Taste the Wild

This is the stunning natural backdrop for recipes and short extracts from Charles Dickens, Margaret Atwood, Chris Czajkowski and Anne Michaels inspired by Canada's incredible landscapes.

Taste the Wild

Author: Lisa Nieschlag

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1760872202

Page: 192

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Who doesn't dream of leaving everyday life behind and really experiencing nature with an adventure in the wilderness... and a delicious campfire supper to round off a perfect day? Enjoy the beauty and stillness of breathtaking shots, taken on location in the National Parks of Vancouver and Banff, of the lakes, cascading waterfalls, rivers, canyons, mountains and deep, green, tranquil forests for which Canada is renowned. This is the stunning natural backdrop for recipes and short extracts from Charles Dickens, Margaret Atwood, Chris Czajkowski and Anne Michaels inspired by Canada's incredible landscapes. Whether it's fluffy blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, or tender salmon fillet on a cedarwood board, hearty campfire stew with craft beer or the unique national dish of Canada, poutine, these ingredients and recipes evoke bounty, simplicity, campfires and wilderness.

Taste the Wild Wonder

This is his first book. From the back cover Born of the ancient star remnants in our bones and nameless longings of the human heart, this poetry collection explores the firefly flicker of existence amidst the vast reaches of time and space.

Taste the Wild Wonder

Author: John Mark Green

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781725944541

Page: 104

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In Taste the Wild Wonder, fresh new poetic voice John Mark Green takes the reader on a transformative journey, awakening the heart to see the world with new eyes. This imaginative collection explores life, mortality, meaning, creativity, love, wonder, and nature, through the windows of 71 poems and 11 interior illustrations. These poems are infused with what the Japanese call yūgen - "a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe ... and the sad beauty of human suffering" (Benito Ortolani), and wabi-sabi - the beauty of impermanent, imperfect, and transient things. Since 2014, John Mark Green has grown a worldwide following for his poetry on social media. This is his first book. From the back cover Born of the ancient star remnants in our bones and nameless longings of the human heart, this poetry collection explores the firefly flicker of existence amidst the vast reaches of time and space. Capturing feelings of awe and aching beauty which stir the imagination, it illuminates our brief but glorious moment on life's stage. Imbued with the knowledge that everything we hold beautiful is inexorably slipping through our fingers, these poems are trail markers on a journey of awakening to the wild wonder which surrounds us, leading readers on a whirlwind tour of our place in the grand tapestry of nature, with a perspective which both dazzles and delights. Praise for Taste the Wild Wonder "John Mark Green writes with soul and weaves poetry from love and bones and fire. His new book is art and includes illustrations that complement the words beautifully." Jacob Nordby, author of Blessed Are the Weird - A Manifesto for Creatives

A Taste of Heritage

I just throw in a bunch of the roots because they taste so much like carrots . Wild
carrots really season the stew . Harvesting Wild Carrots Around here wild carrots
can be ready in June . The last part of June is probably the best time , but you ...

A Taste of Heritage

Author: Alma Hogan Snell

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803258992

Page: 218

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A collection of Crow recipes, age-old plant medicines and healing remedies. This work imparts the lore of ages along with the traditional Crow philosophy of healing and detailed practical advice for finding and harvesting plants.

A Taste of Naples

Wild arugula tastes intense, like an entire bowlful concentrated into a few small,
spindly leaves. Both wild and domestic arugula are important to Neapolitans. It is
found tucked into sandwiches and garnishes almost everything, especially ...

A Taste of Naples

Author: Marlena Spieler

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442251263

Page: 312

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Naples is an international and deeply traditional city, especially in its foodstyle and cuisine. Its mysteries reveal themselves the more you learn about it. Marlena Spieler takes readers on a vivid tour of this vibrant culinary culture with recipes and history, as well as an exploration of the dishes of holidays and celebrations.

Morel Tales

The taste of wild mushrooms derives in part from their “gatheredness”—the
context of taste comes from the experience of the collector: Barry: The occasion
on which I first had [morels] I remember very well. I was at the home of a very well

Morel Tales

Author: Gary Alan FINE

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674036859

Page: 336

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In this thoughtful book, Gary Fine explores how Americans attempt to give meaning to the natural world that surrounds them. Although nature has often been treated as an unproblematic reality, Fine suggests that the meanings we assign to the natural environment are culturally grounded. In other words, there is no nature separate from culture. He calls this process of cultural construction and interpretation, naturework. Of course, there is no denying the biological reality of trees, mountains, earthquakes, and hurricanes, but, he argues, they must be interpreted to be made meaningful. Fine supports this claim by examining the fascinating world of mushrooming. Based on three years of field research with mushroomers at local and national forays, Morel Tales highlights the extensive range of meanings that mushrooms have for mushroomers. Fine details how mushroomers talk about their finds--turning their experiences into fish stories (the one that got away), war stories, and treasure tales; how mushroomers routinely joke about dying from or killing others with misidentified mushrooms, and how this dark humor contributes to the sense of community among collectors. He also describes the sometimes friendly, sometimes tense relations between amateur mushroom collectors and professional mycologists. Fine extends his argument to show that the elaboration of cultural meanings found among mushroom collectors is equally applicable to birders, butterfly collectors, rock hounds, and other naturalists.

Of Bears Wolves and Men in Homage to the Wild

I could kick myself for introducing him to the wonderfully different, juicy taste of
wild strawberries. I'd pick them, warmed by the sun, from their hiding places
under their low leaves. You can't save them. You have to pop 'em in your mouth
with ...

Of Bears  Wolves and Men  in Homage to the Wild

Author: Joan Lang

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469794489

Page: 288

View: 423

Nature has the upper hand in this compelling story of the North Fork of the Flathead, Montana, adjacent to Glacier National Park. Participate in the family adventures and remarkable events that were a daily occurrence in one of the few remaining wild areas in the lower 48. True tales from the past and present interweave in a parade of unique human characters, as does action at the loneliest border crossing in America. Learn of the interaction between predators and their plight as they attempt to survive in this remnant of habitat. Follow the wildlife researchers as they trap, collar, then monitor grizzlies, cougars, wolves and coyotes. Details of wildlife research in the field can be extraordinary. This tells it like it is. Pity poor Luke, a male grizzly crippled by a gunshot. Admire Thunder, old for a coyote, in spite of wolves and humans. Stay away from the Dollman, living deep within Canadian forests. Beware of the tire-slasher as he travels the lonely road. What really did happen at the cabin of the infamous Madam Queen, who instigated murder? Hardship, fires, floodall are part of the North Fork history.

Wild to Possess A Taste for Sin

Two wild noir thrillers originally published in paperback in 1959 and 1961.

Wild to Possess   A Taste for Sin

Author: Gil Brewer


ISBN: 9781933586106

Page: 284

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Two frantic noir thrillers from 1959 and 1961 from an author about whom Bill Pronzini had this to say: "He produced some of the most compelling noir softcover originals of the 1950's."

Dr Mercola s Total Health Program

Wild game, such as venison, elk, rabbit, pheasant and quail, is another class of
healthy meat to consider. Obviously, because ... The other drawback is that many
Americans are not accustomed to the “wildtaste of wild game. If you love the ...

Dr  Mercola s Total Health Program

Author: Joseph Mercola

Publisher: Mercola.com

ISBN: 9780970557469

Page: 268

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Featuring world-renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola's dietary program in part one and over 150 healthy and delicious new recipes in part two.Designed to help prevent disease, premature aging, optimize weight, increase energy, and love what you eat while doing so, Mercola's easy to follow program will help you avoid and eliminate the underlying causes of health and weight issues. Built entirely around a natural approach, including eating only the cleanest and healthiest forms of proteins, fats and carbs.Everything you need to know to:. Build your body's immune system to its peak levels to prevent diseases and common illnesses. Reach your optimal weight - while actually enjoying and being satisfied by eating - and remain at your optimal weight for life. Maximize your body's ability to restore the more youthful appearance you are meant to have while avoiding any premature aging. Boost your energy and mental clarity Help eliminate the underlying causes for those currently challenged by diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, chronic fatigue, allergies

Locusts and Wild Honey

Adam is still extant in the taste and appetite of most country boys ; lives there a
country boy who does not like wild strawberries - and - milk , — yea , prefers it to
any other known dish ? I am not thinking of a dessert of strawberries - and -
cream ...

Locusts and Wild Honey

Author: John Burroughs



Page: 253

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Grampa s Wild Game Recipes

I find that it is the preparation of exotic foods that make it taste like chicken. Really
, there are only so ... Whereas, the free-range animals have a bit different taste as
they will eat somewhat different foods in the "wild". QUAIL AND OYSTERS ...

Grampa s Wild Game Recipes

Author: Grampa "Jj" Davis

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1435742486

Page: 255

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Early settlers in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries were dependent on wild game for meat year round due to inadequate methods of food preservation. Wild turkey and other game were staple food items for settlers who explored and developed the Virginia countryside. But with increasing colonization, wild game was also hunted professionally and sold at markets to feed the growing human population in larger towns and cities. Wild game meats were sold in quantities comparable to domestic animals, and at a fraction of the cost of domestic meats. There is nothing finer than to be in the middle of the woods. There is no phone, no television, no beepers, no traffic. Just the noises of birds chirping, squirrels barking, and the beauty of the woods. We all know that hunting game is only half the fun. Eating it is the other half! Take a look at these mouth-watering concoctions and just eat!

Cook Right 4 Your Type

When rice has cooled for a while, add walnuts, cherries, and apricots, mixing well
. Whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, maple syrup, and pinch of salt. Pour over
salad, turning well. Adjust seasoning to taste. The wild rice salad tastes best ...

Cook Right 4 Your Type

Author: Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440619281

Page: 464

View: 275

After nearly twenty years of research, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo revealed the connection between blood type, diet, and health in Eat Right 4 Your Type. Now, with a team of chefs, he helps you design a total health program that’s right for your blood type. Cook Right 4 Your Type is the essential guide for living with a sensible diet individualized for you that allows you to eat food that seems like a major indulgence. With possibilities ranging from lamb stew to lemon squares, and braised vegetables to delicious soups, you'll barely notice you’ve started a regimen designed to optimize your health, your weight, and your total well-being. Cook Right 4 Your Type includes: • Individualized 30-day meal plans for each blood type • More than 200 great-tasting recipes • Food lists and shopping guides • An easy-to-follow food program

Feeding Christine

But that was also how he knew that only a woman who loved the taste of wild
strawberries would be able to understand the lesson with him, appreciate how
much larger life is than any human being. To eat of wildness is to eat of grief, and
to ...

Feeding Christine

Author: Barbara Chepaitis

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307480704

Page: 256

View: 799

In this deliciously charming novel, Barbara Chepaitis-a new and truly one-of-a-kind voice in women's fiction-skillfully explores the powerful camaraderie shared by four exceptional women. Reminiscent of Like Water for Chocolate and How to Make an American Quilt, this unique tale filled with unforgettable characters has a style all its own. It is a delightful ode to the special unbreakable bond that exists between women-and the crazy things true friends will do to show they care. . . . Feeding Christine Teresa DiRosa believes that life, like fine food, is made special by mixing together the best ingredients: time, patience, and a lot of love. Owner of a thriving catering business, Bread and Roses, she has turned the feeding of stomachs and souls into her life's work. Now, with her niece Christine, best friend and bookkeeper Delia, and baker Amberlin, Teresa is gearing up for Bread and Roses' most important event of the year: the annual Christmas open house. But as Teresa juggles recipes and party decorations, her personal life is spinning out of control. Her divorce is barely final when a handsome acquaintance hints that he'd like to be more than just friends. Her college-age son has broken her heart by choosing to spend Christmas with his father. And her niece Christine, beautiful and artistic, is engaged to marry a prominent psychologist-but seems to be losing her own grip on sanity as her wedding draws closer. The preparty cooking marathon promises to be filled with the usual chaos and conversation, and Teresa hopes it will be a good time to talk things over with her niece. But she's not prepared when a suicidal Christine arrives at her house-and Teresa is the only one who can save her. The radical steps she takes to stop her niece from killing herself will shock everyone-but with Delia's and Amberlin's help, Teresa feeds Christine a healthy dose of courage, wisdom, and pure friendship . . . all while trying to pull off a grand party for a hundred people. Witty and warmhearted, Feeding Christine is a testament to the many different kinds of friendship it takes to live a full life-and to the different kinds of wisdom each of us has to share. From the Hardcover edition.

The Frontiers of Women s Writing

What had seemed wild at the beginning of the journey has become “ tame ...
compared with its aspect five weeks ago , when it was our first taste of wild life ! ” (
129 ) . As the narratives of Lippincott , Hunt , and Johnson show , women
travelers ...

The Frontiers of Women s Writing

Author: Brigitte Georgi-Findlay

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816515974

Page: 349

View: 255

A study of American women's writings about the West between 1830 and 1930 reviews the diaries of the overland trails; letters and journals of the wives of army officers during the Indian wars; professional travel writings, and late 19th- and early 20th-century accounts of missionaries and teachers on Indian reservations.

A Taste of the Wild

However , just because these animals are called feral rather than wild does not
make them any easier to find , hunt and capture for the pot . Finally , there is the
group of true wild animals which have not only survived but have colonised much

A Taste of the Wild

Author: Ann Martin

Publisher: Heinemann


Page: 62

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Edible Wild Plants

It is as close to the plants in this chapter as you will get from a non-wild
perspective. Both rhubarb and French sorrel are in ... But the sour of oxalates in
the greens we eat may not be strong enough for us to taste. I say this because
both spinach ...

Edible Wild Plants

Author: John Kallas

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 1423616596

Page: 416

View: 601

Edible wild plants have one or more parts that can be used for food if gathered at the appropriate stage of growth and properly prepared. Edible Wild Plants includes extensive information and recipes on plants from the four categories. Foundation greens: wild spinach, chickweed, mallow, purslane; tart greens: curlydock, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel; pungent greens: wild mustard, wintercress, garlic mustard,shepherd’s purse; and bitter greens: dandelion, cat’s ear, sow thistle, nipplewort. Dr. John Kallas has investigated and taught about edible wild plants since 1970. He founded WildFood Adventures (www.wildfoodadventures.com) in 1993 and is the publisher and editor of Wild FoodAdventurer. He lives in Portland, Oregon. The definitive work on growing, harvesting, and eating wild greens.


From the same family of the Ananocea fruits; it is sugared and has a delicious
taste. (Cultivated.) Carob ... (Wild.) Nispero (Medlar fruit): (Anchas sapotas.) This
fruit is cultivated because it tastes very nice. (Cultivated.) Quenepos: (Melicoca ...






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The Catskills

Although we tend to assume that mountains and other wild environments are
intrinsically attractive and that all people in ... as marking the substantive
beginning of the taste for wild environments, this taste did not become common
among any ...

The Catskills

Author: Kenneth Myers

Publisher: Hudson River Museum

ISBN: 9780943651057

Page: 205

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