The Community College Advantage

The Community College Advantage: Your Guide to a Low-Cost, High-Reward College Experience is the first community college strategy guide focused on maximizing your college experience.

The Community College Advantage

Author: Diane Melville

Publisher: Sourcebooks Incorporated

ISBN: 9781402279829

Page: 237

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Maximize your college experience. Follow the track that costs less and pays more. Whether you're looking to transfer to a four-year school or you want an edge in the job market, community college could be your key to success. The question is: How can you make community college work to your advantage? The Community College Advantage: Your Guide to a Low-Cost, High-Reward College Experience is the first community college strategy guide focused on maximizing your college experience. With helpful tips and worksheets, you'll be prepared from the minute you set foot on campus. Optimize your time in community college. Uncover secrets to making the most of your classes, teachers, and peers. Transfer to your dream school. Follow a step-by-step guide to the transfer process and obtain access to the best colleges in the nation. Gain life skills that prepare you for the real world. Apply these tips and techniques to your life after college and see all your hard work pay off.

Data Use in the Community College

The college wanted to identify competitive advantages that could be
substantiated. Claims of superior faculty or instruction have little “face validity” in
the marketplace; while it may be true that the community college has better
classroom ...

Data Use in the Community College

Author: Christopher M. Mullin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118388070

Page: 112

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"This volume speaks of the multiplicity of data required to tell the community college story. The authors explore and detail how various sources - workforce data, market data, state-level data, federal data, and, of course, institutional data such as transcript files - all have something to say about the life of a community college"--Back cover.

Community colleges and technician training

I am a 12 - year member of the governing board of Northampton County Area
Community College in Pennsylvania . I served the ... We simply want to challenge
the Congress to take better advantage of the community colleges . We want to
say ...

Community colleges and technician training

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Technology. Subcommittee on Science, Research, and Technology



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School to Work

Logically, self-selection can reflect either absolute or relative advantage (see
Maddala, pp. 257—60). In comparing individuals who attend community college
with others who do not participate in any post-secondary education, an absolute

School to Work

Author: David Stern

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0750704284

Page: 172

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An in-depth investigation into career-related programmes in American secondary schools and two-year further education colleges is given in this book. In addition to reviewing evidence on the effectiveness of vocational coursework, the authors analyse programmes involving students who study and work simultaneously, including co-operative education, youth apprenticeship and school-based enterprise.; Chapters deal with the problems encountered in the school-to-work transition: the preparation necessary not only for this transition but for changes encountered when jobs end abruptly, and issues covered include combining school-based and work-based learning and teaching and linking secondary with post- secondary education. Research on programmes involving students simultaneously working and at school, including non-school-supervised employment is also covered, as is co-operative education, which places students in jobs related to their fields of study. The traditional elements of post-school education and training are discussed together with an investigation into newer approaches including career academics and career magnet schools and programmes bridging secondary and post secondary education. Additionally, selected studies of programmes for out- of-school youth are reviewed.; To conclude, the authors consider new school-to-work systems and whether specially designed programmes for the "non-college-bound" students would be stigmatised as second best, or if an alternative programme could maintain an option for students to attend four year colleges and universities, the latter making the design and operation of school-to-work systems more difficult. Of interest to administrators, teachers, policy makers, analysts and employers, the findings in this book will shed light on the viability of new school-to- work initiatives currently being implemented in the UK, Europe and USA.

The Contradictory College

The Conflicting Origins, Impacts, and Futures of the Community College Kevin
James Dougherty. Community Colleges Compared with Other ... Grubb 119931
found a similar community college advantage. He estimated that, among 1980
high ...

The Contradictory College

Author: Kevin James Dougherty

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791419557

Page: 365

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This book systematically analyzes the evidence on four key issues that have divided commentators on the community college: The community college's impact on students, business, and the universities; the factors behind its rise since 1900; the causes of its swift vocationalization after 1960; and what direction the community college should take in the future.

Two Year Colleges 2010

the students attending two-year colleges are a large number who began their
higher education knowing they would ... Graduating from a community college is
an advantage at, for example, Arizona State University and the University of ...

Two Year Colleges   2010

Author: Peterson's

Publisher: Peterson's

ISBN: 0768926882

Page: 550

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Cengage Advantage Books Building a Speech

Persuasive speech to activate presented in speech class, Community College of
Baltimore County, Catonsville Campus, 2005. Used by permission. Sajak, Pat. “
The Disconnect Between Hollywood and America." Vital Speeches 15 Aug.

Cengage Advantage Books  Building a Speech

Author: Sheldon Metcalfe

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 113370977X

Page: 432

View: 895

With 19 chapters organized into five units, BUILDING A SPEECH, 8th EDITION guides students through the step-by-step process of developing public speaking skills through observation, peer criticism, personal experience and instructor guidance. Readings and exercises help students draft informative and persuasive speeches and improves their research and speechwriting skills. Topics such as apprehension and listening help students realize that they are not alone in their struggle to find the confidence to speak in public. BUILDING A SPEECH is grounded in the philosophy that students can master the steps of speech construction when provided with a caring environment, clear direction, and creative examples. Plus, this new Eighth Edition of BUILDING A SPEECH -- A Cengage Advantage Book -- continues the tradition of providing proven texts at lower prices. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

People and the Competitive Advantage of Place

Dataavailable on community colleges gathered by Jacobs (2004) at the
Community College Research Center suggest that thistrend toward certification is
becoming increasingly widespread. Generally speaking, by 1999, noncredit
offerings ...

People and the Competitive Advantage of Place

Author: Shari Garmise

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317463064

Page: 208

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In the new global economy, where rapid technological change is the norm, the skills of the workforce are a key to local economic vitality. This practical book shows how cities and regions can invest in their long-term prosperity by expanding opportunities to ensure that all citizens have competitive skills, and by aligning workforce development systems to existing and emerging industry needs. Clearly written, generously illustrated, with an effective blend of theory and practice, "People and the Competitive Advantage of Place" documents the challenges and opportunities involved in workforce development, effective approaches for resolving contemporary problems, what traps to avoid, and strategies for investing in the workforce of the future. The author integrates ideas and techniques from the fields of workforce development, economic development, and community development to present a comprehensive guide to approaching workforce needs from a city or region-wide perspective. Each chapter presents lessons from relevant research; experiences from private, public, and community-based approaches; and evaluations of what is working and why.

Science Safety in the Community College

1 Setting the Scene Safer Science in a Drive-Through Learning Community More
than 1,650 community colleges across the country provide convenient ... Along
with the challenge, community college instructors may have a unique advantage.

Science Safety in the Community College

Author: John Summers

Publisher: NSTA Press

ISBN: 0873552717

Page: 222

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The book also offers a wealth of related websites and a detailed index for quick reference. Not all community college facilities and students are the same, but this book will teach you and your students to “see” your particular physical environment and procedures through a safety-conscious lens.

Cengage Advantage Books Foundations of the Legal Environment of Business

For this new effort, the following colleagues offered their seasoned advice:
Steven J. Arsenault, College of Charleston Loretta Beavers, Southwest Virginia
Community College Laurel L. Boone, St. Louis University Jerilyn Bowie-Hill,
University ...

Cengage Advantage Books  Foundations of the Legal Environment of Business

Author: Marianne M. Jennings

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305465253

Page: 576

View: 748

With more than 200 real-world cases and critical-thinking exercises, FOUNDATIONS OF THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS, 3E helps readers define their ethical compass within the business world. Authored by a renowned scholar of business ethics, it uses an integrated approach to thoroughly explore the intersection of law, business strategy, and ethics. A concise legal environment text, it covers all core topics and features intriguing examples of legal and ethical issues pulled straight from the news and pop culture. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Student Plagiarism in an Online World Problems and Solutions

At community colleges, students can learn at any point in their lives while taking
advantage oflow tuition, convenient campus locations, open admissions, and
comprehensive course offerings” (p. 14). Enrollments in community colleges ...

Student Plagiarism in an Online World  Problems and Solutions

Author: Roberts, Tim S.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1599048035

Page: 320

View: 313

Twenty years ago, plagiarism was seen as an isolated misdemeanor, restricted to a small group of students. Today it is widely recognized as a ubiquitous, systemic issue, compounded by the accessibility of content in the virtual environment. Student Plagiarism in an Online World: Problems & Solutions describes the legal and ethical issues surrounding plagiarism, the tools and techniques available to combat the spreading of this problem, and real-life situational examples to further the understanding of the scholars, practitioners, educators, and instructional designers who will find this book an invaluable resource.

John Dewey and the Future of Community College Education

As I showed earlier, community colleges have been called upon to address state
and national problems in the past. ... Of course, junior college and community
college students were able to take advantage of opportunities offered by these ...

John Dewey and the Future of Community College Education

Author: Clifford P. Harbour

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1441175067

Page: 240

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'Honorable Mention' 2016 PROSE Award - Education Theory Today, community colleges enroll 40% of all undergraduates in the United States. In the years ahead, these institutions are expected to serve an even larger share of this student population. However, faced with increasing government pressure to significantly improve student completion rates, many community colleges will be forced to reconsider their traditional commitment to expand educational opportunity. Community colleges, therefore, are at a crossroads. Should they focus on improving student completion rates and divert resources from student recruitment programs? Should they improve completion rates by closing developmental studies programs and limiting enrollment to college-ready students? Or, can community colleges simultaneously expand educational opportunity and improve student completion? In John Dewey and the Future of Community College Education, Cliff Harbour argues that before these questions can be answered, community colleges must articulate the values and priorities that will guide them in the future. Harbour proposes that leaders across the institution come together and adopt a new democracy-based normative vision grounded in the writings of John Dewey, which would call upon colleges to do much more than improve completion rates and expand educational opportunity. It would look beyond the national economic measures that dominate higher education policy debates today and would prioritize individual student growth and the development of democratic communities. Harbour argues that this, in turn, would help community colleges contribute to the vital work of reconstructing American democracy. John Dewey and the Future of Community College Education is essential reading for all community college advocates interested in taking a more active role in developing the community college of the future.

The 21st Century Community College

While community colleges in other areas usually played important workforce and
economic development roles , their ... also was considerable variation across the
local areas in the extent to which the colleges were able to take advantage of ...

The 21st Century Community College

Author: George V. Donokov

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 9781600211911

Page: 198

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The Community College Labor Market Responsiveness (CCLMR) Initiative was created to develop and disseminate information and tools enabling community colleges to keep pace with the needs of a diverse student body and a dynamic labour market. This report draws upon profiles (Appendix B) and statistical evidence (Appendix C) to describe the factors that affect labour-market responsiveness. First, it examines the effects of the external environment, the characteristics of local residents and the nature of the local economy. Second, it examines the effects of the external organisational structure, the state and local community workforce, education, and economic development infrastructure. Third, it examines colleges' external governance structures, which affect their mission, resource base, and flexibility. Finally, it examines the effects of factors under the college's control, presidential leadership, internal organisation, strategic planning to design and fund programs, use of data, and programmatic base. Each stage in the progression has strong, if not decisive, effects on the successive stage, and ultimately on each college's potential to be market-responsive, and the nature of the obstacles that need to be overcome to realise its potential. The progression is emphasised to make it clear that more should be expected of colleges located in environments that are favourable to development of labour-market responsive programs than where external conditions are unfavourable, not that colleges in favourable environments should complacently compare themselves to colleges in less favourable environments. This emphasis also helps clarify what colleges can do regardless of their external environment to overcome obstacles to become more responsive and reach their own unique potential.

The Entrepreneurial Community College

In Table 13.2, we divide successful entrepreneurial strategies into four categories
: strategic alliances, foundations, competitive advantage, and approach.
Strategies for Entrepreneurial Community College Leaders • Act as visible role
model ...

The Entrepreneurial Community College

Author: John E. Roueche

Publisher: Amer. Assn. of Community Col

ISBN: 0871173670

Page: 156

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Develop an entrepreneurial culture with the best practices discussed inside this resource. Declining public resources, coupled with the demand that we do more with less, make it more of an imperative that entrepreneurism, flexibility, and adaptability thrive in the community college environment. Seeing how other community colleges have brought entrepreneurship and creativity to life in their programs and services will inspire your own ideas for increasing revenue and reducing costs. You will also discover how strong leaders can become collaborators, facilitators, consensus makers, and incentive providers.

Community Colleges

However, in response to this concern, community college advocates suggest that
they have a competitive advantage by being “teaching” institutions. By focusing
on instruction, often in classes far smaller than the norm found in a four-year ...

Community Colleges

Author: David L. Levinson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1576077667

Page: 255

View: 693

The only overview of research on the uniquely American community college system, which is increasingly becoming the site of entry for students seeking a higher education. * Five narrative chapters address the history, evolution, and current issues facing community colleges * Three additional chapters include a chronology; a listing of organizations, associations, and agencies; and an annotated listing of print and nonprint resources

Insider s Guide to Community College Administration

This book is about how to survive, thrive, and make a difference as a community
college leader in a political arena that can ... the pitfalls that inevitably, but
temporarily, set you back and that will help you take advantage of career

Insider s Guide to Community College Administration

Author: Robert Jensen

Publisher: Amer. Assn. of Community Col

ISBN: 0871173751

Page: 99

View: 685

When you're on the front line of administration, you're in the direct line of questions, situations, and challenges that arise daily. As a community college administrator, you're required to tackle the firestorms that flare up, which may include addressing no-win decisions and effectively dealing with unjustified, as well as justified, criticism. Firsthand practical advice is presented direct from experienced professionals and details the skills and attributes needed to succeed as a community college leader. Drawing from the authors' varied experiences, this helpful guide covers the most pressing topics of concern to community college administrators, including • Making defining career choices • Thriving and surviving in your role • Expertly navigating institutional politics • Taking on roles and responsibilities • Becoming a trustee • Selecting a board • Evaluating a CEO


Community. College. Advantage. Community college classes provided an
opportunity to demonstrate quantifiable success in various subjects well before
the children were technically college age. This kind of success has been
important ...


Author: Martine Millman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440632316

Page: 304

View: 247

This intimate, eminently practical memoir of a successful homeschooled family of six children illuminates today’s most exciting choice in education, and shows how it works from cradle to college. What is it that homeschoolers do that the public schools can’t or won’t? There are at least as many answers as there are studies. But nothing can capture the homeschooling experience in all its richness like the story of a real family that homeschools its children in middleclass America. Homeschooling: A Family’s Journey is the perfect book for those millions of Americans who may know someone who homeschools, who may have read about it, thought about it, and wondered whether homeschooling is right for them. Sharing the concerns of committed parents everywhere, authors Gregory and Martine Millman are consistently practical, informed, caring, and no-nonsense in their approach. They pay special attention to homeschooling and college, the economics of home-learning, and how a parent can really handle a child’s full education. Homeschooling opens a window on an exciting, important way of education—and, even more, a way of life—that can make all the difference in your family’s world.

Linking Training to Performance

Millions of other Americans have received continuing education and noncredit
job training at community colleges. Equally significant are the ties community
colleges have forged with local businesses. By taking advantage of institutional ...

Linking Training to Performance

Author: William J. Rothwell

Publisher: Amer. Assn. of Community Col

ISBN: 0871173611

Page: 232

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In the coming years, escalating retirement and turnover rates among community college administrators and faculty will decidedly create a void for professionals in the workforce development field. Using this book as your field guide, you can expand your range of knowledge and skills, enhancing local institutional and program experience to better respond to local workforce needs.

Getting the Green Fundraising Campaigns for Community Colleges

The major element of a trust is that the underlying assets are transferred from the
donor to your college in an irrevocable manner. This allows the donor to take an
immediate tax deduction (and in some cases to receive ongoing tax benefits), ...

Getting the Green  Fundraising Campaigns for Community Colleges


Publisher: Amer. Assn. of Community Col



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