever seen. Will Sydney's summer fling last the distance? And what will happen when they all head home?

Charles Ives

... New Haven, CT 1898 summer CEI moves to Manhattan and begins working at
Mutual Life Insurance summer CEI organist and choir director at Bloomfield
Presbyterian Church, Bloomfield, NJ, until April 1900: position may have begun
on ...

Charles Ives

Author: Gayle Sherwood Magee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135847169

Page: 288

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This research guide provides detailed information on over one thousand publications and websites concerning the American composer Charles Ives. With informative annotations and nearly two hundred new entries, this greatly expanded, updated, and revised guide offers a key survey of the field for interested readers and experienced researchers alike.

Black and White Manhattan

... the Algonquian-speaking Lenape (or Delaware) who roamed the river valley
that extends through present-day New Jersey, Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania,
and southeastern New York, the Wappinger migrated to Manhattan each summer
, ...

Black and White Manhattan

Author: Thelma Wills Foote

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198037033

Page: 344

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Race first emerged as an important ingredient of New York City's melting pot when it was known as New Amsterdam and was a fledgling colonial outpost on the North American frontier. Thelma Wills Foote details the arrival of the first immigrants, including African slaves, and traces encounters between the town's inhabitants of African, European, and Native American descent, showing how racial domination became key to the building of the settler colony at the tip of Manhattan Island. During the colonial era, the art of governing the city's diverse and factious population, Foote reveals, involved the subordination of confessional, linguistic, and social antagonisms to binary racial difference. Foote investigates everyday formations of race in slaveowning households, on the colonial city's streets, at its docks, taverns, and marketplaces, and in the adjacent farming districts. Even though the northern colonial port town afforded a space for black resistance, that setting did not, Foote argues, effectively undermine the city's institution of black slavery. This history of New York City demonstrates that the process of racial formation and the mechanisms of racial domination were central to the northern colonial experience and to the founding of the United States.


Tottenville had also become a tourist destination for day visitors and summer
vacationers from the city (Manhattan) and New Jersey. Bay Cliff Park at the foot of
Amboy Road had a hotel and lake and could be reached by public transportation


Author: Tottenville Historical Society

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1439639132

Page: 128

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Tottenville, located at the southernmost point in New York State, has long been considered the forgotten town in the forgotten borough of New York City. The area was first populated in the 1600s by the Lenni Lenape Indians who summered on its shores, assured of a bountiful harvest from the sea. Bordered on three sides by water, the town had its roots in the oyster fishing, shipbuilding, and ship repair industries and grew rapidly. The Verrazano Bridge, opened in the 1960s, connected Staten Island to Brooklyn and caused a building boom island-wide. Despite the tremendous growth in population, Tottenville retains its small-town feel and offers residents an oasis from big city life in the form of a welcoming and tight-knit community.

Revolutionary Summer

Another intelligence report a few days later predicted coordinated attacks on
Long Island and the northern tip of Manhattan. Although one of the cardinal
principles of military tactics was never to divide your army in the face of a superior
force, ...

Revolutionary Summer

Author: Joseph J. Ellis

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0385349629

Page: 240

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A distinctive portrait of the crescendo moment in American history from the Pulitzer-winning American historian, Joseph Ellis. The summer months of 1776 witnessed the most consequential events in the story of our country’s founding. While the thirteen colonies came together and agreed to secede from the British Empire, the British were dispatching the largest armada ever to cross the Atlantic to crush the rebellion in the cradle. The Continental Congress and the Continental Army were forced to make decisions on the run, improvising as history congealed around them. In a brilliant and seamless narrative, Ellis meticulously examines the most influential figures in this propitious moment, including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Britain’s Admiral Lord Richard and General William Howe. He weaves together the political and military experiences as two sides of a single story, and shows how events on one front influenced outcomes on the other. Revolutionary Summer tells an old story in a new way, with a freshness at once colorful and compelling.

The Manhattan Diet

Igot the idea for The Manhattan Diet in the summer of 2009 after reading a story
in the New YorkTimes comparing the overweight and obesity rates of the five
boroughs that makeup New YorkCity: Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island,

The Manhattan Diet

Author: Eileen Daspin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 178206169X

Page: 272

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How do Manhattan women remain so stunningly svelte, despite the fact that New York has more top restaurants than any other city on the planet, not to mention a bagel bar or pizzeria on nearly every corner? They eat out often, indulge in all types of cuisine and even sneak in junk food, but manage to stay trim and toned nonetheless. So what's their secret? Now you can learn to eat, lose weight and live your life the way chic New Yorkers do - and enjoy the same fabulous results. Manhattan insider Eileen Daspin reveals what real New York women - including celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour and Tina Fey - really think about dieting and how they shop for food, cook, order in restaurants, eat, cheat, and splurge. Discover their eating secrets and waist-trimming tips, plus a detailed weight-loss program and 28-day eating plan that will fit easily into your personal lifestyle. Along with wisdom from leading nutritionists, tips from celebrity trainers and recipes by New York's most celebrated chefs, The Manhattan Diet gives you everything you need for a slim and stylish life - wherever you live.

Forever One Summer

There were plenty of girls as well from Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and a few
from the town of Lake Mohegan. There was Eileen, Cookie and Edna, (funny
there was a guy whose nickname was Cookie and now also a girl),Judy, Barbara,

Forever One Summer

Author: George M. Leon

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469114097

Page: 110

View: 907

This is a love story based on events that occurred in my life more than fifty years ago. Some of the names have been changed, and some events may have been diminished or embellished while recalling things that happened when writing the story. The story is a based on recollections of actual experiences I had. It is a story filled with discovery, joy, and the innocence of teenage years back in the fiftys. It also shows how those years became the building blocks of a lifetime. The motivation for writing this came from an extraordinary thing that happened to me in the Spring of 2006 that stirred my memory and caused me to recall with clarity what I had so long ago buried in my subconscious mind. I met a person who became a good friend, but more importantly she reawakened everything I had discovered in that one magical summer back in 1954. Looking back as an adult fifty years later made me realize that there is symmetry in life, but many people never take the time to see it. This all started for me when we returned from our Winter Condo in Boca Raton, Florida in April of 2006. As per my usual morning routine, I continued to awaken early and go over to Starbucks to sit and have my morning cup of Decaf Americano. Id sit there and read the Daily News, or the New York Times, and chat with some fascinating people I had met whod become friends in the several years since I retired. One particular April morning I came in and they had a new person in charge of the morning shift working there. From the moment I saw her I could not stop looking at her. There was something instantly so familiar about her, but I wasnt able to see exactly what it was initially. When I made the connection with what it was it hit me like a ton of bricks. After we were introduced we began chatting briefly, but the more we made small talk, the less I actually heard what she was saying as memories of my past flooded back. All of a sudden I was fifteen years old again. I knew then I had to sit down and somehow get this written. I also knew I would at some point; have to share this amazing story with her if or when I got to know her better. It was interesting recalling my early childhood, and the events that brought me to that wonderful summer of discovery, and falling in love for what I believed then to be the first and last time in my life. That summer held some of the keys to the person I would become as I grew up, and dealt with life at all ages.