The Geraldo Show

Two figure heavily in this book, both longtime friends: Roger Ailes, the disgraced yet undeniably brilliant creator of Fox News; and Donald Trump, once a flamboyant playboy, billionaire businessman, and now 45th President of the United ...

The Geraldo Show

Author: Geraldo Rivera

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 1946885207


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During my half a century in public life, my image and reputation have had more ups and downs than the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island. I have been called savior and sinner, fool and wise man, crusader and exploiter, hothead and dope. I am routinely scorned, admired, beloved, and belittled—which one is usually based on when the viewer tuned in. Were you around for my early days as a crusading local newsman? Did you waste an evening with me inside Al Capone’s empty vault? Were you watching when the bombs dropped in Afghanistan or Iraq, or did you tune in to the raucous talk show when my nose was broken in the best television studio brawl ever caught on tape? Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, and my employment by the conservative rabble-rousers of Fox News—and, more recently, with the coming of the Age of Trump—my professional life has been even more difficult to define. How could a sincerely progressive native-born Jew-Rican New Yorker like me ever work for an outfit better suited to the vibes of Orange County, California, the Dixie, Appalachia, or the Mountain West? How could I not condemn and obstruct a wrecking ball like Donald Trump? Over five decades, I have met most of the era’s good and bad guys, from Ronald Reagan to Charles Manson, Fidel Castro to Yasser Arafat, Muhammad Ali to John Lennon, and Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson. Two figure heavily in this book, both longtime friends: Roger Ailes, the disgraced yet undeniably brilliant creator of Fox News; and Donald Trump, once a flamboyant playboy, billionaire businessman, and now 45th President of the United States. At the vigorous twilight of a long and largely improvised life lived in plain sight, I have little left to prove. Faced with a series of random chances, for better and worse, what I made of my life is what I made of those chances. Time has enlightened and humbled me. Sincerely, Geraldo Rivera


Examines the illegal immigration of Hispanics into the United States, analyzing concerns raised by this issue and arguing that much of the hatred towards these illegal immigrants is based on racism and ignorance.


Author: Geraldo Rivera

Publisher: Celebra Hardcover

ISBN: 9780451226099

Page: 263

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Examines the illegal immigration of Hispanics into the United States, analyzing concerns raised by this issue and arguing that much of the hatred towards these illegal immigrants is based on racism and ignorance.

The Great Progression

In this prophetic and profoundly hopeful book, Peabody and Emmy(r) Award-winning journalist Geraldo Rivera details the myriad ways Hispanics will help revitalize our declining economy, energize our distressed troops, and invigorate our ...

The Great Progression

Author: Geraldo Rivera

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101144862

Page: 288

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In this prophetic and profoundly hopeful book, Peabody and Emmy(r) Award-winning journalist Geraldo Rivera details the myriad ways Hispanics will help revitalize our declining economy, energize our distressed troops, and invigorate our national government. Featuring candid and revealing interviews with prominent Hispanics from Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and David Archuleta, The Great Progression presents a fascinating look at the impact Hispanics are making on the social, economic, and political history of the United States. From those breaking boundaries in politics to visionary leaders in the business world to everyday people willing to serve, Hispanics' involvement in society is at an all-time high-and growing exponentially. Geraldo's fearless and judicious reporting addresses the nation's most critical issues under the Obama administration and enlightens those who seek real change and a new, more progressive American era.

Puerto Rican Jews David Blaine Geraldo Rivera Joaquin Phoenix Jewish Immigration to Puerto Rico Brenda K Starr Hila Levy Manny Le

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Puerto Rican Jews  David Blaine  Geraldo Rivera  Joaquin Phoenix  Jewish Immigration to Puerto Rico  Brenda K  Starr  Hila Levy  Manny Le

Author: Books LLC

Publisher: Books LLC

ISBN: 9781155257884

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Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: David Blaine, Geraldo Rivera, Joaquin Phoenix, Jewish Immigration to Puerto Rico, Brenda K. Starr, Hila Levy, Manny Lehman, Raphy Leavitt, Micol Ostow, Rachel Ticotin, Ari Meyers, Raquel Castro, Julio Kaplan, Axel Anderson, Mathias Brugman, Jorge Seijo, Quiara Alegra Hudes, Nina Tassler, Sahaj. Excerpt: Ari Meyers Ari Meyers (born April 6, 1969) is an actress, probably best known for her role as Emma Jane McArdle in the Kate

Encyclopedia of Television News

Geraldo Rivera, an investigative reporter, news producer, author, and talk show
host has been in broadcast journalism for nearly 30 years. Born in New York City,
in 1943, he was educated at the University of Arizona; Brooklyn Law School; ...

Encyclopedia of Television News

Author: Michael D. Murray

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781573561082

Page: 315

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A recent Times-Mirror survey has shown that 65 percent of Americans prefer television over other news media for news coverage, an increase of 10 percent in just over a decade. To understand the enormous impact television news has had on American life, it is important to define the contributions made by various individuals in the field, as well as to recognize the news programs and broadcast journalism issues that have captivated, enlightened, and informed our nation. Never before have the forces and individuals of television news been so thoroughly and authoritatively examined.

Baring Our Souls

Significance was determined by (1) show title, (2) mention in the opening frame,
and/or (3) at least one guest (victim, victimizer, or expert) spending approximately
one-half a page or more of dialogue on the ... The Geraldo Rivera Show. 1996.

Baring Our Souls

Author: Kathleen S. Lowney

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9780202364414

Page: 159

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"After framing the genre in this way, Dr. Lowney's book raises the essential question, conversion to what? The faith preached on talk shows is based on the principles of the Recovery Movement, among whose tenets are that care for one's self is the highest virtue and that psychological wounds that endure from childhood into adulthood create troublesome and addictive behaviors or "codependency." The only "cure" is to join a therapeutic 12-step group."--BOOK JACKET. "Baring Our Souls probes the roots of the genre in the religion of recovery, and holds both up to the scrutiny of sociological inquiry. This will be a welcome supplementary text in courses in social problems, media, and civil religion."--BOOK JACKET.

Through My Eyes The Past Comes Calling

Appearing on The Geraldo Show didn't affect my case negatively; it caused the
serial rapists to get arrested and the public to be informed, educated, and aware.
I believe the truth is the truth, and whether it is told on TV or in a courtroom, the ...

Through My Eyes  The Past Comes Calling

Author: AJ

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453577351

Page: 198

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My name is AJ, I live in Toronto Canada. On February 18, 1996 Michael J. Hummel drugged me with GHB, kidnapped me and then Gregg A. Tippett and he raped me and almost killed me. I believed I was not their only victim and I refused to stay silent. After their pictures were exposed in the national media over 30 women came forth with similar horror stories with them. In effect my mission became to put them behind bars and stop them from victimizing any more women. During the botched criminal case, I hired two Florida lawyers specifi cally for a trial with these delinquents. I didn’t trust my lawyers; therefore I taped one of them. In effect, I not only learned that they lied to the judges and me, but most critically I discovered that the lawyers were involved in a conspiracy to set the culprits free from a trial and shift liability to State Farm insurance for 1.5 million dollars. After I paid my attorneys $85,000 they abandoned me and left me standing in the Florida courts alone fighting their $41,000 invoice from State Farm as a result of their coerced, colluded contract. My attorneys simply raped me of my justice! I then filed a Florida Bar complaint and the packed mentality legalese ignored, discarded and neglected my undisputable smoking gun evidence; “my tape.” I believe the public has a right to know the factual raw truth. The lessons are never give up on yourself and never underestimate the power of your voice!

Love Doctor of Nashville

I bring my little bell to jingle and talk to the show hosts about topics of the day,
such as a celebrity marriage. They ask how I feel about a big ... The Geraldo
television talk Show in New York sent me a plane ticket. I was to be his guest on
a talk ...

Love Doctor of Nashville

Author: Anna Prince

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 1478707054

Page: 333

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GOD CREATED SEX! God created male and female and said ‘it was very good!’ Genesis chapter one! If you enjoy real excitement like the Harry Potter books or pray for a love that never ends, you will enjoy reading this amazing true story! Anna Prince, born in Tennessee of European royalty, is said to glow at birth! Anna’s gifts of music, miracles and healing emerge: cripple legs walk, sight is restored and girl rises from the dead! “Dad had dragged me off Prince Mountain as a child to sing and perform in his snake handling ministry! I had to endure his misguided religious beliefs, as I discover my own gifts and spiritual calling! And oh, I found love with Eddie Joe!”

Latino Writers and Journalists

Rivera, Geraldo 195 Rivera, Geraldo (Gerald Michael Riviera, Gerald Miguel
Rivera, Gerald Rivera) (1943– ) ... known for his tabloid television hosting,
Geraldo Rivera's journalistic work reveals a man concerned with empowering the
voiceless, ...

Latino Writers and Journalists

Author: Jamie Martinez Wood

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438107854

Page: 305

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Provides short biographies of Latino American writers and journalists and information on their works.

Bad Vs Worse

Instead , they recall the man whom Newsweek dubbed the king of “ Trash TV ”
with The Geraldo Rivera Show , the talk - show model for Jerry Springer ( and
many others ) that featured cross - dressers , battling skinheads , and Satanists .

Bad Vs Worse

Author: Joshua Piven

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780399533662

Page: 230

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From the creator of The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook comes a comprehensive manual on how to make impossible choices in a variety of lose-lose decision-making situations, along with facts, figures, statistics, and tips. Original.

Ina May s Guide to Childbirth

A few years ago the producer for the Geraldo Rivera show persuaded me to send
several of my videos to New York City for possible use on the show (which often
featured strippers—male and female—among other subjects). Two days after I ...

Ina May s Guide to Childbirth

Author: Ina May Gaskin

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 140703040X

Page: 352

View: 854

The international bestseller that has helped millions of women trust in their body - and their baby - and give birth without fear Drawing on over 40 years' experience, internationally acclaimed midwife Ina May Gaskin shows you how to use the mind-body connection to help labour progress calmly and safely. In Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, she shares: - Inspiring real-life stories that show what a positive experience childbirth can be - What happens during labour and the true capabilities of the female body - How to create a comfortable environment for birth in any setting - Tips for maximising your chances of a relaxed and joyful birth experience Read by millions of women around the world, this reassuring and practical guide will take the fear out of childbirth and restore your faith in the power of your body. With Gaskin's timeless wisdom, you can approach birth with confidence and excitement, wherever and however it happens.

Television Talk

A History of the TV Talk Show Bernard M. Timberg, Robert J. Erler ... GERALDO
RIVERA As a Puerto Rican American, Geraldo Rivera renegotiated his
identification with the Hispanic community not once but several times in the
development of ...

Television Talk

Author: Bernard M. Timberg

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292773668

Page: 416

View: 247

Flip through the channels at any hour of the day or night, and a television talk show is almost certainly on. Whether it offers late-night entertainment with David Letterman, share-your-pain empathy with Oprah Winfrey, trash talk with Jerry Springer, or intellectual give-and-take with Bill Moyers, the talk show is one of television's most popular and enduring formats, with a history as old as the medium itself. Bernard Timberg here offers a comprehensive history of the first fifty years of television talk, replete with memorable moments from a wide range of classic talk shows, as well as many of today's most popular programs. Dividing the history into five eras, he shows how the evolution of the television talk show is connected to both broad patterns in American culture and the economic, regulatory, technological, and social history of the broadcasting industry. Robert Erler's "A Guide to Television Talk" complements the text with an extensive "who's who" listing of important people and programs in the history of television talk.

Stable Strategies and Others

The living room had been radically rearranged by stylists from the Geraldo show,
and now the two men, former president and respected pbs commentator, sat
waiting in carefully angled armchairs positioned in front of a wall of books and ...

Stable Strategies and Others

Author: Eileen Gunn

Publisher: Tachyon Publications

ISBN: 1616960892

Page: 208

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This collection of tightly crafted, highly imaginative short stories employs surrealist, satirical, and fantastical devices to explore politics, class, and gender. From creatively homicidal bioengineering to counter the stresses of climbing the corporate ladder, to a woman who loses a sock at the laundromat and finds she’s missing a bit of her soul, these science-fiction gems showcase an award-winning writer’s compelling vision of the universe. Computer pioneers, cross-country skiers, and aliens figure into these literary stories that challenge the boundaries of imagination with quirky, anti-establishment characters and visionary technological extrapolation.

Mortal Sins Sex Crime and the Era of Catholic Scandal

Geraldo Rivera would claim that his program served a greater good by keeping
the public informed, but as any regular viewer would attest, the program was also
a showcase for sen— sational topics and the host's pugnacious techniques.

Mortal Sins  Sex  Crime  and the Era of Catholic Scandal

Author: Michael D'Antonio

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1250034396

Page: 416

View: 433

A Publishers Weekly Best Nonfiction Book of 2013 A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2013 An Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime Nominee An explosive, sweeping account of the scandal that has sent the Catholic Church into a tailspin -- and the brave few who fought for justice In the mid-1980s a dynamic young monsignor assigned to the Vatican's embassy in Washington set out to investigate the problem of sexually abusive priests. He found a scandal in the making, confirmed by secret files revealing complaints that had been hidden from police and covered up by the Church hierarchy. He also understood that the United States judicial system was eager to punish offenders and those who aided them. He presented all of this to the American bishops, warning that the Church could be devastated by negative publicity and bankrupted by its legal liability. They ignored him. Meanwhile, a young lawyer listened to a new client describe an abusive sexual history with a priest that began when he was ten years old. His parents' complaints were downplayed by Church officials who offered them money to go away. The lawyer saw a claim that any defendant would want to settle. Then he began to suspect he was onto something bigger, involving thousands of priests who had abused countless children while the Church had done almost nothing about it. The lawsuit he filed would touch off a legal war of historic and global proportions. Part history, part journalism, and part true-crime thriller, Michael D'Antonio's Mortal Sins brings to mind landmark books such as All the President's Men, And the Band Played On, and The Informant, as it reveals a long and ferocious battle for the soul of the largest and oldest organization in the world.


Even live and documentary television forms now bear the scars of televisuality.
During the February sweeps in 1993, the Geraldo show lead with a story about
men who murder their wives. The program began by televising the assassination
of ...


Author: John Thornton Caldwell

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813521640

Page: 437

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The collision of auteurism and rap--couched by primetime producers in the Northern Exposure script--was actually rather commonplace by the early 1990s. Series, and even news broadcasts, regularly engineered their narratives around highly coded aesthetic and cultural fragments, with a kind of ensemble iconography. Televisuality interrogates the nature of such performances as an historical phenomenon, an aesthetic and industrial practice, and as a socially symbolic act.

New Cambridge Advanced English Student s Book

I don ' t wait and say , “ I ' m not eating until the people who got here before me
are taken care of . " I eat . I eat , and it ' s especially delicious . 4 There are few
things that have given me more joy than Geraldo Rivera ( see below ] being hit in
the ...

New Cambridge Advanced English Student s Book

Author: Leo Jones

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521629393

Page: 193

View: 348

New Cambridge Advanced English is the revised and updated edition of the popular Cambridge Advanced English. The course has been completely redesigned in full colour and its stimulating reading and listening extracts have been supplemented with new authentic reading texts and interviews. Theme units, providing practice in spoken and written fluency, alternate with language units which develop accuracy in grammar, vocabulary, functions and pronunciation. In addition, New Cambridge Advanced English now contains exam-style exercises designed specifically to prepare candidates for the Cambridge CAE exam. The approach to the exam is low-key, however, with guidance and notes on exam-style exercises given in the Teacher s Book only. When used in conjunction with CAE Practice Tests, New Cambridge Advanced English makes the ideal preparation for the exam, and is especially suitable for mixed classes of exam candidates and non-candidates.

Divine Appointments Are You Ready for Them

He found out where she lived and at twelve thirty in the aftemoon he stabbed her
ten times. The amazing thing about this crime was that Theresa was on a busy
street in Hollywood with many passers by 131 The Geraldo Rivera Television

Divine Appointments Are You Ready for Them

Author: Kathy Penney

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1619965755

Page: 168

View: 520

Do you think you need to have the gift of evangelism to share the Gospel? Many Christians love to do different ministries. You may be gifted in teaching Sunday school, sending cards of encouragement, praying for people's needs or helping in your Church. The body of Christ needs all of the above but people need to know Jesus loves them. I would like to show you how God prepares the hearts and minds of his children to hear the Good News! This book will give you examples of how He will direct your paths. Want to hear about God's miracles? YOU can be ready to be one of His missionaries and experience the joy He will give you as you enter into His Divine Appointments! Kathy Penney is a women's Bible study leader, Christian speaker, advocate for victims of violence, women's mentor, writer of Christian poetry and is an oak of righteousness for the display of His splendor. Kathy has appeared on twenty two national television shows on victimization. She started the Rap Not Rape college program for women. This book was written to give hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

The Talking Cure

“Do It with Gusto” Studio Audience Instructions Phil Donahue Show, March 9,
1994 The Geraldo studio audience had grown excited and tense during its two-
hour wait for the taping to begin, partly because the topic had been withheld.

The Talking Cure

Author: Jane M. Shattuc

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136656790

Page: 272

View: 707

The Talking Cure examines four nationally syndicated television talk shows--Donahue, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Geraldo and Sally Jessy Raphael--which are primarily devoted to feminine culture and issues. Serving as one of the few public forums where working-class women and those with different sexual orientations have a voice, these talk shows represent American TV at its most radical. Shattuc examines the tension between talk's feminist politics and the television industry, who, in their need to appeal to women, trades on sensation, stereotypes and fears in order to engender product consumption. However, this genre is not a one-way form of social interaction. The female audience complies and resists in a complex give-and-take, and it is this relationship which The Talking Cure aims to understand and reveal.

Home Front Heroes

Rivera appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, hosted its Good Night
America show, and spent eight years on 20/20. From 1987 until 1998 The
Geraldo Rivera Show represented what many called a foray into tabloid

Home Front Heroes

Author: Benjamin F. Shearer

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313334238

Page: 935

View: 885

The Psychopathology of Serial Murder

An episode of the Geraldo Rivera TV show included a guest described as a
former family acquaintance who called Shari "the epitome of the evil stepmother."
This accusation, does not have much support from other accounts and is denied
by ...

The Psychopathology of Serial Murder

Author: Stephen J. Giannangelo

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275954345

Page: 122

View: 140

In this book, criminologist Stephen Giannangelo offers an original theory of the origins and development of the serial murderer. The author constructs a two-part model of the serial murderer's development. The first part outlines biological factors and concomitant psychological anomalies that can predispose individuals toward homicidal behavior. Then, in developing the second part of his model, Giannangelo describes how a traumatic environmental stressor may trigger a cyclical pattern of violent behavior in those persons predisposed to kill. Having constructed his archetype of the serial killer, the author concludes by suggesting how diagnostic tools could be constructed and employed by psychologists, criminologists, and law enforcement officials to recognize the serial killer and to arrest the cycle of violence.