The Good News Club

In this book she demonstrates that there is more religion in America's public schools today than there has been for the past 100 years. The movement driving this agenda is stealthy. It is aggressive. It has our children in its sights.

The Good News Club

Author: Katherine Stewart

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1610390504

Page: 304

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In 2009, the Good News Club came to the public elementary school where journalist Katherine Stewart sent her children. The Club bills itself as an after-school Bible study, but Stewart soon discovered that its real mission is to convert children to fundamentalist Christianity. Astonished to discover that the Supreme Court had deemed this religious activity legal in public schools, Stewart began an investigative journey to dozens of cities across the nation to document the impact. As Stewart makes chillingly clear, the rapidly expanding network of Good News Clubs represents just one of a range of initiatives intended to insert religious values into public schools. Although they often appear to be spontaneous, local events, they are in fact organized and funded at a national level. Taken together, they represent a new strategy of the Religious Right in its long-running aim to "take back America," undermining our public education system and secular democracy itself.

Religion and the Law in America

Justice Scalia concurred,noting that there was no pressure here and so virtually
no endorsement of religion and that the club should be allowed to give reasons
for its good news without moving into being a religious group rather than one ...

Religion and the Law in America

Author: Scott A. Merriman

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781851098637

Page: 547

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Provides a collection of essays and alphabetical entries that cover the history of freedom of religion in the United States.

Speak of the Devil

The events that led to a Satanic after-school program began in 2001, with the
Supreme Court case Good News Club v. Milford Central School. The Good News
Club is a ministry run by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) founded in 1937.

Speak of the Devil

Author: Joseph P. Laycock

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0190948493

Page: 272

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In 2013, when the state of Oklahoma erected a statue of the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the state capitol, a group calling themselves The Satanic Temple applied to erect a statue of Baphomet alongside the Judeo-Christian tablets. Since that time, The Satanic Temple has become a regular voice in national conversations about religious freedom, disestablishment, and government overreach. In addition to petitioning for Baphomet to appear alongside another monument of the Ten Commandments in Arkansas, the group has launched campaigns to include Satanic "nativity scenes" on government property in Florida, Michigan, and Indiana, offer Satanic prayers at a high school football game in Seattle, and create "After School Satan" programs in elementary schools that host Christian extracurricular programs. Since their 2012 founding, The Satanic Temple has established 19 chapters and now claims 100,000 supporters. Is this just a political group perpetuating a series of stunts? Or is it a sincere religious movement? Speak of the Devil is the first book-length study of The Satanic Temple. Joseph Laycock, a scholar of new religious movements, contends that the emergence of "political Satanism" marks a significant moment in American religious history that will have a lasting impact on how Americans frame debates about religious freedom. Though the group gained attention for its strategic deployment of outrage, it claims to have developed beyond politics into a genuine religious movement. Equal parts history and ethnography, Speak of the Devil is Laycock's attempt to take seriously The Satanic Temple's work to redefine religion, the nature of pluralism and religious tolerance, and what "religious freedom" means in America.

The Elements of Constitutional Law

Albert Navarra. Good News Club v . Milford Central School , 533 U.S. 98 ( 2001 )
. Milford Central School enacted a policy authorizing district residents to use its
building after school for instruction in education , learning , or the arts , and social

The Elements of Constitutional Law

Author: Albert Navarra

Publisher: Law Book Press LLC

ISBN: 9780984478606

Page: 338

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Contains concise explanations of constitutional laws for such important topics as abortion, gay marriage, and taxes, and provides summaries for some of the most important cases heard by the Supreme Court.

Does God Belong in Public Schools

... claimed that the school actually endorsed the existing clubs as contributing to a
wellrounded education, and that none ... School officials in a small town in central
New York had refused to allow the Good News Club, for first to sixth graders, ...

Does God Belong in Public Schools

Author: Kent Greenawalt

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400826276

Page: 272

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Controversial Supreme Court decisions have barred organized school prayer, but neither the Court nor public policy exclude religion from schools altogether. In this book, one of America's leading constitutional scholars asks what role religion ought to play in public schools. Kent Greenawalt explores many of the most divisive issues in educational debate, including teaching about the origins of life, sex education, and when--or whether--students can opt out of school activities for religious reasons. Using these and other case studies, Greenawalt considers how to balance the country's constitutional commitment to personal freedoms and to the separation of church and state with the vital role that religion has always played in American society. Do we risk distorting students' understanding of America's past and present by ignoring religion in public-school curricula? When does teaching about religion cross the line into the promotion of religion? Tracing the historical development of religion within public schools and considering every major Supreme Court case, Greenawalt concludes that the bans on school prayer and the teaching of creationism are justified, and that the court should more closely examine such activities as the singing of religious songs and student papers on religious topics. He also argues that students ought to be taught more about religion--both its contributions and shortcomings--especially in courses in history. To do otherwise, he writes, is to present a seriously distorted picture of society and indirectly to be other than neutral in presenting secularism and religion. Written with exemplary clarity and even-handedness, this is a major book about some of the most pressing and contentious issues in educational policy and constitutional law today.

Those Who Can Teach

Rob Crandall/The Image Works) religious extracurricular clubs □ after-hours
student prayer groups Are extracurricular ... The Supreme Court ruled that a
school district could not prohibit the Good News Club, a private Christian
organization ...

Those Who Can  Teach

Author: Kevin Ryan

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0618626379

Page: 544

View: 649

As the best-selling introductory education text, Those Who Can, Teach, 11/e, maintains its current, dynamic, and reader-friendly approach to help students make informed decisions about entering teacher education programs. Using multiple sources, including biographies, narratives, profiles, and interviews with top educators and scholars, the text promotes student interaction and exposes students to the realities of teaching. This acclaimed author team's direct, conversational tone invites students to reflect on the problems and satisfactions of teaching in the United States, casting a career in teaching as a positive challenge. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Religious Right

The Good News Club Additionally, while public schools and the Department of
Education still exist, there is yet another way to use them for the Religious Right's
purposes. In 2001, the Supreme Court ruled in Good News Club vs. Milford ...

Religious Right

Author: A.F. Alexander

Publisher: A.F. Alexander

ISBN: 162095608X

Page: 398

View: 824

There is a deceptive movement to take over the government, courts, education system, media outlets, and American culture with stealth - and it's true. How is this possible? Find out in the pages of this expose, written by an insider who left the Religious Right fold, and now shares why they believe they are mandated to have dominion over every aspect of life in the United States. It reveals how their vision for America is not a democracy at all. - Understand the Religious Right network's blueprint for America. - Meet the Christian Reconstructionists and Dominionists. - Understand the Seven Mountains Mandate, which provides the strategy for a successful takeover. - See why Quiverfull is the template for a proper, traditional family. - Finally, understand the attacks on public schools and teachers. - Find out who the leaders of the movement really are and their successful tactics. - This book explains the rewriting of our nation's history. - Complete with interviews, research, and bibliography included. - Presentation is organized and systematic, while in plain English. - Shares how to get involved and make a difference in your community to protect your rights and preserve democracy.

Aptos Was Idyllic

That pear incident brings to mind another one a bit later, when my mom
dismissed us from Good News Club in our living room, Good News Club being
an evangelistic Bible club for kids, of which Mom taught many, in many locations.
On this ...

Aptos Was Idyllic

Author: Dr. David Glass

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469177129

Page: 77

View: 210

Aptos in the fifties was idyllic in every respect. Dr. Ramon Cortines, Teacher, Aptos School, Nationally Known Educator I dont think Ive ever been to Aptos. Authors best friend in high school, a lifelong resident of Felton (12 miles from Aptos) Your dad is SO funny. Soccer mom to authors daughter, also a soccer mom Dirty Dave [authors camp nickname] is the best storyteller we know. First Baptist, Seaside kids to their parents Mr. Glass? . . . Trite! Mr. Tuohey, Cabrillo College English Prof, commenting on authors writing.

Secular Monasticism

The Good News Club is a part of an organization called Child Evangelism
Fellowship, which runs afterschool programs designed to evangelize children.
None of it made sense to me, and the “Good News” seemed like bad news to me.

Secular Monasticism

Author: Jane Hall Fitz-Gibbon

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 147970721X

Page: 227

View: 281

Like an underground river, the monastic tradition keeps on resurging in a host of unexpected times and places. Secular Monasticism, A Journey describes one of its most recent incarnations. The founders and members of the Lindisfarne Community share with us their bold attempt to be a secular monastic religious order open to the exigencies of the contemporary world. Age-old wisdom once again reveals its perennial relevance in helping us learn how to be followers of Christ in Gods today. Brother John, Taiz In the first five pages, I thought of ten people I know who should read this book: young people, old people, all people tired of taken-for-granted spirituality. Devour this book. Let it help you dream up a way of joining or creating a micro-community of prayer and action that frees you to experiment in following the ways of Christ. Thats what these folks have done. This story helps us imagine ourselves out of the boxes and buildings Christianity has become. The Rev. Dr. Dori Baker, Scholar-in-Residence, The Fund for Theological Education Lindisfarne Community has graciously accepted Gods call to dance with the radical (and sometimes wearying) changes of our time. Like the Celts, they find meaning in their ongoing spiritual evolution through poetry and story, through a willingness to navigate the waters of the soul while remaining fiercely loyal to the good earth that bore us and nurtures us. Like the Celts, this family of secular monastics hungers more for mystical union with the Divine Mystery than for any trappings of earthly renown or success. Carl McColman, author and blogger (from the foreword)

Class Warfare

It's a club for the good news kids' parents, a club where good news parents have
the opportunity to brag a little, or a lot, about their child's latest honors and
achievements, as well as to listen to a child psychologist lecture about successful

Class Warfare

Author: William L. Fibkins

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1475800134

Page: 93

View: 866

This book is about the unintended consequences that can occur when the "good news” process becomes heavily embedded in school life -- a process that creates two different worlds in a school community that often prides itself on fostering unity and belonging.

Inside Constitutional Law

... concluded that it had improperly excluded the Good News Club based on
viewpoint discrimination. ''[T]he Club seeks to address a subject otherwise
permitted under the rule, the teaching of morals and character, from a religious

Inside Constitutional Law

Author: Russell L. Weaver

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 073556518X

Page: 522

View: 418

A concise, pedagogically rich study guide, Inside Constitutional Law: What Matters and Why, emphasizes the essential components of the law -- how they fit together and why -- to give your students the help that some of them will need to benefit from their casebook reading and classroom experience. A powerful study guide with the full panoply of pedagogical tools: clear explanations of key terms, concepts, relationships, and processes a consistent focus on what matters and why -- through introductions and summaries a rich and dynamic pedagogy that includes: overviews -- what is important in this chapter to an understanding of constitutional law key terms -- highlighted and defined in context cross-references to key terms clear signposting -- generous use of heading levels and visual aids FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions addressing matters of ambiguity Sidebars -- containing study tips, hypos, cites to authorities, and marginalia graphics -- charts, graphs, figures, and art connections -- a concluding section at the end of every chapter that connects the material covered to other chapters in the book, the field at large, and legal practice uncluttered and attractive 2-color page design From the publishers of the highly respected Examples and Explanations series, the new Inside series, featuring outstanding educators and a consistently rich pedagogical design, will enable many students to approach their course work and class discussion with a firm grasp on subjects that had previously seemed unreachable. *A Teacher's Manual may be available for this book. Teacher 's Manuals are a professional courtesy offered to professors only. For more information or to request a copy, please contact Aspen Publishers at 800-950-5259 or legal[email protected]

We the Students

Education adopted a resolution rejecting the Club's request to use Milford's
facilities “for the purpose of conducting religious ... under Milford's policy, it is
clear that the Good News Club teaches morals and character development to

We the Students

Author: Jamin B. Raskin

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 1483319458

Page: 400

View: 760

We the Students is a highly acclaimed resource that has introduced thousands of students to the field of legal studies by covering Supreme Court issues that directly affect them. It examines topics such as students’ access to judicial process; religion in schools; school discipline and punishment; and safety, discrimination and privacy at school. Through meaningful and engagingly written commentary, excerpts of Supreme Court cases (with students as the litigants), and exercises and class projects, author Jamie B. Raskin provides students with the tools they need to gain a deeper appreciation of democratic freedoms and challenges, and underscores their responsibility in preserving constitutional principles. Completely revised and updated, the new, Fourth Edition of We the Students incorporates new Supreme Court cases, new examples, and new exercises to bring constitutional issues to life.

Making Sense of Religion in America s Public Schools

Good News/Good Sports Club v. School District of Ladue, 28 F.3d 1501 (8th Cir.
1994). A parent-led, community-based Christian club was permitted to meet on
the premises of a junior high school immediately after school hours because a ...

Making Sense of Religion in America s Public Schools

Author: David Gibbs III

Publisher: Primedia E-launch LLC

ISBN: 0615800653


View: 699

In 1947, the United States Supreme Court took a sharp left turn in its interpretation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as it was applied to public schools in America. Since then, students, teachers, school officials, parents, and local religious leaders have been struggling to understand the parameters of the Establishment Clause as it relates to religious expression in public schools. This resource is intended to help individuals understand their rights to exercise their faith in the public school arena. It is also designed to help families, students, teachers, school officials, and community leaders sort through the current legal maze of religious expression in America’s public schools.

Moments Together for Couples

Third, I want to share the good news because it is the very reason for which
Christ came to the planet Earth. Jesus Christ didn't go to the cross just so we
could have happy homes. ... Host a “Good News Club” for neighborhood children

Moments Together for Couples

Author: Dennis Rainey

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 144126678X

Page: 384

View: 296

Take Time Out of Each Day to Relax and Grow Together In the midst of the stress and pressure of everyday life, Moments Together for Couples will give you and your mate a chance to pause, relax, and draw upon the strength of the Lord. This easy-to-use devotional helps you set aside anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes every day with your spouse to grow closer to God and closer to each other.

The Kentucky Anthology

I breezed by the Good News Club, the Speech Club, the Art Club, the Pep Club,
and the Chess Club. In views of classes devoted to industrial arts, home ec, and
world science, students were clumped together pointing at wall maps or gathered

The Kentucky Anthology

Author: Wade Hall

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813138442

Page: 896

View: 967

Long before the official establishment of the Commonwealth, intrepid pioneers ventured west of the Allegheny Mountains into an expansive, alluring wilderness that they began to call Kentucky. After blazing trails, clearing plots, and surviving innumerable challenges, a few adventurers found time to pen celebratory tributes to their new homeland. In the two centuries that followed, many of the world's finest writers, both native Kentuckians and visitors, have paid homage to the Bluegrass State with the written word. In The Kentucky Anthology, acclaimed author and literary historian Wade Hall has assembled an unprecedented and comprehensive compilation of writings pertaining to Kentucky and its land, people, and culture. Hall's introductions to each author frame both popular and lesser-known selections in a historical context. He examines the major cultural and political developments in the history of the Commonwealth, finding both parallels and marked distinctions between Kentucky and the rest of the United States. While honoring the heritage of Kentucky in all its glory, Hall does not blithely turn away from the state's most troubling episodes and institutions such as racism, slavery, and war. Hall also builds the argument, bolstered by the strength and significance of the collected writings, that Kentucky's best writers compare favorably with the finest in the world. Many of the authors presented here remain universally renowned and beloved, while others have faded into the tides of time, waiting for rediscovery. Together, they guide the reader on a literary tour of Kentucky, from the mines to the rivers and from the deepest hollows to the highest peaks. The Kentucky Anthology traces the interests and aspirations, the achievements and failures and the comedies and tragedies that have filled the lives of generations of Kentuckians. These diaries, letters, speeches, essays, poems, and stories bring history brilliantly to life. Jesse Stuart once wrote, "If these United States can be called a body, Kentucky can be called its heart." The Kentucky Anthology captures the rhythm and spirit of that heart in the words of its most remarkable chroniclers.

Religious charter schools

The only apparent difference between the activity of Lamb's Chapel and the
activities of the Good News Club is that the Club chooses to teach moral lessons
from a Christian perspective through live storytelling and prayer, whereas Lamb's

Religious charter schools

Author: Lawrence D. Weinberg

Publisher: Information Age Publishing

ISBN: 9781593117580

Page: 158

View: 383

However, a charter school, like any other public school, can accommodate students' religions: the law is clear about that too."

Annual Editions

Article 14 Legal Update Martha M . McCarthy In June 2001 the U . S . Supreme
Court delivered a signif - icant decision , Good News Club v . Milford Central
School , allowing a private Christian organization to hold its meetings in a New
York ...

Annual Editions

Author: Fred Schultz

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin

ISBN: 9780072548419

Page: 223

View: 198

This annually updated reader is a compilation of interesting articles selected from magazines, newspapers, and journals dealing with educational issues, such as striving for excellence; managing life in classrooms, cultural diversity and schooling and serving special needs and concerns. Our student Web site, provides study tips and links to related sites.

Hope for the Troubled Heart

... was three years old, a woman in the apartment building took her to a Good
News Club. Jenny began to understand that she had a best friend, and His name
was Jesus. Jenny's mother moved to a large house in an expensive part of the

Hope for the Troubled Heart

Author: Billy Graham

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418515701

Page: 240

View: 370

What hopeless situation troubles your heart? The death of a loved one? The memories of childhood abuse? The diagnosis of terminal illness? The strain of financial failure? A stormy marriage? A body wracked by pain? A lonely sense of emptiness? Into your hopeless situation comes beloved evangelist Billy Graham bearing God's gift of hope, one of the strongest "medicines" known to humanity, an amazing resource that "can cure nearly everything." Filled with unforgettable stories of real-life people and irrefutable lessons of biblical wisdom, Hope for the Troubled Heart inspires and encourages you with God's healing and strengthening truths. It shows you how to cope when your heart is breaking, how to pray through your pain, how to avoid the dark pit of resentment and bitterness, and how to be a comforter to others who hurt. You'll be reminded that "before we can grasp any meaning from suffering we must rest in God's unfailing love." And you'll find the "joy to be discovered in the midst of suffering." Here you'll learn how hope helps troubled hearts find peace.