The Life and Times of Little Richard

Little Richard made himself a star through sheer force of personality, breaking racial and sexual taboos on his way to becoming the primal force of 1950s' rock 'n' roll. Using Richard's own words, White chronicles his staggering career.

The Life and Times of Little Richard

Author: Charles White

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 9780711997615

Page: 320

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Little Richard made himself a star through sheer force of personality, breaking racial and sexual taboos on his way to becoming the primal force of 1950s' rock 'n' roll. Using Richard's own words, White chronicles his staggering career.

The Life and Times of Little Richard

Here comes Charles White's sensational book exposing the even more astonishing life and times of Richard Wayne Penniman from Macon, Georgia.

The Life and Times of Little Richard

Author: Charles White

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 1783230142

Page: 320

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When Little Richard burst onto the scene in the early 1950s, he sounded like nothing on earth. Drenched in sweat, screaming, hollering and pumping his piano, he made all who followed soud tame. His stage act was so explosive that for years people assumed the real man could never match the flamboyant public image. Here comes Charles White's sensational book exposing the even more astonishing life and times of Richard Wayne Penniman from Macon, Georgia. Illustrated with pictures from Little Richard's own archive and including a comprehensive discography.

The Life And Times Of Little Richard

"Here is the authorized biography of this legendary king of rock n roll, now fully updated to include his recent comeback, and including a complete discography and sessionography.

The Life And Times Of Little Richard

Author: Charles White

Publisher: Da Capo Press

ISBN: 9780306805523

Page: 336

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James Brown called him his idol. Mick Jagger called him the king, Elvis Presley called him the greatest. Otis Redding called him his inspiration. Muhammad Ali called him his favorite singer. Jimi Hendrix said he wanted to do with his guitar what Little Richard did with his voice. And they all agreed on one thing: Little Richard, more than anyone else, personified the energy of rock n roll. Decked out in a mirrored suit, his hair pampadour, his face covered in pancake makeup, and his ferocious eyes mesmerized the crowd, he stomped, jumped, and screamed his way to the top of the charts with songs like "Rip It Up," "Long Tall Sally," "Good Golly Miss Molly," "Tutti Frutti," and "Slippin' and Slidin'."Here is the authorized biography of this legendary king of rock n roll, now fully updated to include his recent comeback, and including a complete discography and sessionography. Written largely in Richard's own words, but also including testimony from a star-studded cast of family, friends, and fellow musicians, this classic of rock literature tells all—his flamboyant stage antics; his blatant flaunting of racial taboos; his sexual experiences; his bewildering career that careened between show business and the church; and exactly how he created the music that would become a symbol of rebellion for kids all over the world.

The Big Life of Little Richard

The Big Life of Little Richard not only explores a legendary stage persona, but also a complex life under the makeup and pomade, the neon-lit duds and piano pyrotechnics, along with a full-body dive into the waters of sexual fluidity.

The Big Life of Little Richard

Author: Mark Ribowsky


ISBN: 9781635767223

Page: 256

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The first major biography of Little Richard, a rollicking, nuanced celebration of the late singer/songwriter's life and his role in the history of American music--gospel, soul, rock, and more "Tutti Frutti" - "Rip It Up" - "Good Golly Miss Molly" - "Lucille" - "Long Tall Sally" -"You Keep A-Knockin'" Little Richard blazed the trail for generations of musicians--The Beatles, James Brown, the Everly Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Prince . . . the list seems endless. He was "The Originator," "The Innovator," and the self-anointed "King and Queen of Rock 'n' Roll." When he died on May 9, 2020, The Big Life of Little Richard--a nearly-completed book--was immediately updated to cover the international response to his death. It is the first major biography of Macon, Georgia's Richard Wayne Penniman, who was, until his passing, the last rock god standing. Mark Ribowsky, acclaimed biographer of musical icons--the Supremes, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding--takes readers through venues, gigs, and studios, conveying the sweaty energy of music sessions limited to a few tracks on an Ampex tape machine and vocals sung along with a live band. He explores Little Richard's musicianship; his family life; his uphill battle against racism; his interactions with famous contemporaries and the media; and his lifelong inner conflict between his religion and his sexuality. The Big Life of Little Richard not only explores a legendary stage persona, but also a complex life under the makeup and pomade, the neon-lit duds and piano pyrotechnics, along with a full-body dive into the waters of sexual fluidity. By 2020, eighty-seven-year-old Little Richard's electrifying smile was still intact, as were his bona fides as rock's kingly architect: the '50s defined his reign, and he extended elder statesmanship ever since. His biggest smash, "Tutti Frutti," is one of history's most covered songs--a staple of the pre-Invasion Beatles--and Elvis pivoted from country to blues rock after Little Richard made R&B's sexual overtones a fundament of the new musical order. Even Hendrix, the greatest instrumentalist in rock history, toured with him before launching a meteoric solo career. Whenever someone pushes the music and culture of rock to its outer borders, one should turn to Little Richard for assurance that anything is possible.

Before Elvis

Charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock (New
York: Da Capo Press, 1994 [orig Harmony Books, 1984]), 40, 41, 47; Booth, “
Lloyd Price,” 110: Price claims to have recommended Little Richard both to Don
Robey ...

Before Elvis

Author: Larry Birnbaum

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0810886383

Page: 463

View: 574

An essential work for rock fans and scholars, Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock n Roll surveys the origins of rock n roll from the minstrel era to the emergence of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. Unlike other histories of rock, Before Elvis offers a far broader and deeper analysis of the influences on rock music. Dispelling common misconceptions, it examines rock s origins in hokum songs and big-band boogies as well as Delta blues, detailing the embrace by white artists of African-American styles long before rock n roll appeared. This unique study ranges far and wide, highlighting not only the contributions of obscure but key precursors like Hardrock Gunter and Sam Theard but also the influence of celebrity performers like Gene Autry and Ella Fitzgerald. Too often, rock historians treat the genesis of rock n roll as a bolt from the blue, an overnight revolution provoked by the bland pop music that immediately preceded it and created through the white appropriation of music till then played only by and for black audiences. In Before Elvis, Birnbaum daringly argues a more complicated history of rock s evolution from a heady mix of ragtime, boogie-woogie, swing, country music, mainstream pop, and rhythm-and-blues a melange that influenced one another along the way, from the absorption of blues and boogies into jazz and pop to the integration of country and Caribbean music into rhythm-and-blues. Written in an easy style, Before Elvis presents a bold argument about rock s origins and required reading for fans and scholars of rock n roll history."

Little Richard

object whose power output is nonetheless several thousand times that of our
present galaxy. If you love pop or rock or hiphop or just about any kind of music
that's out there today, Little Richard is the reason why. And if you think the best
world ...

Little Richard

Author: David Kirby

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1441174362

Page: 224

View: 935

A brilliant new biography of the extraordinary, outrageous performer who helped open the floodgates of Rock 'n' Roll. In June, 2007, Little Richard's 1955 Specialty Records single, "Tutti Frutti," topped Mojo magazine's list of "100 Records That Changed the World." But back in the early 1950s, nobody gave Little Richard a second glance. It was a time in America where the black and white worlds had co-existed separately for nearly two centuries. After "Tutti Frutti," Little Richard began garnering fans from both sides of the civil rights divide. He brought black and white youngsters together on the dance floor and even helped to transform race relations. Little Richard: The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll begins by grounding the reader in the fertile soil from which Little Richard's music sprang. In Macon, Georgia, David Kirby interviews relatives and local characters, who knew Little Richard way back when, citing church and family as his true inspiration. His antics began as early as grade school, performing for his classmates every time the teacher would leave the room, connecting to an age-old American show biz tradition of charade and flummery. On the road, Little Richard faced competition from his peers, honing his stage show and making it, too, an act that could not be counterfeited. Kirby sees Little Richard as a foxy warrior, fighting with skill and cunning to take his place among the greats. In the words of Keith Richards (on hearing "Tutti Frutti" for the first time), "it was as though the world changed suddenly from monochrome to Technicolor." Those sentiments have consistently been echoed by the music-listening world, and the time is ripe for a reassessment of Little Richard's genius and legacy.

Role Models

... welfare family of six eating their last food-stamp dinner as a hyper Little
Richard followed by squealing fans bursts through the door, uninvited, thrusting
bags groceries at the hungry, I bring up the book—The Life and Times of Little
Richard, ...

Role Models

Author: John Waters

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429944579

Page: 320

View: 711

Here, from the incomparable John Waters, is a paean to the power of subversive inspiration that will delight, amuse, enrich—and happily horrify readers everywhere. Role Models is, in fact, a self-portrait told through intimate profiles of favorite personalities—some famous, some unknown, some criminal, some surprisingly middle-of-the-road. From Esther Martin, owner of the scariest bar in Baltimore, to the playwright Tennessee Williams; from the atheist leader Madalyn Murray O'Hair to the insane martyr Saint Catherine of Siena; from the English novelist Denton Welch to the timelessly appealing singer Johnny Mathis—these are the extreme figures who helped the author form his own brand of neurotic happiness. Role Models is a personal invitation into one of the most unique, perverse, and hilarious artistic minds of our time.

Awesome African American Rock and Soul Musicians

The 1984 biography The Life and Times of Little Richard captivated readers , and
in 1985 he survived a serious auto accident . In 1986 , he appeared in the hit
movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills , which included his hit song " Great Gosh a

Awesome African American Rock and Soul Musicians

Author: David Aretha

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781598451405

Page: 112

View: 818

"Read about important African American musicians including: Chuck Berry, Little Richard, James Brown, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince"--Provided by publisher.

Black Performance Theory

But I had to take short steps cos I had a little leg. I used to walk with odd strides,
like longshort, longshort. The kids would call me faggot, sissy, freak, punk. They
called me everything. —Little Richard, in Charles White, The Life and Times of ...

Black Performance Theory

Author: Thomas F. DeFrantz

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822377012

Page: 296

View: 357

Black performance theory is a rich interdisciplinary area of study and critical method. This collection of new essays by some of its pioneering thinkers—many of whom are performers—demonstrates the breadth, depth, innovation, and critical value of black performance theory. Considering how blackness is imagined in and through performance, the contributors address topics including flight as a persistent theme in African American aesthetics, the circulation of minstrel tropes in Liverpool and in Afro-Mexican settlements in Oaxaca, and the reach of hip-hop politics as people around the world embrace the music and dance. They examine the work of contemporary choreographers Ronald K. Brown and Reggie Wilson, the ways that African American playwrights translated the theatricality of lynching to the stage, the ecstatic music of Little Richard, and Michael Jackson's performance in the documentary This Is It. The collection includes several essays that exemplify the performative capacity of writing, as well as discussion of a project that re-creates seminal hip-hop album covers through tableaux vivants. Whether deliberating on the tragic mulatta, the trickster figure Anansi, or the sonic futurism of Nina Simone and Adrienne Kennedy, the essays in this collection signal the vast untapped critical and creative resources of black performance theory. Contributors. Melissa Blanco Borelli, Daphne A. Brooks, Soyica Diggs Colbert, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Nadine George-Graves, Anita Gonzalez, Rickerby Hinds, Jason King, D. Soyini Madison, Koritha Mitchell, Tavia Nyong'o, Carl Paris, Anna B. Scott, Wendy S. Walters, Hershini Bhana Young

Tune In

See also The Life and Times of Little Richard, by Charles White (Omnibus Press,
London, 2003), pplá–15. Mike McCartney from Remember, pl(8. 24 Author
interview with Les Chadwick, June 10, 2005. Wooler taking bets described by
Karl ...

Tune In

Author: Mark Lewisohn

Publisher: Crown Archetype

ISBN: 0804139342

Page: 944

View: 930

Tune In is the first volume of All These Years—a highly-anticipated, groundbreaking biographical trilogy by the world's leading Beatles historian. Mark Lewisohn uses his unprecedented archival access and hundreds of new interviews to construct the full story of the lives and work of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Ten years in the making, Tune In takes the Beatles from before their childhoods through the final hour of 1962—when, with breakthrough success just days away, they stand on the cusp of a whole new kind of fame and celebrity. They’ve one hit record ("Love Me Do") behind them and the next ("Please Please Me") primed for release, their first album session is booked, and America is clear on the horizon. This is the lesser-known Beatles story—the pre-Fab years of Liverpool and Hamburg—and in many respects the most absorbing and incredible period of them all. Here is the complete and true account of their family lives, childhoods, teenage years and their infatuation with American music, here is the riveting narrative of their unforgettable days and nights in the Cavern Club, their laughs, larks and adventures when they could move about freely, before fame closed in. For those who’ve never read a Beatles book before, this is the place to discover the young men behind the icons. For those who think they know John, Paul, George, and Ringo, it’s time to press the Reset button and tune into the real story, the lasting word. From the Hardcover edition.

The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney

In The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney, authors Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Birnes present Mickey’s nearly century-long career within the context of America's changing entertainment and social landscape.

The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney

Author: Richard A. Lertzman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 150110098X

Page: 624

View: 600

A definitive biography of the iconic actor and Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney (1920-2014) and his extravagant, sometimes tawdry life, drawing on exclusive interviews, and with those who knew him best, including his heretofore unknown mistress of sixty years. “I lived like a rock star,” said Mickey Rooney. “I had all I ever wanted, from Lana Turner and Joan Crawford to every starlet in Hollywood, and then some. They were mine to have. Ava [Gardner] was the best. I screwed up my life. I pissed away millions. I was #1, the biggest star in the world.” Mickey Rooney began his career almost a century ago as a one-year-old performer in burlesque and stamped his mark in vaudeville, silent films, talking films, Broadway, and television. He acted in his final motion picture just weeks before he died at age ninety-three. He was an iconic presence in movies, the poster boy for American youth in the idyllic small-town 1930s. Yet, by World War II, Mickey Rooney had become frozen in time. A perpetual teenager in an aging body, he was an anachronism by the time he hit his forties. His child-star status haunted him as the gilded safety net of Hollywood fell away, and he was forced to find support anywhere he could, including affairs with beautiful women, multiple marriages, alcohol, and drugs. In The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney, authors Richard A. Lertzman and William J. Birnes present Mickey’s nearly century-long career within the context of America's changing entertainment and social landscape. They chronicle his life story using little-known interviews with the star himself, his children, his former coauthor Roger Kahn, collaborator Arthur Marx, and costar Margaret O’Brien. This Old Hollywood biography presents Mickey Rooney from every angle, revealing the man Laurence Olivier once dubbed “the best there has ever been.”

Russian Roulette

Traumatized as a boy and thought a Judas among his schoolmates, Greene tried Russian Roulette and attempted suicide.

Russian Roulette

Author: Richard Greene

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1405513934

Page: 608

View: 405

Probably the greatest British novelist of his generation, Graham Greene's own story was as strange and compelling as those he told of Pinkie the Mobster, Harry Lime, or the Whisky Priest. A restless traveller, he was a witness to many of the key events of modern history - including the origins of the Vietnam War, the Mau Mau Rebellion, the betrayal of the double-agent Kim Philby, the rise of Fidel Castro, and the guerrilla wars of Central America. Traumatized as a boy and thought a Judas among his schoolmates, Greene tried Russian Roulette and attempted suicide. He suffered from bipolar illness, which caused havoc in his private life as his marriage failed, and one great love after another suffered shipwreck, until in his later years he found constancy in a decidedly unconventional relationship. Often called a Catholic novelist, his works came to explore the no man's land between belief and unbelief. A journalist, an MI6 officer, and an unfailing advocate for human rights, he sought out the inner narratives of war and politics in dozens of troubled places, and yet he distrusted nations and armies, believing that true loyalty was a matter between individuals. A work of wit, insight, and compassion, this new biography of Graham Greene, the first undertaken in a generation, responds to the many thousands of pages of lost letters that have recently come to light and to new memoirs by those who knew him best. It deals sensitively with questions of private life, sex, and mental illness; it gives a thorough accounting for the politics of the places he wrote about; it investigates his involvement with MI6 and the Cambridge five; above all, it follows the growth of a writer whose works changed the lives of millions.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

Florida State University W. T. Lhamon Jr., Studies in Popular Culture (1985);
Charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock (1994);
Langdon Winner, in The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock 'n' Roll, ed.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

Author: Bill C. Malone

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469616661

Page: 448

View: 317

Southern music has flourished as a meeting ground for the traditions of West African and European peoples in the region, leading to the evolution of various traditional folk genres, bluegrass, country, jazz, gospel, rock, blues, and southern hip-hop. This much-anticipated volume in The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture celebrates an essential element of southern life and makes available for the first time a stand-alone reference to the music and music makers of the American South. With nearly double the number of entries devoted to music in the original Encyclopedia, this volume includes 30 thematic essays, covering topics such as ragtime, zydeco, folk music festivals, minstrelsy, rockabilly, white and black gospel traditions, and southern rock. And it features 174 topical and biographical entries, focusing on artists and musical outlets. From Mahalia Jackson to R.E.M., from Doc Watson to OutKast, this volume considers a diverse array of topics, drawing on the best historical and contemporary scholarship on southern music. It is a book for all southerners and for all serious music lovers, wherever they live.

The Golden Age of Rock N Roll

Richard Evans. Further Reading Index . . " 192 SK ATENE . MES IN. Numerous
back issues of the New Musical Express ... by Spencer Leigh Hellfire : The Jerry
Lee Lewis Story by Nick Tosches The Life and Times of Little Richard by Charles

The Golden Age of Rock  N  Roll

Author: Richard Evans

Publisher: Book Sales Inc

ISBN: 9780785826255

Page: 160

View: 912

Chronicles the history of blues music from its emergence in the early 1900s through the twentieth century, and describes the musical accomplishments of Leadbelly, Bessie Smith, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, B.B. King, and others. Includes an audio CD.

Pop Cult

Tompkins, P., and Bird, C. (1989), Secret Life ofPlants, New York: Harper.
Tosches, N. (1999), Unsung Heroes ... White, C. (2003), The Life and Times of
Little Richard: The Authorized Biography. London: Omnibus. Whiteley, S. (1997),
Women ...

Pop Cult

Author: Rupert Till

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441197249

Page: 230

View: 789

At a time when fundamentalism is on the rise, traditional religions are in decline and postmodernity has challenged any system that claims to be all-defining, young people have left their traditional places of worship and set up their own, in clubs, at festivals and within music culture. Pop Cults investigates the ways in which popular music and its surrounding culture have become a primary site for the location of meaning, belief and identity. It provides an introduction to the history of the interactions of vernacular music and religion, and the role of music in religious culture. Rupert Till explores the cults of heavy metal, pop stars, club culture and virtual popular music worlds, investigating the sex, drug, local and death cults of the sacred popular, and their relationships with traditional religions. He concludes by discussing how and why popular music cultures have taken on many of the roles of traditional religions in contemporary society.

Who Wrote The Book Of Love

The earliest words to “Tutti Frutti” were so risqué that Little Richard was
embarrassed to sing them for a female visitor at a ... Washington's 'Blowtop Blues,
' ” he told Charles White, author of The Life and Times of Little Tutti FruttiLittle

Who Wrote The Book Of Love

Author: Richard Crouse

Publisher: Doubleday Canada

ISBN: 0385674422

Page: 296

View: 845

¸ The words to Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" were initially so risqué they had to be completely rewritten - in the hallway of the studio, as time was running out - before the song could be recorded. (He wrote the original version while working as a dishwasher in a bus station in Georgia.) ¸ Paul Simon's 1972 hit "Mother and Child Reunion" takes its name from an elaborate chicken and egg dish served at Say Eng Look Restaurant in New York City. ¸ Nirvana's huge hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit," interpreted by music critics and fans alike as an angst-ridden cry of teen rebellion, actually sprang from a bit of graffiti accusing Kurt Cobain of smelling like an antiperspirant for young women.

American Tricksters

134. charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Authorized
Biography (new York: Omnibus, 2003). 135. Tony norman, “Bob Dylan, stuck
inside of new Jersey,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 18, 2009. 136. see the
VH1 TV series ...

American Tricksters

Author: William J. Jackson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630877336

Page: 292

View: 453

Tricksters are known by their deeds. Obviously not all the examples in American Tricksters are full-blown mythological tricksters like Coyote, Raven, or the Two Brothers found in Native American stories, or superhuman figures like the larger-than-life Davy Crockett of nineteenth-century tales. Newer expressions of trickiness do share some qualities with the Trickster archetype seen in myths. Rock stars who break taboos and get away with it, heroes who overcome monstrous circumstances, crafty folk who find a way to survive and thrive when the odds are against them, men making spectacles of themselves by feeding their astounding appetites in public--all have some trickster qualities. Each person, every living creature who ever faced an obstacle and needed to get around it, has found the built-in trickster impulse. Impasses turn the trickster gene on, or stimulate the trick-performing imagination--that's life. To explore the ways and means of trickster maneuvers can alert us to pitfalls, help us appreciate tricks that are entertaining, and aid us in fending off ploys which drain our resources and ruin our lives. Knowing more about the Trickster archetype in our psyches helps us be more self-aware.

Soupy Sez

In the 1960s, Soupy was a national phenomenon. This book is a hilarious and candid romp through Soupy's more than fifty fabulous years in show business.

Soupy Sez

Author: Soupy Sales

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1590770064

Page: 288

View: 119

In the 1960's Soupy Sales was a national phenomenon with his whimsical, live TV show and the hottest record in America.

The Life and Times of the Rev Richard Baxter

Having brought down the narrative of this venerable man ' s life and times nearly
to the close of his active career , I ... Had this been the production of a weak , self
- conceited man , or of one little accustomed to trace the workings of his ...

The Life and Times of the Rev  Richard Baxter

Author: William Orme




View: 661

The Life and Times of Richard J Hughes

The authors of the new constitution believed that the times required a powerful
executive to deal with the growing ... of their local governments not surprisingly
had little interest in sharing power with more distant levels of political authority,
be it ...

The Life and Times of Richard J  Hughes

Author: John B. Wefing

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813548284

Page: 376

View: 755

The Life and Times of Richard J. Hughes explores the influential public service of this two-term New Jersey governor. He was the only person in New Jersey history to serve as both governor and chief justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. This biography illuminates the governor's accomplishments between 1962 and 1970, including the creation of the Hackensack Meadowlands Commission, formation of the county college system, establishment of stringent antipollution laws, design of the public defender system, and the adoption of a New Jersey sales tax, as well as his pivotal role during the Newark riots. As chief justice, Hughes faced difficult issuesùschool funding, low and moderate income housing needs, freedom of speech, and his decision in the rightto-die case involving Karen Ann Quinlan. With a career characterized by liberal activism, Hughes also contributed nationally and internationally, from serving as host of the 1964 Democratic National Convention to monitoring elections in South Vietnam. John B. Wefing's research includes interviews with prominent politicians and leaders who worked with Hughes at various points in his career. The result is a rich story of a public servant who possessed a true ability to work with members of both political parties and played a significant role in shaping modern New Jersey.