Taking the Group Seriously

Using the author's practical group experience and including the latest ideas on the subject, this volume will be of interest to all those working in the field of psychoanalysis.

Taking the Group Seriously

Author: Farhad Dalal

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1846422248

Page: 240

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In this critique and extension of the work of S.H.Foulkes, Farhad Dalal presents a thorough contemporary appraisal of the theory of group analysis and its relevance to psychoanalysis as a whole. The author argues that Foulkes failed to develop a specific set of group concepts, relying instead on the traditional individualistic framework of Freud. The book explores why Foulkes failed to escape from the orthodox mother-infant paradigm and offers a new post-Foulkesian interpretation of group analytic theory. Taking the Group Seriously is divided into six parts which trace the history of ideas behind group work, and draws on a wide range of subjects to support its thesis: not only psychoanalysis and group analysis, but also sociology, biology, chaos theory, genetics, economics, game theory and discourse theory. Using the author's practical group experience and including the latest ideas on the subject, this volume will be of interest to all those working in the field of psychoanalysis.

Taking Suffering Seriously

TAKING SUFFERING SERIOUSLY Is there a "third way," between liberalism and
Marxism, toward a world that takes suffering seriously — with decisions ... For
example, a group of "personalists" in France during the Nazi occupation, drafted
a ...

Taking Suffering Seriously

Author: William F. Felice

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791430613

Page: 253

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Examines the evolution of collective human rights in international relations and argues that the concept of human rights must integrate group rights based on race/ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality.

Taking Children Seriously

PART || Taking Groups Seriously 'The meeting of . . . personalities is like the
contact of . . . chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.'
C. G. Jung Part III: Groups Therapeutic group work has unrealized potential in
Part ...

Taking Children Seriously

Author: Steve Decker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 0826433286

Page: 288

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In times of great change and development in the education system, those children who experience difficulties in school because they are emotionally troubled are particularly vulnerable. Increasingly, schools are under pressure to produce results which appear good in the public domain, and so can feel forced to spend money on activities designed to enhance public reputation, consequently neglecting those pupils who are difficult to teach because they are emotionally disturbed. Taking Children Seriously has been written by those trained and working in this field to provide insights into how to apply ideas and theories taken from psychotherapy and counselling to the context of education. The authors demonstrate to practising teachers approaches for working with feelings in the classroom and provide ideas which schools may wish to consider to supplement their present work with special needs pupils. Steve Decker is a Chartered Psychologist and Head of Counselling Division at Anglia Polytechnic University. Sandy Kirby is a counsellor and Professional Tutor at a London comprehensive. Angela Greenwood is an educational therapist and special needs co-ordinator who has worked in Britain and Zambia in the primary and pre-school sectors. Dudley Moore is a counsellor and former headteacher of a special school. All four editors are founders of the Counselling and Therapy Service for Schools.

Taking the Environment Seriously

Finally, environmental groups do not want the system to change. A major role of
environmental groups is to lobby Congress and state legislatures to set rules.
Common law courts have little interest in environmental groups' thoughts or
election ...

Taking the Environment Seriously

Author: Roger E. Meiners

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780847680542

Page: 270

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The authors provide a well-equipped team to address the complex legal and economic issues involved in environmental issues. The editors have selected an outstanding panel of like-minded specialists to provide both perspective and depth to their search for 'what works' rather than what merely sounds concerned.

Taking Sudoku Seriously

(To be precise, there is a bit more involved in the notion of a group action, but we
have no wish to burden you with another technical definition.) The problem of
counting the number of orbits in a group action arises frequently, and there is a ...

Taking Sudoku Seriously

Author: Jason Rosenhouse

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199913153

Page: 226

View: 377

Packed with more than a hundred color illustrations and a wide variety of puzzles and brainteasers, Taking Sudoku Seriously uses this popular craze as the starting point for a fun-filled introduction to higher mathematics. How many Sudoku solution squares are there? What shapes other than three-by-three blocks can serve as acceptable Sudoku regions? What is the fewest number of starting clues a sound Sudoku puzzle can have? Does solving Sudoku require mathematics? Jason Rosenhouse and Laura Taalman show that answering these questions opens the door to a wealth of interesting mathematics. Indeed, they show that Sudoku puzzles and their variants are a gateway into mathematical thinking generally. Among many topics, the authors look at the notion of a Latin square--an object of long-standing interest to mathematicians--of which Sudoku squares are a special case; discuss how one finds interesting Sudoku puzzles; explore the connections between Sudoku, graph theory, and polynomials; and consider Sudoku extremes, including puzzles with the maximal number of vacant regions, with the minimal number of starting clues, and numerous others. The book concludes with a gallery of novel Sudoku variations--just pure solving fun! Most of the puzzles are original to this volume, and all solutions to the puzzles appear in the back of the book or in the text itself. A math book and a puzzle book, Taking Sudoku Seriously will change the way readers look at Sudoku and mathematics, serving both as an introduction to mathematics for puzzle fans and as an exploration of the intricacies of Sudoku for mathematics buffs.

Taking Rights Seriously

The majority — those not from the designated minority groups - were first
screened so as to eliminate all applicants whose ... Minority-group applications,
on the other hand, were not screened; each received the most careful
consideration by a ...

Taking Rights Seriously

Author: Ronald Dworkin

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674867116

Page: 371

View: 636

What is law? What is it for? How should judges decide novel cases when the statutes and earlier decisions provide no clear answer? Do judges make up new law in such cases, or is there some higher law in which they discover the correct answer? Must everyone always obey the law? If not, when is a citizen morally free to disobey? A renowned philosopher enters the debate surrounding these questions. Clearly and forcefully, Ronald Dworkin argues against the “ruling” theory in Anglo-American law—legal positivism and economic utilitarianism—and asserts that individuals have legal rights beyond those explicitly laid down and that they have political and moral rights against the state that are prior to the welfare of the majority. Mr. Dworkin criticizes in detail the legal positivists' theory of legal rights, particularly H.L.A. Hart's well-known version of it. He then develops a new theory of adjudication, and applies it to the central and politically important issue of cases in which the Supreme Court interprets and applies the Constitution. Through an analysis of John Rawls's theory of justice, he argues that fundamental among political rights is the right of each individual to the equal respect and concern of those who govern him. He offers a theory of compliance with the law designed not simply to answer theoretical questions about civil disobedience, but to function as a guide for citizens and officials. Finally, Professor Dworkin considers the right to liberty, often thought to rival and even pre-empt the fundamental right to equality. He argues that distinct individual liberties do exist, but that they derive, not from some abstract right to liberty as such, but from the right to equal concern and respect itself. He thus denies that liberty and equality are conflicting ideals. Ronald Dworkin's theory of law and the moral conception of individual rights that underlies it have already made him one of the most influential philosophers working in this area. This is the first publication of these ideas in book form.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy

London & Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Dalal, F. (1998). Taking the
group seriously. Towards a post-foulkesian group analytic theory. International
Library of Group Analysis 5. London & Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy

Author: Jeffrey L. Kleinberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119979978

Page: 728

View: 943

A user-friendly guide of best practice for leading groups in various settings and with different populations, which incorporates the latest developments in today's mental health marketplace. Features multiple theoretical perspectives and guidelines for running groups for diverse populations, in the US and worldwide Offers modern approaches and practical suggestions in a user-friendly and jargon-free style, with many clinical examples Includes a major component on resiliency and trauma relief work, and explores its impact on clinicians Accompanied by an online resource featuring discussions of psychotherapeutic techniques in practice

Taking Ethno Cultural Diversity Seriously in Constitutional Design

... African states reflects in important ways the political saliency of prevailing
ethnic diversity and the particular attachment or regard that individuals ordinarily
have for their group membership. This chapter has two objectives. As the
introductory ...

Taking Ethno Cultural Diversity Seriously in Constitutional Design

Author: Solomon A. Dersso

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9004235531

Page: 280

View: 872

Using a legal and multidisciplinary approach towards empirical and prescriptive analysis of contemporary minority rights standards, this book defends and elaborates a robust minority rights framework for articulating a constitutional design responsive to the claims of ethno-cultural groups in Africa.

Simulating the Mind

This paper argues that in order to progress we need to start “taking the group
seriously” [13] and utilize psychoanalytic theories of group-level processes.
Furthermore, those currently using such psychoanalytic perspectives in a variety
of ...

Simulating the Mind

Author: Dietmar Dietrich

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3211094512

Page: 436

View: 477

Can psychoanalysis offer a new computer model? Can computer designers help psychoanalysts to understand their theory better?In contemporary publications human psyche is often related to neural networks. Why? The wiring in computers can also be related to application software. But does this really make sense? Artificial Intelligence has tried to implement functions of human psyche. The reached achievements are remarkable; however, the goal to get a functional model of the mental apparatus was not reached. Was the selected direction incorrect?The editors are convinced: yes, and they try to give answers here. If one accepts that the brain is an information processing system, then one also has to accept that computer theories can be applied to the brain’s functions, the human mental apparatus. The contributors of this book - Solms, Panksepp, Sloman and many others who are all experts in computer design, psychoanalysis and neurology are united in one goal: finding synergy in their interdisciplinary fields.

Taking Economic Social and Cultural Rights Seriously in International Criminal Law

International Crisis Group, Zimbabwe's Operation Murambatsvina: The Tipping
Point? (ICG, 2005), note 1. 2 Report of the Fact-Finding Mission to Zimbabwe to
Assess the Scope and Impact of Operation Murambatsvina, UN Special Envoy on

Taking Economic  Social and Cultural Rights Seriously in International Criminal Law

Author: Evelyne Schmid

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107063965

Page: 396

View: 129

Evelyne Schmid demonstrates how violations of economic, social and cultural rights can overlap with international crimes.

Taking Laughter Seriously

And if we are in a group and find that we are the only one laughing at something,
we will usually cover our mouth and stifle our laughter, at least until others join in.
This social aspect of laughter shows, too, in its contagiousness. Group laughter ...

Taking Laughter Seriously

Author: John Morreall

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780873956437

Page: 144

View: 374

Taking Flight With Creativity

We have worked on some teams that took small group development seriously.
Others assumed that because they met regularly and were all Christians, they'd
automatically take on the nature of a small group. This is not necessarily the case

Taking Flight With Creativity

Author: Len Wilson

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 1426724543

Page: 188

View: 776

Pastors and church leaders in many congregations have attempted to form teams for the purpose of planning, or designing, worship. Getting a group of people together in one room is fairly easy. But whether large or small church, staff or volunteer, most discover that it is difficult to form a team that actually works. Using the metaphor of early flight, this resource analyzes how to be a part of a worship design team that works. Major sections include discovering a strategic approach to worship, tips for team composition, a look at how to overcome a series of obstacles that frequently keep teams from finding success together, and some of the usual “mechanical difficulties” that keep teams grounded.

Time managed Group Psychotherapy

Some people seem determined to turn the entire group against them despite all
efforts of the therapist to mediate the process . And for some ... linked together .
Agreeing to join means taking the group work seriously , but The Beginning ...

Time managed Group Psychotherapy

Author: K. Roy MacKenzie

Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub

ISBN: 9780880488631

Page: 453

View: 798

The book provides new and experienced clinicians with generic models for the development of efficient and effective interactive groups able to deliver a wide variety of treatment options. It offers a comprehensive examination of the potential of group psychotherapy and an appreciation of time management in its utilization.

Emancipating Cultural Pluralism

Taking. Group. Harms. Seriously. Thomas. W. Simon. Ethnic groups have
become main actors on the international stage, and ethno violence has made its
way to the top of the international political agenda. Ethnic issues require political
action, ...

Emancipating Cultural Pluralism

Author: Cris E. Toffolo

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791487495

Page: 292

View: 459

Examines both the benign and harmful aspects of identity politics.

Taking Things Seriously

Eventually the group did make its way with horns in place across a busy
intersection , over an overpass , and then galloped sedately down a hill . All in all
, it was more of a group grope than a battle scene from Candide . MICHAEL
SMITH IT ' S ...

Taking Things Seriously

Author: Joshua Glenn

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 9781568986906

Page: 176

View: 519

Photographs and text explore the meaning, relevance, and significance of inanimate, ordinary objects that hold special value to the one who appreciates their unique and irreplaceable qualities.

Taking Wrongs Seriously

Furthermore , observations from dialogue series between representatives of
enemy groups in the presence of a neutral third party show that parties in conflict
cannot reach an agreement on making an apology , accepting it , and forgiving
the ...

Taking Wrongs Seriously

Author: Elazar Barkan

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804752251

Page: 335

View: 772

This multi-disciplinary collection examines the recent wave of political apologies for acts of past injustice.

Taking Faith Seriously

... riches and care for the poor.1 As these examples indicate, the Catholic
presence in American public life takes varied and often contradictory forms. ... My
own membership in the last group was part of my motivation for undertaking this

Taking Faith Seriously

Author: Mary Jo. Bane

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674020480

Page: 416

View: 460

Whether simply uneasy or downright hostile, the relation between religion and liberal democracy in this country has long been vexed and complex--and crucial to what America is and aspires to be. Amid increasingly contentious exchanges over fundamentalism, abortion rights, secularism, and pluralism, this book reminds us of the critical role that religion plays in the health and well-being of a democracy.