Supernatural Favor

The story of a child, Benjamin Arthur Christian, who innocently and unceasingly prays to become friends with his guardian angel.

Supernatural Favor

Author: The Angelic Publishing Company


ISBN: 9780998514505


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The story of a child, Benjamin Arthur Christian, who innocently and unceasingly prays to become friends with his guardian angel. Surprisingly God grants his request. As their relationship develops the boy discovers he and his angel are somehow related, which means he could be of demonic descent as his guardian is one of the fallen angels who through fornication was partially responsible for producing a forbidden giant race known as the Nephilim; the unholy creatures which were part human and part celestial. Christian realizes that no matter how much he loves God that his soul could be in jeopardy. In his devastation he questions God for allowing this to happen. Will he turn his back on his angel? Will God be forced to destroy this fallen angels blood line? What will Christian do in his relentless pursuit of God's supernatural favor? Written as a Christian alternative to 'Harry Potter'. Be prepared to witness the unstoppable powers of God!

The Blessing of Favor

McVeigh combines biblical truths with her own personal experiences to illustrate how God's favor dramatically changed her life and the lives of others.

The Blessing of Favor

Author: Kate McVeigh

Publisher: Harrison House Publishers

ISBN: 1577944283

Page: 136

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McVeigh combines biblical truths with her own personal experiences to illustrate how God's favor dramatically changed her life and the lives of others. She reveals the meaning of God's supernatural favor and how to expect it to operate in every area of readers' lives, including relationships, job, school, finances, and ministry. Scriptural prayers are included to help readers begin to experience God's favor in their own lives.

Supernatural Favor

When I was a 6yearold singing that lovely song in church, I was actually
proclaiming the supernatural favor and blessing of God over my own life and didn
't even realize it. In the Abrahamic covenant was an ancient mystery that could
unlock ...

Supernatural Favor

Author: Kynan Bridges

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768484650

Page: 208

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You are favored by God! Financial miracles. Supernatural multiplication. Divine promotion. These blessings should be normal—not the exception—for every single Christian. This includes you! Sadly, too many believers are working for God’s favor when Jesus has already provided it. The cross is proof that you are favored by God. Pastor Kynan Bridges provides a solid, Biblical understanding of what it means to confidently walk in God’s supernatural favor… every day of your life. Receive vital keys enabling you to successfully live out this lifestyle of favor, such as: • Recognizing what supernatural favor looks like and learning how to walk in it • Activating the Blessing of Abraham in your life • Experiencing a downpour of God’s unlimited supply • Living in the overflow of abundant blessing so you can share it with others Wherever you are in life, get ready to experience a miraculous shift in your finances, health, marriage, and calling as you start walking in God’s supernatural favor.

Supernatural Favor

thank you that your favor is going to cause these people to start treating me well.”
If you are struggling financially, say something such as, “Father, I thank you that
you're causing me to be at the right place at the right time. You are bringing ...

Supernatural Favor

Author: Prophet Yannick K Bopda

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 1478747218

Page: 120

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The book-title Supernatural Favor is classified into a religion/inspirational category. The book speaks of the Author “Prophet Yannick K. Bopda” abundance that shifted into hardships, struggles and persecutions.Furthermore, the content of the book highly portray a survival method the author adopted in order to not be weary of the trials and bruises he received while being heavily persecuted in prison for two and half years. In response to his mistakes, he endured overwhelming quantities of rejections, disrespects and insults from church, friend and family members as a form of retaliation. Nonetheless, by meditated upon the written words of God in the Bible day and night he was able to stand his ground, overcome his tribulations, waxed strong in faith, became an intellectual, talented, humble and successful man of God today. The book will teach you how to evoke the Supernatural Favor of God to flowing upon your life with a great overflow. Supernatural Favor is also available online through Outskirts Press at The book is sold through Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble for a maximum trade discount in quantities of 10 or more, and is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the religion, inspirational and survival categories. the author craftily combines inspiration/spiritual growth in this book to help you overcome obstacles that may hinder your experience of a fulfilled destiny and can be used as an educational tool for the mass population to spread God’s unique word through out the world. Prophet Yannick K. Bopda is available for interviews, appearances, booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings. For more information about Supernatural Favor, visit the book page at the author’s webpage,

A Prayer for Supernatural Favor

Give me SUPERnatural favor...UNLlMlTED blessings. Give me favor with You,
God, and favor with man. Bless all that I say and do. Make me the head and not
the tail. Bless me as I go in and come out. Bless where I am now and enlarge it, ...

A Prayer for Supernatural Favor

Author: Kentrell M. Liddell M. D.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466907983

Page: 24

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A new Christian quickly learns that there are so many ways to pray: sitting down, kneeling, lying face down, standing, eyes closed, eyes opened, hands stretched wide towards heaven, hands clasped, head bowed. There are so many places to pray: at an altar, in the car, on the bus, in the kitchen, on the commode, at church, at sporting events. And both lists go on and on. Perhaps the most complicated decision that a person who is just learning how to pray has to make is what words to say. It is my hope and prayer that this book will help. It teaches the mnemonic ACTS, which stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication, four phases of one effective prayer model to communicate and to commune with God, and it ends with a very powerful prayer to God for supernatural favor that has been proven to activate God when prayed in sincerity with faith.

Unmerited Favor

Teaches that God's definition of success can be very different from what humans expect, and that Christ will help those who believe to succeed in their own lives and in furthering the kingdom of God.

Unmerited Favor

Author: Joseph Prince

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1616385898

Page: 352

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Teaches that God's definition of success can be very different from what humans expect, and that Christ will help those who believe to succeed in their own lives and in furthering the kingdom of God.

Supernatural Business

have favor with God and man. This favor is vital when God is using you to build a
supernatural business. Throughout biblical history God used this methodology ...

Supernatural Business

Author: Mike Floyd

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 088419972X

Page: 96

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Whether it's a cottage industry, a family farm or a Fortune 500 company... If you're ready to make your business super-successful, using spiritual principles, you must read, re-read and then refer your friends to this brilliantly insightful, power-packed book. Mike Floyd is a close friend. Mike did what he says and shows you how you can too. You'll love it. -Mark Victor Hansen Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul� A Supernatural Business Will Succeed Regardless of Economic Trends Even if dark clouds fill the economic sky, Mike Floyd contends that any business founded on the spiritual principles found in the Bible will not only survive, but will prosper-becoming a supernatural business. Floyd has been successful in business for nearly thirty years and has seen the markets come and go. However, as he has practiced the principles of God's Word, he has succeeded as a businessman. And now he shares what he has learned. You, too, can have a supernatural business! About the author: Mike Floyd has been an entrepreneur since childhood and has seen God bless his business ventures from the beginning. He attributes his early success to faithful adherence to biblical principles his mother taught him. After serving a stint in the Air Force, he went to work in the aerospace industry and quickly began climbing the ladder of success. However, God had different plans. Mike left the corporate world and began a business with his wife, Donna, based upon the truth that if God speaks it, it will happen. While there have been challenges, the overwhelming success of their business demonstrates that God wants His children to prosper in business.

You Were Created for Greatness

Yes, favor is all around you, and now you will learn the keys to unlock the favor,
and have it work for you and not ... There will be many practical steps you can do
on your own to obtain a small degree of favor, but supernatural favor will be what

You Were Created for Greatness

Author: Cj Small

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1606474545

Page: 200

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You were created for great things! Yes, you! You have picked the right book, at the right time, so you can live an extraordinary life. Whether you have a desire to own your own business, be a great employee, be in full time ministry, or become a great stay home mom, your season to accomplish something great and live the great life God has in store for you is now. In this book, "You Were Created for Greatness," you will learn the 12 steps that will help transform your life.You will also learn: To embrace your God given dream!To release your hidden potential! To focus on your "one great thing!"To overcome 3 major obstacles in your life and more!Yes, you were created for great things! Your Creator wants you to have a great marriage, a great job, a great ministry, great health, great finances, and more! It is time to release His greatness so you can glorify Him! CJ Small is a Christian Motivational Speaker, Author, and Minister that lives to encourage others to live life to the fullest. CJ resides in Plano, Texas with his best friend and wife, Ida Small, and is the father of four wonderful children.

Prayers that Activate Blessings

John Eckhardt shows you how to move from the mundane into the supernatural favor of God. The key is simply asking.

Prayers that Activate Blessings

Author: John Eckhardt

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1616383704

Page: 115

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Are you frustrated with your life? Are you struggling to find breakthrough and feeling like you are just spinning your wheels?

F B I Favor Blessing Increase

... way: “to impart supernatural favor” on your life. The word blessing is defined as
the empowerment to be successful. It is God imparting a supernatural enabling
into your life. It means to walk in God's abundant harvest with an uncanny ability ...

F B I   Favor  Blessing  Increase

Author: Barbara Bryant

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 1490813225

Page: 150

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F.B.I. Favor, Blessing, Increase It’s never too late to experience the blessing of favor. The good news is that you can experience favor right now. It’s your inheritance. In this powerful book, Barbara Bryant draws us to the truth of God’s Word. Her writing is packed with spiritual tools to help you step into blessings, live in favor, and receive continuous increase in your life. Discover in FBI the keys to unlock promotion, prosperity and the promises of God. God has a new beginning in store for you, and it begins with FBI: Favor, Blessing, Increase. What Others are Saying... Barbara Bryant is a profound woman of God. FBI will be a significant factor in changing people's lives. Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. Chief Apostle, Church of God in Christ, Inc. Intense, glowing, insightful and powerful is FBI. This book is life changing and will be a blessing to everyone who takes time to enjoy it. Thank you Barbara Bryant for reminding us not to quit because God's best awaits us. Bishop J. W. Macklin Second Assistant Presiding Bishop, Church of God in Christ, Inc. Barbara Bryant has penned a succinct and comprehensive guide for living the FBI lifestyle. Your thirst for His presence will be intensified. Your witness to a ripe and troubled harvest will be accelerated. This book is a must read! Dr Barbara McCoo Lewis Assistant General Supervisor Department of Women Church of God in Christ

The Favor of God

SUPERNATURAL. FAVOR. FOR. OUR. TIME. October 1970 Shreveport,
Louisiana On the final day of the conference at Carolyn's home church, the two of
us were seated near the front of theauditorium, onlysteps away from Kenneth
Copeland ...

The Favor of God

Author: Jerry Savelle

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441268650

Page: 224

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The grace of God is often referred to as unmerited favor. In fact, the very meaning of grace is favor. In this extraordinary book written at a time when people need God's favor more than ever, Jerry Savelle shows how the favor of God is not only available to the believer, but also promised. Drawing from his own experience and his deep knowledge of the Scriptures, Dr. Savelle explains how to actively walk and grow in divine favor, and by doing so enjoy the practical as well as the supernatural benefits for such a time as this, when many are living in fear and uncertainty. The Favor of God will not just inspire readers. By God's grace and favor, it will empower them.

Positioned for Prosperity

In this book, Joshua Mills will provide you with keys that will open up opportunities for you to experience God's blessing, supernatural favor and exponential increase in your life! Are you ready to be positioned for prosperity?

Positioned for Prosperity

Author: Joshua Mills

Publisher: New Wine International

ISBN: 9780983078920

Page: 208

View: 464

We must let go of our poverty so that we can grab hold of God's prosperity! We must let go of our pain so that we can obtain God's peace. We must let go of old mindsets so that we can become God-minded in our understanding of Kingdom economics. With over 650 scriptures, Positioned for Prosperity contains supernatural revelation that will cause you to move towards activation in order to produce a manifestation of God's ultimate prosperity in your life! Don't let anything hold you back any longer! In this book, Joshua Mills will provide you with keys that will open up opportunities for you to experience God's blessing, supernatural favor and exponential increase in your life! Are you ready to be positioned for prosperity?

Theological Dictionary of Rabbinic Judaism Principal theological categories

Zekhut: the empowerment of a supernatural character that derives from the virtue
of one's ancestry or from one's own ... of a supererogatory character — to which
Heaven responds by deeds of a supererogatory character: supernatural favor to ...

Theological Dictionary of Rabbinic Judaism  Principal theological categories

Author: Jacob Neusner

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761830290

Page: 273

View: 900

Rabbinic theological language has made possible a vast range of discourse, on many subjects over long spans of recorded time and in diverse cultural settings. This theological dictionary defines the principal theological usages of Rabbinic Judaism as set forth in the Rabbinic canon of late antiquity, Mishnah, Talmuds, and Midrash-compilations. It systematically lays [1] the theological categories that are native to those writings; [2] cogent statements that can be made with them; [3] coherent propositions that those statements set forth and (within their own terms and framework) logically demonstrate as true and self-evident, both. Volume One of this dictionary covers vocabulary that permits the classification of religious knowledge and experience, and the organization and categorization of those data into intelligible and cogent sense-units. Volume Two shows how these classifications combine and recombine in sentences. We may deem these rules of theological discourse concerning religious experience to be the counterpart of syntax which words combine (or do not combine) with which other words, in what inflection or signaled relationship, and why. Volume Three shows how the theology accomplishes its goals of analysis, explanation, and anticipation in order to make sense of and impose meaning upon a subject. That marks the point at which constructive theology commences and systematic theology will find its language.

Human Sacrifice and the Supernatural in African History

Thus a sacrificial victim is killed as an offer to a deity in exchange for some divine/
supernatural favor. On the other hand, in non-sacrificial killings, the so-called “
medicine murders” people have been killed in order to access and use their “vital

Human Sacrifice and the Supernatural in African History

Author: Mbogoni, Lawrence E.Y.

Publisher: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers

ISBN: 9987082424

Page: 270

View: 500

Since time immemorial, human beings the world over have sought answers to the vexing questions of their origins, sickness, death and after death; the meaning of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, eclipses of the sun and moon, birth of twins etc. and how to protect themselves from such mysterious events. They invented God and gods and the occult sciences (witch craft, divination and soothsaying) in order to seek the protection of supernatural powers while individuals used them to gain power to dominate others and to accumulate wealth. Human sacrifice was one way in which they sought to expiate the gods for what they believed were punishments for their transgressions. One example, the Ghana Asante Kingdom's very origins are associated with human sacrifice. On the eve of war against Denkyira, individuals volunteered themselves to be sacrificed in order to guarantee victory. Later, human sacrifice in Asante was mainly politically motivated as kings and religious leaders offered human sacrifice in remembrance of their ancestral spirits and to seek their protection against their enemies. The Asante Kingdom is one of several examples included in this study of human sacrifice and ritual killing on the African continent. Case studies include practices in Sierra Leone, Tanzania (Mainland), Zanzibar, Uganda and Swaziland. Advertisements relating to the occult was a common feature of Drum magazine, the popular South African magazine in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa in late years of colonial and early years of postcolonial periods, indicating a wide belief in these practices among the people in these countries? Each case examined is introduced by an expose of folklore that puts in perspective beliefs in the supernatural and how folklore continues to perpetuate them. Through careful study of these select cases, this book highlights general features of human sacrifice which recur with striking uniformity in all parts of sub Saharan Africa, and why they persist until today. He draws upon extensive written sources to expose these practices in other cultures including those in Western societies.

Brownson s Quarterly Review

The cure of the child took place without convalescence , in an entirely
supernatural manner . ... Why our Lady should seek a special shrine at
Massabielle , or why she should favor one spot , or grant her favors at one spot
more than at another ...

Brownson s Quarterly Review





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It must not , however , be supposed because we single out this case , that we
recognize no supernatural intervention in the ... Why our Lady should seek a
special shrine at Massabielle , or why she should favor one spot , or grant her
favors at ...


Author: Orestes Augustus Brownson




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The Secret Power of God s Favour

Before God does anything; He proclaims it! His WORD does not return to Him empty.It accomplishes God's purpose. God is about to manifest His FAVOR in your life like never before. That's why this book is in your hands.

The Secret Power of God   s Favour

Author: Dr. Ephiel Mukamuri

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532096100

Page: 112

View: 502

Before God does anything; He proclaims it! His WORD does not return to Him empty.It accomplishes God's purpose. God is about to manifest His FAVOR in your life like never before. That's why this book is in your hands. Prayerfully read it; and receive it like seed in the good soil of your born again spirit.You will harvest God's SUPERNATURAL FAVOR in Jesus' Name. The saying is true that A DAY OF GOD'S FAVOR IS GREATER THAN a 1000 DAYS OF LABOUR!

The Collected Works of St Teresa of Avila vol 3

her in such a way that the experience was clearly seen to be a supernatural favor
from our Lord, as will be said later, so that all might praise Him. 7. May You be
blessed forever and ever, my God, for within a moment You undo a soul and ...

The Collected Works of St  Teresa of Avila  vol 3

Author: Saint Teresa of Avila

Publisher: ICS Publications

ISBN: 0935216065

Page: 482

View: 502

This book contains Book of Her Foundations and Minor Works. Includes general and biblical index. In 1573, while staying in Salamanca to assist her nuns in the task of establishing one of her seventeen monasteries, Teresa began composing the story of their foundation. The Book of Her Foundations comprises the major portion of Volume Three. This book not only tells the story of the establishment of her monasteries but, characteristic of Teresa, digresses into counsels on prayer, love, melancholy, virtuous living and dying, plus other teachings of the Mother Foundress. This book also has an excellent introduction, chronology, and map of Teresa's foundations and journeys. Five of her brief works, including her poetry, complete ICS Publications' third volume of her Collected Works. Includes general and biblical index.

Unleashing the Force of Favor

I believe in God , pray and go to church , but I just never experience that kind of
favor . ” Why don ' t they ... You will see the supernatural favor of God manifest in
your life when you believe for His supernatural favor . If your relationship with
your ...

Unleashing the Force of Favor

Author: Duane Vander Klok

Publisher: Chosen Books

ISBN: 9780800793982

Page: 144

View: 867

Unique, Biblical Take on God's Supernatural Blessing of Favor God's children have access to something amazing, says Pastor Duane Vander Klok, but many of us are living without it. What is it? It is God's favor--the "I'm for you!" declaration of God, his poured-out goodness. This favor is the special gifting that leads to dramatic change in the believer's life--and also blesses others. In this newly repackaged edition, Pastor Duane teaches how easy it is to enjoy the supernatural favor of God. Through biblical examples and powerful personal experience, he shows that God wants his people to live in his favor every single day. Once we are set free to receive God's goodness, we can watch with anticipation as his many promises for our lives come true.

God the Teacher of Mankind

Supernatural Favors proclaim the Real Presence . If we pray to Jesus Christ in
the Blessed Sacrament and obtain the favors we ask , it is a clear proof that Jesus
is there present , for no favor can come from a piece of bread . Now there are , on

God the Teacher of Mankind

Author: Michael Müller




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